Notorious BIG

Rappers Remember Christopher Wallace 16 Years After Unsolved Murder

(AllHipHop News) Today (March 9), the world of Hip-Hop celebrated the life and mourned the loss of one of Hip-Hop’s most iconic figures, Notorious B.I.G..

Brooklyn bred rapper Notorious B.I.G., born Christopher Wallace, was gunned down on March 9, 1997, during a drive-by shooting in front of the Petersen Automotive Museum in downtown Los Angeles, CA.

The rapper died after he was struck by four bullets that pierced the passenger side of the Chevy Suburban, in which he was a passenger.

To date, his murder is still unsolved and no one has ever been arrested for the murder of Notorious B.I.G..

While this anniversary marks 16 years that “Biggie” is not with us in his physical form, his music still lives on today as his catalog makes him one of the greatest selling rappers of all-time.

Amazingly, Life After Death has been certified Diamond by the RIAA and his other albums have reached all reached Platinum status.

Rappers across the world remembered his legacy today Tweeting out their sentiments and thoughts of the iconic rapper.

“Our last night and pict together . Miss you BIG! Love u bro,” Diddy said via Twitter.

Biggie and Puff


“R.I.P B.I.G 🙏 #ThrowYaRolliesInTheSky 4 BIG The Legend ,”  Dipset’s Juelz Santana Tweeted.

In honor of Biggie, last night (March 8) The Lox (Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch) paid tribute to their fallen label mate while at Bad Boy at a Hot 97 tribute show.

Joining the Lox was Lil Cease who performed some of Junior Mafia’s greatest hits like “The Players Anthem,” “Get Money” and many others.

“headed to biggie tribute put it in the air.” Styles P of The Lox said on his way to the show.

Check the photos below courtesy of @djkillatouch (DJ for Jadakiss):


Biggie Tribute

Biggie Tribute

Biggie Tribute

The Lox – We’ll Always Love Big Poppa

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  • tony greg

    R.I.P Biggie The GOAT!!!!!!

    • Not the G.O.A.T., but definitely deserves to be mentioned in the debate!

      RIP BIG

      • Bumpy Johnson

        yea but the debate would be lop sided 2PAC SHAKUR gets that hands down.

      • Definitely deserves to be mentioned as well, and in reality, both would be tied for GOAT if the debate was GOAT, with the disclaimer..”Besides KRS ONE”

      • Choppa

        KRS? GOAT? FOH

      • LOL~N

        Who you offering up that’s better? Lil Weezy? Drake?

        Depending on your selection, “Material Love” is better than their whole catalog, and it’s over 20yrs old.

      • Choppa

        So since i disagree with KRS being goat, u immediately jump to wayne and drake? Thats lame

        Rakim, Jay, Pac, Em, and thats just 4.

        His flow is boring, He rap thru his nose

        He couldnt kill wack ass nelly’s career. After KRS dissed him, he shoulda been able to kill all sales and make it so that nigga couldnt sell a t shirt no more, but did he do it? NO! Nelly laughed at him and went on to make more $$ and sell more den Krs ever did.. So tell me who the GOAT again?

      • Bumpy Johnson

        naw he has had some very good songs trust ..n is a big influence to the greats them selves.

      • Choppa

        He does a some good songs but GOAT?? Naw, not at all

      • Just warning you that you had better not come with Wayne & Drake!


        Good list though, Rakim, Jay, Em & Pac are all top notch, no doubt about that at all.

        Nelly didn’t laugh, he apologized, and his career was shut down for 5? yrs, until he just came back out? You may not like KRS, but you can’t honestly say that he didn’t serve Nelly, unless you didn’t hear the diss tracks.

        “Let’s give Hip Hop a lift, and don’t buy Nelly’s album on June 25th, that will send a message back to all who sellout, house ni99a rapper, your bottom done fell out”


        #’s wise, Nelly’s music isn’t doing the same as Country Grammer, but #’s don’t matter, he was Billboards #3 artist of the decade, and not even in your Top 5 or 10, or even 20 for that matter.

        KRS has been putting it down since 86? Some tracks from 86 are still bumping!

        “The Bridge is over!” , “My Philosophy”, “Criminal Minded”, etc.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        KOOL G RAP > KRSONE.

        i ain tryna stirr up a huge argument or the debate right now but i think there is no way! u can compare biggie to 2pac..2pac has waaay more addicting songs than biggie got songs. 2pac is more heart felt and more relating, tupac is more poetical. i do not see how they can tie up.

