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Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Comments On Trinidad James…And His $2 Milli Deal!

“Nah, this ain’t real…this a parody.”

50 Cent is very funny. He was recently interviewed by DJ Whoo Kid and he took the time to comment on Trinidad James and his fashion looks. Well, he and 50 went in, they commented on all that is Trinidad James. They even compared him to this:


YEP. Check out the whole interview. He mentions Trinidad James around the 7:30 point. To be honest, its not all that and the interview is kind of old. Still, 50 Cent comments on G-Unit (calls them “full grown babies”), Kendrick Lamar (a newer version of A Tribe Called Quest) and how Timbaland is equity owner in SMS Headphones now. But, the question beckons, did Trinidad James really get $2 million? Inquiring minds want to know….

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • chevy_weight_champ

    pimpin curly a fool!!!

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    wow…….you are pretty bad at your job illseed.

  • GregSki86

    Old as sh*t, Illseed…kill ya self

  • so while Joe Budden and the Mouse Squad is jumping Cons, you posting this????? C’Mon Son…..

    • They banked the ‘chet outta Cons…#IJS

      4UMF (.) com has the video up!

      • Choppa

        That Site kinda suck

      • Where the ring pops?

      • Choppa

        That site needs some $$ put into it or take that bullshit down

      • Actually, money doesn’t get put in, it pulls it in, step your business philosophy up.

        4UMF 4 Ur Media Fix gets the news first!

      • Choppa

        Put some money into it as far as hiring a website designer .It looks cheap, and no one talks about it. Im just stating facts.. Looks like one of those sites thatll give you a virus.

        Step your business up and then maybe you’ll have the money to spend on SXSW next Year (which is only like $500-1000) Pitiful

      • You can show me better than you can tell me, lead by example & run something more than your mouth!

        “Step your business up and then maybe you’ll have the money to spend on SXSW next Year (which is only like $500-1000) Pitiful”

        Step off my nutz, ahh & the unemployment line & maybe you will at least know how much it cost to go to SXSW….even if you still won’t be able to afford to go anytime in the next 5yrs.

      • Choppa

        And I do Lead..Between my barbershops (2) and tat shop, I’ve shown plenty of young guys like myself how to get $$$ and advance in life…

        How hard is it to Develop, promote, and run a Media site? I take it that its your site right? Well people can tell that site is shitty in 3 ways..

        1. it looks cheap.. Looks like a myspace page… Wack

        2. No one talks about it.. Virtually unknown but thats where we get “our media fix first” right? If i didnt come on here, I, like many, wouldnt know shyt about it

        3. U spend more time on here than you do on your own site!! What part of tha game is that? If you make shoes, are you gonna wear and promote Jordan’s more that your own line? AHH is developed already is what im saying

      • You lie, #’s don’t, check them, 4UMF is up there, and it’s a new site, yet leading the pack…but it’s for news, not eye candy.

        Let go of your feminine side and understand that the goal is to get the news first, not look cute.

        SMDH @ Homo Thugs

      • Choppa

        So instead of taking what i said as constructive, U twist it into some HoMO shyt? I wont trip Cuz u wouldnt say that in my face.. Ill ask 20 people today if they heard of “4umf” and get back to u.. Well Im outta here.. Enjoy the “Honda” life sir

      • Constructive?

        You have to “BUILD” before you can destroy.
        That’s like me talking ‘chet about your 2 “E” barbershops, without setting foot in them.

        We doing good by my standards & that’s what counts.

        Enjoy the “E” Benz life.


      • $23862384

        you from bmore?

      • PA

      • $23862384

        oh that close. i saw you said yo got banked. i never heard anyone out side of bmore say that.

      • Right next door…You know how it go!

        B-More Careful by Shannon Holmes ( My Cuz ) read it, it’s crazy!

  • How is this a rumor when the interview can be heard not only here but various other sites as well? How is this illseed nigga still employed?

  • Soul Cracka #1

    you already posted this on here when he first made those comments months ago…

  • mike malarkey


  • I think I’ve about had enough with AllHiPHop I am really considering getting a team together to rival this site.

    It won’t take much.

    • Choppa

      Lets do Business

    • Galactus

      do it fam, im getting mine done

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  • Dee

    if the interview is not all that why do u have it up then?

  • sami

    Damn could you imagine having that much money


    this $hit is just fuckin lazy

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