Key Witness In Trayvon Martin Case Lied Under Oath

(AllHipHop News)  The unresolved case of 17 year old Trayvon Martin’s egregious murder at the hands of George Zimmerman has experienced a problem that could change its complexion. The unnamed girl, known in the case as Civilian Witness 8 and suspected to be Martin’s girlfriend at the time, erroneously told prosecutors she was in hospital on the day of his funeral. On Tuesday (March 5th) The defense checked her medical records and discovered she was in fact not admitted in a hospital at the time of Martin’s March 3rd, 2012 funeral.

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The unnamed Civilian Witness 8 has produced a few inconsistencies in this case.  Martin family attorney, Benjamin Crump asserts that she was 16 at the time of Trayvon’s murder, while prosecutors claim she was 18 and of legal adult age.

This is the most recent surprise in the case. On the same day it was revealed Civilian Witness 8 lied about her whereabouts, Zimmerman’s attorneys waived his right to a hearing on the Florida “Stand Your Ground” law set for April 22nd. The “Stand Your Ground” law states that if a person is murdered, all criminal proceedings stop and the murderer is given immunity if they can prove it was in self-defense. This is quite odd since a positive outcome from the April 22nd hearing would have immediately absolved Zimmerman of all criminality in the Trayvon Martin murder and stopped the court proceedings.

Zimmerman is charged with second degree murder and trial is set to begin on June 10th, 2013.

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  • d” law set for April 22nd. The “Stand Your Ground” law states that if a person is murde

    • Guest

      I’m worried about this hatian (or whatever) lawyer trayvon’s got – why is trai so far away? – and other side seems to do and put out different things while he has done nothing noticable – he’s over in LA working – don’t look good, hope I’m wrong – “zimmerman”, with his mutt attempt at being a white impersonator should be convicted and jailed.

      • Sadnews

        He has to serve the time he deserves to serve. He did the wrong thing i the heat of the moment. He needs to be a real man and do his time.

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  • GB

    buddy check what stand your ground law actually states, then think logically why they wouldnt want that. Don’t generalize in general but especially complex laws

    • SirEsquire510

      This. Thank you.

    • So you’re not going to say what “Stand Your Ground” law actually states? Well let me tell you…it states that a person can violently attack/murder someone if it is in self defense. Go look that up and see if it’s incorrect. Also….different states have different “Stand Your Ground” laws with different ramifications. Florida’s is a controversial one. The controversy of the law has been covered quite extensively in the news.

      • if you got your permit to carry then you have to retreat (run away)if possible before you can use deadly force. in stand your ground you dont have to try to retreat. thats the difference.
        but either way you cant be the agressor & attack 1st, its only if your being attacked. if your carrying & you start the fight then niether stand your ground nor regular carry self defense applies even if you start gettn your @$$ beat

  • Cammo Berns

    Disgraceful Benjamin Crump.

    BREAKING: STANFORD, Fla., March 7 (UPI) — The Florida judge presiding over the George Zimmerman murder trial has signed a subpoena for Trayvon Martin’s Twitter and Facebook information.

    The subpoena, signed Monday by Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson, directs Twitter and Facebook to release to defense attorneys all of Trayvon Martin’s posted comments, photos, videos and messages plus his list of Facebook friends, the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel reported.

    • Sadnews

      God what does his facebook posting have to do with anything. This is a circus man.

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    I have a feeling that there will be more that arises in the coming months to. Just hopeful that things can be resolved and at least SOME solace can come to the family of Trayvon.

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  • what does her lying about she was in the hospital during his funeral have to do with anything?

    • T Parker

      It kills her credibility in the eyes of the jurors. Makes it easier to discredit anything else she says that may incriminate Zimmerman.

      • Sophisticated Computer User

        The issue is that she never said that she was hospitalized under oath.

        By that same measure, Zimmermans known lies should discredit anything else he says about the events of that night.

      • Sadnews

        Wait you are telling me she was not under oath? How is this news, if she was not under oath this should have no bearing on her possible testimony. Everyone on earth lies daily, this is ridiculous they are gonna crucify this young woman over a mistake she made, and one she made not even under oath. And you make a good point, Zimmerman obviously lied about this case, and probably under oath. This is ridiculous, Florida needs to get its crap together. The city/state governments are completly nuts and will go out of their way to make sure this killer doesnt serve the time in jail he deserves. No part of the story should allow him to pull and use a firearm, even if Martin punched him. Again i hate to make this about race but switch the races and the shooter would be already in jail with a giant sentence. Good god if he was going to use his gun at least shoot the young man in the leg, have compassion. Zimmerman seems to want to kill Martin no matter what, hes a psycho who never should of been allowed to carry a gun because he doesnt have the mental power or maturity have a gun. I am a gun owner with a conceal and carry permit and the ease in which it is to get a handgun and a permit to carry it around is sickening. It really is so easy that any person can go and legally be able to own and carry a firearm with basically zero care for is this person mentally stable. All they care about is your background check, and believe me plenty of stupid, violent, irresponsible people have no rap sheet so they are allowed to conceal firearm even tho they are crazy and never should be allowed to.