      • tony greg

        Tupac was overrated and Fake! HE had to create a thug image and start beef to sell records. THat nigga was a gay ballareinia in acting school living on THE east coast(not from the west coast) as teen. Then he became a backup dancer. His first 2 albums weren’t shit!!!. Tupac wasnt considerd the Greattest till after he died. Biggie was considerd the King and one of the greatest by everyone after his first album dropped!!!!Biggies impact was felt immediatly. Tupac had to stay in the media,get shot,spit in cameras,and do songs like hit em up to stay relevent. Trust me if pac was still alive he wouldnt have last long.50 cent was just like tupac think about it!!!!

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        pac had to stey in the media pac gave biggie his 1st shows pac sold 6 albums in 4 years and sold the most ever pac 1st single was trapped,brenndas gotta baby,when my homies call not juicy lol smh pac shot 2 cops pac got shot 5 times for reaching for his gun during a roobbery pac lived in baltimore nyc marine oakland pac grew up poor biggie came from a good home pac grew up not knowing where his next meal is at pac uncle and aunt is assata shakur and mutulu shakur pac godfather is geronimo pratt a guy who rolled with bobby seale and huey newton the cofounder of the black panthers sjut the f up

      • tony greg

        lol you just proved my point idiot pac shot 2 cops publicity Stunt idiot. All shit to boost sales. If no one was killed. Heres you go watch these 2 videos and then get write me back.

        Go to youtube Copy in the Search Bar “Tupac Talks About Being Nice To Girls “. Also Copy in “Tupac Dance Arsenio Hall”. Click on the first video thats tupac in the red.

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        So he has a mother and a sister like me i want my mother and sister tobe respected too and doesnt dance smh pac shot 2 white cops in atl fo harassing a black man bigggie would have drove by in his car pac came from the black panther party upbringing thats wat u chumps dont realize pac family was revolutionary ppl.pac was almost born in jail shut up pac barely had a place to sleep hell pac had. To sleep on a bench he still was educated pac spoke at a malcom x. B day reunion wat dide biggie do?

      • jay

        shooting a Cop for publicity? You are retarded lil homie.

      • Yeah, he lost on that one!

      • Bumpy Johnson

        do you know a real thug? do you know what thugs do when their not in the news? answer those questions first.

      • Try & stay out of the news?

      • Shooting 2 cops isn’t a publicity stunt!

        You lost with that one!

      • tony greg

        He shot 2 cops than what happened how long did he spend in jail?Who died? How much money did he lose? I’ll wait

      • He beat the case because the cops were wrong & armed with guns stolen out the police evidence locker.

      • martymar93

        nigga u crazy tupac is the greastest of all time he sold over 100 million album copies worldwide thats the most albums from a rapper sold ever and biggie only sold 20 millions album copies worldwide think about what ur saying but biggie is a great artist just sayin

      • Bumpy Johnson

        even without the sales he still the greatest

      • Tony G.

        But the majority of the sales came after death..which is basically the point the guy above is making

      • leftcoast13

        Me against the world was double platinum why he was in jail ,all eyez on me was 5 times platinum by summer 1996 , every other album b4 was platinum , get yo facts str8

      • jay

        You must be young. If not you sound like it. Pac was one of the illest BEFORE BiG. You are calling the Realest rapper fake? The dude was educated in the school of arts. That makes him gay? Or weak? He became a backup dancer in order to get in the game and make $. Back then you couldn’t just put a video on Youtube called “superman that hoe” and make $. 2pac didn’t have to stay in the Media. The media stayed on him. He didn’t HAVE to do hit em up. The beef was real. Read up on all the people who died in that ish. 2pac was the realest. You sound like a clown saying he was fake. If you don’t like him as a rapper, so be it, thats your opinion…Clowning on someone for being educated and moving around a lot cause your family is broke isn’t fake…..All that being said, Biggie was ish. RIP BIG

      • tony greg

        Everyone said tupac was fake. and that he started that beef and thug image to sell records!! Here go to Utube and watch this video. Write me back after you watch it!!!


      • greenhouse records

        Again kill yoself Nigga. and got listen to 2pacalyse Now. He was on that thug shit then my nigga. Crooked Nigga Too, Soldier Story, Violent, Tha Lunatic. And if all you get from tupac is the thug image you missed his whole message dumbass.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        holly fkk i cant even respond to u.

      • greenhouse records

        Kill Yo Self Nigga. smh

      • Tony G.

