Derrick Rose To Help Pay For Funeral of 6-Month-Old Chicago Girl

(AllHipHop News) Chicago Bulls superstar point guard Derrick Rose has not played a single basketball game this season but is still leaves his mark on Chicago.

According to CBS Chicago, the multimillionaire star player plans to assist in paying for the funeral of  Jonylah Watkins, a six-month-old girl who was shot while her father changed her diaper.  Her father, Jonathan Watkins, 29, was also wounded but is in stable condition and undergoing treatment at Northwestern Medical Hospital. The shooting is considered gang-related since Watkins, a member of the Gangster Disciples was the intended target.

The family’s spokesman Reverend Corey Brooks claims Jonylah’s father is fully cooperating with the police department. “If he knew who shot him, trust me, they would be arrested by now,” Brooks told the Sun Times.

The wake for the tiny victim will be held at 10 a.m. on Tuesday at New Beginnings Church in Woodlawn, Illinois with her funeral following at 11 a.m.

The former NBA MVP has not publicly addressed the murder or his involvement in helping pay for the funeral services but has taken to Twitter to address the rise of  violence in Chicago.

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  • Guest

    Ganglife. No good.

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  • Q.

    D. Rose is a good kid. I’m glad his fam kept him grounded & away from the BS. Looking forward to the comeback!

  • Tony G.

    It’s really sad whats going on in Chitown…and there appears to be no end in site…

  • dominicancoke

    They need the national guard in the chi i mean these war have been going on for 40 years and some for 50 like the latin kings vs spanish cobras funny how this country invades other countries with phony excuses to gain wealth oil ect but just like how they dont get involved in african countries problems they dont get involved in african american problems katrina..chi raq…n ya voted for obama lol n his wife from chi town

    • Abrasive Angel

      They get involved in african countries that have natural resources they can exploit. Why do you think they finally decided to go into Mali to fight “Terrorism”? Mali has GOLD and OIL reserves.

    • Since ChiTown has the strictest gun laws in the nation, isn’t the city responsible for the injured, since they don’t allow them to protect themselves?

      Kennesaw, Ga passed a law making it mandatory to have a gun & ammo in the house & guess what happened…shooting skyrocketed? Nope! The crime rate dropped to the lowest in the nation.

      “In 1982, the Kennesaw City Council unanimously passed a law requiring heads of households to own at least one firearm with ammunition. The ordinance states the gun law is needed to “protect the safety, security and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants.” Then-councilman J.O. Stephenson said after the ordinance was passed, everyone “went crazy.” “People all over the country said there would be shootings in the street and violence in homes,” he said. “Of course, that wasn’t the case.” In fact, according to Stephenson, it caused the crime rate in the city to plunge. Kennesaw Historical Society president Robert Jones said following the law’s passage, the crime rate dropped 89 percent in the city, compared to the modest 10 percent drop statewide. “It did drop after it was passed,” he said. “After it initially dropped, it has stayed at the same low level for the past 16 years.” Mayor Leonard Church was not in office when the law was passed, but he said he is a staunch supporter of it. “You can’t argue with the fact that Kennesaw has the lowest crime rate of any city our size in the country,” said Church, who owns a denture-making company in Kennesaw. The author of the ordinance, local attorney Fred Bentley Sr., attributes at least some of the decrease in crime to the bill. “I am definitely in favor of what we did,” he said. “It may not be totally responsible for the decrease, [but] it is a part.” Although he is pleased with the outcome, Bentley said he was originally opposed to drafting the law. “I didn’t think it could be written in a constitutional fashion,” he said. “Obviously, it was constitutional, because the American Civil Liberties Union challenged it in court and we won.” Jones said the ACLU challenged the law in a federal court just after it was passed. In response, the city added a clause adding conscientious objectors to the list of those exempt.”

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        man kennesaw is a nice area where you have to have money to buy a house alot of blacks cant afford its not the hood you have to have money out there and the black ppl who live there are ppl with money ya understand my moms tried to buy a house their and she was a school teacher who went to college and received her masters degree and still counldnt afford it real talk its no comparison

      • No comparing the hoods, but what is a fact is that with everyone strapped, crime is less likely to happen, as when only the criminals are strapped.

