Game vs 40 Glocc

Hip-Hop Rumors: 40 Glocc’s Breakdown, $4.5 Million Suit To Game

This ain’t no rumor!

40 Glocc is going full steam ahead in his lawsuit agains fellow Cali rapper and arch enemy The Game. Welp! TMZ has found what seems to be the break down in the 4.5 million suit. Remember, 40 alleges that The Game beat him down on camera and they had a gun on him too. This, he says, resulted in bills and loss of wages.

— $500,000 in pain and suffering
— $500,000 in emotional distress
— $750,000 in lost earnings
— $2 million for punitive damages
— $25,000 in medical expenses
— Various other stuff

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They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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  • Guest

    he can’t win – with video of him bothering other people.

    • EL_BARK

      Thats will be irrevelant to his case.

      • Guest

        EL_BARK – your wrong – its very relevant when each side tells their story – video is big circumstancial evidence for Game of 40’s history as a life threat-ener.

      • EL_BARK

        I suggest you go read a law book. And read up on admmissible evidence. The bideo will bell null & void for many reasons. & has nothing to do with the charges that he is suing game for. In the court room you cant compare apples & oranges.

      • Guest

        EL_BARK – null and void? – you have to be the judge to know that, – and it does have something to do – because jurors were not there, so each side has to tell a story to make them believe, which game’s lawyers will say being haraased by this video proven harraser, it helps juror see what they could not – harassing other rappers (and this one) is not apples and oranges.

      • EL_BARK

        A video of him harrassing other rappers one isnt not admissible, i doubt it makes it pass a fact finder for a few reasons,
        one its not revelant to the civil charges in the case. Also a tape of him harrassing lil wayne, is not revant.
        One its clear on tape what happen, 40 was in retreat the whole time,
        Game is seen hitting him several times. That is all that matter.
        Game cant say i whip hiss ass cause he was messing with other rappers???

    • STupidcrap

      The video will have little impact other than show that 40 glock as a bad character (like as in character witness). But him doing wrong things doesnt legally give the game or anyone else to beat his ass. Legally that is, in reality it does but the legal system is odd.

  • God Forgives

    Anyone who still thinks “BIG BAD 40” *sarcastic voice* is still a so-called gangster after this needs there head checked smh

    • TY

      HAHA Get ya Paper 40 Glocc. Fucc Game break that nigga. take him to the cleaners I’m side with 40. $4.5 million fucc having respect from a bunch of niggaz who will hate you anyway. lol. I’d rather have $4.5 million and be hated than be broke and loved.

      • don king

        hopefuly u gon wake up some day n realize u got a fucked up mentality. money comes n goes.

      • dayleedumped

        4.5 million dont just come and go tho lol

      • don king

        40 will never get 4.5 mill. n wait till the next snitch turn on 40. if he gets over a mill the leeches gon suck him dry no homo. 40 is a certified dumbass n the surrounding he claimed gon handle him, cause most of those type of dudes cant stand snitches.

      • Really??? Tell that to JaMarcus…

      • T.O. or Chris Webber… or every other athlete that has their house foreclosed on!!!

      • Lyve Wire

        in hip-hop, so does love and hate.

      • Yeah, but if he loses because a jury sees 40Glocc thugging & doing the exact same ‘chet, he looks even more like a B’ish…..if that’s even possible.

      • Derek Yisrael

        His character and ironically, his internet videos will be brought in as evidence of his character.

      • It becomes a #’s game, pay lawyer 100Racks to defend, or 50Racks to settle.

      • STupidcrap

        Yeah like Derek is saying it will come into play as part of his character. It wont have much to do with the fight, well it might its hard to say. What im saying is just cause you do dumb shit like he does on the net doesnt mean you will lose the case.

      • Yeah, but will a white jury award 5 mil after seeing his videos?

      • Derek Yisrael

        no they wont

      • hoeyuno

        I agree. I Think it’s hilarious.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        yea Wayne gone counter sue…..he lost about 50,000 gang banger fans after his incident with 40 glock….50$ per fan multiplied by the months and years..u got your self a hefty fee.

