EXCLUSIVE: Willie D Chimes in On Beyoncé’s “Bow Down B**tches” And Her Geto Boys Link

willie_dee_B Beyoncé has had all she can stand, and she can’t stands no more, to quote the ubiquitous character Popeye.

Over the weekend, the megastar released her venomous new song, “Bow Down“, which is a sharp departure from her cuts usually offered a more mainstream sentiment.

At the end of the song, a menacing, chopped and screwed voice rambles on bragging that Beyoncé hung with Willie D on the set of an unnamed rap video. That song was “Gangsta Put Me Down” by the Geto Boys, where B is shotgun in the video. “Shout out to Willie D. I was in that Willie D video when I was about 14,” the voice presumed to be B says.

Willie D talked exclusively to AllHipHop about knowing Beyoncé since he was a child and why her new song sounds so virulent.

“I think when you get in the game and you put in the work she put in…and you still getting backlash?” Willie D queried. “You take a year off and mother f**kers think its safe. She’s the queen.”

Willie D says he and Beyoncé share a quality: People feel they know them because they know their music. As a member of the Geto Boys, Willie D was one of the most outspoken, influencers of Hip-Hop culture largely in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Willie also release several solo albums, which yielded a number of hits.

In “Bow Down,” B sings, “I know when you were little girls/You dreamt of being in my world/Don’t forget it, don’t forget it/ Respect that, bow down, b**ches.”

“She’s like f**k it. Let me drop this s**t,” says D.‘s Janee Bolden, a seasoned journalist and a blogger, thinks the song sends an unnecessary message for a singer of Beyonce’s stature.

“She has millions of little girls who emulate her and the “bitches” and cursing throughout the song is uncalled for. There’s already one Rihanna.”

Beyonce, 31, has had her share of detractors, ranging from other singers to random critics. Even whens she was pregnant, some speculated that the pregnancy was fake, making headlines. In the past months the singer has made great strides from performing at the presidential inauguration and the Super Bowl. She’s also gearing up for a world tour called “The Mrs. Carter Show,” a nod her legendary spouse.


The Houston-based Willie D has his own legendary stature in the game as a member of the Geto Boys and as a soloist, but he’s also quietly known Beyonce since she was “9 or 10 years old.” Dee says he used to see her perform and practice with and unusual vigor. “She had the looks, the talent, the drive. I never saw a 10-year old like that,” he told

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But now, he says much of the landscape has changed with Beyoncé, who once fronted the pop/R&B group Destiny’s Child. Willie feels that the internet culture as well as the competition has struck a nerve and the talk annoys him as well.

“A lot of it pisses me off. She’s like a sister to me. When I was locked up, I was about to kick a n***a’s ass,” says D. “You get to where any mother f**ker with some fingers can [get on a computer] and call themselves a critic.”

Bolden is one of the critics who isn’t particularly impressed by “Bow Down,” but feels there are deeper implications from the record.

“While I commend Beyoncé for changing things up and repping her Houston roots — I think that ‘Bow Down’ reeks of insecurity,” Bolden said. “Because who can she possibly be addressing than those who are already beneath her anyway?”

Willie D understands the critics, but says they just aren’t close enough to pass judgement, even with a raucous backdrop like “Bow Down.”

“If Beyoncé wasn’t cool people, I couldn’t care less, but she’s cool people,” D tells “She’s always been a real sweet person. Always smart. If anybody wanted to be a diva, it could be her.” He says her critics don’t her her personally, but admits that he never has done any business with the sensation.

“People think they know me. I don’t wake up in the morning saying, ‘What’s up, bald head hoe,” he said, referring to his underground hit “Bald Head Hoes.”

And they don’t know Beyoncé either, he maintained.

“To me, Beyoncé is H-Town (Houston, TX) royalty,” he told “They believe all of what they read and all of what they hear. People attack her character, and they don’t even know who their own mama is.”

“Bow Down” is the first new music Beyoncé has released since giving birth do Blue Ivy, her daughter with husband Jay-Z.

Presently, Willie D is planning a national tour with the rest of the Geto Boys, Scarface and Bushwick Bill.

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  1. facethafax

    Willie D checking muthafuckers as usual. The song is hot. Bey should do a remix and video with the Gangsta of Love. The streets would eat it up.

  2. Quadeer Shakur

    “Presently, Willie D is planning a national tour with the rest of the Geto Boys, Scarface and Bushwick Bill” ~THAT sounds like the REAL reason he did the interview.

  3. mademan3000

    So let me get this straight! Jennifer Aniston can do a movie talk about how she wants to F**K & SUCK D**K, dress trashy! I.e. Horrible Bosses but still can be considered America’s sweetheart! Cameron Diaz can cuss kids out use the word B**TCH, H*E & every other explicative! I.e. Bad Teacher and still be called a great actress! B, does something now she’s not classy…REALLY GTFOH WITH THAT!!!

      • mademan3000

        Wow!!! U can’t be serious, why the hell u can’t compare the two. Movies even gives a visual to go along with the verbal talk! Both are forms of art and despite what u wanna think all entertainers are looked upon as role models to certain people, so there are plenty of similarities!

