Keyshia Cole

Hip-Hop Rumors: Keyshia Cole Calls Out Beyonce…And She’s Got A Point!

After Hearing “Bow Dow,” I heard Michelle Obama was like:

But, more importantly – KEYSHIA COLE….the hood chick supreme has seemingly taken exception to B’s position on “Bow Down.”

“First ‘Women need to Stick together’ now b—-s better Bow. Smh. But it’s all G! Chicks stay shooting the s–t. But when I speak my mind its a prob. #Well #StayMad.”

“Can’t stand when people all self righteous when it’s convenient it makes them look good. Lmao! But can still talk s–t when convenient 2 FOH”

“I done kept it real from the start! #RespectTHAT.”

Note to Keyshia: You cannot reason with the Bey Hive.

They created this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Matt Swan

    Eh the hell with Beyonce really. I don’t have anything against her, but I haven’t felt her since her destiny’s child or aka her destiny’s stepchild days. But all the same make money, but don’t you EVER compare yourself to Jesus. But again I’m sure those are just memes with her face on em. Get money I guess, by any means nessicary.

    • KeepStackin

      must be your first time trying to spell the word necessary..

      you failed btw.

      • hoeyuno

        Ha ha.. im no better though so i shouldn’t laugh.

      • Sean Taylor

        Gotta give him credit for trying to sound it out. LOL

      • $28825362


      • brotha_man

        I just spit my juice out all over my phone.

      • KingChandler

        lol, people still don’t realize they’re a google search away from having perfect spelling….smh

      • Doe Boy

        lol thats what i do

      • Whydid Youblockme


  • TheOnlyCoop

    Illseed you’re hating hard with those pictures.

  • patriot_CA

    Well…….In my opinion………Nevermind.

  • TheOnlyCoop

    You all need to watch the “Gangsta Put Me Down” video. And show Bey some respect. Kesha thinks she’s keeping it real because her Momma was on TV looking like a fool.

  • Global_Mission

    Wow, now Illseed and Keyshia Cole are whining..smh. Can a artist be an artist anymore?

    • Delonte West

      she’s still upset her mother smokes work…she’s just venting.

  • Papi Peligro

    I mean for real though what was the last Keyshia Cole rumor any body cared about.

  • Weedras

    why is it nowadays when i hear about Keyshia Cole its more about her ranting and less about her singing…. why the hell is that!? when you’re a singer…smh

    • ye that’s true i c something last week about her and fantasia

    • Jordon D. Childs

      That bitch jealous

      • Young Goku

        Jealous of what???

      • Weedras

        lol! why ask that question when you can answer it yourself… it ain’t science to know many of these females harbor envy for each other even though they may play nice… sheesh…

      • Jordon D. Childs

        of Beyonce! Come on you think they’d let that ghetto bitch perform at the superbowl?! Her only sponsor was some ghetto ass hair products but her worthless ass tried to get more money outta them now Tierra Marie took er spot Cole ain’t been relevant or hot since EVER and her man ain’t shit to speak of either! She sells no records & her nigga gets no rings barely get some tick or any highlights

  • My money is on Keyshia in a fist fight..and my money is on Keyshia in a sing off..

    • trlvman357

      Well compare dem grammy’s, compare bank acct. We don’t even gotta speak on talent. When was the last time dey invited Keysha cole to sing at anything?

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        I think your bein kinda hard on Keyshia you can’t say she’s not talented girl had hits a few years ago & still got a good voice & as far as looks I’d take Keyshia over Beyonce not that Beyonce don’t look good but Keyshia got better body

      • brotha_man


      • Whydid Youblockme

        keyshia cant TOUCH beyonce on bey’s worst day

      • Get of bey’s vag..Keyshia would sing Beyonce to the nearest exit.