    • trilltalk1

      i have to disagree with you my nigga, he trying to get paid. a rich rap nigga puncch me i am def going to court about it. the rappers always say get to the money. well this is one way of getting to the money. good luck i hope the nigga win.

      • Choppa

        So u would sue over a fight that u engaged in also? 40 was talkin big shit, so if u talk shit and get fucked up, u gon sue? Ho shit

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        Yea but u wasn’t all ova the internet tryin 2 act like u had bread & was “Big Bad” like dis n***a was he comin off desperate wit this lawsuit & what’s he gonna do if he only gets a fraction of what he’s askin go back 2 actin tuff again that’s not gonna work

      • trilltalk1

        i don’t know the nigga but he active with the music so i am sure he has some bread, more then the average nigga anyway. you don’t have to be mainstream to get rich off rap i thought everyone new that by now. you could have a solid fan base of 5 to 10 thousand muthafuckas and eat like a king being independent. texas niggas been doing it for 20 years. niggas you never heard of and probably never will. getting fat down south off this rap shit.

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        I feel what u sayin about gettin that independent money i’m sure he’s got more bread than the average joe but I haven’t even heard of a mixtape from this fool in a minute have u I don’t think he’s eatin like them H-town n****s that’s why he’s bitchin up & suing

      • STupidcrap

        I dont think ppl would disagree with you. But 40 glock is a shit starter, supposed gang banger, “gangster” rapper so you gotta see how suing someone is out of line for someone who calls themselves big bad 40. Yeah he got jumped, but 40 did the same thing to atleast 3 other rappers. Its justice if nothing else. If 40 had no history of being a douchebag who jumped ppl and game did this then i could see your point

    • Lol at the end of that day “f’ dat gangsta ish and hit em’ in that wallet. Money drives anyone including “gangsters”.

    • JerZeBoy

      Exactly! thats y he is trying to cash in now. No one is ever going to believe his shit anymore……….

    • Celz

      I could careless if he wins or not but damn these clowns is makin the West look corny.. Most niccas out here is closer to Kendrick Lamar than these corny ass rappers you see runnin around

  • Eli Pinilla

    Sucka!!!!! Who around him is condoning this shit?!?!?!

    • easy come up he got his ass whooped on cam by a millionare …. no brainer … sad thing is game thought he was deal with a real street dude … but one thing game failed to realize is that 40 is a real street dude … however when you broke them street rules go out the window !! not sure if yall remember but Tony Yayo also sued during that fight gunit had with murder inc when fif got stabbed …

      • dat nigga

        no he didnt sue, if the police come they file a report automatically, yayo wouldnt do that shit, ask gunplay

      • STupidcrap

        From what i understand in New York if an assault occurs the police automatically HAVE to file a report and essentially will force you to sign (with threat of imprisionment). 40 Glock should be a man like gunplay, like him or not gunplay aint crying to the police about getting beat on. He took his lumps and hit back.

      • Mark Olford

        That was funny….lmao and true

    • Guest

      ELI – from looking at his video posts, them niggaz starvin, too.

      • Guest

        ELI – them cats in Cali. can’t move around, each one will be shot if they leave a 2 block radius, can’t make money like that.

  • Is this guy for real so its okay to bang on people but when u get banged on you go an snitch Hypocrite Snitch Bitch

  • ONE

    Straight outta Lowcash

  • BossBeaux

    Man we all knew this negro was a b!tch from the get go but his so called gang need to handle that he caught a fade get over it everybody takes an L on that if you been in enough confrontations SMH at this dude!

  • best_believe

    It must be a cold day in hell today after hearing this bullshit.

  • Richard Savage

    $500,000 for emotional distress lmao… and he is a gangster ladies and gentlemen lmmfao

    • STupidcrap

      HAHAHA i missed that. What emotional distress? Having his period?