      • Sophisticated Computer User

        She was under oath. She never difinitively said that she went to the hospital. Also, whether she went to the hospital or not is not material to this case. My guess is that the prosecution has laid a trap for the defense to help solidify their witness by making defense council look like bungling idiots.

    • Cammo Berns


    • Sadnews

      IT just means that whatever else she says has to be looked at as a possible lie. I know it sounds dumb, and i agree her possibly lying about being in the hospital during the funeral is(to me) a none issue and doesnt matter. But you know how lawyers/judges are, they are gonna take this young lady and put the screws to her. She is going to be seen as a liar and any thing she says, and testimony she gives now has a reasonable doubt of its truthfulness. Basically for normal sane people this really shouldnt and doesnt matter regarding the case, but to lawyers/legal system this is a big red flag that she essentially cannot testify or if she does the defendants lawyer can bring up her previous lie and give all the jurors or judge a reasonable doubt about her statement (the doubt being that she has lied before UNDER OATH, so therefore they will put forward the thought that she has a pattern of lying making her testimony tainted and possibly thrown out/not allowed).

      Poor young woman, gonna have her feet held to the fire and dragged through the mud because she possibly lied about her whereabouts during a funeral, which again to me has nothing to do with any testimony regarding martin or the day of his murder. The bad thing that this is going to result in is that Zimmerman now has a better chance of being acquitted Now i know its guilty until proven innocent but in my mind Zimmerman is guilty of murder, i dont know what degree but he should have to pay for his actions that horrible day that resulted in a young boy being murdered for, lets be honest for being black and in the wrong neighborhood. Scumbag lawyers eat this up, they will use this to their advantage and im sure Zimmerman will walk with possible probation, but im sure he will not serve time in jail; time that i believe he deserves to serve based on his erratic and overly violent/aggressive and most likely racist actions. No part of this story leads me to believe that pulling and using a firearm, with a permit or not, is acceptable. Zimmerman is obviously someone who cannot handle to responsibility of gun ownership, no matter what the outcome is this man should not be allowed to own and carry a firearm.

  • GB

    A person may justifiably use force in self defense when there is reasonable belief of an unlawful threat, without obligation to retreat first. Lets look at it. The part youre not getting is the part that says (when there is REASONABLE BELIEF of an unlawful threat) meaning an actual unlawful threat doesnt have to be taking place, you only need to have a reasonable belief. And this part (WITHOUT AN OBLIGATION TO RETREAT FIRST) meaning that you don’t have to make an effort to avoid or disengage the potential danger. So… his legal defense team and Zimmerman wouldnt ever enter arguing “stand your ground” because it would automatically put into question his whole defense from the beginning which was that he was being violently attacked and beaten and scared for his life and that is why he eventually shot him. If stand your ground law would apply here that would mean that he was never even attacked or beaten but just had the reasonable belief that his life was in danger. That is why I said what I said.

    • Very well written but you are missing a key point. You said “meaning an actual unlawful threat doesnt have to take place, only reasonable belief”. That may be correct but how can you not see that “REASONABLE BELIEF OF AN UNLAWFUL THREAT” doesnt ONLY mean “I think I was being threatened” but means an ACTUAL threat has happened. Like you said, Zimmerman said he was “beaten and attacked an feared for his life” aka “unlawful threat”. That is why there’s such controversy over this because it makes self-defense a gateway to homicide because the only person who could refute that there was a threat to the person who shot someone is the person who is killed(in most cases, especially this one).

      Why would there be a law saying “ONLY if you feel threatened should you use self defense” and leave out ACTUAL THREATS like the one Zimmerman claims he felt when allegedly attacked him? Also, the REAL reason his attorneys wouldnt enter it is the exact opposite of what you said. If they enter the Stand Your Ground hearing and lose THAT would show that he wasnt threatened and his assault on Trayvon was not self-defense.

      But thank you for engaging the article.

      • its because if a group of people(or person) come up to u & are about to attack you then you can shoot em. you dont have to wait for them to start attacking you.
        me personally, & most permit holder,s would show the the gun & warn them 1st because normal people try to do everything possible to avoid having to shoot someone. plus then if they still tried to attack & they are going for your gun & thats threat of great bodily harm/death.