      • Young Goku

        And she looks way better than bey without make up

      • Jordon D. Childs

        Who can you show off? Who gets you more benefits? Who are people checking for? KC is the poster child for EBT/LINK have you seen her mother yea try taking frankie and neffy on the red carpet or in public

      • trlvman357

        Beyoncé is like the black fuckin Madonna she on some international shit, while K. Cole still got da same lame ass fans and she had to get fixed up for t.v. Bey been str8 from birth as far as I know and K. Cole what body she got? She better get Frankie off dat shit. All She do is yell, she can’t harmonize with her shit, and I bet beyonce sold more records den k. cole mother mother snorted lines. I can’t stand a jealous muh fucka dats why im hard on her but I aint neva fucked wit her ever since she put her fam on blast for publicity

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        I’m not trynna say Keyshia’s a bigger star everyone knows Beyonce’s bigger she’s more pop & got more people behind her always has.Jealousy is a weak trait so i feel u on that.As far as her fam that’s not her fault the fam was willing 2 do the show 4 a paycheck even tho the mom’s was a mess & they still agreed.And as far as body u might wanna use some visine cuz Keyshia got body I still got a King mag wit her on the cover girl got nice,natural not fake titties & a lil more meat on her than Bey.Just my opinion but I’m sure others agree.

      • trlvman357

        Well I ain t never seen K cole show nothing and as for her fam, she could have stopped that, but she wanted the exposure im sure those producers say dollar sighn when they seen how ratchet her mother and sister was and it didn’t take nothing to convince her. Why you think she keep doing reality show? She can’t stay relevant, so now sending shots to artist way about her level

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        Man real talk tho how do u know it wasn’t her fam that was pushin 4 the show u don’t think they want some shine? Did anyone know any of them b4 the show-NO- now everybody know Frankie by name u don’t think an addict is trynna make some loot 4 her addiction & the sister’s might wanna step out of Keyshia’s shadow? I’m not gonna front like Keyshia can’t use some TV time but there’s plenty artist doin reality TV now how bout T.I. 4 example? Is he irrelevant?

      • oumish

        hell no !!! keyshia better body??

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        Yessiirr look again Beyonce got nice legs & hips but Keyshia better overall

      • Grammy’s are strictly mean to tell me Drake winning a grammy over nas is anything but politics? Bank accounts? You mean robbing song writers of their credit so you can keep the publishing is decent business. That’s how Beyonce has made most her money..ask neyo and the dream about that one. They both have a ton of interviews talking about it. Keyshia will sing circles around beyonce bruh..

      • Young Goku


      • trlvman357

        Keyshia will sing circles around Bey, guess that’s why she sold more albums that Bey, got invited to sing at the super bowl, presidential inguaration and got a 50 mil dollar pepsi contract. Yea K. Cole is da shit huh? Hell no, all dat broad do is yell, and talk about getting played. That’s all she got. Only people that get pissed at the da grammy’s besides Kanye now is the ones who don’t win shit. 17 grammys aint political. Bey sells hella records and K. Cole is a reality star. No comparison bruh

      • If talent sold records Nas would’ve gone 10x platinum 4 times by now..if talent sold records Amel Larrimeux would have 20 grammy’s by now, if talent sold records..if talent sold records I wouldn’t have turned off the radio 8 years and wouldn’t have kept it off this time..if records sales were dependent on skills lil wayne would’ve never sold a million records in a day, Talib Kweli would’ve instead. See my point? Beyonce with her cute outfits, wigs, and light skin and her massive p.r. team is why she’s in the position she’s in…Rihanna can’t sing worth a damn but average 3.4 million copies per album but you wanna talk about skills? Go back and listen to Keyshia’s stuff when she was messing with death row..

      • trlvman357

        No I don’t see your point. Keyshia sounds like a cat getting its head sawed off. Bottom like she’s on her hater shit, because she know she can never be on a beyonce level. If she had any class she would be on her grind and not worry about other bitches, but yet she twitter beefs cuz dats all shit got left

      • You really taking debating two chicks to heart like you are defending your honor bro..can you sing better than Keyshia Cole? If so where can I hear it? End of story…on her grind? You on AHH Keyshia’s a millionaire classless chick as you call her but you are what?’s all good bro. I just love the irony when folks start railing on someone they themselves can’t compete with.