        Please explain the 50 cent comparison

      • East Coast Gangsta Music = Kool G Rap GOAT…..overall GOAT, G Rap can’t touch KRS….no one can.

        Pac / Big?

        Hard to say, some will feel either way, and rightfully so, as both are G.O.A.T.s in their own lane, even Jay Z, on the business tip, but overall lyrical ability?

        The BlastMaster, hands down with over 25yrs & albums to prove it.
        Not only is he undefeated in battles, he ended all of his opponents careers.
        MC Shan, Roxanne Shante, Marley Marl, The Juice Crew ( With the exception of Kool G Rap ), PM Dawn, Nelly…I mean, battling Kris is a bad move for a MC career.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        no way u can tell me he a better rapper then Kool G Rap..give me a song from him ill top it from Kool G rap

      • “The Truth” ( Original 5 Min Version )
        Material Love
        Higher Level
        The whole “Boom Bap Album”

        Now G Rap’s “Road To The Riches” will smash most MC’s entire career, so I have to acknowledge that it keeps G Rap in the all time greats, along with “Erase Racism”, etc….it’s close, but overall, KRS pulls ahead, even if barely, due to the positiveness of his music.

        “It’s funky to a junkie, cuz my rhyme is dope, I use my microphone wire like a cowboy rope, and I’ll lasso any rapper, that think they could cope & the microphone is my horoscope.”

        Rhymetime, G Raps 1st single after “It’s a demo?”

      • Bumpy Johnson

        streets of New York.( thats the single after the demo if im not mistaken)
        Ill Street Blues
        My life (which was like early 2000s thats longevity)
        on the run

        kool g slaughtered all the tracks he featured. Consciously KRS tops him but verbally G Rap tops him. i dont think

        p.s: i saw the comment u left on my video. thanks for taking the time to watch it and comment homie.

      • The lyrical content was deep on your vid!


        Streets was actually the next album, 1st was Road to Riches, although Riker’s Island, It’s a Demo & Rhymetime all were released yrs before the 1st album & I doubt Rhymetime was ever released on an album.

        No doubt G Rap is one of the GOATs, & in East Coast gangster Rap, he is the goat, just not over all.

        On The Run ( Al Capone remix…Killer Cuts version ) is one of my favs.

        Lyrical content = KRS
        Lyrical style? KRS has many, G Rap has only one….but he does it right!

    • Mafia Is Forever

      Save that G.O.A.T. seat for someone who can be looked at as a positive role model and hitmaker. Someone that everybody can listen to.

      • greenhouse records

        Cmon son, Big had more hits than most in his short time and could be considered a positive role model compared to any other rapper. And I think G.O.A.T. is based on skills.

      • Mafia Is Forever

        I’m a little too far off in spirituality to sit here and agree with you. He wasn’t no role model. But I really don’t even care, GOAT is an opinion and bein’ positive is a lifestyle and not just a “time-to-time thing”, you gotta live it at all times.

      • FuckYou

        Agree 100%, B.I.G could spit but he farrrrrr from a role model

      • greenhouse records

        wat i saying is who is a postive role model in rap that can also be considered the GOAT. Its like basketball MJ is regarded as the GOAT but is a major asshole in real life. We judge him by wat hes does on the court.

      • Mafia Is Forever

        But rap is about how you use words, we have to speak in real life, so using positive words in rap goes hand-in-hand with how you live life.
        Basketball is just a game, there’s no life lessons in it to be learned besides maybe teamwork and maybe a few other things.

      • greenhouse records

        You dont have to speak about real life in when it comes to rap. To me Rap is just poetry over a beat. Or telling a story whether its true or made up. Also to your standards 95% of rappers are not positive roll models with the exception of the rappers from the 80s. Those that are postive go unheard and will never be brought up in a GOAT conversation. And Biggie did create Juicy and Sky the Limit which where positive tracks.

      • Mafia Is Forever

        Yeah, niggaz don’t be handlin’ the fame correctly, they wanna be heard by millions but they don’t realize that it really should be looked at as a responsibility since so many eyes are watchin’ and so many ears are listening.

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        big put out juicy and party shyt he actually copied snoop pac put out real shyt and sold and acted and got t shot and went to jail and put out the outlaws in 4 years 6 albums ad movies he made lol cmon son

      • greenhouse records

        Im definitely more of a Pac fan than Biggie. And consider Pac the best of his era. Truth be told tho Pac was the better artist Biggie was the better rapper. Big could rap circles around any rapper past or present.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        you in the wrong genre of music.

