T.I. Rants On Twitter About TMZ’s Reporting of Lil Wayne

(AllHipHop News) Here comes the cavalry. After Mack Maine summed his opinion of the news coverage of Lil Wayne’s hospitalization with a simple “#F*ckTMZ” tweet, T.I. let the Twitter chopper go on the ubiquitous news site.

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The rapper followed the tweet with a few subsequent tweets that were a bit more cryptic, hinting at possible violence:

Earlier, TMZ.com reported that Lil Wayne not only had suffered a second seizure in three days, but was on life support and at one point had his last rites being read to him while family sobbed.

TMZ later removed this detail in their report without giving an official statement as to the reason.

Numerous people close to Lil Wayne, including Birdman have denied TMZ’s reports.

TMZ has not removed any other part of their report and even implicitly addressed questions of their veracity.

Two minutes after Lil Wayne tweetedto fans that he was fine, TMZ sent this update of their report at 6:30 PT/9:30 EST:

Wayne is sleeping right now … which is odd, because he just tweeted saying he’s OK and thanking people for the prayers and love. ‘

TMZ’s last update was that Lil Wayne was still in the ICU but was stabilizing.

TMZ has not responded to T.I.’s tweets.

[CHECK OUT: T.I.’s Short Film for “Addresses”]

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  • Logan Claws


    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      u a bitch ass hoe!

      • Logan Claws

        no Iam not your mother

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    after reading ti’s tweets there is only question left…………..is ti literate?

    • TI need to lay off attacking the media, because he at some point needed the media to assist in his own legal troubles….Rappers need to be mindful of what they say to people because the media in particular can shut down T.I’s whole career if they choose to….Much like Lil Wayne’s situation, Wayne had issues with TMZ in the past, and wether who was right or wrong we all know for sure that the TMZ much like the rest of the media can make or break your image.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      well he is the King of Trap music and a Real trap nigga that did 222 TIPS commercials, yet he has the nerves to call someone else a fugg nigga or hoe ass nigga……ou yea he also claimed this music ain the music he fell inlove with but yet sais lil wayne is loyal to the game. ….why dont he stick to being a family man and leave all that tough guy talk alone.

  • uh oh now TI coming after AHH bcz they said hinting at violence

  • AK

    the worst thing to ever happen in rap is lil wayne dying… cause everyone knows how dead rappers are looked upon…… he isnt a goat…

    • Apollo Showtime

      Hell yeah, that’s the only reason I’d hate to hear that he died because he’d be put up there with the Biggie’s, Pac’s, Pun’s and Jay-Z’s (He’s not dead, but he’s that good and the day he does leave he’ll be top 3 EVER) maybe Nas too.

      • Jordon D. Childs

        Jay-Z always claimed the best rapper alive thing….what did he do that was so special?! Jigga my Nigga but seriously what did he do?!?!

      • Renegade

        You must be like 12 years old or borderline retarded. To ask what Jay-Z has done that was so great. Go lay down.

      • Jordon D. Childs

        I heard reminder “AAH” you ass

      • i_fox_wit_u

        “10 number one albums in a row, who better than me. Only the Beatles, nobody ahead of me. I crush Elvis in his blue suede shoes, make the Rolling Stones seem sweet as Kool-Aid too” …….Jay-z “Reminder”

      • Jordon D. Childs

        That’s my shit i retract my statement, it hit me when i was writing that first post but come on a lot of people have done great shit and havent gotten awards how many awards would a song like “dear mama” get this day in age

      • Darren Myt Collins

        his stats…his numbers…..He is the MOST SUCCESSFUL hip hop artist of all time….as of right now….music..and side buisness venutures

      • Bumpy Johnson

        side business has 0% to do with his greatness in rap, success doesnt make you a great in rap neither. JA n Nelly arent top 20 in rap greatness but if you count success they should be.