      • Glo Mo Go


      • Young Goku

        Grammy’s don’t mean shit, If you’re an nice obedient slave entertainer, They will keep rewarding you, Keyshia is too real for this plastic industry, Remember, Females have to sleep their way to the top & continue to do so to say there #Fact

      • Weedras

        sorry bruh but Keyshia is too real? she was trying to sell us her family and their skeletons on tv to get some shine… she ain’t better than any other chick out there trying to make it… what’s messing with Keyshia isn’t her talent, its her attitude… you act ignorant and carry on like you ain’t got no maturity ofcourse your not gonna be known for your talent…pshh.. it about being real its about how you act… its the same in any industry or profession… and why dudes gotta try a disrespect females by assuming that its mandatory they f*@k someone get where they are but a dude on the come that is well like is deemed to be ‘real’… smells like sexism to me…

      • Young Goku

        It ain’t disrespect my dude, You obviously don’t know how the game works, Cuz it goes for females & dudes too, Ask Prof. Griff, A man who was in the industry who knows all about that shet, This game is smoke & mirrors dawg, If artist could shine cuz they were “talented” I guarantee hip hop would be in a WAY better state now, It’s all politics, You see how most garbage cats are getting hella shine these days? Niggahs doing the most to get the money, That’s why cats like Lupe, Talib, Mos def,etc don’t get the proper respect they deserve cuz they ain’t selling out for a dollar, Now as far as Keyshia & them goes, You have a lot of talented female artists who are great at what they do but only Beyonce gets the spotlight & get away with murder??? smh wake up my dude lol, But if you listened to Pac’s music he was talking about all the stuff way back then dawg, Do your research *Drops mic*

      • steven smith

        Grammy means a lot. more money and recorginiton in your craft. its like Phd or masters to a musician.

      • steven smith

        Not all of them sleep around. I worked in a studio and most female singers always bring someone with them and its always strickle business.

      • Glo Mo Go

        Money and Grammys are a sign of talent? Really? Because last I checked, 2 Chainz was nominated and he appears to have a decent sized bank account. How does that work?

        Many brilliant artists have lived and performed without ever living a millionaire lifestyle or being recognized at the Grammys.

        The public at large will eat whatever the industry feeds them. Even garbage.

    • Whydid Youblockme

      no offense, but i doubt it. beyonce would whip keyshia’s a$$ with kicks ALONE lol

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        I hope your jokin cuz I doubt beyonce even been in a fight her whole life she look like the soft, don’t wanna get my hands dirty, Imma tell my daddy type

      • Young Goku

        C’mon son lol

  • Q.

    Keyshia’s hood sensibilities are offended. LOL What she doesn’t realize is that these aren’t Beyonce’s own thoughts. Beyonce is a high-level entertaining sex puppet. The industry behind her manipulates her image as they see fit, which includes assigning her songs and lyrics to project whichever persona is needed to sell a particular product/record and influence her followers. day, she’s the booty poppin’ harlot, hoeing it up, the next day she’s Miss America, graceful and refined, the day after that, she’s smackin’ b!tches in the mouth.. Who does that? LOL

    It’s all fake. This girl isn’t paid to think–she does as she’s told. They did the same thing with Britney, Rihanna, et al… notice the pattern of split personas? It’s all the same program. I’d bet these chicks are probably drugged up when they go in the booth too.

    • Guest

      Q – tru dat

    • FACT

    • Eli Pinilla

      G shit…they doin It with justin bieber right now

    • therealjjohnson

      The Monarch is real.

    • Chris

      Attention. Salute.