      • Mafia Is Forever

        Dude, I’m an artist. So the shit that I expect is already bein’ done.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        check my poetry shit out then , i spit bout positive stuff in my poetry but i cant lie i fkks with that rough n rugged hip hop…wher ya joints at.?

      • Mafia Is Forever

        Man, I was just on that YG, I liked Gucci Mane, Lil Boosie. But that shit is like shit that I gotta deny now kause it’s bad. But shit, I’d have to e-mail you. Where yo poetry at?

      • Bumpy Johnson

        just type in on youtube. = streets of H town – All star King …shud b the first video, the nigga in the red shirt with SW written on it….email me at ill check u fo sho.

      • Mafia Is Forever

        I peeped cho shit mane. I felt it. I sent that e-mail too,

      • That was proper!
        When $E$ starts back up, hit me up for a feature!

      • Bumpy Johnson

        preciate that dawg…what side of the country you at ? hit me on twitter allstar_king or facebook All star King. fo sho lets make it happen.

      • Will do EDOGZ818 on Twitter, facebook not up yet, but will be again.

      • Charles Stephens

        skyzoo should b and if u dont know who that is check him out

      • tony greg

        And that wasn’t Biggie Big Poppa, One more chance,Juicy,Mo money mo problems,hypnotize,warning,get money….Everything he touched was a classic more songs like flava in ya ear,playas anthem,112-only you,. Tupac only had dear mama,keep your head up and I get around and california love. Also I’ma big biggie fan go on utbue and look how many rappers steal biggie lyrics form jay,nas,wayne,drake,eminem,50 theirs over 40mins..,

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        what tupac had when my homies call,brendas gotta baby,trapped, holler if you hear me,pour out a lil liq,str8 ballin,how long will they mourn me,me against the world,dear mama,temptation,all about you,california love,how do you want it,all eyes on me,picture me rollin,keep your head up,i aint mad at you,to live and die in la,hail mary, man let me stop and none of pac music was commercial everything was real

      • Streetz R DeathRow, All Eyez On Me ( The whole Album ) Thugz Mansion, Pour Out A Little Liquor, Deadly Combination & Runnin ( Although Both with Big ) ….In reality, Big & Pac together, only made classics. ( technically speaking…& counting the freestyles )

      • Mafia Is Forever

        The mainstream artists always get all the love. Of course they get their lyrics stolen because people are followers. If the media start sayin’ who the best is, I bet everybody is goan say that person is the best too.
        I remember when Jay-Z’s Black Album first came out, the media started sayin’ Jay-Z was the best and that’s when teenagers started arguin’ that Jay was the best.

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  • Banksy

    RIP to the King! Damn 16 years already though. Time waits for no one.

  • mademan3000

    As great as BIG was his body of work was just not enough to be calling him the GOAT! BIG only has two studio albums & a few features here & there!

  • vote ^ if you want them to release versions of his albums without any Puff Daddy’s vocals

  • jadakiss been eatin good since he left bad boy

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  • eddieknucks

    There is no across the board goat. One should be measure by things like greatest story teller. Best delivery. Best lyrically. Shit like that. R.I.P B.I.G. You were ONE of the greats.

    • Mafia Is Forever

      If a person likes an artist enough they can easily be GOAT across the board to them.

  • water_ur_seeds

    remember buying ‘missing you’ on single and ‘we always love big popa’ was the b side, used to play the schitt outta that lox tune… rip biggie…

  • Black Exodus

    Hands down one of the greatest lyricist to ever touch the mic. Cold flow, delivery, attitude and voice. Metaphorical Genesis and a great story teller. The only knock on Big was the versatility on subject matter…all of his music was about death, money, clothes and hoes! On that subject line, he was the King!

    Black Exodus

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      great rapper

    • tony greg

      He died to too soon you can tell with his second album he was growing away from that and becoming g more versatile. With songs like Skys the Limit. Biggie is the GOAT

  • Choppa

    Wasnt tha GOAT, but he was great for the game.. RIP BIG

  • jango boy



    TOP 5 EVER

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  • 2Pac = G.O.A.T. Of Rap Biggie = G.O.A.T. Of HipHop…..People still don’t know the difference between the two genres in 2013 smh….

    • greenhouse records

      I think you got that backwards but yeah.

  • scullyson

    RIP B.I.G.

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  • Ambria graham