I Don’t Camouflage: Selan Just Wants to “Create Music”

Meet New York-based musician Selan. He’s a threat to those who just sing, as Selan is a composer, producer, singer and songwriter. Among many collaborations, he’s worked with Grammy-winning singer Adele.

Peep the vid:

  • Dodridge Moore

    I would like to thank you Selan.I am 58 years of age ( about to be 59 in a few days) with a gift. My eternal love of and for music.I do not have the want fo the Big Lights I just want to pass on my gift to others.Thanks to your candid and most humble interview,my gold is now Set-In-Stone.My only wish before I lay down for ” The Big Sleep” is to be part of the cycle. My God gave me a Gift..I aim to share that Gift with the world..and maybe all Glory will be returned to ” Him”. The Cycle.Bless you and thanks for being Real.