  • leftlanekb

    Thats Real Gangsta !

  • MadVillain

    wow, c’mon son… $500k in pain and suffering? $500k in emotional distress? lol gtfo with that sh!t

    • Escobar

      — $500,000 in emotional distress – Buddy, he officially a bitch. Lol

  • brotha_man

    its only a win if he actually gets the 4.5 mil. its a loss until then…..and after because this will get thrown out

    • STupidcrap

      Hell will freeze over before 40 glocc sees a 4.5 mil settlement. 1 mil under the table deal TOPS and thats stretching things.


    This coward talked all that BS for years, threatened people, called his self “Big Bad Ass 40”, video taped his self trying to bully other artists’ & as soon as someone thoroughly exposes his ass he pulls this ISH!!! I’m sure his REAL CRIPS are Proud of him!

  • DollasTX

    this that “Dior” type shyt

    • Negro Peligro


  • 8Galaxy5

    40 is on his typical bitch shit.
    He will never get $4,5mill.
    You lost son.

  • disqus_ymEP9xizWj

    He might be “Snitch” but ppl you must see the bigger picture. It ain’t about him going after him in da streets but hit him where it really hurts. Get that Money…. Maybe one day we will all learn what the value of a dollar really is. And realize that once ur at a certain place n life you must learn and know how to conduct your business. He ain’t there and never will be there. This goes for all ppl who in the game but don’t really know to play the game. Wise up ppl!!

    • STupidcrap

      I dont disagree that money is what makes the world goes around and messing with someones money is one of the most painful things you can do to a man. It just feels hypocritical coming from a guy who pumps himself up like he the baddest man on the planet like 40 does.

  • sakiru oresanwo

    wasnt this dude on social networks shortly after the incident posting pics of his bruised face, smiling and bragging like it aint a thing. So its either he was crying when he wasnt posting pics or this is just bullshit….i’m going for the latter….or both infact

    • Look at the pics again, that nigga was cryin while he was takin em. LOL

  • ulostatlife

    (A) I’m suing 40 Glocc if that’s the case then for the “emotional distress”he put my ears through with his bullsh*t music
    (B) Unemployment benefits must have been upgraded if he claiming $750,000 in lost wages

    • STupidcrap

      hahhahahah i was wondering how he came up with that insane number in lost wages. You make a great point hah

  • BillyBobJohn

    I don’t think Game has $4.5 Million in the bank

    • STupidcrap

      If hes smart hes got money invest and not in a bank, he might if he isnt a idiot with money. No man would put that much in a bank, aint doing you shit sitting in the bank. Also $4.5 mill will never be the outcome, they might settle but there is no way $4.5 million makes sense for a case like this. Also i cant figure out how guns being there or not affected his ass whooping or would affect the case.

      • David Gonz

        really? because the interest on 4.5 is probably more than… aww never mind. your right bro!

  • Weedras

    if this case doesn’t get thrown out all, they have to do is just highlight his character and what he himself has done over the last few years, and with visual evidence of this his character profile alone will kill his case…

    • EL_BARK

      Yall have never neen in a court room. The DA put people way worse then 40 on the stand & get conviction every day…. His character will have little effects on this case. I sure his lawyer will use the ole, yeah my client is a scum bag, but this case aint about my client bring one, if it was then he would be guilty,
      Its about game whipping his ass, that its….. For that reason alone game will settle

      • Weedras

        can’t argue with you on that… Gayme did violate the man… and was wrong… but damn… this fool couldn’t just lay low til he’s off probation then strikeback? he had to go to the courts? smh.. it’s funny though..

  • TY

    HAHA Get ya Paper 40 Glocc. Fucc Game break that nigga. take him to the cleaners

  • Negro Peligro

    This NIGGA HERE. Man Code.

  • toreal

    40 Glocc tried to do the same thing to Lil Wayne. Karma is a bitch.

    • STupidcrap

      and piles, and that guy with Compton in his name.

