Bronx Principal Catching Heat For Appearing In ‘Gang Girl’ Film

(AllHipHop News) New York City elementary school principal Anissa Chalmers is facing serious criticism from the New York Department of Education Chancellor Denis Wolcott and concerned parents for appearing in the independent movie Gang Girl.

The film was released back in 2009 and contains violent acts like rape, beatings, and shootings.

“The chancellor is aghast at the images in and content of the film, which are totally inappropriate,’’ said a Department of Education spokeswoman in a statement. “The chancellor is always concerned about both real and perceived violence…and its impact on students.”

The New York Post reports that Chalmers was given a waiver to star in the movie, but the DOE claims they did not know the content of Gang Girl which was originally titled “Surrender.”

The film, directed by Damian Bailey of Glory To God Productions, is a modernized version of the story of Paul the Apostle from the Bible, and it is loosely based on Chalmers’ life growing up in the Bronx.

Chalmers spoke about her past in a podcast:

I didn’t kill nobody. I’m not a murderer…There a lot of women that have gotten raped. Unfortunately, I was one of them. There are a lot of women who’ve had abusive parents. Unfortunately, I was one of them… A best friend and I did things that I don’t want the Feds to hear about when I was younger… But glory to God. I’m here. I’m alive. I’m well. I just praise God for the change that has occurred in my life.

The film focuses on the story of a reformed gang member who is trying to help her friend (Chalmers) escape the gang lifestyle.

Chalmers’ appearance in Gang Girl has drawn concern because her school received a grade of “F” for “school environment” which includes safety. PS 132 reportedly has had several violent incidents, and some people feel Chalmers may be reinforcing that behavior in her students by starring in a movie that depicts excessive violence.

Chalmers has starred in other independent movies. She played a minister in 2009’s We Fall Down, and she had a role in the coming of age film Speedsuit in 2012.

You can watch the trailer for Gang Girl below.

  • 7yoyo7

    Next news : Teachers and principals fired for twerking contest on Youtube.
    (Ladies ONLY)

  • YaheardSyndicate

    So they are using her as a scapegoat, because that area has been rough since the 1960s? And they want her fired after signing a waiver? It’s a movie, is Arnolds role in the Terminator blamed for Gang Violence in Los Angeles? How many NYPD cops beat up people and are still working. NYC needs to get it together. Im sure none of her students even knew about that B Movie until all of this.

    • 7yoyo7

      I’m from the BX and the area calmed down since the 90s. South bronx included…
      There were a few “blood” sets appearing here and there around 05-06 but this dumb shit faded.

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  • FOH!

    It was actually a good movie that is anti violence! The parents are lucky to have a principal with her background & desire to help change the community for the better!

  • 8oclockdoc8

    “I didn’t kill nobody”. LOL! Maybe the real reason that the DOE is getting rid of her isn’t her performance in a cheesy old movie, the violence and “F” performance of the school, the $200K stolen from the school coffers from secretaries while under her watch, but because she’s a school principal that can’t speak English properly? “I didn’t kill nobody” Ok, so who did you kill?

  • Let’s draw attention away from the fact the state has one of the worst education programs on planet earth. What a teacher/principal does on their own time as long as it’s not criminal shouldn’t affect their job. I see Bloomberg and Giuliani in multiple episodes of a law & order..don’t hear anyone critiquing them.

  • But the chief of police in LA can star in a movie & it’s alright. (End of Watch)..meanwhile cops in LA killing kids.

  • Dislandia

    i go to the school she works in but im in 5th grade