      • Nemesis_Enforcer

        Jennifer Anniston is an actor. She doesn’t WRITE the movies. These are Beyonce’s words and thoughts. Case closed.

      • mademan3000

        Damn dude u jumped into this shit like u really shutting something down. Mannnnn u must of been feeling urself talking bout “CASE CLOSED”! Well I vaguely see the point ur trying to make, but we all know shit is based off of perception much more than it is off reality! To a kid or someone who is opened minded enough all they hear & see is the actor/actress behaving in a certain manner u think they actually give a damn who wrote it, Lol! That’s just like u spelling her name wrong, I could call u a dumbass, not knowing u could be a freaking scholar… now do u get the picture! IT’S ALL BASED ON HOW WE CHOOSE TO PERCEIVE THINGS! So as u would say CASE CLOSED!!!

      • Marquis Jackson

        I disagree. Beyonce does not write all of her music…At the end of the day, this is her art form. And the great thing about art is you could escape reality and be the biggest drug boss like Al Pacino, you can write an emotional song like Suicidal Thoughts a la Biggie, or you can be a painter and create your dream girl on a canvas…I mean, look at Michael Jackson’s image on the Bad album-we knew Mike wasn’t actually a “G”…At the end of the day, your art does not define who you are as a person; it just allows you to live in another realm, outside of one’s own reality…

      • deiondria

        “At the end of the day, your art does not define who you are as a person; it just allows you to live in another realm, outside of one’s own reality…”

        BUT…many young ppl don’t see that. While the ‘famous’ person may be living in another realm, young boys and girls (heck, even men and women) view it as reality. Why do you think Lupe Fiasco put out “Bi**h Bad”? These entertainers (singers/rappers) may be putting on a show but they do leave impressions on young people’s minds.

    • Q.

      You made a fair point. However, the difference I see is that B is much more influential over young women in this day and age than the middle-aged Aniston and Diaz, even moreso over Black girls in particular. I would also venture to say that people take the song lyrics that rappers, singers utter FAR more seriously than actors’ lines from a script. With that being said…in a free and fair world you would be 100% right, but we already know there is a racial double standard in U.S. society right from the rip, and unfortunately, Black girls and boys are far more influenced by what young Black entertainers do. In this case, Beyonce is being unnecessarily vile and controversial to do what?…push an upcoming album? I already know the chick is a brain-washed sex puppet so I’m not tripping over the song, although I think it’s stupid. But our people, our CHILDREN, deserve better than this tripe, every day of the week!

  4. bigdoe6

    There aint one rapper in the game that will step to Willie D. I dare any one of these so called bird/coke flipping rap niggas to diss Willie D. This dude will slap the fire out of any bitch ass nigga. Willie D a legend. I still bump that GB.

  5. Mafia Is Forever

    It’s so crazy to me how these artists can do all this luciferian/satanic shit and then act like they’re just normal. I’m not here to pass judgment but I don’t support that.

      • Mafia Is Forever

        It ain’t about if I believe in the devil or not. Satanism and Luciferianism are religions that people practice and the beliefs that come with it are all bad… But do I believe in the Devil myself? To an extent, I do, because I see the way the world is, you got people bein’ rude to nice people, you got innocent people gettin’ murdered, you got people doin’ any and everything for money, so yeah, I believe in the devil, in a sense.

  6. Q.

    “She has millions of little girls who emulate her and the “bitches” and
    cursing throughout the song is uncalled for. There’s already one


  7. Kevin Washington

    sounds like something kanye would do lol nice lil promo track / street track tho not sure why everyone getting up tight over this joint … this def aint her official single …. well it is but not the official official single …..


    This is a really stupid article + I have NO idea why the author included the opinion of another “jealous” contributor, that is clearly no different than the people that criticize Beyonce based on nothing but rumours. #BigTimeFAILForYall #SMDH

    • Chuck Creekmur

      Its called BALANCE. You don’t know too much about journalism – CLEARLY. Willie D is the homie and his view dominated the article. But, in news – which this is – a news story – there is typically at least 2 points of view when there is controversy or a hot topic. This is one of those topics. People love the song, people hate the song. People love the perspective or they don’t. Its not a fail in the least.

  9. firehawk17

    i like this shit…im not even beyonce fan.. i think she is talented for sure i just not into her..definitely not a stan lol but i dig her talent..

  10. Doc

    Bay is running the game right now so if you take offence to the song then maybe you the bitch that she talking about.

  11. Queen 👑 Leo ♌

    i honestly like the clips…im not a big fan of her as a solo artist, but iv always admired her for her drive and the work that she puts in to get what she wants…smh idk, to me entertainers are here to entertain..folks says shes an influence and yes she is, but she should b the influence for little girls to reach to the stars and keep goin, nothing more…not to actually raise folks kids,..u as a parent should b the 1st influence to ur child to show them this is how to be..not put them in front of the tv and say “be like her” which sum are makin it out to seem like they do (side_eye) folks put to much into celebs, they put themselves in the limelight for our damn just enjoy r keep movin, yes voice ur opinion but it would make more sense if its on the content, not the person…idk i used to smoke alot, my judgement could b strangely clouded..*shrugglife

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