        Predator 2, train scene, dude tried to rob some one at gunpoint on the train & everyone pulled out heaters….even the old lady had a hand cannon, and nipped that ‘chet in the bud.

        Not saying it’s a 100% deterrent, but how many mass shootings or robberies happen at gun shows or gun shops, when everyone has a blicky or access to it. Only a crazy fool wouldn’t think 2x about engaging in fuggery, knowing that everyone around them could be packing an equalizer.

      • acapwn

        Everybody was strapped durin the wild wild west days….mothafuckas still got lit up. It’s not a matter of who has weapons but the police and city officials doin their goddamn job.

      • The police’s job is to catch the person that broke the law by poppin’ a cap in ‘dat @$$, not protecting you from getting shot!

        When seconds count…the police are minutes away!

      • Guest

        thuglifefukdapolice – with Respect to Your Mom, and Family – they want rich people – a presumed single college educated Black with Children is not what they want – they beleve children run their streets while Mom is at work – they’re beleving when crimes happen, then Mom will “not know this was going on” – they want people that take vacations and go away with thier free time – they’re thinking black children are going to hang on their blocks – investers and neigbors don’t want that – they beleve that’s the beginning to the end of their peace.

      • Economic segregation.

      • Guest

        EDOGZ818 – I’m not siding with them – but they’re right – that’s how all good neigborhoods turned bad (by blacks) – her kids invite their friends from the hood – and they see peace as a hood not “occupied” and they better “take” it for themselves – that’s why “hanging on the blocks” – not vactioning anywhere kind of people is Not want they want.

      • You sound like you have been around Gary Noble too much.

        Like white kids don’t hang out? You also sound like white chick that is blinded by privilege.

    • Guest

      dominicancoke – You speak the Truth – and Obama tryed something about guns when other city’s (and white) school shooting happen – but nothing during his whole 2 Terms about the epidimic in Chicago – should have helped “his” voters/campaigners by calling the Nat. Gurard.- but he has ignored it. – You are Right.

      • You guys are advocating Martial Law.
        There is a reason the military wasn’t allowed to deploy in American cities….look at Iraq before & after the Marines arrived…total chaos & mass destruction.

        The military aren’t law enforcement…they are azz kickers.

    • Pedro Matos Jr.

      I was born & raised in the Chi I now live about an hour & 45 minutes outside the city wit my family I luv my hometown it made me who I am & I still go back 2 visit fam but I couldn’t in my right mind move my kids out there & put them thru what I experienced if 1 of my kids caught a stray it would be wartime & I’d most likely end up in the joint f*ck that

  • Banksy

    From Jan 1 2003- Until Dec 12 2012 there have been approximately 4797 murders in Chicago. From Oct 7 2001 until now there have been approximately 2166 deaths Afghanistan during the the Operation Enduring Freedom campaign. When Trayvon Martin was killed everyone was up in arms but now there have been more murders in Chicago than in a recognized war zone and we just chalk it up to “hood shit” and gang life?

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      dont get this part confused there are more niccas dying in chicago than US troops at war but the Afghanistan enemies die more than anything our troops are well trained the enemies are not well trained thats why now in vietnam there was 55,000 deaths in 5 yrs ww2 was millions of deaths too ppl get it confused the afghan enemies die alot for every 1 us troop they kill thats about 12 afghan enemies killed thats wat people dont realize

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  • DollasTX

    good job BRUVAH —

  • why don’t the leaders, rappers, OGs in Chi town meet up and discuss. And whycome we make soundtracks to our own death?

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  • bigdoe6

    Real gangsters don’t like or tolerate when innocent kids are killed. This is going to get real bad now.

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  • acapwn

    That’s real commendable! Very nice to see him willing to do somethin like this.

  • Mrbenefits

    I would first like to say that is a stand up move by D-Rose to help with funeral. I do have a Q for the blog.
    How happy do you think the KKK would be knowing that we (blacks) are out here killing ourselves and all they have to do is sit back and laugh?

  • God bless Derrick Rose, we NEED more peeps like him

    and LESS of those who endorse killing each other, gangs

    and drugs.

  • Jordon D. Childs

    Man the national guard was here a couple summers ago, you can’t get these guns out the city they here and ain’t going nowhere its gonna take God to stop this mess.

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