    • DJ7

      knowledge born

    • mmdccbslm

      you are telling too much truth. the woman even went blonde on demand, just before the release of the black/bronze/blonde barbie. JZ is just as ignorant. what a pair. they could be helping people and raising them up. but for these fools/tools that’s too much to ask, definitely.

    • Young Goku


    • steven smith

      Yes but thats music and Hollywood. they are selling a dream and an image. popular music always that way.. its packaged. its marketing.. even gangster rap, Rock and geek music is designed for an audiance. you suppose to do what your told when you are in a major lable. just like a regular job if not youur ass be fired or released.
      Its they millions they spending on you.

      • Q.

        When I said “does as she’s told,” I wasn’t talking boss vs. employee…
        …Think programmer vs. computer. It’s deeper than music. #mkmonarch

      • steven smith

        If you study old Hollywood or Motown artist. they have to act a certian glamorous and polite way.clean good girl image. role models type.
        Like the Suprems, The Jacksons in the early days, but some artist start being too demanding like going to jail or using drugs like Mj and whitney getting away from record lable rules or ideas to market you.
        independent gangster rappers can do as they please and go for that bad image and street creed like getting arrested is the norm. So the lable is your parent, teacher or coach and the military telling you to act right to sell records and get cormercially with pepsi and so on. to project a glamorous image for the public. but its on the contract and you dont have to sign it. go indie if you dont want to be programed and end up like

      • Q.

        What does all that have to do with Beyoncé switching personas on the drop of a dime? Read up on the MK Monarch program. People like B and the Disney kids (Britney, Christina, Miley Cyrus, et al.) were groomed into the program from childhood; they didn’t have much of a say so what happened to them as kids, and most of their parents were complicit in exploiting their own children. Other puppets have been brainwashed or co-erced via trauma-based programming and D.I.D. mind control. This industry isn’t all what you believe it is. Like I said…it’s DEEPER THAN MUSIC.

      • steven smith

        You know woman change their minds anyway.Beyonce is human and have a right to switch her persona sometimes, Its her music that counts. the entertainment industry is a shark infested waters. good and bad characters. The people you mentioned are mostly in good hands. they are super rich. like they say read the contract before you sign. is a choice for them. take orders from the lable Boss or go indie and don’t be programed.
        PS. after you sell millions of records for these lables. now you have more power to negociate and be more vocal.

      • Q.

        LOL I see you’re stuck on the surface, so we’ll end this here. Everything you’re saying is moot, because you’re speaking as if a child star would be in the position to make all of the moral and business decisions over their own lives. You can go down the list and see who was groomed into the industry to influence kids, then adults to promote an over-arching agenda. But it’s okay if you want to buy into the allure of Beyoncé and whatever else the entertainment industry sells you–that’s your choice. However, beliefs don’t change facts, and the Truth bends for no man.

        A detective solves cases through observation, and analysis of patterns and evidence. You can investigate the above info to further your own understanding, or you can carry on in your beliefs in the illusions of materialism…it makes me no difference. As far as your statement “The people you mentioned are mostly in good hands. they are super rich,” I’ll leave you with this:

        Leviticus 19:29
        “Do not prostitute your daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to prostitution, and the land become full of wickedness.”


      • steven smith

        Men you sound like the taliban.
        Your trying to twist things. many kids love to sing and dance and getting paid is a plus. child stars made a lot of money. enjoyed the fame and can still get jobs. none have returned the money yet. some kids are mistreated in any field. depends on the parent. many parents get child supports and food stamps and still kids won’t see much. it all depends on the parents.
        Im sure you watch tv. but on your book kids on commercials, movies and tv shows are now prostitutes. Men you sound like the Taliban.

        Since you wanna quote the Bibble. I leave you with this.

        Some of your main mind programers are church ministers. ripping people off. using church donations and demanding percentage of your income. in the meantime. they buying luxruy homes, cars and some have jet planes.

        A quote from the hood.
        Everybody can’t be a Boss.
        You have leaders and you have followers.

