Ice-T and Coco

Hip-Hop Rumors: Bad News For AP.9! Ice-N-Coco Win?

I don’t think AP.9 is going to like this one. He’s been going at Ice and Coco with threats of naked pics and infidelity. But…


I see no trouble in paradise.

Ice surprised Coco with a party with all her her people from her Vegas show. I don’t know all of that stuff, but she’s doing something out there. Anyway. The point is, it seems like things are cool even though the rumors are still running rampant in the streets.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • TruthSerum

    So, anybody know when that new AP.9 tape is dropping???


    • JerZeBoy

      two thousand twenty never………

    • DollasTX

      scheduled to be released the same day Ice-T’s “tape” drops … same day CoCo’s “tell-all” book drops


      • TruthSerum

        Ice T dont have to drop a tape, he makes more money off one episode of Law & Order then that other bum makes all year lol

      • Young Goku

        Lol hell yea Ice is good for life

      • DollasTX

        and that other BUM makes more money than you … and obviously Ice-T’s money couldnt buy him loyalty – so whats the point of even bringing up money its bigger than finances – “it’s principalities involved” money doesnt buy dignity, loyalty, and respect – you being a “woman” should know know that awe-ready

        “all that money bought him a bad investement”

    • Pedro Matos Jr.

      What’s that tape gonna be called “Face on a Milk Carton?”

  • My dude is washed up now but he debuted on a classic (C-Bo’s ” Til My Casket Drops”).

    • Lou Velazquez

      i know you aint talking about ap9 he is trash and all he wanted was attendtion !

      • High noon, on a hot summer day, in a ziploc bag…aka Hot Garbage!


      That joint a classic

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  • Hussle

    LOL nigga is whipped

  • Percy Snow

    So at the end of the day if she comes back home, of well, just like we do(men), we might hit the ho a couple of times but when its over im going back home, so if she did so what she went back home to daddy…

  • Escobar

    I enjoy seeing these relationships work at the end of the day – even if we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, it’s nice to see a media-based relationship work out.

  • AP9 bout to pull a Kreyshawn move… have all this hype and not drop an album until a year later… notice u dont hear about her no more after dat joint sold 25 hundred….

  • Ice-T knew who he married and exactly what he married..she’s sat in dudes laps with him present at the event and within the frame of the picture. AP9 was never really an issue.

  • ulostatlife

    I hate it had to be you Ice…but simps get no sympathy from me…You marry a hoe you know what you getting yourself into…

  • DoingItByTheBookIThink

    Who is the promoter guy she is supposedly screwing?

  • MrNoName2K

    GIF gotta nigga rollin!!

  • Wait! Why is Ice-T looking like a 60yrs white male? Bleach?

  • TheBigCheeFa

    lol@ice t got a teenager haircut

  • sakiru oresanwo

    To sum this article up, f@@k the haters and everybody who rides with ain’t sh!t9. Ice looks happy like a dude who just his first lap dance and coco can get it any time of the day,month, of luck to them both

  • TimeWillTellu1

    I hope he flips the script on her after she thinks its all good! Return the favor ICE!

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    Ice T looks like a white man, even compared to Coco! She’s got darker skin than he LOL


    dame ice t this bitch getting pimp juice rayed inher face and u throwing this bitch partyys

  • Super_Hero

    Why is this bad news for AP9. Ice T’s wife is the one that cheated. AP9 is the one that hit it. The only loser is Ice T.

  • brotha_man

    ice look stressed to f*ck out, forcing smiles type ish

    • Papi Peligro

      Man that’s real talk. After you said that I LOOKED back and they are far from Heavy Metal bumping uglies.

    • $18592567


  • Cookie Fox

    Well Im Glad He Handlin It Like A Man….

  • mike malarkey

    nigga look like a simp

  • Moro*

    lol rumors rampant on the streets yeah right like niggas talking about this stuff on the streets maybe them gay dudes in new orleans

  • Bumpy Johnson

    Does Ice T chill with anyone from Compton at all..or south central ???? How is this bad news for AP 9??..n how is ice and coco winning???

  • heen

    coco got him lookin like a sucker….she know she fucked dat nigga lol of course she stickin round for that law and order bread lol

  • JaymesRich®

    dont kiss that bitch,,,,

  • Weedras

    aint bad news for AP.9 though i still think he’s telling lies on that p***y.. but Ice lost points for not dealing with dude properly… as for him and his woman… it is what is dudes calling him and idiot and what not but walk in his shoes before you talk…

  • wonder if ice-t knows thats the dude from 98° thats a stripper now that coco is getting close too…..

  • Darkfather504

    Ice you can high road this all you want too. She gotta go!!!!!

  • 86Jordan

    AP.9 has no pictures hitting that or new music. Nicca’s lucky she wanted to pose up on em with his lame ass. He is a fame parasite, Coco has more star status than him, in fact she’s his only claim to fame lately. AP.9 is a f**king loser, he’s better off selling drugs than rapping, his gangsta rap act is so lllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmeeeee!

  • jay a. don

    rule #1 to this pimp sh%+, keep a hoe in arrears. total hypothesis, but coco seems to be handling her own budget. if so, it’s no wonder that she’s out of pocket. #loyaltothegame

  • hoeyuno

    Coco isn’t aging well.

  • ant662

    damn ice she straight playing u for a sucker. u need to trade that chick up for a new one.

  • Van H.

    Hey, AP9 is a young NIA, Coco thats investment, all that threat talk.. that shit is weak.. Let the OOG do his thing… Stop playing like you not see the bright ass lights from the camra… The Ice is a yella NIA…. Ice is a busy man, AP9 just leaving for the moment< yall stop hatting on Ice

  • LeftyOne

    ice is a suckaa!

  • Delonte West

    Wtf are we still talking about Ice-T, the cop killer whose roles have all been lawmen since he’s been acting?

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