Hip-Hop Rumors: Tahiry Talks About Joe Budden / Consequence Fight!

Joe Budden got sucker punched! Cons did it…and RAN!?

Tahiry is dropping a bomb…and Cons verified that she duffed him out. Tahiry said that she thought it was a girl that attacked him. The pair were holding hand and and but she said they are NOT getting back together YET. What does Cons have to say about this?

Tahiry left it open to getting back to Joe Budden….she didn’t open up, but lead people to watch the reunions show on Monday. She did deny that she had Herpes. Boy…the Breakfast Club don’t play.

Here is the video interview.

This is what Joe left. Whoa.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • therealest1

    Ignorant ass shit.

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  • What’s the latest on Shyne Po?

    This is meant for the rumour section. I got an email from an OG.
    when I say OG I mean an OG that is clued up on emails, twitter
    facebook, Reddit and web 2.0. The same OG that has been supplying
    AllHipHop with the stories that you’ve been reading.

    I can now confirm that this anonymous OG mentioned in a number of
    stories does exist.

    To cut a long story short this OG who is well known in the hoods
    and is close to many influential people said that Shyne has been busy
    working hard and he is about to land in the US very shortly.

    I’ll update this section again when the OG emails again.

    • Send it in to iLLseed!

      Asks the ladies of AHH :How does Joe Budden do it?
      He stays winning with the ladies!

      • DollasTX

        stays winning ??? man he broke up with one chick to get back with an ex chick … aint none of these chicks attorneys, lawyers, doctors, no nothing – they just regular hood smuts that jump lap to lap

        i’d bang TAHIRY though – she the only one really worth it

        NICK CANNON is winning!!!

      • Nick is married, Joe isn’t.

        When you single…having a hood rat like Tahiry jump in your lap = winning.

        Now marriage?
        Oprah >> Tahiry

      • DollasTX

        NICK CANNON is winning because he bagged better quality broads BEFORE marriage than JOE EVER HAD – joe even admitted that he goes after slores! Dont get me wrong TAHIRY a sex kitten, but she aint shyt – but a fat azz. Her fame is based off being on another niggahs arms. Nick bagged broads that was bringing in they own paper, and had status above his BEFORE MARRIAGE – thats why i say he was winning –

      • True on that….but on a Friday night, while on smuttbucket patrol….Tahiry is a decent catch! 🙂

        Nick’s substance > Joe’s style

        Still, for a super herb like Joe….he’s winning.

      • DollasTX

        joe’s a sucker imo for handcuffing a broad (tahiry) that his HOMEY (FAB) useta phuck … to me thats a no-no, he supposed to smash and keep it moving based on the fact that his partner already beat – too many fish in the sea to keep the 1 that the homey already threw back in the water

      • One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

      • DollasTX

        and/or “never put a hoe before the homey”

        FAB won!!!

      • Funny but true story, two chicks & two homeys:

        I smashed & 1 dude hollahs after, but does it real sneaky. I didn’t care about the chick, but the sneakiness bothered me, cut them both off.

        Next homey, the chick steps to, and he replies that he has to ask me, the chick is like “Fugg E, you a grown man, etc”, homey is like “Nah, gotta ask E.

        So when he asks me, I reply, that because he stepped to me the way he did, I had no choice but to not only approve, but to respect the chick like I would respect his wifey. ( He was like “Nah, you ain’t gotta do all that, etc)

        Anyway, to make it short, me & him are still tight, and I never gave a fugg about any of the chicks.

        It’s a certain way you do things.
        He smashed & passed eventually, but we are still close as brothers. The sneaky dude & the chick broke up like a month later, and he lost a homey over a trife chic, when all he had to do was the right thing?

        The basis was, if he would get shysty over left over bunz…..what else would he get shysty about? That’s why he was cut off ( 1st Homey )
        2nd homey showed that with little things, he keeps it 100% & will always be remembered for that, even though it was a small thing.

        (Had stop smashing both chicks before they started, but :
        >>In Big Worms Friday Voice : “It’s the principle SmokeYYYYyyy!”

      • DollasTX

        see thats what i mean E – “its principalities involved” G-MONEY

        its like a 5:2 ration of Women to Men anyway – and with BUDDENS having a name for himself aint no way he should have wifed ole’ girl
        after the homey – but i definitely would have understood knocking her down a couple times

        One of my closest dawgs to this day – and i love my dude cause he HUSTLES TO EAT but he’s as humble as a college kid met behind his baby mama – first words came out his mouth was “she trying to give you that THANG go head and take it” i told him straight up – “off the strength of that alone, i phux with you” and i never once took her up on any of her offers – that was 13yrs ago –

        i dont phuck after my niggas cuz i got too much of an ego anyway – niggahs know how i get down – “i’d rather here “aye, thats a bad bytch” over “aye, i had that bytch” anyday

        I did have to hit one of myG’s sidepiece’s one time BUT thats only cuz he lied on me and told the broad “i was one of his workers” and of course after i hit – i told him face to face when, where, and why?

      • In Fuggin deed , Rule #1, no wifey’s or Baby Momaz in the crew or associated with.

        If your homey’s baby momz tried to give me that thang, even though I don’t know him, I’d pass because you do.

        To many fish in the sea for that!

        >>Dapz DollasTX

        Peep the KRS celebrates 40yrs of Hip Hop

        : )

      • DollasTX

        no doubt LOL

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        EDOGZ & DollasTX it’s good 2 see there’s still n****s out there wit principles who stand by them a rare thing nowadays the 1st n***a who says f**k these hoes is the 1st n***a schemin behind your back or handcuffin SMH

      • Whoah! Don’t get it twisted…I still handcuff hoes…..it’s just that unlike other Ninjaz…I read them their rights 1st!


  • greenhouse records

    Joe stay winning when it come to these females….

    • thats because he is a female and goes for the dikes hahahahaha

    • MrNoName2K

      i know right…

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  • STupidcrap

    Call him gay all you want, he s tay with a hot bitch

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