      • Q.

        “Men you sound like the taliban.”

        I’m only one MAN. Put down the purp! I don’t know even know WTF you’re talking about at this point… Were you trying to debate? I’m confused. I can’t tell if you’re trying to make an actual point or just rambling to pass the time:

        “Since you wanna quote the Bibble.” <—What is a Bibble, dog?

        LOL Have a nice DRUG-FREE day, young brotha!

      • steven smith

        Were just debating and it seems that you can’t handle real facts.
        If you don’t like those artist that you claim are being controlled. then turn
        it off.

        Record buyers don’t care about your consipiracy nonesence.

        LOL.. Stay on your meds brah

      • Q.

        You thought this was a debate? LOL No, no, brotha. You have to comprehend & respond directly to what’s being said to stage a debate. You haven’t showed me any facts, just your uninformed opinions. I don’t study conspiracy theories, I study science, so you gotta present SCIENCE to debate me, bro. Your BELIEFS are irrelevant to me. But I’ma keep it real with you…your writing/grammar is so horrible that I can barely take you seriously to begin with. I don’t know if English is your first language or not.

        I advise you turn the dummy box (TV) off, get into some true history books and step your knowledge game up. Until then, you’re out of your league here.

      • steven smith

        You lost already.
        A scientist on the Hip-Hop blogs.
        more like cooking up that coke.

        Since your so educated and a science wizard..You spelled brother wrong. Its not brotha.

        I gave you real facts about how the entertainment business works, but you can’t handle someone checked you on your b/s.

        The lable executives, producers selects songs for the artist to sing, because they know what sells and how to market each artiist.
        But after your extablished in the business then you can write your own songs. very simple explaination for you.
        but your stuck on consipiracy.

        But I understand you now. I seen dudes like you in the hood.
        You smoke that weed or hit that 40 oz or both.
        come outside and talk that consipiracy bull sh**

        The music business is different than science.
        Go take your meds Mr. Scientist.

      • Q.

        LOL I lost? What did I lose? I’m not competing with you, duke. You came out the woodwork with your simp cape on for Beyoncé. Like, I said your OPINION doesn’t mean spit to me. Don’t confuse your opinions with facts. I repeat, THERE IS NO DEBATE IF YOU CANNOT COMPREHEND THE ORIGINAL STATEMENT MADE. I can tell by the way you write that YOU DO NOT READ, so I already know that YOU DON’T KNOW SH!T. You did not research one single statement I made, nor do you know your own history, so you are way out of your lane, homie. Go buy you a book, or pop in a “Single Ladies”…I don’t care. Just…give it up, already.

        No Knowledge of Self = LIFE LOSS.

      • steven smith

        I read your statement about artist being sex puppets of the industry.
        Artist being controlled. I disagreed with your conclusion.

        You need to read this. Its just a job for this people.
        No puppet or a slave makes $60 million a year like Beyonce.
        You gotta respect that. If not your a hater.
        Record lables, producers, artist. composers, managers sits down
        in a meeting and select songs for the artist. some are even writing by the artist. the artist can earn royalties too. So its team work. people sharing ideas on how to market the album and create a buzz.
        this where you failed to understand. and artist can disagree or even go to court if they feel mistreated or cheated.

        Why other blacks like you be putting salt in the game.
        I now your type. Yeah men she’s a sex puppet. The white men be controlling that bitch. and thats your type. but you be broke and busted. no job, no future.

        Stop with the consipiracy nonsence..

        LOL go listen to Rockwell “Somebody watching me” That song will make you fell better.

      • Q.

