What Lil Wayne and Malcolm Little Both Have in Common

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I love and respect the creative ability of Lil Wayne, even if I am concerned about the content of his music.  The brother is going through some difficult times, and as someone who saw the early deaths of Eazy-E and Tupac Shakur, it’s hard for me to see chickens coming home to roost in the life of a man whose talent has changed the world.

I mentioned Weezy during a three hour private conversation I had with Min. Louis Farrakhan and I’ll probably bring him up again when Farrakhan and I gather for a forum on the state of the black community in Chicago on March 30.  I’ve listened to enough of Wayne’s music to know the lyrics by heart and I am not afraid to say that I both love the verses and detest them, all at the same time.

It’s hard, as a black man who’s studied psychology, to know that repeating lyrics that glorify violence, promiscuity and drug use are being pounded into the heads of little black boys before they even have a chance to choose what they are going to become.  I’ve studied Wayne’s life carefully to try to understand where his message is coming from, and what kind of internal pain might lead a person to become so determined to destroy his own people. You might wonder why I am obsessed with Wayne’s genius, and the answer is quite simple:  Wayne reminds me of Malcolm Little.

Both Lil Wayne and Malcolm Little were brilliant, brave, creative, charismatic, resourceful and ambitious.  They were natural born leaders with the spiritual energy to tear through any obstacle that lay in their path.  But they were also both disturbed products of the poison dropped on the brains of little black babies in hoods all across America. After seeing nearly every man in his family murdered by whites, Malcolm grew up with the kind of anger that led him to destroy himself and those around him.  His tremendous power was being used for evil rather than good, and had he continued down that path, he would have wreaked untold amounts of havoc on the world.

Lil Wayne, like Malcolm Little, is a product of American racial oppression.  Everything about Wayne, from his gang affiliations to his sexual promiscuity and numerous drug addictions, came from the “I don’t give a f*ck” attitude necessary for him to climb out of the depths of ghetto hell that defined his circumstances.  Unfortunately, the recording industry has given Wayne a massive platform through which to spread his life philosophy onto the world, and it’s leading millions of black boys right to the penitentiary.

Wayne could have been another Malcolm X, but Malcolm X is what the caterpillar becomes when he’s grown into a butterfly.  Being spoiled by money and power at an early age is enough to make any man arrogant, and I don’t think there’s anyone in Wayne’s camp who cares about him or the black community enough to do a serious intervention.  As a result, one of the greatest black men in the history of the world lies in a hospital where he will either die or return to a lifestyle that is inherently suicidal.  Just like there’s a prison cell built for every black boy in America, there is another hospital bed waiting for Lil Wayne, since it’s only a matter of time before he’s six feet underground.

I hope Wayne gets at least some of what I’m saying and that his friends care enough about him to intervene in his life.  I hope he understands why you can’t go around comparing the face of Emmett Till to a woman’s vagina.  I hope he realizes that rather than passing messages encouraging young black kids to engage in criminal behavior, he could do a whole lot more for the people he loves by fighting against the prison industrial complex.  In other words, I remain hopeful that Lil Wayne can go through the same transition that made Malcolm Little into Malcolm X.   His genius is too great to be wasted.

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  • RichFromBX

    “What Lil Wayne and Malcolm Little Both Have in Common” – nothing

    “Lil Wayne, like Malcolm Little, is a product of American racial oppression” – seriously? Wayne was a millionaire before he was 20 – where was his oppression?

    “Everything about Wayne, from his gang affiliations…” really? Wayne “joined” the Bloods after he became a millionaire – well after he was in a position to denounce gang life instead he choose to go backwards.

    this whole article is a fail – I get your comparison is to Malcolm Little and not Malcolm X (albeit they were physically the same man) but they lived in two completely different times were born in to two different set of circumstances. One took his experiences and made the choice to dedicate their life to the betterment of his fellow man admitting his mistakes along the way. The other, well we see what’s happening there now don’t we.

    • Casor_Greener

      Who is this corny dude trying to compare Wayne to X?!?!? I knew he was a clown the minute he mentioned Farrahkhan

      • Calico Joe

        AHH knew it too. Peep the disclaimer by the nigga picture.

      • debbygoel81no

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      • Celz

        ^^ Realer than this article

      • AfricanSoul

        lol For real.

      • LOL!

