Lil' Wayne, Mac Maine

Despite Hospitalization, Lil Wayne Shows Up In New Rap Video

(AllHipHop News) He may be ailing in a California hospital, but Lil Wayne is still the star in a new video for Mack Maine that features Talib Kweli.

Lil Wayne has been recovering from several seizures from last week but the new video was released as the Young Money chief is at the top of every headline.

Wayne shows up in the visual manifestation of “Celebrate,” a song the mixes the contrasting styles of Talib and Young Money.

Check out the video below.

  • Chris

    Talib done went to the dark side.

    • Yeah I had to rub my eyes and blink a couple times to make sure I read that shit right…I understand niggas gotta eat and all, but DAYUM…

      • Chris

        Real talk. The “real” hip-hop heads are not going to like this.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        wtf u know i did the same and went up and had to click to verify. ..why would someone like Talib kweli want to lose his only fans fukkin weirdo..mos def please dont do it.

      • Nah,Mos Def / Yasin Bey would rather drink bleach & die poor!

  • What’s wrong AHH, y’all ain’t gonna report on Tone Loc havin a seizure too (onstage at that) just cuz he ain’t as popular now as Wayne is? Cold game…

    • When? Tone Loc is my peep!

      • Go check HHDX E, y’know they actually report on relevant shit over there…not no “Lil Wayne’s Dog Whines at Door Due to Missing Its Ailing Owner” bs…

      • I’m sayin’, they report what we send them, I sent you the fat shout on the Tone Loc thread, but when you get the news, send it in to iLLy.

        We know you scooped it 1st!

      • Yeah I peeped the shout, good lookin fam. I’m sayin though, if they’re relyin on us for the info instead of puttin in the legwork real journalists are supposed to do, they might as well go on and put a nigga on the payroll ya dig? I’ll search for the scoop all day, long as they cut that check…in fact it’d actually be beneficial cuz I’d seek out actual Hip-Hop news and not none of that MTO gossip shit. LOL

      • 4UMF is hiring!

        Link up!

        Breaking news – 4UMF dropped Birdman’s update!

      • Nevermind, I see AHH finally “got around” to reportin it…

    • halezaidi17vi

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      • MrNoName2K

        know your role…AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!

    • ThatBostonMan

      Why are so many rappers having seizures lately? Rick Ross? Lil Wayne and now Tone Loc?

      What do they all have in common? Are they using drugs?

  • Guest
  • mike

    talib went to the shitty side

  • MadVillain

    Talib or not that song is straight GARBAGE

    • Well, it does say Mack Maine

    • I wasn’t gonna say because it was Talib….thought maybe something was wrong with me.

      • MadVillain

        you gotta call it how it is sumtimes

      • To me….that ‘chet was ear murder!

      • MadVillain

        LOL “ear murder”, but you know that sumwhere on this planet theres people heavily vibing to this calling it real hardcore hip-hop and that Wayne is the GOAT

      • In the burbs, driving their kids to soccer practice in a mini van!

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  • trlvman357

    Yea cuz he shot the video before he start harlem shakin! Ya’ll act like this nigga left the hospital like Pac and went to shoot a video.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      LMAO i just got ur reference to the harlem shake lmaoooo

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  • Vinsanity

    This ant recent, Waynes half way retarded now. Kinda like Nate Dogg before he passed (no diss) loved Nate Dogg.

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  • ccwaterbound32

    good record… now if he would do more music like this more often i might become a consumer again…

  • YaheardSyndicate

    They always report on Tone Loc when he has a seizure

  • YaheardSyndicate

    They probably filmed this like 10 months ago

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  • therealest1

    Well, its called filmed. Humans can film things prior to current events and happenings.

  • dominicancoke

    I mean yall writters should all be fired the title is horribly misleading by saying despite hospitalization he appears in a video lol of course since the video was shot maybe a month ago thats as dumb as saying 2pac appeared in the i aint mad at cha video despite being dead lol

  • ThatBostonMan

    Good song tho

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