Mixtape Download: Presice: I Love People But Hate Crowds



  • 1.Intro
  • 2.On A Tangent
  • 3.My Pleasure
  • 4.Black Star Power
  • 5.Green Means Go
  • 6.Crack Rock
  • 7.Next In My City
  • 8.Worth The Risk
  • 9.Best Unsigned
  • 10.Should Of Listened (Available on Deluxe Version on
  • 11.Scorn Mothers Daughter
  • 12.Note Pad Political Views
  • 13.Swedish Queen
  • 14.For The People
  • 15.Need Those Lights
  • 16.Born Broke, Die Rich (Available on Deluxe Version on
  • 17.Leroy Green
  • 18.The Balance
  • 19.Tour Life
  • 20.Too Much For Em
  • 21.People Vs. Crowds
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