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A Brief History of TMZ vs YMCMB

(AllHipHop News) TMZ says one thing. Cash Money says another. Actually it’s nothing new.

In the wake of the conflicting reports about Lil Wayne’s health condition, it’s important to take note that TMZ and Young Money artists have a history of not quite seeing eye to eye.

TMZ set the internet on fire last night when the website starting reporting that Lil Wayne was in critical condition in a Los Angeles hospital, even reporting at one point that Wayne was near death before removing the statement.

Lil Wayne is in ICU in critical condition after suffering yet another seizure, and we’re told it doesn’t look good … TMZ has learned…We’re told Wayne is currently “unstable,” and has been placed in an induced coma. He is breathing through tubes.

Cash Money President Mack Maine was quick to come out on Twitter and say the reports were false and added a shot at the gossip site.

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This latest episode isn’t the first time the two entertainment powerhouses have clashed.

TMZ has recently gone on the attack against YMCMB artist Lil Twist.

Twist has been hanging out a lot recently with pop star Justin Bieber.

Over the last few months Bieber has been gaining a lot of negative press for smoking marijuana, showing up late to concerts, and screaming at the paparazzi.

TMZ suggested that Bieber latest antics maybe the result of befriending the 20-year-old Young Money rapper.

In January TMZ ran an article with the headline, “LIL TWIST BAD INFLUENCE On Justin Bieber.”

The piece said that Bieber “was under the influence” of Twist and that he may be leading Bieber “down a dangerous path.”

Since then TMZ has published numerous articles about Lil Twist’s relationship with Bieber including a report that Twist wrecked Bieber’s Fisker Karma and fled the scene of the accident.

TMZ even counsels Bieber to “cut [Twist] off” in the post.

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Twist responded to all the attention he had been getting from TMZ in a tweet a few days ago:

Beside their consistent attacks on Lil Twist and the contradictory accounts about Wayne’s medical status, TMZ has also made an enemy out of Young Money’s First Lady Nicki Minaj.

In July of 2011, TMZ broke a story that Nicki was assaulted in a hotel room.

TMZ claimed that Nicki was struck in the mouth by an unnamed man, and asked hotel employees to call the police.

Like Mack Maine and Lil Twist, Nicki used Twitter to deny the allegations tweeting:

The fact that u believe a man either slapped or punched me in the face & didn’t leave on a stretcher w/his balls hangin off? #getaF%cknLife”…You’d believe u were an adopted martian if TMZ told u so

TMZ then countered Nicki’s denial by releasing a 9-11 call and a police report associated with the incident.

The relationship between the media and artists has always been a complicated one.

Even when presenting “negative” stories, TMZ is still providing free publicity for celebrities and raising their mainstream profiles, but at the same time having access to high-profile performers and their camps is a necessity to get exclusive information which drives traffic to the site.

It’s a strange symbiotic relationship that bolsters ad revenue, helps to sell the artists’ product, and feeds the public with the sensationalized content that some love to read.

With TMZ being one of the most visited entertainment sites on the net and Cash Money being one of the most commercially successful rap labels in the game right now, it’s not hard to expect that the media war between the two companies will rage on.

And there will be plenty of readers following closely ready to be entertained.

  • Guest

    I must be the only one who doesn’t believe that tweet was sent by Lil’ Wayne himself. If he’s in the ICU, then there is no way they are having contact with him if they aren’t immediate family. I think someone else is posting on his twitter account and trying to deflect attention from the severity of the situation, and trying to cover their asses in case the inevitable happens and they potentially catch a case for enabling his habit. TMZ isn’t the New York Times, but they have never been wrong about celebrity death stories or stories leading up to the deaths.

    • AK

      all it takes is a iphone…

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  • $28825362

    T.I. just talked to Wayne and said dude is cool. He is not in a coma. Everything is cool. Oh well back to Championship Week. #UNLV

    • Bumpy Johnson

      u mean the same “REAL G HOMIE”,”REAL TRAP NIGGA” that was on 222 tips …i wouldnt think he is that credible.

  • TY

    Don’t forget they broke Bustaz aka Tyga punk ass out the closet for being the wack rapper he is lol

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  • AHH, The vilification of famous people is what makes TMZ what it is. That’s their niche.

    The best exclusives are usually gotten from insiders ( credible sources ) and not by sitting down with the artists or celeb and allowing them to glorify themselves.

    Ask me how I know all this. I’m a former journalist.

    • 4UMF is hiring writers, celebrity interviewers, album reviewers, bloggers & reporters if you want back in the game!

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      Team 4UMF is accepting applications!

      • Cheers, they couldn’t pay my fees now. Freelancing is the way to

        make real money and it always has been. But one needs the time

        and that is something that I haven’t got. I moved on from being

        a journalist a while ago. It was fun then, all the perks and passes.

        If you want to get high up the ladder work on your contact book.

        Make sure you get your by line on every story and try to get exclusives.

        Before you know it you’ll be sought after.

        And one thing again broadcast pays better than print, get your foot in the door.

        Best of luck with it all EDOG7818

      • Indeed, true advice!


      • No worries EDOGZ818.

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  • beef w bball players & now gossip magazines ,

    did they ever hear the advice best not to dignify someones comments with a reply.

    ill explain incase Mack Maine and Lil Twist, Nicki are reading, they prbly wont get it.
    if some lil bitch is makin bs comments about you, you actn like a bitch too if you spend anytime to respond to them bcz you did what they wanted you to do.

    • “Don’t hollah back, because if you respond, then that is where you at!”

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  • yeah dont belive the tubes, belivee that lil wayne OD’d tho, lil wayne loves sizzurp more then his daughter. junkie ass bitch

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  • they talk more negative things about lil twist more than his music


    TMZ likes to tell the truth and them CMB bitches do like alwayz and lie lie lie

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  • Allahu Akbar

    Brief History on TMZ vs. YMCMB … TMZ founded & hosted by a Lawyer…YMCMB founded by a homo monkey that brags about selling poison to his ppl and gang life. Not a comparison, tell me when Lil Wayne dies that’s when I’ll pop my first bottle. That Emmitt Till comment I hope he has about 10 more seizures.

    • Shalove2

      TMZ was founded by a homo as well. An out homosexual pumping poison news stories and celeb crap. And pretty racist to boot!

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