125 Arrested In Gun/Drug Sting in Missouri and Arkansas

(AllHipHop News) After a two-year investigation, over 150 law enforcement officers from the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and local police rounded up 125 individuals in a two-state guns and drugs sting operation.

The suspects from southeastern Missouri and northeastern Arkansas were arrested beginning Wednesday morning in what authorities called “Operation H.I.T.S.” (High Intensity Trafficking Suppression).

Officials say the campaign was conducted to end the high level of gun violence and the trafficking of weapons and illegal narcotics in the area. Over 240 undercover operations were conducted as part of the investigation.

“Law enforcement is here, and we are working everyday to try to rid the community of the scourge of illegal drugs, and certainly the added problem of guns along with those drugs and violence that comes with guns and drugs,” US Attorney Chris Thyer told WHBQ FOx 5.

Officials confiscated 108 guns, 3 pounds of methamphetamine, 3 pounds of crack cocaine, 26 pounds of marijuana, and various pills.

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The suspects range in age from 19 to 69. Some will be brought up on federal charges while others will face state charges.

71 defendants will face state charges in Missouri. The US Attorney’s office in Missouri will prosecute 22 cases. 14 will be charged in the state of Arkansas while 19 face federal prosecution in the Eastern District of Arkansas. One suspect will be prosecuted in two jurisdictions.

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To view some of the mug shots from Operation HITS visit arkansasonline.

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22 Responses to “125 Arrested In Gun/Drug Sting in Missouri and Arkansas”


      More paperwork if anything n a. “Show” of force. But of course
      They do not want to address the metro tons being brought
      In . It is much easier to play distraction games .


    I bet any amount of $$$ in setting up a sting like this. The people who all got arrested thought everything was sweet! Money was being made, everything was rolling smoothly & then BAM!!!!! They arrested so many people there damn near isn’t anyone left to get snitched on even if someone tried to rollover on another person.

  2. EDOGZ818

    Um…..where is the victim?

    150 arrests, probably triple that in jail time & not one person actually complaining about being a victim?

    ILLegal drugs?

    Legal drugs are fine though! ( WalGreens, CVS, Rite Aid )

  3. disqus_NVPsO3b4wu

    this shit crazy im dwn here n the delta….these mfs snitches got to be shame cause outta all that investigations yall aint really cop shit…………

  4. Realist4200

    Gotta keep that connection between Guns, Drugs & Hip Hop one way or another, right AHH? Why exactly is this on here?

  5. Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    one random white dude, 1 nigga looking like pusha t, one like crooked I, bill belamy and the nigga in the middle row to the far left just look retarded

  6. tmac

    what about chi-town we need a sting there……the justice system is a joke the real croocks are on wall street for real…….

  7. Frank

    “Law enforcement is here, and we are working everyday to try to rid the community of the scourge of illegal drugs, and certainly the added problem of guns along with those drugs and violence that comes with guns and drugs,”

    That’s great, but are you the only one fighting? Who’s fighting to curb the source of drug use, addiction, hate, whatever… It’s job security for these guys to keep putting band aids on the surface.

    • Dynomite

      I agree. If there’s a war on drugs, then fight the demand instead of the supply. Take all the drugs off the street right now and people will find something else to get high on by tomorrow night. Take all the guns off the street and niggas will be sword fighting again.
      Prisons are the most secure sector of our community. If they can’t stop drugs and violence inside the walls, fighting them outside is a joke

  8. A Butler

    hmm…I bet a lot of FBI agents were high and received “personal” raises during this time…crooked bastards smh

  9. Slaughtr

    niggaz please stop the long speeches when you do illegal shyt you get chained fckn simple as that,no story,no excuses as to why and who bs. it’s golden to be street smart but niggaz graduated from fck your life up school.If you look at most major urban cities now niggaz are droping or caged…fck jail live young niggaz and reinvent yourself…25 to life for bricks aint worth it.

  10. mister76

    108 guns and 3lbs of meth in 2yrs? Really? How much tax dollars went into that. I could find 108 guns and couple lbs of meth in 2hrs

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