        Once again, you’re peddling your UNINFORMED OPINION, which I’m not buying. I don’t hate anyone; I’m just a student of history and a seeker of Truth. I don’t subscribe to the mundane beliefs of the average fan/consumer, such as yourself–I venture outside the box of the chattel mentality. You based your conclusion only on what you’ve been lead to believe by typical mainstream thought. Your scope of understanding is limited to a tiny box, so I don’t expect you to understand or necessarily get it. I’m talking about apples, you’re talking about oranges. You’re talking about contracts and royalties, which has NOTHING to do with what I wrote in regards to the MK program. How does getting $60M make one not a puppet? If anything, the ones getting more money are more likely to be controlled. See, your logic is flawed, so you’re not in a position to refute the information I’ve dispensed, as you have not dared to explore and counter this info and submit credible counter-evidence based on your own INFORMED understanding. Get it? Have you studied the history of world politics, government, military, or technology? I’m sure you haven’t. If you had, you wouldn’t be so shell-shocked by my initial post. You’re going on 2 weeks of thirsting for my attention, dog. I think it’s funny. But again, this is a case of KNOWLEDGE vs. BELIEF.

        Oh, I don’t believe in bragging, so I won’t embarrass you with my background, but since you claim I’m “broke and busted,” please tell me what YOU DO for a living! LOL If you have a job at all, I’m pretty sure you take orders and don’t give them, because you can’t think for yourself…and no one in their right mind would let you anywhere near any paperwork. Your reading comp./writing/grammar skills are about D- level, honestly, which makes you manual labor material all day. There’s nothing wrong with that. But don’t act like you’re doing better than anybody, when you’re clearly not that smart, homie. I’ll understand if you’re still high school age, but I’ll be laughing if you tell me you’re over 25!

        See, fukkin’ with me, you can only SMARTEN UP…because I’m not DUMMYING DOWN for you. So keep REACHING for the stars, brotha. LOL

      • steven smith

        Say what. You will embarras me with your education. Yea more like your arrest records. Cats like you go to prison. read a few books and think your educated but its that weed talking.

        Much respect to MLK. but it has notting to do with your statement that artist are being controlled. He will be happy to see blacks doing great like Beyonce. or the President. He will understand its a job. Somebody gotta do it. everybody can’t be a chief.
        But crazies like you think working next to white people or taking orders is being controlled. being a puppet.
        Its just a job. In 10 years these artist will fade away.
        They don’t care less about your openions.

        Stop preaching that nonsence to our youths.
        If your so educated, a scientiest. go create jobs in the hood. thats what our people need.

        Earlier you quated the bible like your a rightous man. now your using words like fukkin. This proves your missing some screws upstairs.

      • Q.

        LMAO Wow. Now you’ve really proven how dumb you are. This is truly hilarious. MLK? NlGGA, when did I say anything about MLK? I said “MK Program,” dufus! LMAO

        BTW, Thanks for revealing yourself. I know exactly who you are now: STEPHEN, my number one fan. Of course it’s you! Who else would be on my d!ck for TWO WEEKS? LOL You created a new screenname like a coward, because you’re too shook to post under your original screenname. You know everytime you post that dumb sh!t on AHH, the gods will light that azz up. LOL SMH

        So I smoke weed, have arrest records and “think” I’m educated, huh? LMAO Okay! Don’t comment on anyone’s education, dog, because you couldn’t spell your way out of a wet paper bag or form a grammatically correct sentence to save your life…so just STOP.
        I haven’t mentioned “white people” once in this whole exchange so WTF are you babbling about now, NlGGA? And I never said I was righteous either, but what does cursing an idiot like you have to do with how righteous I am? A: NOTHING. Soldiers kill in the name of freedom, justice–are they less righteous? Huh?

        Man, I’m really dying to know what your age/nationality is. Please tell me. I promise not to go in on you if you tell me the truth… I can’t tell if you’re a white troll or a slave n!gger moron. I’m not sure if you’re even American. But if you are indeed black, please KILL YOURSELF immediately. Thanks, in advance.

