Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj And Birdman Visit Lil Wayne In Hospital

(AllHipHop News) Nicki Minaj can be added to the list of stars that has visited ailing rap star Lil Wayne at Cedars-Sinai hospital.

The New York-bred rap mistress made an appearance last night to visit her boss, who has been recovering from seizures last week.

Nicki left about 9pm Saturday night and spent about an hour with Wayne, reports TMZ.

Baby, Drake, Chris Paul of the LA Clippers and others have also visited Wayne.

Wayne was hospitalized on Wednesday. Details remain unclear.
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  • therealest1

    In the words of the late, great Notorious B.I.G., baby, baby “getting Ready To Die shit?

  • Escobar

    Something feels off, that’s just my gut feeling.

    • If it was minor, they wouldn’t have shown up.

      • Chris

        Real talk. If Wayne were okay, he would have posted a photo on Twitter by now. At least that’s what I would have done.

      • I agree, but I wouldn’t have posted on twitter, but considering the circumstances, no photo says more that a photo would.

        Good point!

      • brotha_man

        i waiting to read it on the news, thought when i woke up…….
        like my uncle (RIP) used to say “something aint right in the water”

      • Or the cough syrup!

      • brotha_man

        hahahhaha that’s funny

      • hoeyuno

        Ha ha… good to see we still rippin on weezy.

      • I don’t mean to though, I hope he pulls through, but Bro Man left it open! LOL~N.

      • hoeyuno

        Good point.

      • Escobar

        Aubrey walked out looking like he found out some grim news. Everyone canceling shi- to check on their boss? Why not just do what you do in the last hospital visit and put your shouts to your boss through Twitter? Seen?

        Everyone showing up, as opposed to the last one is all I’m saying.

      • brotha_man

        and if he i not as bad as it seems, cash money seems to be making it seem other wise. no wonder TMZ is like “yeah…o’boy bouts to die”. baby and deem make it look like they going to his wake.

      • debbygoel81no

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      • I agree %100!

      • Bumpy Johnson

        for some reason i remember the old wayne and actually dont want him to die…and it feels like he going to because why visit with all the sad faces, no smiles n shit.

      • Yeah, if he was chilling, they would be too!

    • Erika Tate

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  • therealest1

    This could be a bad omen perhaps because this hospital seems jinxed when extremely sick people who are famous get admitted into it. A recent scenario, the late, great, revolutionary Dr. Jerry Buss got admitted for a few days in this facility when he was really sick, then he passed away.

    When people are extremely sick and have an extended stay in a hospital, its usually a sign their time might be up. Perhaps Wayne and his peeps are in denial about his health as is usually the case. Not that I wish Wayne to pass away, but we shouldn’t be shocked if he expires based on his well known drug usage compounded with an unhealthy lifestyle and choices. Its his life, and those were his choices that could come with consequences.

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  • randomyzer

    They both deserve to die..

  • solo0ne

    How is this news??

    • Chris

      Have you ever had a friend/family member in the ICU? If everyone he knows is converging on that hospital, that’s usually not a good sign. He might be on his way out. No hate, just real talk.

      • solo0ne

        I don’t want him to die cus people will think he’s a hero for music..i want him to die a normal his garbage ass music fades with him

      • brotha_man

        teats pretty harsh. i doubt his music will be worshiped after death. maybe his celebrity ….but he was no pac or big.

      • solo0ne

        I’m pretty sure it will be since there are people already claiming he’s the best rapper.

      • hoeyuno

        Give it 5 years(if he dies).

      • Bumpy Johnson

        i seriously dont know how to feeel bout this…he helped kill the very thing that kept my soul pumping well and thing i love at the same time i use to be his fan b4 the carter 3….n at the same time i wudnt wish death on someone i dont know ….fugg im confused.

      • Chris

        Don’t feel bad. You’re not the only one. A lot of people share the same feelings, bruh.

    • toreal

      Dead or alive he will always have more money than your broke ass.

      • solo0ne

        He’s not gonna hear you defend him dumbass..he’s in a coma.

      • DJ7

        He breaking you off some?…. Otherwise, get off his d*ck f*ggot

      • toreal

        LOl you mad? Truth hurts.

  • Allahu Akbar

    are we still talking about this alien Nyquil syrup drinking monkey…he’s worth more dead.

    • Young Goku

      That’s fucked up but it’s true…I.e MJ & Whitney Houston smh

  • Vinsanity

    Never cared for him ever, not for one minute not for one second, but hope he gets well, then he can teach all the kids that drugs really arent cool. He tried so hard in front of all the kids to be the poster child or the Snopp Dogg of lean and pills as if he can do so much and it wouldnt faze him. Trying to be cool and shit. I use to do the same thing with acid and beer but when i was 15-16, your supposed to grow out of that shit.

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  • Allahu Akbar

    Sprinkle a little powder in the slums, give monkeys some guns, limited
    resources and hip hop – then sit back and watch them kill themselves.
    it’s the best thing on reality tv.

  • brotha_man

    i wonder which nikki showed up “new york nikki” or “Alice in wonderland nikki”?

  • rich bitch brought that rich nigga some damn balloons? …lmao

  • dieselrockman

    He is dead. If he was fine, a phone call would be good. She flew in all the way from American Idol. Yall love lies. sweet lies.

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  • badbitch

    Something ain’t right

  • dayleedumped

    lol i dont think this nigga dying… money fixes everythang

    • therealest1

      Money doesn’t fix everything, it only prolongs life. Look at Jerry Buss, he has way more money than Lil Wayne, he even perished.

  • Lyve Wire

    yall cats, lol.


    yall really live by that ‘they give flowers when you dead, but no soup when you’re sick’.??


    why be suspecious because they are visiting their friend? visiting friend in the hospital is normal or at least i thought it was. its a sign of showing concern.

  • obamanator

    baby kissin wayne in the mouth again prob triggered seizure

    • Bumpy Johnson

      naw he seen the porno baby and tyga made , went on a binge and now sadly he is fighting for his life.