Love and Hip-Hop’s Mendeecees Harris Appears In Court For Drug Charge

(AllHipHop News) Mendeecees Harris, star of VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop and long-time boyfriend of fellow reality star/artist manager Yandy Smith, pleaded not guilty to a federal drug conspiracy charge on Friday according to

Harris and two other defendants, his brother Tyrus Harris and Ronald Walker, were arrested last year for allegedly trafficking over $2.5 million worth of heroin and cocaine between Rochester and New York City from 2005 to 2012.

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Around $1.5 million, $406,000 in jewelry, and a 2012 Land Rover associated with the case were confiscated by authorities. If convicted Harris could face up to 20 years in prison.

Frank Sherman, the Assistant U.S. Attorney assigned to the case, asked the judge that Harris be denied bail and held in custody until the trial begins.

Harris’ lawyer Donald Thompson will request a detention hearing that will be scheduled at a court conference set for Wednesday of this week. Thompson also revealed that the defense team has not received information on all the evidence that the prosecution will be presenting at trial.

The court has sealed the search warrants used to raid the properties in New York City so many of the specific details in the U.S. Attorney’s case against Harris and his co-defendants is unknown.

Last month Harris was acquitted of aggravated sexual assault, criminal sexual assault, and child endangerment charges in a separate case in Bergen County, New Jersey.

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Watch video of Harris’ attorney Donald Thompson addressing the case below.

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25 Responses to “Love and Hip-Hop’s Mendeecees Harris Appears In Court For Drug Charge”

  1. BossBeaux

    He beat the one I don’t know if he got enough Teflon to beat this case only way you winning with the feds is you either snitching or some ugly shit happens in house and they have to let you go see the Case of Griselda Blanco amf her top hit man just to cite an easy example!

    • $18592567

      Griselda case was in Florida wasn’t Federal. Florida, Pennsylvania, and Maryland can be bought, but Fed cases can’t… Mercedes or whatever ol’ boy name is better start tellin’ quick. He’s gonna catch about 20 if he doesn’t cop out and cooperate.#FedsDon’tPlayNoGames

      • BossBeaux

        All due respect all.of her cases were federal from.the time she got.indicted in NY on up to when she got caught up in Cali she was extradited back not because of the dope but the murders but due to her top hit man being caught in asex scandal the feds had to drop it matter of fact when they extradited her back to Miami she was already in federal custody cop has the money or resources to take down a damn near billionaire drug trafficker when in history has that happen be blessed out here tho!

      • $18592567

        Respect to you, but that was a state when her assassin Rivi was kickin’ it w/the clerk or secretary…

      • BossBeaux

        I looked back.into it and your right the state brought those charges up good look on the correction!

      • Matthew Crencher

        I feel sorry for the girl because it look’s like all of this was planned. because you do not propose, get a women pregnant when you know your getting ready to go on a vacation!!!

  2. Tony G.

    funny…this arrest was a yr ago and didnt make news prolly outside of he’s on this dumb ass show and this news is everywhere..Id never heard of dude

  3. disqus_OlENojNVmH

    Wow! i feel so sorry for Yandy and the kids. He just proposed to her. He said he was never going to leave her but he has no control over the FEDS<

  4. Michael Nichole

    To have to turn yourself in you wldve had to be indicted. Which means he knew what was coming. That’s why he bought that house and proposed. That’s why he was on the show. it’s NO way he wldve been on a reality show still hustlin. He threw in the towel because he was forced. Then got Yandy pregnant and tried to snatch her up before the crap exploded. Prob is…. Once you’re indicted you don’t know when the Feds will knock on your door. He played her…. But she knew the risk when dealing with a hustler. I feel for her cus bro is going to jail. Believe that!!!

    • ChinaWrites

      I see that now that I look back at the season. I kept telling my dude…baby he said that he was surrendering himself and based on experience surrendering means way more than anyone’s going in for questioning. That man is going to jail and Yandi better just get with the program and wait for the man that God wants her to be with. I wish he would have been way more honest with her about his legal issues or maybe he was because they should have never brought a baby into the situation. I feel sorry for the little guy. I have three children myself with father that either did a long stint or currently serving. The kids is all I keep trying to tell the dumb negros that no lifestyle is worth you being away from the ones that need you for support.

  5. AfricanSoul

    It is kinda difficult to chalk it up to karma when we saw in that show how much dude really wanted to build his fam…one can only hope for a lighter sentence. Hate to see more black children grow up fatherless. Best to keep your hands clean, kids, that is the lesson.

  6. ChinaWrites

    I feel so sorry for Yandi, because unfortunately he is going to jail. You can hear it in his voice when he speaks to her. Yandi I know you love this man, but sentencing yourself to what is ahead is true heartache baby. Twenty years…huh I wouldn’t give a man twenty minutes who would risk family and freedom for what he is being charged for. Yandi I have been in your position twice removed baby and Mona is definitely right. You have that baby to raise and no matter how much you love that man he will have no part of his life other than phone calls, letters, and visiting room time. Its a tough pill to swallow when you can’t be with the person who draws your heart so near, but sweetie their isn’t anything you can do about jail. If he does get to talking then there would be another issue, and from the man that he appears to be I don’t think that will be happening. However, I have seen even some of the toughest men break down when faced with that amount of time. I know you want to be a good woman a stand by his side and he knows that you do as well. Your best bet is to have a good conversation with him to come up with a game plan for the kids and move on with your life if he is convicted and given that much time. Anything more than five years is just too much Yandi. Again I wouldn’t give a negro that because I have been through the situation twice, but because I know how love will get you through some things, but after so long it fizzles when the man is not really their to play his role in any shape, form, or fashion. Men in prison become a hindrance and annoyingly selfish because they no longer have control over their lives. I pray that your heart settles and your tears are caught by friends and family.

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