      • steven smith

        I got this nigga shook up. you sound upset nigga.
        from his consipiracy theories about artist being a puppet to quoting the bible. now he taliking about homo stuff. you crazy ass nigga.
        I’m not Stephen or who ever you had funk with in the past.
        Iam steven Smith. age 33. African American male. black and proud. unlike you using Q as a screen name. Q means Queer.

        Artist don’t care less about your consipiracy or science bullshi.
        Its all about paying bills. its a job. a high paying gig. Iam a musician so this is my topic. If your a science major, go invent something for our people and stop talikng bullshit.

        You quoted the bible like you were a righteous man. now you say go kill myself. no nigga, go murder your self

        Not following you at all. Your the one keep responding.

      • Q.

        Clothesline yourself with razor wire, n!gga.

        You’ve been bouncing on my d!ck for TWO WEEKS straight already. WHERE THEY DO THAT AT? You ride Black d!ck like a Kardashian, n!gga. Fukk outta here. Far from shook…though I admit I’m almost fascinated by how unintelligent you are. I already know you’re lying, b!tch…’cause you changed your age from 43 to 33, clown. OOPS! LMAO

        Corny azz n!gga, you’re not a musician, nor Black, nor proud; you’re a gotdamn imbecile, a brain-dead automaton. You are truly an embarrassment. Clearly, no one in your life likes or respects you, which is why you crave my attention so desperately. LOL You really think trolling me is gonna make me conform to your chattel slave level of thought–WRONG. You’ve been rambling for two weeks and haven’t said anything of importance YET. Your mother should’ve gargled you and spit you in a napkin. LMAO So-called artists may not care about my opinion, but guess what, n!gga? YOU DO.

        MESSAGE: Beyonce is a high-level entertaining sex puppet. The industry behind her manipulates her image as they see fit, which includes assigning her songs and lyrics to project whichever persona is needed to sell a particular product/record and influence her followers. day, she’s the booty poppin’ harlot, hoeing it up, the next day she’s Miss America, graceful and refined, the day after that, she’s smackin’ b!tches in the mouth.. Who does that?

        It’s all fake. This girl isn’t paid to think–she does as she’s told. They did the same thing with Britney, Rihanna, et al… notice the pattern of split personas? It’s all the same program. #mkmonarch

  • Justice4Trayvon001

    The b**** is really bitter these days.. Frankie’s child, why so bitter? Huh? Say what? cause your career flopped? ain’t that a b****!! Well, stop spending so much time on twitter beef’n and put out an album. You might just could become relevant again but good luck gurl. You possibly done f’d up what lil career you once had for good!! #stupidBITTERb****

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  • atreu

    so what their both whack and make songs that sound the exact same….

  • DollasTX

    #1 (AINT NEVER HEARD IT) but i wonder who wrote the song for her … keyshia cole needs missy back on her EXEC PRODUCED BY shyt cuz keyshia cole is boring SOLO … er’once in a while BEYONCE gotta drop a “bow down” “diva” “soldier” to keep her hood following in tact … miss keyshia cole on her hood shyt when she was jeezy doe

    • EL_BARK

      True, shet aint had a major hit since that missy lil kim track.

  • Jasari

    So should they be mad at T.I when he called himself King of The South and still tried to unite artist from ATL? Its a competitive industry..So what..

  • Sounds like Beyonce hit a nerve. I’m pretty sure that’s what she meant to do. BTW, the track is dope. It will bang in the club.

  • greeneyedbandit

    It was over for Keyshia when Monica came back

    • True.

    • therealjjohnson

      Monica is “back”? thats funny…

      • greeneyedbandit

        We hadn’t heard anything from Monica in years until Keyshia Cole came out with the song “Trust” with her.I think she took a break after her and C-murder split up and the death of an ex-boyfriend.

      • after the death, she did that album “After the Storm”.. “Love All Over Me” is hella beautiful, finna go play it right now 🙂

      • greeneyedbandit

        Monica sang better, was much prettier and mature than Keyshia Cole.

