Short Film: T.I.’s “Addresses”

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  • $28825362

    More KKK shyt

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  • dsfb813

    I really don’t understand this shit. If TI really feels like Alley Boy ain’t shit and he is a nobody and is never going to sell he sure is doing a lot to diss him.Shit put a diss record on your real album not a mix tape then makes a movie about him and radio interviews about how would benefit more if he says his name. seems like Alley Boy really got under his skin. Understand I am a fan of both artist and listen to both of them. Just saying facts

    • DollasTX

      he picking and choosing his battles … niggah had nothing to say to 50 … but i phux with TIP doe

  • This track is hard. I like the lil’ short film thing that T.I. has been doing with the visuals too. Finally a video that tells a story for a change. Who cares who he’s taking about. The song is nice on it’s own without a specific named target. “Put and address on that shit”.

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