Drake, Chris Paul And Others Visit Lil Wayne In Hospital

(AllHipHop News) Lil Wayne’s hospital room has had a steady stream of visitors since he was hospitalized earlier in the week, according to reports.

Drake, Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers and others have visited the rap star after he was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in L.A.

Drake ignored requests for comments by paps as he walked into the hospital last night, according to a report by TMZ. Paul also went in last night with a female companion.

The circumstances surrounding Wayne status remain mysterious.

A TMZ report claims he was in critical condition after allegedly binging on “Sizzurp.” Representatives for YMCMB and even friends like T.I. have refuted the notion, including the reports the star was in a coma.

Despite the conflicting reports, TMZ maintains that Wayne’s condition was “dire” and “critical,” where he had to have his stomach pumped three times to save his life.

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  • visit him in jail?????????????????

    • MadVillain


    • debbygoel81no

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  • Apollo Showtime

    I thought they visited him in jail? Where’d the hospital come from?

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  • Zey

    Everyones reign comes to an end, and this one was long over due. Lets be honest here, if wayne quit drugs, he would quit rapin, cuz he knows he can’t rap without them. How you think he ‘freestyles’ all his shit? He found himself between a rock and a hard place. But don’t worry, all your bitches still love you LOL.

    • southside4lyfe

      drank don’t give you seizures but taking alot of pain pills do drank is bad for your heart. thats how dj screw died from a heart attack due to over use of codeine. niggaz need to get they facts straight.

  • All the visitors are making it look serious!

    • Allahu Akbar

      lmao because they know if this monkey look alien dies nobody to mooch off of

      • That was the 1st thought, but when Drake showed up……


    jail this reporter is on sizzurp

  • solo0ne

    I thought it said jail, wtf.

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  • Brick Soulja

    This is way more serious than what Birdman is saying.

    • Allahu Akbar

      I hope so I’m tired of hearing him on the radio

  • Mr. Coco Loso™

    what to mess the headline up smh

    • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

      coco typed as he messed up the spelling of “way”.

  • Allhiphop is falling slowly but surely.

  • speedy37

    Say no to drugs kids.

  • AK

    this is starting to feel like strait album promo

    • I feel that too bruh! What else can Wayne rap about that we aint all heard. This’ll make a good “I saw the light, now i see” album. Yea publicity all the way. Not saying he isnt sick for real, but I think they are milking it for way more than what it actually is to get attention for something big. They always on the money moves.

      • dayleedumped

        noone is milking shit but the press and the public.. idiot.. its not like people left a twitter msg saying ‘ yo im boutta visit wayne’

    • Yes

      I highly doubt someone would go to this extreme to sell albums….he’s already got plenty of money, and make money just by being on other ppl’s song…..I think his condition is way more serious than his family and friends are saying…..that wy if he recovers they can say TMZ lied and it wasn’t as bad as they are saying…..just my thoughts….being that it’s been almost a week and ppl are still visiting him, I think he may just be in a coma, and they are praying he wakes up

  • Fix the Front page header for this quickly! Looks tacky as hell! Where are the webmasters?

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  • Well it seems like TMZ is right? seeing someone in a hospital, vs actually knowning how serious things are is a different thing……..It’s obvious that Wayne is going through something bad because he has been in the hospital for more than 2 days…Sounds serious to me….With all the negativity and name calling that wayne has been doing in the past 2 years, he better hope that those doctors don’t interfare with his recovery….. #justsaying

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  • Mafia Is Forever

    He’s in Cedars-Sinai Hospital. They botta reprogram that nigga.

  • Allahu Akbar

    Honestly I hope this chimp Lil Wayne dies from a seizure what has he done to enhance society? Perhaps after he flops over they’ll name a skate park or syrup after him lmao what a waste of flesh

  • Keisha Mzlucious


  • ladynamor

    And…..Scene… Fade out (In directors voice)

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