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Cop Reprimanded for Role in Freddie Gibbs’ Video

(AllHipHop News) Gary, Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs has never been a fan of police.

Having had his own personal run ins with police over the years, and having rapped about experiences with crooked cops, Freddie Gibbs seems to be finally getting the last laugh.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times Post Tribune, Gary police officer Jason Johnson will serve 60-day unpaid suspension for abandoning his duties to partake in Freddie Gibb’s music video.

In early November, Johnson appeared in Gibbs video using his squad car as a prop, while Gibbs recorded his video on a street in Tarrytown.

Johnson, who is on paid medical leave, should be released next week to begin the suspension that almost resulted in termination.

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Gary Indiana Officer Johnson

Gary Police Civil Service Commission reached a plea deal between Johnson and Chief Wade Ingram.

Throughout Freddie Gibbs career, he has been outspoken against police corruption and their overall misuse of power to incarcerate young black males.

In a recent interview with Red Bull and Duck Down Films, Freddie recalled his experiences with police having lost a friend to police brutality.

“The police murdered my friend in front of his family and everything. They wasn’t compensated for nothing you know really at all. And I just think the police got away with a smooth one, and I talk about that st and I try to bring it that life every chance I get. Just not with him, theres people getting killed by police every day, you know what I mean? I just think that’s fked up, the way that they abuse their power – when you get pulled over by a police officer your life is in that n***a hands,” Freddie Gibbs said.

Gibbs has yet to comment on the situation, but does have an upcoming mixtape called F**K You Very Much that features the buzzing track “Sing for Me” featured below.

  • Eli Pinilla

    Hes in my current top 5

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    I funks wit Gibbs all day for years now glad he woke up n left cte

    • Bumpy Johnson

      i thought his tracks before CTE were waaay better….him n joey my favorites at the moment

  • Aint this n*gga pops chief of police???



    • Diggy


    • Brian Andrew Smith

      he was a police officer but he wasn’t the chief of police. and what does does it matter that his father was a police officer? What is wrong with a black man in gary, indiana (an extremely racially divided and economically deprived city) having a job that he was able to support his family? Do you understand the he is rallying against corrupt cops and their abuse of power, and that he is not blatantly hating all cops?

      • Hang A ni99a Indiana….people think it’s all Jackson 5, but see how fugged up it made Michael growing up in that racist town?

    • STupidcrap

      Good for his father. In my view if anything it gives Freddie insight into police culture through his pops. Bottom line is police go out of control more and more and are never seriously reprimanded. Sooner or later its got to stop, or we gotta get together as a people of all races and stand up against this bullshit.

    • 7yoyo7

      His father was a crooked cop, got fired and hustled on the streets.

  • Severe Thebeneficent

    funny thing is same niggas actin like we supposed to trip cause his pops was a cop or whatever, probably defend rick ross or ride around to that nigga…foh…

    • STupidcrap

      Yeah god forbid his pops tried to make a difference in his community and was employed. A minority, probably majority of cops are bad cops. There are good ones honestly doing their job how it should be done. We need more real men and woman in the police field, and less assholes who are looking for power over people and the ability to murder citizens because they know they will get away with it. Cops are allowed to be racist, to murder, to search for no reason, to harass people and the worst thing that will happen is paid leave, god i wish i could get paid leave in my job. I would love to not show up and get paid like i did. Its sad because the horrible cops paint the good cops with the same brush, because as citizens we essentially have to assume all police are corrupt, bad or have something against you and want to find a way to either give you a ticket, fine or send you to jail or heaven/hell. In Seattle we got so many videos of absolute police brutality and NOTHING happens to these officers. Then they are amazed when three of them are ambushed at a starbucks and killed. Cops should make you feel safe, and all they make me feel like is O shit im gonna get busted or pulled over even though i have nothing illegal on me and im doing nothing illegal. They just dont make me feel safe, they make me feel the complete opposite.

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  • MadVillain

    i said bitxch im so fa sho

  • fella

    I hate how its rednecks all over the country waving their con federate flags in non southern confederate states….

  • Eli Dyer

    He commented on it in his breakfast club…get your reporting skills up