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Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Brown On Tape Snitchin’?

You know I am the last person that comes down on somebody for so-called “snitching,” but Chris Brown is well-known as a touch guy these days. He’s not lost a fight yet! But, there is a 911 tape floating around the net and it shows a very different side to the R&B singer. Well, he’s basically singing like a bird after he was “boxed in” by somebody threatening his well being.

That boy is a boy!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • General Lee

    Snitching really? GTFOH illsead…. stop reaching….


    illcoon you are a disgrace to every person that call themselves a writer/ journalist.

  • BossBeaux

    Man how is it snitching if you calling the police cause your life is in danger that’s called being a responsible citizen Fool! Snitchimg would mean he was involved in the attempt on his own life they tried to lock him up.for it and he snitched to get out of it you see how stupid that sounds ::points at chair:: sit down!

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  • Adcapone8

    Man how is that snitching SMH… Damn Ill seed get it together that ninja just called to report an accident … Hahaha is he suppose to be snithcin on the Paparazzi … This guy

  • Life is a game with no reset.

    This article was waste of yours and my time. He was reporting an accident. If this acts tough you guys say he is fake and if he acts not so tough you say he is soft. I know Chris does some stupid stuff but he is human. Leave him alone.

  • MrNoName2K

    Nope. No snitching here…

  • Mike Swiff

    He beats on women; hes a BITCH and a SNITCH! NEXT>

    • Kelse

      The only Bitch here seems to be you Mike. Whose Dick are you sucking?

  • Insurance purposes?

    He sounded kinda scared though.

    • scullyson


      • Like they were shooting gats….instead of videos.

  • $28825362

    This website is sad

  • I didn’t hear anything wrong with what he said or did..them paps done killed a few ppl for pics with that road racing shh.

  • Carlos

    sometimes, i think this is not illseed, but allhiphop disguising sydney lace using illseeds name.

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  • frisco

    this doesnt matter no hit n run simple got to call it in

  • didnt i just finish typing on another ahh blog stating that i swear sometimes yall really try to insult our intelligence ….. well here goes another attempt smh !!!!!!!!!!

  • Felix Mademan

    TMZ released this tape last week ! Wow 1st Worldstar, Bossip now this I’m done

  • Nothing more to write about AHH, How on earth is this snitching?

    Sometimes I wonder if I am reading stuff written by a kindergarten.

  • This Stupid as hell he was reporting an accident and saying what happened during the accident. So these stupid irrelevant rumors can stop Thanks !

  • Kelse

    Illseed, GTFOH, thats not snitching, you closet freak. GTF off Chris Brown’s Dick and get a life. Why you trying to ruin this guy. U ain’t gotta like him, but be a man and print responsible journalism, if thats what you call yourself and knock off with printing lies. You are worse than TMZ. Most of the people ranting on TMZ are Racist to the core just like their readers. The only Snitch here seems to be you Demonseed!

  • maya

    STFU && hop off chris brown tip u STUPID B!@#%S

  • Dante Rapper

    wow man, the articles on this site are really trying to imply something. I implore the AHH staff to do some more digging and more honest journalism without misleading headlines or commentary. Compliment this with an error-free write-up and I guarantee you that your daily viewers will share your work and hence further your fan-base. As it seems you have a group of the same people commenting and posting however more out of anger – and their visiting the site is more out of habit rather than interest. Therefore to expand the best way is to please your current followers (who will then go on and share your site), and they are all telling you to correct your grammar and to not mislead them. I don’t see why this has yet not been dealt with; and this website has become an embarrassment with your followers ashamed to even visit (which as I said before is out of habit it seems – rather than your incredible editorials)

  • trlvman357


  • trlvman357

    Im surprised you aint say da nigga was in the illuminati