      • Sophisticated Computer User

        I think Raul Rodriguez proved that wrong. 40 years in prison for standing his ground against a group of people that he provoked.

      • i said you cant be the agressor. thats y he got 40yrs i guess. well i said that in the other comment :
        either way you cant be the agressor & attack 1st, its only if your being attacked. if your carrying & you start the fight then niether stand your ground nor regular carry self defense applies even if you start gettn your @$$ beat

      • Sophisticated Computer User

        In Raul rodriguez’s case, he went to their house to complain about the music. When they, understandably angered by his presence on the street, came out to confront him, he pulled his gun out and said he’s standing his ground. Someone eventually hit him and he shot and killed a school teacher (the person the arty was for).

        He was found guilty because he could have clearly just walked away but he chose to sit there and escalate the situation because he’s such a biggoddamnhero.

      • if that happened in stand your ground state then id think he wouldve got not guilty unless he was threayening them. but some people like zimmerman have gun & permit & cant wait to use it. most have it & try as hard as they can to avoid using it.
        zimmerman is supposedly yelling help help help but did he ever say he trayvon i got a pistol & your guna get shot if you attack me.. i dont think he did & thats btch sht

      • Sophisticated Computer User

        Well, the Raul Rodriguez shooting happened in Texas, which has SYG laws.

        I agree that some people with guns just want to use them and use any excuse to do so.

      • i duno know the details on that case. he mustve done something to instigate the attack or shot someone not involved in the fight?

        we dont have stand your ground in MN unless in your home but my permit instructor stressed the importance to never shoot unless u have no choice. it will cause lot more problems(besides taking a life) like financial & legal so your better off to run if possible.
        its even better to let the person leave rather than try to hold em til police arrive.

      • Sophisticated Computer User

        He went over there to demand that they turn his music down. They came out. There was an argument, he pulled his gun out. Someone hit him, he shot and killed the person that the party was for.

        You can look it up. The video is on youtube. Raul recorded the whole thing. What was funny is so many people supported Raul and said he was perfectly justified. Then, after he was convicted and sentenced to 40 years, they started throwing him under the bus everytime his case is brought up.

      • if he pulled it out just bcz of any arguement then that makes sense. if they came out threatening him then he shudve got self defense. but yea thats why most people w permits dont act like that & only have it bcz they have been in life & death situations before & dont want to be a victim again

      • Sophisticated Computer User

        The findings of the court was that he could have just walked away, but chose to remain and escalate the situation when he had no reason to stand there. Also, the prosecutors called him the aggressor, which he was. He left his home to specifically go over there. They were minding their own business until he came over.

        To me, once someone leaves their home or vehicle to close rank, with someone that is minding their own business, in an adversarial situation, that person is the aggressor.

      • yes that sounds right in that case then, thats why when u get permit to carry u cant be doin dumb sht bcz the outcome can be very serious. he got sent to prison but someone lost their life so no coming back from that. thats messed up

      • Sophisticated Computer User

        Yeah. I think that there is too much of a focus on what you have to do before you ‘get to’ kill instead of things to do before you ‘have to’ kill.

        Raul Rodriguez went down the checklist of things that he was taught to do before he gets to kill. Since Texas doesn’t require you to retreat, he didn’t even consider just walking away.

      • Sadnews

        He probably talked reckless because he felt invincible, and when you pull out a gun someones reaction might be to try to save their own lives and attack you to try to get the firearm away from you. Never pull out your gun unless you plan to use it, and how about warning shots or leg shots? No im sure this man shot these people in the chest because he wanted them dead.

      • Sadnews

        The bottom line is guns, and i mean handguns, and conceal and carry permits are to easy to obtain and lack any psychological testing. So many people who have a clean criminal record are also crazy people, yet if you have a clean record thats all the police care about (in washington atleast) so you can get your permit. To many people use their firearms because of stupid crap. Loud music is NO reason to pull out a handgun and shoot anyone. And of course if you pull a handgun out someone is going to hit you, they are terrified you are going to murder them. He could of called the police, walked away, talked it out, but his decision was to murder someone over loud music. Shooting anyone should be the last possible option when you are cornered with no options and are in incredible danger/trouble. Also if you are going to shoot a human (un armed ones) at least shoot them in the legs. Trying to kill them should play into the case, and if you cant hit their legs well goto the range more because if you own a gun you should be responsible with it.

