Joe Budden and Tahiry

Hip-Hop Rumors: Joe Budden and Tahiry Are Back Together!?!


Guess what?

Joe Budden and Tahiry are back in the black! They are a couple again! YAY! Remember this picture? Tahiry is a big part of why Joe popped off again past the dudes! I don’t know why Glo Velez didn’t do it for the masses, because she was hot too. Time moves on. And Tahiry is the one people care about.

The crazy thing is, they said when Consequence slapped Joe,  Joe and Tahiry were hand-in-hand. Then, Tahiry jumped into the fray and clocked Cons in the face! A 2-piece? Yeah…you want that chick on your team!

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They are saying Joe’s ex (or new chick and is now his ex chick) has already moved out of his house. Man, I don’t even know her name. She and Joe put too much out there for me. I couldn’t really tune into that life.

Do you care? For some reason, I do. I like Tahiry. Joe’s aiiight too. I be the above jawn finds away to get into the reality show. She better hustle hard, because these days may be numbered for her!

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They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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  • kaylin got played

    • rnsone


    • Oknas

      she got some fame too

  • God Forgives

    Man im just pissed off im goin to this Joe Budden concert tonight in London cause of exams this week smh

  • DollasTX

    i normally dont do this … cuz i dont like KNOCKING ANY NIGGHAS HUSSLE, but …
    i listened to the HOT97 interview Buddens did about the CONS “slap” on forbezdvdDOTcom and he never once said that he had broken up with his NEW chick
    as a matter of fact he explained why? he was outside smoking with TAHIRY and that his “new” chick was in the building prep’n to record her part of the REUNION SHOW – damn i hate agreeing with EL BARK lmfao but “truf iz truf”

    “get on yo job”

    • EL_BARK

      The truth will set you free.

      Yo i was down houston, shet big as fuk…….
      Looking for an reason to hit dallas though..

      • DollasTX

        yeah i hit that ALL STAR weekend too … harlem nights/onyx and the galleria was that BIDNEZZ

        keep it 1000 really aint no reason to hit DALLAS unless you took the wrong turn to HOUSTON – or you got a broad out here – dont get me wrong theres shyt to do in MOST major cities – but in comparison to the H – dallas just aight

      • EL_BARK

        Shet the galleria reminded me of all- star weekend back in 02 in the atl
        Lenox mall shut down, at like 9:30 in the morning.

        Yeah we hit that worldstar club, aya & another spot i forget the name of it, but yo gotti, fab, & waka was there, it wasnt to far from oynx & aya though.
        But the shet was a good look, niggas was taxing like ahet though,
        trying to charge like 10,000 geand for a table. smh
        The chicks was bad also. Food was straight,
        we hit up papadeux, and i found a hood gem frenchies in the 5th ward for some chicken….
        Oh well i cross dallas of my list, of place to hit… Houston just big as fuk, we did like 800 miles of driving.

      • DollasTX

        all star weekend 2010 in dallas was the last MAJOR event that had the city on fire – dallas one of them cities that if it’s not an event then its the same ole broads, same ole shyt – to ME at least but i been here for 20+

    • rnsone

      Budden can’t spoil the reunion show,so of course him and Tahiry aren’t going to go public about their relationship status.

  • Mike Swiff

    When the checks stop coming in you sit on a damn TV show called Love and Hip Hop crying about your ass being addicted to CRACK? really? yeah CONS should’ve slapped the shit out of Joe Buddens all this bull$hit TV stuff just make some damn music thats all we (hood niggas) care about…I heard Bustah Rhymes is next on a reality bull$hit show!(smh) and did anyone see SnoopTiger or Snoop Cub whatever singing on Conan talking about “No Guns Allowed” not Snoop the Crip? I wonder what they’re saying! (“I swear to you hip hop is pu$$y!”)

    • DollasTX

      snoop too damn old to still be talking about CRIPPIN … let that man MATURE!

      • Weedras

        guess he never heard of evolving as a person…

      • DollasTX

        like JUDAH_NAS useta say “grown niggas in they 2nd childhood”

      • biafra


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  • 4UMF confirmed the Tahiry 2 piece.

