Ice-T and Coco

Hip-Hop Rumors: More Proof AP.9 Bedded Coco…Sorry Ice!

AHHHH…f**k it. Its a slow morning. I was looking for something to write about NOT to write about the Ice-T BS. But, there is nothing going on really so, here we go. The dude AP.9 is now on a vendetta…why? Because Coco called him a stalker or a stan or something. WELL, he’s aggravated and he’d slowly but surely releasing everything. All along, the dude has claimed he indeed smashed Coco and, again, he’s revealing more info that is making his claim harder and harder to refute. He’s also released texts between him and Ice-T in a recent interview with 106KMEL. DAMN IT, KMEL! Ain’t y’all a Cali radio station? Ice-T and Coco have not responded, only that they are not getting a divorce. One of the key moments in the interview is that Coco has allegedly admitted to the affair to Ice-T so they are now, apparently and rumored to be, dealing with it.


Source: KMEL





Looks like LeBron James finally broke down and set a date for he and his longtime girlfriend Savannah to be married.

Kim Kardashian was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday, fearing she was having a miscarriage. It was a false alarm.

I’m outta here b*tches!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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58 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: More Proof AP.9 Bedded Coco…Sorry Ice!”

  1. Mos High

    Ouch husband and wife issues are personal, but I must say CoCo looks to be a no go, how you let some man take a picture grabbing up your ass like that with a big wedding ring on your finger. Even if she snook in a little night with the guy how you going to be public unless you damn well want it to be, Other the other side I believe Ice T consider himself a pimp or pimp image, this is just a situation where the h** has strayed for a while. Cant make a h** a house wife!!

  2. $28825362

    I’m not one for calling females out their name, but Ice really can’t be mad. You marry the type of female you want, and that’s what Ice T did. He didn’t want the boring college girl who never went to parties or hung out with the crew, but just stayed in her dorm, ate top ramen and studied. He didn’t want the boring church girl who went to church 4 times a week, helped mentor kids, helped them with their homework, then spends time helping them find scholarships for college. He wanted a wife with low self esteem that he could exploit as a sex symbol for the world to see, and make money off of her like a pimp does. Well he got that… now live with it.

  3. BossBeaux

    AP 9 is the reason why respectable females in the Bay Area choose to invest time in individuals not native to those lands cause more often than not they on this type of b!tch sh!t not saying all but a lot but CoCo needs to be put on the stroll cause ummm this prolly will happen again and he might as well get his paper

    • Chef Nasty

      That’s where you’re ignorant at, Ap9 has been independently been selling thousands of records for years and might have more Guap than some of your favorites you see on tv and hear on Radio, just sayin

      • Asher "Black Bomb" Sommer

        Maybe you’re right. But then why does he need do this?
        If he just wants to tell Ice his wife sleeps around,
        he should just call him on the phone.
        But this TMZ bullshit, will not work out for him.
        What is he gonna prove? He fucked with Coco?
        And what else?

      • dayleedumped

        that he aint no groupie hoe that be stalking bitches. that was the main point. Think about in the hood if you were fuckin this bitch on the low, and then outta no where she made you look like you a punk ass bitch thats always tryna hook up with you.. whatchu gon do

      • Art3651

        it really make perfect sence what @dayleedumped saying,it depends on what kind of person you are.Chics to this shit all the time try to make it seem like you sweating they ass and that don’t even be the case.asfar as music he might just be local where he from.I recall Bone Thugs just being local and you coulnt buy there Faces of Death album except at one small lil record shop in Cleve.Now its every where.I never herd of this cat until this,but a lot of cats on here from the West Coast said he been out for a minute!pull up on Wsh,I seen a video on there.He ok.

  4. MACK612

    In all actuality ICE was a rapper/P he found a cool white hoe dug her and wifed her up. Lost track of his pimpin, got upset about HER not loosin the fact that she’s a hoe ITS THE GAME. Back in the day that woulda been a cool 10 racks for ICE cuz his bitch was workin. MORAL OF THE STORY, THATS WHAT HAPPEN WHEN U LOOSE FOCUS ON UR P GAME……real shit!