      • ThatBostonMan

        He did business.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        listen to Jay Z before he met kanye west….he fo sure top 10

      • Jordon D. Childs

        WOOOOOAH! Hov is still nice him n Yeezy be killin tracks

      • J. Jordan

        Dude is basically the most consistently successful rapper of all time. Others have sold more (Em & 50) but Jay never really falls off and manages to stay relevant when even the younger new bucks can’t do the same. At this point Jay can outsell EVERY rapper out except for Em, Wayne and Drake, that’s incredible considering how long he’s been around. I won’t argue if he’s the best at actual rapping (I love his music but there are others with more technical skill and it’s a matter of opinion anyways), but he’s easily got the best overall track record career-wise. Listing his achievements would literally be it’s own article.

      • my nigga if u dont know what he did ….KILL YA SELF!

      • Jordon D. Childs

        BITCH CAN YOU READ I KNOW WHAT THAT NIGGA DID! I see the same award shows and billboard charts you see

    • justmythoughts

      no matter what you say, whether its good or bad, whether you like it or not, lil wayne is undeniably a “great” in hip hop… he changed the game to his liking as did the “greats” before him… its up to the next great to take it to where you want it to go … really its all a matter of opinion, i bet your top 5 nfl players, basketball players ,boxers etc.differ from mine, your neighbors, brother, mother, daughter etc.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        that whole post was fine, except for the part where you said “hip-hop”. If you edit that to “Rap music” you’ll be straight.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        how did wayne change hip hop? and change doesnt count if its change for the worse….all the other people you talking about NFL/NBA/Boxers…all added new style made the game more competitive and skillful …what change did wayne bring to hip hop that was good?

      • dayleedumped

        wtf you talking about.. rap period changed when lil wayne got big. people started stepping their bars up and actually put some thought into what they were rapping about… but i would like to say the new wayne doesnt bring that energy anymore

      • Bumpy Johnson

        u serious??? rappers started stepping up bars after lil wayne ??? u gotta be kidding me….Biggie, mobb deep, Jay z, Big L, Big Pun, Nas, Wu tang, Bone Thugs, all had waaaay better bars than wayne and were prior to him getting famous…..rappers use to put their thoughts waaay more back when them and 2pac, the Roots, Common, EPMD, Rakim, KRS1 use to be relevant. wachu just said has me thinking 3/4s of rap fans dont even know what rap history look like.

        50 cent on the album power of a dollar goes harder than wayne on any of the carters too.

    • Jordon D. Childs

      But that nigga clever and rap gonna be fucked up without him!

      • no it wont, it will be BETTER!!! get off wayne dick

      • Darren Myt Collins

        Kendrick Lamar…got it….dude is 100 times better then wayne already….without the sill shyt

    • J. Jordan

      I was just saying this over the weekend. If Lil Wayne dies we’re gonna hear these fruity-ass kids talking about him for another 10 yrs like he’s some kind of legend. F*ck That. Hell, if he comes out healthy he’ll just start rapping again, f*ck that too. I was saying the only way hip hop can win from this is if he came out with brain damage. Then the story would just end on a sad note that none of his fans wanted to bring up after that, like Easy E….no disrespect to Eazy E, just saying. My boy pointed out that AIDS was basically the “f*ggot disease” back when Eazy got it, that’s why no one really spoke on his death like that afterwards. If Wayne were to get brain damage, and spend the rest of his days drooling on himself and giggling at his own farts we would finally be RID of that little sh*t…

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  • Weedras

    someone should simply tell TI to shut the F**K up… you aint gonna shit to a media company unless yo ass miss living in the slammer… grown ass man should be spelling and using his words in the proper context too..

  • Guest

    Media loves to jump the gun when reporting about somebody’s death. SMH

  • Harrison Boateng

    If dude dies bet you he will be in like everyone’s top 5 now. He aight but he aint seeing my 5.

    • Jordon D. Childs

      He probably killin yo top 5 & Lil’ Mama in yo top 5 haha lmmfao

      • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

        damn kid you’ve been doing some hardcore wayne dick riding in this post. it’s cool to be a fan of what you like but you gotta draw a line sometimes.

    • as long as he dead who cares.

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  • Apollo Showtime

    Lmao @ T.I. getting ready to suit up with the choppers to ride on TMZ…Petty media bullshit, Tip ain’t ’bout dat life. He did time already, he knows he ain’t coming home if he gets caught up trying to ride on Harvey Levin lol.