      • They do have 1 thing in common….both are dead.

    • >>This ^^

    • Erika Tate

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    • Bumpy Johnson

      whats ur bank account # ima drop 5$ ..u deserve it after braking it down that good(no homo)..

  • bigdoe6

    Not a damn thing. SMH.

    • Guest

      one lived in oppressed times – the other live in un-oppressed victory of the oppressed’s wars.

  • Calico Joe

    This nigga trippin.

    • Celz

      He must get his lean from the same nicca Wayne does

  • Ronlg1

    I cannot agree with anything the author said in this article. I was hoping it was a joke, but I see that he is dead serious and it’s disturbing. Extremely disturbing.

  • Chris

    In defense of the author, Malcolm X and Malcolm Little were two totally different people. If you haven’t read the “Autobiography of Malcolm X”, you should. To compare Lil’ Wayne to Malcolm Little isn’t too far off. They were both ignorant hood nggas. Now, if the author had compared Wayne to Malcolm X the thinker, the orator, the leader, the man of the people, I would have said “GTFOH and punch yourself in the balls 100 times”.

    • LOL~N @ 100X

    • RichFromBX

      “To compare Lil’ Wayne to Malcolm Little isn’t too far off.” – have you read the “Autobiography of Malcolm X” – their lives couldn’t be anymore different. There are zero similarities. I’m going to assume you’re no older than 19yrs old and I think that’s being generous – if you are older, sue your school and anyone around you who claimed to be educator because they obviously failed you.

      • Chris

        Booooooo. Malcolm X said it himself that he was a degenerate drug addict and an overall ignorant ngga with a slave mentality on his way to an early grave. Sounds familiar doesn’t it (Weezy)? Take any drug addict, on any corner, in any city and they will all pretty much tell you the same story. Both Malcolm Little and Weezy share that story. If you can’t see that, either you didn’t read the book or you just failed to comprehend what you read. Your emotional insults only convey your lack of understanding of what Dr. Boyce was trying to say. I don’t agree with everything he said but I get the point. Furthermore, I’m good with my educational experiences. You may need to go back to YOUR school and demand that YOUR school leaders be held accountable for your shortcomings. SMH.

      • RichFromBX

        lil Wayne been a millionaire longer than he was broke and with his success decide to more of a detriment to himself and everyone around him more than anything else…

    • Bumpy Johnson

      wayne last year as an ignorant hood nigga was like 02…since then he’s been a cross dressing 40 year old magnolia blood kisser.

      • Celz

        I’ve only heard Wayne on some real life conscious emcee shyt once.. He murdered that song Georgia Bush.. Then it was straight to kid sister pants and fake gang affiliations..

  • Souled Out

    I was hoping this article was a joke; it is not. This man trippin

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  • This is an insult, even to Malcolm Little. Malcolm Little was not spoon fed as a youth and damn sure wasnt handed an empire. All Wayne did was maintain what he was GIVEN! This article makes me sick, who the hell wrote this? Wayne was given a record deal at the age of 11!!! he was around big time industry heads by 13-14 years old. Where is the struggle. Did he gang bang on big wheels!!?

  • Superskunk

    How this man got a doctorate I’ll never know. You should be ashamed of yourself Boyce Watkins.

    How is Lil Wayne a “natural born leader” ?

    Or worse yet how is he “one of the greatest black men in the history of the world” ?!?!?

    There is no comparison. Malcolm Little dealt with great racism and oppression that led him to a early life of hustling and crime to survive, because he wasn’t afforded the advantages of the establishment.

    Lil Wayne on the other hand, came out of poverty, but he was a celebrity by 9 years old and didn’t face anything near what Malcolm Little faced growing up or in his formative years.

    This article is a joke and a disgrace to great black historical leaders.

  • water_ur_seeds

    did he really compare wayne to malcolm, 2pac and eazy???

  • lil weezy on his death bed and niggaz just start flying off the handle with the bullshit I see….

    • DJ7

      Not according to YMCMB, he’s good…..stop tryna divert attention & either comment on the subject or go ————-> & have a _/

  • scullyson

    Cut the &^%* Man….Wayne cant hold a candle to Malcolm. End of discussion.

  • Wayne will never be a historic black figure. After he did a year in Rikers Island I figured he’ll be relentless on the government but this clown started skateboarding smh…

  • Q.

