With All Due Respect Lil Wayne Should Never Be Compared To Malcolm X

Let me start by saying that as a diehard Hip-Hop head and a child of the south I have been listening to Lil Wayne and Cash Money since they burst on the music scene in the late 1990’s. I can acknowledge that at times Wayne has shown signs of artistic brilliance, but I also feel that his musical output over the last few years has been nowhere near the quality of his incredible run between 2004-2008.

With that being said, I have no problem with Hip-Hop fans debating whether they believe Wayne has fallen off or if he is still one of the best in the game. Comparing Top 5 lists, GOAT lists, and Hottest Emcees lists helps keep fans investing in the culture and pushes artists to strive to be better. But I do take serious offense to Wayne (or any rapper) ever being compared to a legendary civil rights leader like Malcolm X.

Let’s be clear, Lil Wayne is an entertainer. His job is to sell records for the sole purpose of making money. Yes, as a public figure I believe he is responsible for the content he presents to young people, and if someone feels that the music he releases has a negative impact on his listeners then they have every right to call him out on that. The same way his supporters have the right to defend him. The First Amendment applies both ways. That’s a public discussion that is completely understandable. But again the only reason Wayne is a public figure is because he is a performer.

Malcolm X was so much more that. He was a minister. He was an activist. He was a philosopher. He was an advocate for change.

I cannot see how anyone can compare the man who said “beat that pussy up like Emmett Till” to the man who said “power in defense of freedom is greater than power in behalf of tyranny and oppression.”

This is not an attack on Wayne or his content. It just needs to be pointed out that we are being asked to equate a man who at this point in his career mostly raps about sex, drugs, and skateboarding to a man who gave his life to end discrimination and promote peace.

To even compare Lil Wayne to the pre-converted Malcolm Little is also beyond the stretch of imagination. Racism is still alive and well in 2013, but I don’t think that Wayne could even understand the level of hatred and discrimination Little had to overcome during his life growing up in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Wayne has been surrounded by money since he was a teenager, so he had advantages as a young black male that Little never had nor most of the American-American youths of today will ever experience.

The “anger” expressed by Little was from a place of deep hurt and resentment from being poor and voiceless. Wayne’s “anger” seems to stem from a feeling of being misunderstand for the work he creates and constant public criticism. The difference (beyond the fact that one is the result of institutionalized racism and the other a bruised ego?): Wayne has a worldwide platform to express his discontent. Little didn’t.

I will say that Wayne and Little both have one thing in common. They both saw the inside of a prison cell. But again that’s where the similarities end.

Malcolm Little came out of prison a changed man who had found faith and a true sense of purpose. Lil Wayne came out of prison a man who not only continued his reckless behavior, but as someone who many feel digressed artistically as well.

While I hope that Wayne is able to fully recover from his current medical condition and that this latest incident in his life opens his eyes and forces him to reevaluate his decisions in the future, we do not have to elevate him to the level of Malcolm, or any other notable hero, to wish him well.

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  • MrWindyCity82

    Very well said… Round of applause is in order…

  • Guest

    didn’t even read – don’t have to – Yolanda kyles? – this is a stupid title to article – wayne would have to change first – and dedicate his LIFE to the powerment of his race – the opposite of his coonish effect on his race.

    • Yohance

      If you had actually read the article you would see that was mostly the very point being made. This editorial is a response to another article that was posted on AllHipHop a few days ago that did compare Wayne to Malcolm. The opinion of this article is to refute that comparison.

      • Q.

        Classic example of people talking without listening. I concur with your article, Yohance. Though you worded it more kindly than I did.

      • Guest

        Q – read my response, son.

      • Guest

        Yohance – on the home page your title reads differently – it ask “should there be a comparison” – on this linked page it says “with all due respect” – well no there shouldn’t be a comparsion, both works had diffrent goals – with due respect? – that is suggesting you don’t want to disrespect wayne or anyone with this foolish comparison – my comment was both TITLES to your article are stupid – saying the titles are the part I read – and for those 2 reasons, you haven’t changed my point that those are 2 stupid titles to your article.

      • Yohance

        First, I didn’t create the headline on the home page. And I put “with all due respect” because 1) at the time this piece was written the status of Wayne’s health was still unknown and I didn’t want it to appear that I was attacking someone who may have been in seriously bad health. You may disagree, but in my opinion that wouldn’t have been appropriate at that time & 2) I respect the opinion of the author of the other piece (though I disagree). I know this may seem abnormal in today’s world, but I believe we can actually debate ideas and still be respectful.

        Besides, that doesn’t excuse you from commenting on an article that you admit you didn’t even read. You’re focusing on the TITLE and not the actual content of the piece. That’s a major problem with a lot of “bloggers” today. Quick to have an opinion about everything without looking at context.

      • Q.


      • Guest

        Yohance – in the future be skeptical of putting your name on a title you didn’t create – respect for sick? – what about respect for being killed while fighting for YOUR rights to education, your title announced no due respect for that – I didn’t read? – that’s YOUR fault for putting up a stupid title with content that was opposite.

      • Q.