      • if you dont shoot to kill then the person is alive to sue u & lie about what happened, so best to shoot to kill , but watever, i got a gun bcz people can go crazy & kill u with all types of things. PEACE

    • Sophisticated Computer User

      Um, the clause that you are referring to is in reference to using non-deadly force. That provision would certainly give Trayvon the legal authority to use force to defend himself from Zimmermans seemingly ominous behavior.

      To use deadly force you need to have a reasonable fear of death or serious bodily harm. On top of that, but the requirements ramp way up if you provoke someone to use force against you to begin with.

    • Sadnews

      We all agree here i think that Florida’s stand your ground law is flawed and opens the door for murder in the name of self defense when in reality its just cold blooded murder. Sure self defense is something we all deserve to be allowed to use if we have to, but in this case Zimmerman went past self defense and became the aggressor, and when Martin defended himself Zimmerman murdered him i cold blood. The horrible part of this law is that Martin isnt around to tell his story, we have to believe what Zimmerman tells us or witnesses do. This alone gives the “self defender” a huge legal advantage as he could in theory make up any story he wants and there is no way any one can refute his claims because as i said Martin is dead, he cannot tell his side. I just highly doubt Martin was doing anything to give the impression that Zimmermans life was in danger, in such danger that if he didnt shoot this young boy he would be dead himself. I know its innocent until guitly but its tough to think that way in this case.

  • GB

    “The “Stand Your Ground” law states that if a person is murdered, all criminal proceedings stop and the murderer is given immunity if they can prove it was in self-defense.” This to me is full of misrepresentations of the situation and the law. That’s what I took issue with.

    • it says if someone is “killed” & is found that it was self defense under stand your ground defense then they get immunity. not if someone is murdered

      • GB

        I was quoting the article and saying how inaccurate it was

    • Sadnews

      Yeah lots of states, even liberal ones like Washington have a version of stand your ground. Florida’s version is irresponsible and ridiculous and really gives so much leniency to the shooter if they can prove the “attacker” threatened him, doesnt necessarily have to even be a physical attack or attempted attack. But you are correct that in this case the law was misinterpreted, the governor who passed it even admitted that the stand your ground law does not apply to the Zimmerman case as Zimmerman was the aggressor. The police were dumb and let the people down in this case, the killer had his gun for a full two weeks before they even confiscated the murder weapon. They completely shit the bed and did a huge injustice to Martin, his family, and the people of Florida. We all agree you should be allowed to defend yourself, but Zimmerman was not defending himself he was being the aggressor and essentially initiated the conflict and when martin became scared and defended himself Zimmerman took his life. He needs to be in jail, him being found innocent sends a horrible message and is a injustice to society.

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  • Jon

    This is the perfect example of “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong” in both Martin and Zimmerman parts.

  • his dad is a freemason so zimmerman guna have tough time w tha judge

  • zimmerman cudve told martin he had a pistol & warned him so zimmerman cudve avoided having to shoot martin if its even true that it was self defense

    • Sadnews

      Also if Zimmerman was responsible and HAD to shoot he could of shot this young man in the leg. Or fire a round into the ground, something other than murder.

      • they suggest you dont aim for legs when you shoot someone. if it comes down to having to fire your weapon then you do it & make sure you are doing it to save your life. lot easier to miss a leg, might not take em down , they might have a gun they can grab after you hit their leg. you just dont mess around when your shooting to save your own life.

  • Sophisticated Computer User

    It wasn’t revealed that witness 8 lied. The defense made the allegation that she lied. In fact, she never said in her deposition that she went to the hospital.

  • Bumpy Johnson

    does anybody else ever get the feeling that maybe trayvon underestimated Zimmerman. maybe shot him some wrong looks and in return zimmerman got pissed and killed him….niggas do this to eachother all the time, go to court , beat the case and get away with it. are we pissed at this situation simply because zimmerman was white.

    • Sadnews

      You can shoot people the wrong looks all day long, that does not give anyone the right to shoot you. Him being white is a large part, but also the Florida state police, the government is just sick. Zimmerman had the murder weapon for two weeks before it was confiscated. What the hell is that crap? This isnt the wild west, using a firearm has to be the last resort in an actual life threatening situation. This is a large case because of the race difference, its NO doubt about that. Also i think its about Florida and their whacked out version of this stand your ground law. It opens the flood gate for psychos with legal firearms to shoot and kill someone for essentially no reason, or atleast not a reason that should result i murder. I dont think this is about underestimating someone, even if martin did. Again Zimmerman in my view murdered someone essentially in cold blood and is using this insane law to justify this horrible action. We cant allow people to murder because someone looked at them the wrong way.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        it happens aloot , better believe that…n people get away with it.

  • Dan_Tebasco

    I guess that means it’ll be a mistrial and dude might get a get out of jail free card then…

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