  • trlvman357

    Go tend to you ratchet ass mother and your sixth man husband.

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  • Ronlg1

    Like I have been saying, Keyshia Cole needs to focus on her craft and keep her mouth closed. Does she think that we as the consumer don’t see the hypocracy in what Beyonce did/does with that song? We just don’t need to hear it from Keyshia Cole out of all people. Last month it was Keyshia talking about Michelle looking uncomfortable, well what dance moves are included in Keshia’s routines? Now it’s Beyonce’s song. Is this how you intend to stay relevant? Make more music, get a better vocal coach and work on your live show, instead of tweeting.

    • she danced on “Shoulda Let You Go”..that is all.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    I’d rather Bey be the pope ANYDAY!

  • hoeyuno

    That shirt is hilarious

  • When your on top everyone Hates ; started with LL then NWA then Hammer, Jay Z,Ja Rule,50,Lil Wayne,TI & so on!

    • brotha_man

      ja rule???? NWA was hated because of what they represented….america wasnt ready for that. Hammer, i dont remember anybody hating hammer. but I guess its true, TI said it best “Heavy is the hand”

      • verywellingdowd

        Trust me everybody hated on Hammer. The list is loooong bruh. Name anyone outside of Ice-T and PE that was in the game at the time and they probably threw salt his way.
        Also not directed towards you, but hate started way before LL. The Bee Gees had haters lol, Mozart had haters, Any modicum of success brings both haters and dickriders.

      • So What

        *sigh*… heavy is the head, my dude

  • Phy

    hahaha they used a Glee meme (for those people wondering who Quinntana is)

    • brotha_man

      *scratching head w/ confused look*

  • brotha_man

    keyshia fine ass hell, that i know.

    • Martina

      Much better than Beyzebull.

  • PliggaNease

    that bitch need to shutup and make some music worth listening to

  • “What would Beysus do?” LoL



  • Gail BrownEyedredskinsforlife

    The only way to bring attention to yourself is to call someone out???

  • Van H.

    I think Keyshia seeing things the wrong way, might be fooled by the media are some things… I like the first track, The queen made her points, lets wait for the next track, Keyshia clearly jump the gun….

  • Lyve Wire

    keyshia says the same thing that we all say about beyonce, but when she says it, she get called a hater. hmmm.


    was she not right though? beyonce goes through these random phases/lanes that usually would kill an artist’s career. how would it look if india irie came out with a club banger? lol.
    not really a fan of either, but would have to agree with KC. i figured that more ppl would also. i guess that beyonce kool-aid is stronger than i thought.

  • Delonte West

    haha, its funny cause we all know her mama smokes crack…that’s impossible to forget.

    • Martina

      It’s sort of like Kanye’s mom sucking all the fat out of herself…… can’t forget that either.


    Dem pictures and shirt had me rolling!!!! That’ s “Stan” to the 3rd power…Fans are a trip…

  • fvckyolife

    what is a meme?

    • Young Goku

      It’s a long story bro….

  • Cookie Fox

    I Mean I Think Keyshia Cole Understands The Context Of The What She Is Saying When Says “Bow Dow Bitches” So…..Sounds Like She May Feel She A Lil More Street Or Gutta Than Beyonce’ Seems Like Thats The Struggle, Not So Much What She Actually Is Sayin, Keyshia May Feel That She Is More Hood And Beyonce Dont Have The Right To Make A Track Like That, I Feel Beyonce Is Evolving, Into Her Full Portion Of Who She Is, The “B” Is….

  • Red Scorpian

    This article is funny, I don’t really care for both of them, especially beyonce (copycat-butt)

  • Sha Har

    Keyshia just shut up. I think she has some real personal issues going on. She’s losing it. When her manager Manny left, I was shocked.

  • steven smith

    I like you Keyshia. Pretty fine sister. but your not in Beyonce League. she’s world wide. super bowl. The Queen of music right now. and her man is one of Kings of Rap.