        ^ Fake account. An old white lady? You can do better than that, n!gga. LMAO

      • Guest

        Q – it don’t matter – the fact is your dumb this far in life – you’ll be dumb the rest of your life.

      • Q.

        “the fact is your dumb this far in life”

        Said the dummy who doesn’t know the difference between “you’re” and “your” and can’t form a complete sentence. LOL Keep going, troll.

      • Guest

        I’ll keep going – let me speak with your father – to find out why are you such a weezel – he’s got to be embarrassed.

      • Yohance

        The front page title was added after the article was submitted. And clearly my title says “LIL WAYNE SHOULD NEVER BE COMPARED TO MALCOLM X.” How is that opposite of the content? Or did you not read the whole title like you didn’t read the article?

        And it’s not about respect for “the sick”. It’s about respect for his family and love ones who are going through a painful time. Regardless of Wayne’s actions, he still has a mother and children who care about him.

        If you READ the article I clearly say Malcolm is “a man who gave his life to end discrimination and promote peace” unlike Wayne. If you spent as much time reading the article as you do commenting on it you may actually get the point.

      • Q.

        Don’t mind it, bro. It’s a troll. SMH

      • Yohance

        I know, but other people read these comments and not realize that. Thanks bro.

      • Guest

        Yohance – I will lose respect for you if you agree with this coon

      • Q.


      • Guest

        Yohance – front page added? – again it’s YOUR job to be aware of that – respect for family? – title mentioned no respect for Family of Man who died while fighting our oppression, comparing him to opposite lyricist – my point? – I get the point, remember I’m educating you the point.

      • Q.

        N!gga, you need a lot of attention. Let’s discuss your options…

      • Guest

        Q – you need whole new dna

      • Q.

        Okay, so here you go:

        a) Prescriptions
        b) Rope
        c) Cartridge
        d) Seppuku with a shortblade (RECOMMENDED) (I can provide instructions if you need)


      • Guest

        Q – I’m too valuable – UNLIKE you.

      • Q.

        You’re really not. You’re not even a good negro. You’re a n!ggER.

      • Q.

        Really??? Now you’re just being petty.

      • Guest

        Q – petty? – giving own LIFE for the betterment of his race is petty only in a mind too commonly as tiny as yours.

      • Q.

        Contrary azz n!gga, you’re quibbling over the title like a sensitive b!tch, yet ignoring the content? LOL HAVE A SEAT, CLOWN/CLONE.

      • Guest

        Q – that’s right, resort to your stupidty when wrong – your problem is it don’t make you smarter.

      • Q.

        Put down the lean and speak, English, n!gga. I can tell who you are by the way you write, STEPHEN. That’s how wack you are. LOL

      • Guest

        Q – wrong again fool, – it’s not Stephen.

      • Q.

        How would you know who Stephen is, if it wasn’t you?

        OOPS. Played yourself again. Please continue entertaining me. LMAO

      • Guest

        because YOU typed Stephen dumbass

      • Q.

        Stephen is YOU, cokksucka. What old white lady’s pic did you steal anyway? LOL

      • Guest

        Yohance – respond back – I’m thru with this de-generate.

      • Q.

        :'( Troll fatigue? Bye.

      • Delonte West

        haha, they getting on your ass.

    • Calico Joe

      Maybe you you should read the editorial before this one, where the writer actually compared the two. Then read this one. At which point you will realize why this article was written. Then issue an apology.

  • DollasTX

    “RED” / MALCOLM LITTLE (maybe) but not “X”

    • brotha_man

      not even “red” 2pac would have made more sense than lil wayne

      • DollasTX

        that’s why i said “maybe” i knew it was a stretch … i was just giving the benefit of the doubt

  • Black Exodus

    2pac…Malcolm X caparisons? What am I missing here. The author is right…but why is this even a discussion. Nothing about Wayne’s music is militant, revolutionary, educational, inspirational nor intellectual. In all fairness it caters to the DE-evolution of the Black Masses (Greed, Material Wealth, Sexism, Selfishness, violence against other black men ect). I know Wayne was sick and we all wish him well (as he is now) but come on…stop making this brother a conversational piece. Lil Wayne is a Hood Rapper…with metaphors that reps “CASH MONEY”…a tool used by corporate giants for Mind Control of the inner city youths. Let’s think outside the box for a minute-

    • Good article, & I’m glad AHH stays bring the literary heat.

      My only objection is that KRS 1 can be compared to Malcolm X, at least abstractly.

      >>Raises 1 eyebrow like the Rock at DollasTX

      • Young Goku


      • Guest

        You cant compare a Martyr to lames like KRS 1

      • obamanator

        God Willing Malcolm X is a Martyr, you cant compare these clowns to him, not krs 1 or any of these lame entertainers who just talk to sell more records and be admired!

      • >>Slaps crack pipe out of Obamator’s hand, then makes him step on & crush his own pipe like I’m “Dog The Bounty Hunter.”

        KRS is in a class by himself….infact, he’s the TEACHA of the class.

      • obamanator

        Teach what?? That hiphop is a religion? lmao and hang with alex jones? I think you need to lay off the crack bruh

    • Dave Williams

      so true its ignorant total buffoonery TO ME

    • yesanditcounts

      Well said.