    I guess that’s news…since slapping Joe isn’t. Pretty soon, not slapping Joe will be news, but Tahiry…oh, Tahiry…We Love YOU Tahiry!

  • DC

    You should work at Mediatakeout..

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  • Chris

    Budden stay with a bad chick, though.

  • smh i love ahh but i cant help but think @ times yall really go there
    and insult our intelligence … Tahiry and Joe go out for a smoke break
    and now they are officially back together ?? really ?? is this AHH dot com or Mediafakeout dot com ?? Come on SON ed lover voice !!

    • rnsone

      Yo,the two cant spoil what’s going to be revealed in the reunion show so of course the two are going keep it on the DL.

  • PliggaNease

    joe need to quit playing man Tahiry been thru the storm with him and thats the kinda chick you want.

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  • rnsone

    Tahiry need to step back, she looking for trouble stepping to a dude for real! I mean haven’t chicks learned anything from the Rihanna-Chris Brown fiasco? I mean I’m strictly against hitting women but when Breezy did that to Rihanna there were plenty of women saying she deserved it. So she need to fall back and let her man handle his biz,WERD! BTW, Mouse, I mean Budden stated they(him and Tahiry)were going to smoke but from the leaks coming from the reunion show say the two are an item again. So of course Budden isn’t going to say they were holding hands, he’s not gonna to put out a spoiler. It’s also good to see Budden manning up for a change! Dude does has a rep for being a punk, especially to Mr.Muslim oops I mean Mr.Light skin is the right skin! #ChildPlease

    • Weedras

      CB vs Rihanna is a totally different scenario from a chick jumping to defend her man/ex-man… and any woman who would say that another woman deserves to be pounded on should have a dude pound they ass then come back and tell us if they still gonna say that shet…

      • rnsone

        I would think the women who sided with Breezy wouldn’t hit a man.A man hitting them for no reason is different. BTW,I don’t know where u are from but here in these streets there is no honor, do u see cats texting/calling someone saying-“yo meet me on the corner cuz I want to blast u”.People are getting killed with their babies In their arms! People are exacting revenge on people’s kids, so if Tahiry would’ve got hit back, I would feel no pity for her especially since she decided to get involved. All bets are off when there’s beef.You want a fair one? Go box,or do MMA/UFC, if not expect the worse..

  • Doc

    I’m happy for them..I knew it was going to happen


    His ex a Scorpio…She might end up doing Joe in….

  • anonymouscaveman

    i doubt it

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  • Whydid Youblockme

    Sorry I think Tahiry needs to leave Joe Budden’s b***tcha$$ ALONE – that n1gga is WEIRD. Everytime I watch him on LHH he impresses me as UNDACOVA GAY, he’s a fk’ing CREEP. He’s sneaky, he’s a liar & he ain’t sh***t!!! The way he did Tahiry when she wanted him on her record, HE wanted a part of that then told her NO when he got around his lil girlfriend, showed his A$$ & in the end he told Tahiry she looked STUPID, then he’s sittin’ up CRYIN’ about being on CRACK, instigated a fight with Tahiry & Raqi — even if those two ladies got beef on their own, Mr. H0e Budden instigated sh**t to pop off at that table at his house & his lil girlfriend is STUPID jus’ sitting at the pool WATCHING – but how do you allow your man to be back & forth interacting/involved with his EX like he is with Tahiry – he’s ALWAYS in Tahiry’s face – a woman aint supposed to be alright with that …. and then …. how do you APOLOGIZE to a b***tch who slapped you up??? Tahiry slapped that lil girl DOWN then the girl turns around & APOLOGIZES??? LOL, THEN she told Tahiry that she’s (Tahiry) “very important to Joe” – WTF You NEVER tell ANOTHA B***TCH that SHE’s “very important” to YOUR MAN wtf iz wrong with that girl??? Poor thang, she’s ignorant and/or “d1ck-whipped” — bottom line I’D NEVA FK wit’ Joe’s weird a$$ AGAIN

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  • Jиì¢σℓә☼ՏϮȃℛ☂ #WKU17

    Kaylin know she was a rebound from the beginning. Remember in the last episode, she said she has nowhere else to go, so they’re using each other. He was trying to get over Tahiry and Kaylin doesn’t want to be homeless aging. Kaylin the dumb one though.