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New Jersey Police Union President Under Investigation Over Gangster Rap Video

(AllHipHop News) The head of a New Jersey police union is under fire for dropping a gangster rap video filled with explicatives, homophobic lyrics and various lyrical threats.

Police officer Maurice Gattison, of Irvington, New Jersey, is being investigated by The Irvington Police  Department over the videos, to see if Gattison, aka “Gat the Great,” broke any of the department’s rules.

Gattison, head of The Irvington Police Union, raps under the moniker “Gat the Great” and is featured on a variety of songs filled with violence, including one titled “Temper Like An Alcoholic.”

Three other Irvington Township police officers who are featured in the video, are also under investigation.

“The Irvington police department has standards of conduct that apply to on duty and off-duty behavior,” Police Director Joseph Santiago told The Newark Star-Ledger.

Gattison, who works in narcotics, said the controversy is ridiculous.

“There’s a lot of other things that could be dealt with if you wanted to do an article,” Gattison  told the Star-Ledger. “Not what I’m doing and my personal life, just singing a song.”

Rapping police officers seems to be a growing phenomenon.

In December of 2012, Dallas Police Lieutenant Regina Smith a.k.a. “Lucille Baller,” was suspended from the Dallas Police Department for her gangster rap videos.

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In that case, Lucille Baller was accused of violating the Dallas Police Department’s ethical standards, by releasing a rap video tbat featured her holding a gun, while rapping threatening lyrics.

  • Mike Swiff

    Always FAT BLACK MEN that are Correctional Officers or Police Officers that want to rap about street life, gun play and gangstah shit..this must be some type of sexual fantasy or something.. HEY FOR THE LAST TIME! IF YOU ARE IN LAW ENFORCEMENT IN ANY WAY YOU DONT HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE A DAMN RAP ABOUT THE HOOD, DRUGS, GUNS ETC. YOU ARE ON THE OTHER SIDE! and oh yeah my man “Gat the Great” you get the “DONKEYS ASS AWARD” for the rhymes man, you cant rap! STOOOOOOP!…shit!

    • well they have the right to rap about what they want … but it def makes you questions that persons character and thier decision to be in law enforcement

      • Not really, I mean think about it, how much more THUGLIFE can you get after being in the biggest gang out.

    • i only seen couple clips of his videos but he never raps about anything criminal & since he works in undercover he prbly put this out to make people think he is not 5-O

  • Dadon850

    You have got to be kidding me. What’s next, the dude from Snow on the bluff trying to become a cop?? See what you started Sgt. Rozay! Now the entire precinct putting out albums!

    • Bumpy Johnson


    • Well, you can’t say Rozay isn’t a trendsetter!

      • so if i join the force i can grow up to be like this dude someday w fur coats & staks of cash just by putting other people in jail?!?!?! ddddddamn we need more positive role models/positive messages like this in hip hop

      • It ain’t that easy, you forgot the hard part, stealing a former kingpin’s identity & ……well, CB4 Pt 2 will explain!

      • haha funny thing but true, i never saw any1 post CB4 before i was saying that like yr ago aftr 2 chainz got caught in airport w his 4 finger ring LMAO then i posted a few times calling him mc gusto & maybach CB4 haha think i started that & it caught on #ijs

      • Rozay’s whole gig = CB4

      • but this cop was undercover narcotics i guess so that would explain him trying to portray a lifestyle he doesnt live, saying he was trying to adapt to the culture & slang to fit i….but maybe gets deep if whatever label priority management was looking to recruit er sign him if they knew he was undercover cop….if thats even tru..

  • NoChaser

    Officer Ricky just signed him to a record a deal. Rozay needs all the Cops around him

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  • BillyBobJohn


    • well he WAS undercover until they all put him on blast & he had to admit he is not into criminal activity

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  • nomikal

    LOL, that cat is weird, look at the way his eyes move and the random smile (did she just say something funny?). 1:16

    • 0:24 lmao dude got issues, he sips that bottle like it got some vodka in it too haha

  • acapwn

    What the f**k was he thinkin??

    • prbly since he works undercover that he puts out image to make people think he is not a cop

  • hope people know every rap song doesnt have to be gangster ?? if they were smart they could actually use the music to get thier messages out to the public …….. thats why these dudes are going down …. by day they are officers of the law … by night they are in music videos sending out messages about breaking the law …. COME ON SON !!!!!!!!!!

  • MrNoName2K

    I guess he thought no one was gonna catch wind to that…smh @Gat The Great

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  • Nothing wrong with a cop rapping. Society should

    be used to that by now.

    With a good marketing team behind him

    I’m sure he can make it happen.

    The publicity seems to working so far.

  • I’ll respect a rapping cop if he spitting bars representing that police life, …..I aint say i would bump his sh*t but I respect “””we locking N8ggaz UP”…..chorus chant

    • >>In Officer Ricky’s voice : “Every day I’m cuffing them!”

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  • lmao this guy is funny, :24 his eyes buggn hahah 1:25 wat he got vodka in that bottle?

    prbly how rick ross sounds in real life like this dude , uh the lyrics i uuuused in no way did i intend for them to be percieved m’am

  • this dude works in plain clothes in narcotics lol looks like they just blew his cover dumbass reporterrs

  • Fruit cup your melon LMAOOOO (Only people who watched the video know)