Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z’s Working On New Solo Album

Jay-Z is the master of relevance! And he’s on the way back, I’m hearing. Now, this should come as no surprise. But, with his success with Kanye and other ventures, its almost like he never left. But that BP3 album was actually quite a while ago in Hip-Hop dog years. From what I have been hearing, Jay is using this tour with Justin Timberlake to set up the new album. I would have expected him to drop it before a major tour but Jay knows what Jay is doing. As for the music, I heard Jay is talking greasy again! I guess he can afford to do that, since he’s still on the court as a starter. Lots of new bucks coming in the game. Apparently, he’s recorded with one of them already. I’ll tip that off to you in a bit, but its great news. Hip-Hop Lives! All sorts of colorful flavorings going on.

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They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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  • Ain’t No Half Steppin’

    F*ck you Illseed, suck a d*ck nigguh!

  • BillyBobJohn

    Last Jigga album i listened to was The Black Album

    • Choppa

      Go listen to AG.. He went in

      • American Gangsta album was dope. That shit was good.

      • Guest

        american gangsta has jayz top 2 albums IMO

      • I agree!

      • DLOUPO

        American Gangster executive produce by puff

    • MadVillain


      • Guest

        then you both missed a good ass album in AG and a decent albm in BP3

    • hoeyuno

      Fo sho!! Right before he sold his soul

    • Bumpy Johnson

      last one for me was blue print 2

  • Escobar

    I hope it’s Hova, and not a bunch of Suit & Tie genre. That’s all I’m saying.

    • MadVillain

      lol thats EXACTLY what it’ll be, Suit&Tie mixed with some abstract Kanye pop type bullsh!t

  • Jay-Z back in 04 Im retiring come 05 Ya Boy Is Back! Like GTFO

    • Young Goku


  • Chris

    Homey can keep that “Euro-Jay” bullSht to himself.

  • Cookie Fox

    Cant Wait….

  • waweru

    Yu guys stop hating ….he’ll produce one hell of an album…

    • Guest

      noones hating.. read the comments we want that raw jayz not kingdom come jayz..thats not hate

      • brotha_man

        i just hope he shows freeway a little love

  • Romia Blue

    and he just signed Timbo?…#boistop!!! It’s comin

  • Guest

    IMO american gangster was his top 2 albums hes ever done..it was a beast. i hope we get something of that nature instead of kingdom come or even black album..BA was just ok… jayz has been consistant his whole career much like ludacris (whos def underrated) and eminem

    • Young Goku

      The Black album was solid bro

      • Guest

        yea it was solid, i give it credit for being listenable but i guess im just comparing it to all the other jayz albums loll. im sure everyone can agree KC was just a straight weed plate

      • Young Goku

        Hell yea lmao!

  • Negro Peligro

    Yeah i didn’t really like BP3 it was cool. It just felt kind of mediocre on the beats. I like when Dre did his beats and just blaze. Kanye new beats don’t really work Jay Z to me. He don’t need all them extra drum rolls.

  • Dave Williams

    i dont care for him past reasonable doubt. the other albums are ok but it aint the hip hop i want to here

  • Gutierrez Rio


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  • WillVetterGoodin

    Yeah…great… but if this dude do an album with “mumford and sons” thn I will prolly never listen to hov ever again. Bitch shit. this dude come an gone so many times its not even funny. A.G. was a classic though….I feel all his albums are classics in their own way. That A. G. tho…….

  • eiroc55

    A mediocre Jay album is always better than 93% of anything coming out these days. I enjoy alot of these current artist but none of them have alums I actually listen to they only have singles

  • SXM365

    Wasn’t her suppose to retire like three albums ago or something?

    • SXM365


  • brotha_man

    Demigods KILLmatic album hard as hell. banging it right now

    “Got a mask for my face but it’s not October/Hard to keep up with my pace so I gotta rock sober/ Melt brain cells in your skull like a pot smoker/Taking shots in the dark like cops with glaucoma”

  • jango boy


  • Young Goku

    Yea, Hope he brings back that jigga flow, IMO his last solid album was the black album, bp3 was aight & ag was cool but it was something missing

  • ccwaterbound32

    all ima say is this… Lamont Coleman.

    • Choppa

      all ima say is this… He’s Dead! Move on

      • ccwaterbound32

        and he beat your beloved “hov” in a battle back in 95… so if he’s so good why he didn’t beat him then?

      • Choppa

        Damn near 20 yrs ago.. who gives a shit? Jay on top.. L is gone.. move on

      • ccwaterbound32

        my point is this… if he is so good and can never be beaten in battle and L proved this… why is he still revered as the best i just don’t get it…

      • Illiam Elton

        When you think about THE BEST its not just lyrics its an OVERALL thing.Look around and see who has survived Jay’s era of Music MC’s.Snoop (who always been a questionable lyrically & is a fraction of a fraction of Hov Business savvy) Nas (who is arguably better then Hov lyrically but can’t make a business move to save his life) and im sorry i couldn.t even think of anyone relevant enough to mention.That’s why he’s revered as THE BEST.Regardless of what anyone says Hov will probably be a Billionaire RAPPER.That’s CRAZY to see a kid from Brooklyn turn some catchy hooks and a Annie sample into a multi million dollar hustle.

      • ccwaterbound32

        forget the money im talking talent wise… i could care less if he wipes his ass with 100 stacks for toilet paper im talking about bar for bar pound for pound lyricism his pockets is always going to be topic of discussion for groupies but for dudes who respect the whole artform the craft the science of manipulating phrsases and punchlines understand where im coming from L had all the above!!! so what he’s gone! my point is Jay couldn’t Beat L!!! point blank!!!

      • Eugene Rice

        L was a beast and he did that but what Hercules was saying is the craft breaks down to lyrics delivery interviews concerts cash influence and jay is an 8 average in every category that’s why he’s the best yeah nas mi

    • Darkfather504

      Big L and I’m from down bottom yaheardsme! but I knew for a fact Jay could not f wit this dude

      • ccwaterbound32

        that’s what i been trying to say!!! they all on dudes testicles because of his accomplishments which aint a bad thing but lyrical wise? HELL NO!!! he is not a G.O.A.T!!! he has the WORST FLOW EVER!!! NO SOCIAL COMMENTARY IN HIS RECORDS!!! MAJORITY OF THE BEATS HE RECORDS OVER IS PURE TRASH!!! AND HE CAN’T STAY ON TOPIC FOR SHIT!!!!!!

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  • BP3 was “good” but AG was “classic” almost “epic”…But tha man went IN on WTT…I think this new album gone be like a hybrid of those 3 albums wit tht classic Jigga delivery

  • Can’t wait for the shit……wtt is getting old to your boi……80’s babies know what a nigga talkn……I always get Jay shit……good vision with this post here….bravo got damn it.

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  • Slaughtr


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