    Dr. Watkins,

    The AHH community has spoken–your article is a Mr. Fantastic REACH.

    Wayne changed the world? How, exactly? Through record sales and popularity? Billboard Awards? LOL I think not.

    I remember back around ’98 or ’99 when Lil Wayne literally said “FUCCK HIP-HOP” in a magazine interview. I’ll never forget that. I was like “to Hell with this SOB, mofo can’t even rap.” Back then, Wayne was about a half a step above Wacka Flocka lyrically, and wasn’t on anyone’s radar as far as true emcees go.

    Fast-forward to 2006 when I first heard The Carter II. I was impressed by how far this kid had come lyrically. Wayne had charisma and punchlines galore–I actually bumped some of the songs. Lil Wayne is by far the Most Improved Rapper in history, hands down. This kid went into a cave with Yoda, and came out a punchline jedi. But other than 10,000 puns and punchlines, his lyrical portfolio has been absolutely un-substantive. Clever bars here and there do not equal substance. I repeat, CLEVER PUNCHLINES ALONE DO NOT EQUAL A GREAT EMCEE. And I quote:

    “My dick is a pen, it’s written all over her face.”

    Clever, but disgusting nonetheless. Nobody’s kid should be listening to that tripe on the radio. Let’s move on…

    Popularity ensues. The resurgence of Cash Money is underway. You blink twice, and Wayne is the defacto “Greatest Rapper Alive.” And SO….this is your basis for his comparison to El Hajj? LMAO Malcolm Little went through a reformation at the age of 23 via KNOWLEDGE OF SELF. Wayne is 30+, has 5 kids by 6 different chicks, fake gangbangs and drinks cough syrup as a hobby, with NO KNOWLEDGE OF SELF. Where is the comparison???

    Damn how many hits a rapper may have–today’s pop rap is for 14 yr old girls, tailored for the tastes of junior high schoolers, not for men. Lil’ Wayne is another outlet for the demonic energy which has cast a dark cloud over Rap music for the past 15+ years. He’s but another pawn in the “dummification” of America’s youth. And when the dust settles, and in the future annals of history, Michael Dwayne Carter will NOT be discussed amongst the likes of MLK, Ali, Michael Jackson, Tupac, and most definitely not El Hajj Malik El Shabazz!

    So with all due respect, sir….FOH!

    • Bundy Craig

      back then in 98 Wayne was 16 yrs old..LOL..

  • Daniel Davis

    Actually Wayne could be another Malcom X, And so could a bunch of other rappers if they wanted too.. don;t be mad you bunch of followers

    • DJ7

      Go sit your clown ass down in a corner somewhere….Name me that “bunch” & I’ll tell you why it’s not gonna happen!!

      • Daniel Davis

        oooh My .. i’m scared,,, I don’t debate with Idiots

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  • Dwayne Nvo


  • brotha_man

    if thats the comparision he uses then we all gotta alil malcolm in us.

  • Lyve Wire

    let the haters out.

  • Biba Adams

    The role of hip-hop intellectuals in to draw difficult comparisons. To reunite the past and present. To see the similarities where others don’t… As a writer for this site, a teacher, and a candidate for post-bacc degrees in African American Studies with an emphasis on hip-hop, this article does what it is supposed to… compare a leader of our past with one of our present and generate conversation.

    • DJ7

      Convo was mos def sparked but to label Wayne as a leader of anything is laughable to say the least. Of course that’s just my opinion b.u.t. according to the comments, I’m not alone!!

    • 2012Industry1

      It started a conversation indeed, but to take a MAN that did wrong, and lived foul only to become a better MAN & LEADER, to a BOY that’s been rich since 15/16 years old and has had the opportunity to be a better MAN, but still fails at that and insults his people at every chance at 30??? That’s plain ignorant! This is one of many reasons why I hated the “intellectuals” that compared 2Pac to Philosophers and Peace Leaders AFTER he passed. He could have been that great, but he went to Death Row and sold his soul for profit. The devil took his property early before he had a chance to go back to that prophet!

  • Future Patrick

    OFF with his head!

  • DTD


  • $28825362


  • hoeyuno

    What does spongebob square pants and jfk have in common???

    • Celz

      What does Madea, Mrs. Buttersworth, Ghandi, the WB Frog, and Harriet Tubman have in common?