  • DTD

    if believe in anything that TMz writes then its time for a brain scan 😉

  • greeneyedbandit

    The Imaginary King has spoken…..lmao

  • ONE

    T.I.P miss me with all that gangsta shit. My cousin works at the station where he was brought in after being caught with all those guns, and she said this nigga was crying like a bitch. Niggas are charecters these days, why cant this nigga just stick to his family hussle or whatever and be easy.

    • Chris


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  • godzillamonsta@yahoo.com

    Would it break the heart of hiphop fans to know that his Ebonics is an act. His English is as good as any educated White man but, he speaks like a moron for street credit. Speaking of speaking. He spoke to the Federal /government for hours to get a sentence reduction on a 30 year manadory minimum. No one in the history of Federal prosecutions got a better deal then this snitching little girl. There is ZERO DOUBT he is the biggest snitch in hiphop history. Your little hero is a coward and a snitch.

    • Spirit Equality

      Who did he snitch on? Everyone who calls TI a snitch can’t name who he put in jail. LOL. Stop making up sh-t.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        i cant name people that put my own niggas in jail n u expect me to know who put TI in. com’on now.

        OKAY then how did he get off the sentence if he didnt snitch

        btw taking the stand is damn near snitching and no trap nigga does 222 TIPS….but then he does fkk with ROSS n WAYNE dats a real niggas crowd right..

    • ThatBostonMan

      So who is he snitching on now? TMZ? I see no evidence that he was a snitch. And if you think he’s a snitch then why did he buy all those guns and get snitched on?

      Fact: He’s alive and he’s not in prison.
      Misinformation: Any black man who is alive and not in prison has to be a snitch.

  • lol, TI is a snitch ass nigga, lil wayne is a bitch ass nigga, hope he dies.

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  • Just holla’d @my Lil bruh Tunechi…& he skraight! TMZ some fuck-niggaz for reporting that hoe-ass-shit!!! . << lol thats so funny but then how do tmz know these things? they saying lil Wayne is sleeping but where iz tha proof from dem of him sleeping

  • buyo

    DIE WAYNE!!!

  • Guest

    He “skraight”? Rappers need to seriously stop tweeting in slang, shit looks beyond ridiculous.

  • TY

    don’t tip got like 8 kids nigga you bout to ride out and get put in the box for tmz

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  • ThatBostonMan

    TI and these others probably aren’t tweeting this on their own. Until TI or someone else goes on the radio or gives a video interview it’s probably bogus.

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  • ladynamor

    Now these jews are really going to expose some sh!t

  • InTheNightKitchen

    So uh T.I. what about Emmett Till’s family and that f*ck sh*t Wayne said?

    • Bumpy Johnson

      tell me bout it…this nigga TI lame AF

  • Lyve Wire

    i just learned that it isnt cool to use slang and mispelled words on twitter, but it is when you blog about people who use slang/mispelled words on twitter.

  • Darren Myt Collins

    Why is TI so upset with tmz? They gonna do what they do…they report gossip and so called news…if they get a hint of some shyt..the gonna put it on blast. He should be more angry at the fact….if true……wayne is still sipping codeine…if so….he is doing this to himself and needs help

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  • Cookie Fox

    Im Just Glad Wayne Ok…That Was Fucked Up That They Would Report That Shit For “Ratings”….That Lets You Know How The Media Sees Wayne Tho…Because They Woulda Been Real Careful With Other “Celebs” But The Main Thing Is He Ok…Blessings I Speak Over Dewayne Carter—In Jesus Name—Amen.

  • $11625525

    TMZ probably got janitors, ordelies and junior doctors/nurses in the hospital feeding them information. If people can get the info they did about Michael Jackson, wtf’s a Lil Wayne?

  • Dee

    t.i. will get his ass beat in a 1 on 1 fight

  • Allahu Akbar

    lmao is T.I. really concerning himself with Lil Wayne had respect for him up until this point. Who cares if this alien looking monkey dies not the average person perhaps they will name a cough syrup or skate park after that chimp

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  • Eric Stewart

    Wayne changed hip hop. It may have been for the worst but that dude and his crew has had the game on lock for about five years. I dont listen to Wayne or anybody on YCMB but I know those weird niggas been running the game for a minute

  • how T.I gonna ride on seizures?? lol dat shtt sound dumb

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