  • synergism

    lost wages he hasnt made that his whole career lol 40gloc what a joke

  • 86Jordan

    American Gangster Rapper 2013

  • Ya see what these grown ass men with no job history gotta resort to?? Y’all better stop playing with ur lives….

  • Choppa

    Any man condoning this shyt is a ho. No debating

  • FREEfromslavery

    this gay shit right here pretty much sums up the so called gangster rap niggas of this present day and time. what, u named yourself 40 glocc as if u handle niggas in the street with straight steel. but instead u go hire some whitebread lawyer too hold your balls for u. real tough 40 glocc. game beat your ass so why dont you just take it like a supposed gangster is suppose to. what in the hell happened to the street niggas and the nerd ass niggas. both our currently out of character in good ole amerikkka. nerds think their hard nowadays trying to be confrontational and gangsters are pilsbury dough boy soft. bizarro world.

    • STupidcrap

      I think its more a sign of how fake and bullshit the music industry is. Guys who arent legit gangsters are to scared to be themselves and do their own shit. They just copy what they think works and make up lies. Its sad because you dont gotta be a gangster if you can make good music, and if you are faking your gangster sooner or later your card is gonna get pulled. But i feel you, rap is in some bizarro world right now and its stuck on repeat. Hell one of the “hottest” supposedly gangster rapper was a CO who stole a real street legends name.

      • FREEfromslavery

        great reply STupidcrap. two people can have civilized comments back and forth to each other. these computer gangsters are something else. full of tough talk behind the screen.

  • jacksjus

    40 Glocc will be hard pressed simply due to the fact that he is an admiitted gang member. I think the rules for assault are thrown out of the window when you pledge allegiance to a violent crew. Just my opinion.

    • TY

      Nigga in what legal world do you base this on? LoL really just shut up you sound dumb

      • jacksjus

        I said in my opinion dickhead. Learn to read and comprehend. Nigga!

      • Guest

        TY – I think jacksjus is right – a gangbanger’s rap sheet can be shown, and if it’s ugly, it’s forms a opinion that he started the problem,

      • STupidcrap

        agreed but it doesnt mean you can assault someone just because they are a gang banger. It will affect his character and honesty.

      • TY

        Everything is on tape you don’t have to believe 40 GLocc, just look on tape lol open and shut case

    • STupidcrap

      You are wrong on that my friend. Just cause you are a member of a street gang doesnt mean you lose the protection provided by the law. His character, any testimoy will suffer badly due to him being a crip or claiming to be a crip. But again Game is in the same boat, so maybe the fact they both gang bangers sort of cancels each other out. Game has witnesses on his side, some with conceal and carry licenses so that means they have a clean(ish) rap sheet. That will help because the judge will be more likely to believe them then a self proclaimed gang member with a rap sheet (im assuming 40 has a rap sheet, maybe he doesnt).

  • Escobar

    HIs Net-Worth is $1 million. And he was $750.000 in lost earnings? … That’s 3/4 his life in a span of a month or two.


    It doesn’t take much thinking to realize “TY” & “trilltalk1” are either 17 year’s old & younger or their neighborhoods #1 snitches!!!! “He’s trying to get paid!” yeah by shitting on everything he supposedly stood for!!!! I thought he was trying to get paid by being a Gangsta Rapper? When he doesn’t win the $$$$ then what?!?!?! How does he walk around anywhere in California showing his face after pulling this type of Ho Ass shit?!?!?!

  • MuthaFuka Jones

    Sequestration must have got to 40 Glocc

  • Royal_Chiefa

    40 can’t be serious right now..This foo got his name out there by video tapping ish like he was doing to other folks. So now, he wants to turn around and sue in a attempt to get some bread that he wasn’t gettin? This dude is a clown and he was going to catch that loss sooner or later. Just like buddy who was running around beatin up everybody on tape. Thought he was untouchable. These cats gotta realize you can be a studio gangsta and sell records all you want. But don’t take that mess to the street and act like you won’t be touched or tested.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    What ever happened to fighting someone?? Lettin your fists do the talking?? Now they got all these “gangsters” talking shit….and none can back up a damn word. too sad. I guess women shouldnt fight….SMH

  • all ya saying ya won’t sue the dude will for ever remain in a down situation cause ya aint thinking with our head, ya pride or whatever is getting in the way . . . If 40 is what he say he is he gonna hit him where it hurt the POCKET, and then STILL go after his head . . . complete search and destroy.