  • the “wayne is dead so let’s pretend he was genius and a legend” propaganda has already started n dude is still breathing

  • newdelorean 3.0

    This guy trolled everybody hardddd. Its obvious he wrote it to get this big of a reaction. Lame ass writers. Modern journalism at its finest


    all dr. boyce is saying, is that malcolm little is a mirror of most black males in america, but he did go a bit to far putting all that to lil wayne.

  • obamanator

    lil wayne look like a poltergeist

  • Brick Soulja

    Most of the haters on this comment section, don’t have the confidence to get on a stage in front of 20 people and read something they wrote. That’s the difference between being a leader and just another wallflower hater on the wall watching life pass by.

    • Calico Joe

      What does any of what you said have to do with this article?

    • Celz

      Keepin it real isn’t hating mamas… Wayne has slightly above average talent and excellent marketing..

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

      Huh? GTFOH with that bull$h@t. A stripper can get Butt a$$ed naked in font of 100 people does that make them a leader?

  • Wow…now I admit I’ve never been too familiar with Dr. Watkins but I’ve heard his name plenty, and from what I heard I always viewed him in the same vein as a Michael Eric Dyson and cats like that, someone who knew his shit. After readin this though I ain’t so sure anymore…I was like wtf from the moment I saw the headline, but when I saw Dr. Watkins was the author I was like “Ok well maybe he’s about to hit us over the head with some ol deep shit that most people never stopped to think about before.” NOPE, it was every bit as wtf-inducin as the headline suggested. If this is the type of shit we gotta deal with and the man ain’t even dead yet, I don’t even wanna THINK about the amount of fuckery that’s gonna take place if he actually does flatline…I expected better than this from someone like you Dr. Watkins…MUCH better…smfh…

  • TimeWillTellu1

    All of this is just temporary. There will be another wave of HIP HOP and Rap and will put it back to how its suppose to be. Wayne and YM made their riches so now its time to move on…

  • who ever wrote this shit is full of shit haveing a bunch followers and a sub par rap flow dont make u like malcolm little are a malcolm x who were leaders this nigga dont even rap about shit but tha same dame thing but he got the stans sprung on his dick carter 1 and the block is hot r his best albums and was he even writeing that shit 90 percent of these rappers suck wheres the struggle cats come in the game already rich rappin about the same shit i say the beats make the grammys cause the beats makes the song

  • Zilla Sounds

    this article is bs,i dont see how lil wanye could be compared to malcolm.lil wayne is a fake gangbanger selfish and a str8 idiot if you ask me

  • Abrasive Angel

    Beat that pu**y like Emmit Til—Lil Wayne
    B!tches love me like they love Satan.—Lil Wayne

    What do Lil Wayne and Malcolm X have in common? Black skin and that is it, I have no sympathy for that grimlin and his poison seeping into the minds of black youths. F*ck him, Emmit Til got something for his a$$ in the afterlife.

  • Oknas

    the only thing they have in common is “Little”

  • firehawk17

    i can see the point Dr. Watkins is making.. He didnt say lil wayne and Malcolm X had something in common.. He said lil wayne and Malcolm Little.. its 2 very different people.. and the point is Lil wayne has never evolved into a better being. He is stuck as Malcolm little.. I wish we all could have finished watching 2pac make his mark beyond music. In a interview a reporter asked Pac where does he see himself in 20 years and his first response was if I’m blessed to be here.. I dont know what it was but he had a clear understanding of his mortality. He would have been quite shocked to have made it this far if he was alive.. His vision for black men and the black community was unfulfilled but he tried.. Lil wayne does not care about the state of black men. Im sure he feels like he is doing his part because he has helped employ a few black men..the bigger picture is far deeper than giving a few jobs.. the community needs direction and financial security where the “needs” are met once “needs” are met things can evolve from there.

