Kwame Kilpatrick

Detroit Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, Guilty of RICO

(AllHipHop News) Former Detroit Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, once dubbed “The Hip-Hop Mayor,” was convicted today of 24 out of 30 federal counts of corruption.

With what is being called a “classic RICO case,” Kilpatrick has been found to have been conducting a criminal enterprise during his tenure as mayor of Detroit from 2001 to 2008.

According to The Detroit Free Press, witnesses told of Kilpatrick’s lavish lifestyle — complete with luxury vacations, custom-made suits and golf outings.

After five months of testimony, 80 government witnesses, text messages and secret video and voice recordings, the jury convicted Kilpatrick on 24 of 30 counts. It acquitted him on three counts and failed to reach a verdict on three others.

The newspaper also stated that the former mayor shook his head as the verdict was being read and appeared stunned. Also convicted was Kilpatrick’s friend, a contractor named Bobby Ferguson and the former mayor’s father, Bernard Kilpatrick.

Kwame Kilpatrick was elected mayor of Detroit in 2001 with the support of numerous Hip-Hop artists.

Russell Simmons dubbed the-then 31-year-old, “The Hip-Hop Mayor” due to his youth and charisma. The title proved to be, at times, to be a hinderance. The former mayor was often derided for his diamond stud earring and his “two-way pager.”

Kilpatrick’s legal troubles began while in office for his second term when, in 2008, he pled guilty to obstruction of justice and publicly declared that he had lied under oath in a whistleblower trial brought by two ousted former police officers.

The federal charges were brought against Kilpatrick and others after a long-term FBI investigation revealed with the government called a “pattern of extortion, bribery, and fraud,” resulting from the rigging of city contracts and the mismanagement of the publicly-funded Kilpatrick Civic Fund, which was supposed to help youth.

Yet to be sentenced, the now-disgraced former mayor faces up to 20 years in prison.

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  • eddieknucks

    He fucked up but he don’t deserve no 20 years like they say he’ll probably get. The city is divided. Its muthafuckas who killed cats that got less.

  • therealest1

    Ass clown shit.

  • He’ll get 3 years, a fine and will be free to roam around again in 36 months..politics..i’m absolutely sure he’s got someone in pocket who is praying he Kwame doesn’t get to talking. Always the mid fish, while dudes on the hill are doing this “legally” many millions a year are right wingers pulling in from gun companies, pharmaceutical companies, heck even car companies. Lobbying is a $10 billion a year system, that money isn’t going to the public so it’s going to who else?

    • greenhouse records

      Another Corporate Lynching…

    • Illiam Elton

      If he was WHITE he would get that.The “Hip Hop Mayor” will be use to show us that WE (meaning us black folks) can not trend on white collar crimes.He’ll be lucky if he gets anything less then ten years and a multi million dollar fine.

      • I doubt as much but time will tell.

  • Corinthian Girl

    One down, let’s hope for the full 20 years. Federal time is straight time, goodbye. Obama goes down next…

    • BossBeaux

      You know what speak on what you know not what you think you know first of all everybody in Detroit knew the tax evasion was a lock but the RICO was weak and loose talk with no real concrete evidence other than the testimony of individuals who themselves guilty now don’t get it twisted he needs to be in jail but that’s BS you celebrating a black man going to prison he has kidsand a family man sit ya dumb ass down

      • Tabor Babor

        Totally wrong. Kwame K. was an elected official, a position of public trust. This is the worst kind of 3rd world corruption. It destroys EVERYONE in Detroit. He deserves the max. If he was thinking about his family, he wouldn’t have done this crap in the first place. 15 years for sure.

        And when he gets out in 2028, ya’ll will go “Kwame who???”

      • what did he do tho this article aint saying much …????? anybody from detriot can speak on this ?? i always thought all folks in these political position are getting money under the table was this guy doing anything different to be put on blast like this ?? i wonder what his previous supporters like Russell Simmons got to say about this ?

      • eddieknucks

        All he did is the same thing white politicians have been doing for years. Taking payola to green light construction deals. If you wanna build a hotel, pay me and I’ll make sure you get the zoning permit. Then he would make sure his best friend got the contract to do the building. Anyone else would have been fined and or minimal jail time. They was out to get him from the jump Cuz he fired all they old heads in high ranking positions.

      • Jonathan

        He did it to HIMSELF you idiot.

      • BossBeaux

        You the idiot reread my post i said he deserves to goto jail but since your so versed on the political scene of my city they should have indicted Ficano for blowing millions of dollars of wayne county’s money and accepting bribes but because he is apapart of thr same good ole boy club that indicted Kwame or better yet cut deals with the States Attorney on top of being some of the most wealthiest men in America ( check out where the Ilitch family of Michigan landed on forbes ) they kept him out the pot but indicted Kwame so you sir can STFU and rot in prison with that scumbag you hating a$$ ni99@ learn your facts you can sit down now and bow your head while you at it

  • kwame gon do a dime,….they bout to wash this n*gga…..

  • Julius Ceaser

    He is gone for a really looooong time. Say hi to O.J. for us, dumbass!

  • It’s so coooold in the D

  • Reblogged this on The Music Business Revisionist and commented:
    This one really hurts. to be honest. Being from the D I remember when Kwame Kilpatrick was elected both times, and there was a lot of promise around his election. I also remember living through all of the foolishness that began to surface. A real shame for Kilpatrick and for my city, but I know we’ll get through it.

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  • Vic Sage

    These dumb fcks will never learn Kwame,Jesse Jr. and dumb ass Ray Nagin..” All 3 of these a$$holes; all in positions of power; and in the immediate circumferences to garner change and yet what do they choose to do?” Yup… act just like a bunch of look at me shining for the block ghetto a$$ degenerates reveling in their 30 pieces of silver while letting the community around them crumble even further in their selfish arrogant,egotiscal self delusional glory..” They all deserve their comeuppance in seconds..”

    • but isnt that what every mayor since the beginning of this ish has been doing ?? i dont get it …. sounds like they trying to frame this dude if you ask me ??

      • Vic Sage

        Yes and No brother not this time..” This is not one of those nah he wouldn’t do that he’s for us moments…” Dawgs doesn’t fall under that category because he is truly guilty..”

      • eddieknucks

        Nah he wasn’t set up. He fell for the banana in the tailpipe. There was people in office still from the Coleman young era that had been docking away money for decades. We he took office he let those folks go and replaced them with his family and friends. Pissed them old heads off and they started telling on him. They indicted so many cats over the years and they told on him. There testimony wouldn’t have worked in state court. That’s why they let the feds get him.

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  • Mike Thompson

    Hiphop endorsements usually are criminal..anything Russell touches results in criminal activity and or exploitation. A hiphop mayor during the Chief Keef era doesn’t seem like a solid foundation.. feel me.

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  • Jonathan

    Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (Detroit), Ray Nagin (New Orleans), Larry Lankford (Birmingham), go AHEAD and blame the white man; hell, blame Obama too; THESE idiots did it to themselves! They’re in LEADERSHIP positions and very well deserve to be held to a higher standards. They weren’t Wal-Mart CEO’s for crying out loud. Hell, Marion Berry smoked crack and got his job back. So don’t worry though, Kwame will not receive the full sentence and will be back in politics in 5-10, maybe less.