Chicago Teen Shoots Self, Blames Ninjas

(AllHipHop News) A Chicago teen arrived at the hospital over the weekend with a gunshot wound to the groin area. Yet, what was really shocking was his story of who shot him – two ninjas.

Originally, the boy told cops he was standing outside when two men dressed as ninjas jumped out of a van and shot him. Taking his word for it, police investigated his leads and found nothing. After further questioning the 17-year-old came clean.

He had been riding around in a car with female friends and was showing off his heat but accidentally shot himself in the leg.

Police are expected to press charges against the victim/assailant. His injuries were not life threatening.

Damn Ninjas!

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15 Responses to “Chicago Teen Shoots Self, Blames Ninjas”

    • EDOGZ818

      He couldn’t, the wound trajectory is str8 down, from the waist…meaning the ninjaz would have had to run up on him & put it against him, & fired down. ( Powder burns & residue, etc. )

      Should have learned to handle one before playing with it!

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        “His injuries were not life threatening.” Blowin your d*ck & balls off sounds life threatenin 2 me & in front of females 2 double loss.SMH

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