    • STupidcrap

      Yeah but everyone here aint doing what 40 was, we aint trying to punk people and embarass them on the net. If game came up for no reason and assaulted someone then they got a reason to hurt him where it counts. You are probably right that we arent thinking with our head and letting pride get in the way, i feel you on that. I just feel you reap what you sow and when you do you should take the loss and move on. Game aint cripple him, his wounds will heal, and if he had any real talent he could just keep it moving. I think he knows he has no rap career, especially now, and has no skills for any other way of making money (legally) so hes trying to collect a retirement fund more or less.

      • I can definitely agree with what you are saying, very valid points! But you know its a ugly game, and I guess 40 trying to play chess with this move but again very valid points that you made my dude.

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  • Super_Hero

    Spider Loc needs to check him. 40 giving crips a bad name.


    $500,000 in pain and suffering = Swollen lip and aching jaw

    $500,000 in emotional distress = The thought of being laughed at online and offline ( in the hood)

    $750,000 in lost earnings = Money that was meant for studio time went missing during the fight this money could have been invested into buying some new beats for a new single.

    $2 million for punitive damages = Being thrown around in the bushes like a bitch.

    $25,000 in medical expenses = Weed money used to sooth the pain of the beat down and drown the memories.

    $500,000 in emotional distress = Not being able to show up in clubs without everyone pointing fingers and laughing at him and saying he is not a G.

  • Derek Yisrael

    Big Bad 40 Gloc

    When internet thuggin’ goes wrong. Now thats gangsta. He got beat at his own game (internet video thug posting). He punkin’ people on video, he turns around and gets punked, and now he sues. Now thats truly snitching. He did the same exact thing and who told on him? Wow!

  • Ravi Singh

    remember what he said about ti making public service commercials? wow. william leonard roberts II without no badge!

  • STupidcrap

    Thats a ridiculous amount. 4.5 Mil? Over an assault? Guns or no Guns he didnt get shot so i dont see how that plays into a judges decision. 2 mill in punitive damages? I mean this is reaching, his lawyer/s are trying to scare game into a smaller settlement. If they do settle out of court you can guarantee it will include 40 not being allowed to talk about game/the settlement or anything like that. This the first time a rapper sued another rapper over something like this? I.E. not stealing music/lyrics but for assault.

  • STupidcrap

    This would be a trial by jury type case right? or just judge?

  • ComSense

    40 Glocc = BUM

  • Lionel Tyrus

    Break this fool paybak for what he did to the homie RASS KASS too!

  • rio909


  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    This sounds like something Dior would do to one of us, ol gay ass nigga!

  • anonymouscaveman

    i ain’t mad at ya 40, get your lawsuit hussle on. i’ll be surprised though if he even gets 1% of that money lol

  • Taihair Djehuty

    So much for keeping it gangsta lol.

  • binary_star

    i don’t even think the queen of england has $750,000 earrings.


    These niggas bout as gangster as day cares n tater tott casserole

  • OaklandOxymoron

    The big bad PhonyGlocc got a taste of his own internet thuggery medicine and wants to sure. Fawk outta here homie!!! Smh lol

  • I don’t fucks with Game or 40 Glocc but 40 Smart for this one you can hate it all you want to but being a Gangsta aint all about seeing who the toughest sometimes you got to use your brains. You never know if 40 glocc win he might take some of that $4.5 million and put put some change on his brain. Make it look like he aint have know reason to retaliate against game. But hey all yall internet tough guys can have LMAO