Hip-Hop Rumors: Guess Who Is In The Studio With Kendrick Now.

Guess who is in the studio with the boy Kendrick? That’s right.

Kendrick is like the man of the freakin’ year!


  • Oknas

    TI is getting annoying

    • how? because he i makin the right moves and not gettin arrested?

      • Oknas

        No because he goes to jail twice, has a family show and still raps about the same shit that got him in jail.

      • Choppaliss

        nice response , was thinking the same shit

  • oceneco

    The way pharell is dressed, im suprised he isnt sucking on his finger.

    • Or something else!

      >> Reaches back & sprinkles a liberal dose of ::PAUSE::

  • Oknas

    kendrick looks like a nice guy, watch the industry change him in a few years lol

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  • Mr.CPT

    T.I. is weak to me now. He fell off!!

    • hoeyuno


    • mademan3000

      What he ↑ said!!!

      • Mr.CPT

        OVer what?

      • brotha_man

        true ive been disappointed in the past couple of TI albums….i knew heavy is the hand was gonna be weak. dont understand why doesnt use Killer Mike, Pastor troy, and goodie mobb members as his features as opposed to PINK

    • shakeyb05

      nah nigga got a track record

      • Mr.CPT

        you stupid, lol

    • hernandez26

      he did snap on that record with big boi & ludacris…”how we do it in the A”
      other than that………cricket….cricket….

      • Mr.CPT

        you need to listen to section 80

  • Biba Adams

    Looks like a big record… I do hate the bandwagon effect of mainstream artists tho.

    • DJ7

      I’m with you on this….Nobody wanted a feat. when lil dude was on the rise…

  • water_ur_seeds

    kendrick is ok, hes overrated though… he was another west coast rapper when he was k dot, then dre said he was dope changed his name, now hes the best in the game… ‘maad’ was average album, i preferred ‘compton state of mind’, hes industry hype…


      I agreed with this viewpoint until I heard GKMC.

  • speedy37

    Kendrick album wack

    • Tjzoo

      You probably like Trinidad James and them

      • speedy37

        I hate all rappers from the south wtf is a trinidad james im from bk and like i said kendric lamar album is wack that nigga overared.

      • I’m from BK too fam and Kendrick the truth the flow sick, and the nigga spit shit anybody can relate to instead of frontin like 80 percent of these niggas do

  • Super_Hero

    Be careful. TI be giving out those TIP to law enforcements.

  • Cookie Fox

    Cant Wait To Hear This Trio!!!!!!!

  • Mafia Is Forever

    Honestly, I don’t listen to none of these niggaz. I love rap though but I got into this spiritual living and basically I had to become the artist that we all need. But this ain’t promotion kause my music ain’t nowhere to be found. I’m just sayin’ that rap is entertainment mixed with a little realness plus bullshit that we don’t need. At this point everything needs to be important if you gonna do it, seriously, make God proud not the crowd then the world will change kause right now people are showing by there actions that they don’t understand life.

  • Mafia Is Forever

    Here’s how I view that picture. You got Kendrick Lamar throwin’ up the pyramid a.k.a. the Peace Sign then you got T.I. throwin’ up the Devil Horns and then you got Pharrell, who I’m pretty sure is a Mason in the pic too, and he been in the industry for a minute so he know the game. So that’s why no industry artist has my support, besides me hopin’ they get outta that Luciferian/Satanic Industry

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Dudes ok…pretty hyped up if you ask me. I’m glad lyrics are “coming back” push through was nice. Hope he stay off that repetitive bull$hit.

  • GregSki86

    Of course its TI. The n*igga career floppin’ hard so he tryin’ to jump on the d*ck of hip-hops new go to guy