    I have 3 observation’s about this..1. No one outside of his homestate would even know who AP.9 is without this story that keeps coming up once each every week! Your damn right it’s a slow day! it’s like these sites say nothings happening so let’s bring this BS back up! 2. If the Ice loves Coco show has a new season coming, reality show fan or not you wouldn’t want to miss it!!!! There’s no way this situation would not come up at all. 3. Someone is begging for some blood to be shed, if not why keep this story going? Ice – T is a legend but eventually he will have to do somethng to kill this story once & for all, whether divorcing her or kicking ol boys ass!!!!! As long as they (Ice & Coco) say nothing someone’s going to keep this BS going.


        I’ve heard of Mob Figgas & all the artists & group’s that at one time were signed to No Limit records back in the day. That doesn’t mean I can tell whose who & which ones were dope & which ones were dog food!!!! if you know AP.9 from the rest of them (Mob Figgaz) then you were a true fan of the group.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        AP 9 had a good flow and also he got shot 12 times its hard to miss him outta the rest.

      • Jason Hogan

        No Limit? get your facts right man. Mobfigaz were signed to AWOL records C-Bo’s record label. No Limit haha just because they were outta Richmond for a month doesn’t make them bay. But I agree Ap.9 Fed-X & Jacka are dope not a fan of Clyde & HUS

  6. JerZeBoy

    I dont doubt she did it. This dude AP9 though is wack, I cant even find any of his music or a website. If you are going to try to profit off this have your cards set

    • Bumpy Johnson

      type in funky expedition – ap9….he got nice tracks from back in the day too..he been poppin on some real nigga shit no industry shit.

    • Jason Hogan

      listen before you judge ap.9 was in the mobfigaz way before going solo. Been in the game since 94′ on sum real shit. he has sold a lot of units. I know because I worked on at least 7 albums of his and he has well over 20. Learn your shit before you open your mouth.

      • JerZeBoy

        Whats one hit this guy has??? Nothing! 95% of people never heard of him until this came out. Whats his website because Im in the indusrty and cant find this guys sht??? Yeah “IN” the industry working with artist like Fat joe and Black Rob and Sean Price, more well known then this dude tryin to come back by F%#%in with this dude wife…..

  7. TimeWillTellu1

    It thrills ’em when the pimps makes mistakes. They watch and wait for his downfall.

    A pimp is the loneliest bastard on Earth.

    He’s gotta know his whores. He Cant let them know him.

    – IceBerg Slim (RIP)

  8. Black Exodus

    I think all this shit is fake…Coco is always posing in these pics…like she always does…nothing candid about these pictures. It’s too much information being fed to the media. And what Man acts in the fashion of AP14. He is not a rapper. He is a actor and playing his role very well. Ice, Coco, and AP2 are all laughing at the gullible public. Remember, we are in the Reality TV world. This is all for ratings and nothing else. Track that license plate of that car AP12 was in and see if it doesn’t point back to Ice. Just my 2 cents. I just don’t buy this charade anymore. Ice has been in this game along time (Entertainment) and that is exactly what this is!

    • Mark Olford

      or she could be just a jilted broad….Ice T aint no saint his self…dat nugga be gettin his cuase wwaaaayyyy back in 99′ halloween in the ATL at the compound, dat nugga would have banged my chic had she been all into that nugga…cause he was trying…real talk…

  9. Come on now..

    ?? huh.. Ice said “I need that”. What that means is that ole boy skipped out on the bill. Married or not..

  10. mreatnigah

    um, i can program a number in my phone,enter 2pac as the contact name, have someone text me from that number and BAM!!! I got proof that I was sellin crack to Pac lol

  11. Matt Swan

    Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Ice and Coco have an “open” marriage? If so, then what she did is what was expected of her, and Ice could be doing the same thing, except he’s better at keeping his ish on the DL. AP9 is still a scrub for trying to put her on blast and he IS a stan for not letting this ish go, and move the fu*k on. If he smashed it good. Be a real man stfu and keep it movin. Dude is on some real b*tch ish draggin this on

  12. Flanny Macquiao

    Tjis is all publicity. I was watching the MMA awards last night and CoCo said she has a new TV show coming outloll foh

  13. sakiru oresanwo

    Until I see nudity, penetration and faces I still wont believe they did the nasty. Coco is known for taking nude/almost nude pics. Even if he did smash there’s no point people debating about it cos as the article says Ice knows the truth and they are working on it. I suggest Illseed stops with this buffoonery and only post undisputable evidence.

  14. black god

    i have a theory ice is really pimping coco out, and set this whole thing to boost ratings and ap9 is probbly his artist and using this to get the checks rolling in, this is what they call ice cold pimpin. Or he just a sucka who married a slut bitch.

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