    • Nice To See Somebody Other Than Me Read The Article Posted Above And Have Mental Capacity To See Past The Headline And Into The Deeper Idea That Was Being Presented. Hell These Cats Didn’t Even Understand The Title “What Lil’ Wayne And Malcolm LITTLE (Not X) Both Have In Common”…..Nice Tupac Reference Too That Was One Of His Many Legendary Interview Moments That Have Seem To Been Swept Under The Rug……Guess They Just Wanna Remember The Other Shit……

      • firehawk17

        well you know a lot of the minds that comment are part of the problem…thinking beyond the surface is why this production heavy simple rap can flourish. Not saying i don’t enjoy some of it but for me its literally entertainment and i dont take yo gotti, or 2chainz and those dudes seriously.. People wanna remember the other shit because its easy to report and it can conjure controversy which will in turn keep interest and profit coming in. But Pac had to talk the language of the lost men and boys out here in the streets for them to listen. He said his music are stories he over heard, observed, or participated in.. he knew people had to hustle but gotta change.. “do what you gotta do, but know you gotta change, gotta find a way to make it out the game”.. there was a message in almost every song if it appeared violent or reckless.. can’t pick out lines..its the overall song thats the message.. and sometimes the point was if you feel disturbed by the song then help change it..the fact that a person thought a song was a problem was the point, they were suppose to feel that way in order to help make the change.. instead people wanna say oh he was a hypocrite.. he was honest and genius.. kinda like people thought einstein was crazy till he was proven right because he thinking was so beyond the norm.. just because others dont believe or agree does not mean your wrong at times..

      • Well Said Sir, Couldn’t Have Put Any Better Myself…..

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  • Vic Sage

    Please don’t dishonor Brother Malcolm by even putting this cancer of a generation in some sort of remote equilibrium with El Haij Malik El Shabazz..” Don’t.

  • Rell

    Lil Wayne reminds you of Malcom X huh…you’re a f*ckin idiot. Wayne has a gang affiliation does he???? Negative, you can’t become a blood at 30 yrs old, lmao! The nigga was wearin a blue rag during the Carter 1, now he a blood, lol. Malcom stood for 1 thing and 1 thing only…what does Wayne stand for? The nigga dont even know who he is; he wears gang colors to attract gang money, he wears nerd glasses to attract nerd money, he wears backpacks and carries skateboards now to attract skateboarders, lol. He blows in the fuckin wind. He wears lime green Dora the Explorer boots to attract the Niki and Gaga fans. This nigga doesnt stand for nothin’. So dont fuckin compare this nigga to no Malcom, are you outta ya f*ckin mind?! “One of the Greatest Black Men Ever????” Are you f*ckin serious?!! Kill yaself.

  • malcolm313

    @RichFromBX:disqus those millions of dollars ain’t save wayne from himself, or probably being molested as a kid, or self hate. That’s just money homie and I bet that if he ever gets sober he’ll tell you that himself. Money ain’t nothing when you don’t have your health and peace of mind.

  • ChilltownTV

    please don’t defame X…with this guy. PLEASE

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  • hoozdat

    Why are these two names even in the same sentence? Have you guys run out of shi*t to write about? This article makes no sense

  • hoozdat

    This writer of this article is a troll just trying to stir up people to comment

  • Jesus of Nazareth

    A more convincing editorial would be; “What Lil Wayne and Stuart Little Both Have in Common”.

    • Running Ambitions


  • PliggaNease

    wow really……… just compared a freaking junky to a historical figure………..

  • Mike Swiff

    Dr Boyce you are a fcukin idiot; how dare you claim this ant-eater to Malcom X not Little sir! Im glad you said you studied psychology and not practicing. Lil Wayne has brought what to Hip Hop? correct nothing, Lil Wayne has did what for Black People? right nothing ,so how in the hell Doctor do you come up with this bullshit about Wayne and X? Lil ugly could never walk in X shoes.. You folish ass people take shit too far, why dont you go back to beatin off to Lil Wayne and let the streets handle Hip Hop…Doctor!

    • Mike Swiff

      Dr. Boyce you are stupid! LMAO a joke. What LIL UGLY is your heroooooooo? fcuk outta here…

  • paul blake

    I’m going to write an article on the similarities between soulja boy and the Tuskegee Airmen. Both were in the military. Both suffered oppression. What a joke.

  • Guest

    All of yall dumb MF’ers missed his whole point.

  • ChrisKM

    All of your negative comments below show just how ignorant most of you are and how your level of education can’t get you to read an article properly much less interpret it….lol. BEFORE Malcolm X became who he was…what was he? That is the comparison being made and the point is HOPEFULLY, no matter how late, Lil Wayne will have the epiphany to change and become someone of great stature to the black community…..oh wait…I forgot some of you are too ignorant to even understand what the statement means. READ Black People READ!!!!