    • youngplaya

      I agree. The comparison is complete lunancy. No one in this era speaks with the intelligence and resolve that Malcom X spoke with. Malcom had knowledge of self, love and self respect. On the other hand I have to take issue with blaming Wayne or the corporate labels for brain washing. Every man is responsible for himself and it’s time for all black people to move away from excuses and blaming anyone if we want to move ahead. In no other culture or race of people do you hear the petty arguments about rappers/entertainers needing to be role models and they are tearing up the community. What’s tearing up the community is niccaz not being responsible, making mulitple babies with different women and not being educated pass a high school level and thinking some how you gone end up successful. And I might as well sell dope cause the system setup for me to fail..nicca please. Everybody better wakeup and do for self because aint no help coming slick. Help ya self. And if you choose the streets and get bammed for it. That’s your fault

      • Boyce Watkins

        Make sure you read my article to understand what I was saying. I don’ think the author here read what I wrote in its entirety. Lil Wayne is NOT Malcolm X. But he has a lot in common with Malcolm Little.

      • Future Patrick

        We all read your little bullshit article man. I actually read it three times to make sure what i was reading wasn’t actually a nightmare. You should be ashamed for even remotely trying to put the two in the same league.

    • firehawk17

      2pac and Malcolm X yes could be compared on various levels except Malcolm X had fully evolved into his greatness.. 2pac was genius and showed glimpse of greatness but never fully evolved so the lack of evolution is were the comparison stops.. Lil wayne wasn’t compared to Malcolm X he was compared to Malcolm Little.. 2 phases of evolution of the same man.. Malcolm Little can be compared to millions of black men but Malcolm X only a few can be compared in bits and pieces of X not the whole man

    • Galactus

      KRS was homeless, dealt with some real shit, I’ll respect a KRS – Malcolm X comparison over a lil wayne -MX comparison any day

    • very true.

  • Romia Blue

    I’m trying to figure out who said what was said to write this editorial. Who in their RIGHT mind would put both of them in the same sentence let alone in a category?
    Did I COMPLETELY miss something in this week’s news or rap song that created this topic?

    • $28825362

      There was an article on here about a day ago comparing the two.

    • Yep!

    • Q.

      Dr. Boyce Watkins set this foolishness off.

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    who compared them?

    • Calico Joe

      Dr. Boyce Watkins or some clown ass nigga with a doctorate. It should be the editorial before this one.

      • Galactus

        Thats what im saying about these college educated brothas associated with fraternities. How you educated and enlightened, but promote some straight garbage like that? So, that’s what we learning in school? Look at chuck, i’m sure he’s in a black fraternity, college educated, and he promoting nothing but BS on this site. 2 chainz, as dumb as the nigga sound, graduated from a university, Plies, lil jon, the industry is full of them boule niggas

  • Doe Boy

    if it is a “malcolm x of rap” it’ll have 2 be 2pac or chuck d

    • Dave Williams

      TRUE !!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Dave Williams

    dont ever disrespect a man like Malcom X and ever compare him to lil Wayne. and in my opinion his music sucks. he can rhyme but the quality of music sucks ( i hate some of dirty south rap anyways)

  • jay

    The title alone insults Malcom X and everyone behind that movement. You are comparing one of the greatest Americans to a guy who raps about sex and drugs? One wanted to uplift his people and the other is tearing them down. lol at this.

  • scullyson

    Good piece although most know its absolute absurdity to even say the word “compare” in the same sentence with both Malcom and wayne together. Thats crazzy

  • jay_malcolmaveli_x

    coonery as its best

    • jay_malcolmaveli_x


  • who ever said he IS like Malcolm need 2 be BITCH SLAPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yesanditcounts

    Malcom X is a man who gave his life for what he believed in, knowing his beliefs would cause his death. Lil’ Wayne is a nigga who almost died off syrup. Yeah, I see the connection.

  • No Krino should be compared ,Who! well if u dont know u better ask!

  • Earl Butler

    The column that was written by Dr Boyce, was not meant to literally compare the 2, but from a wider vision can you see how the 2 may favor. What I think gets misconstrued is most of us can read a headline and make a judgement, even after reading all the writer had to say. Maybe before we come to judgement we should re-read and try to fully understand the content. Just say….

  • U show me one person that man gives a shit about outside of his wallet and I’ll stop hating that you compared that little piss of shit to a man who wanted nothing more then to bring his people to a better place in a country that kidnapped them and then after setting them free decided to hate them. I wish you were famous enough so Charlamagne could give you the biggest He-Haw. Ignorance for Views is all this is.

  • NO.

  • LORD P ¡ † Δ

    First off, remove “with all due respect” from the title. I agree with the majority of you’re argument, but “hip hop” as a culture has always been rooted in social change. Yet, popular culture never accepted Malcolm X.

  • Boyce Watkins

    What I’d like for the author to understand is that in my article, I wasn’t comparing Lil Wayne to Malcolm X AFTER he transformed. I was comparing him to Malcolm BEFORE the transformation. In both cases, you had an angry, powerful, intelligent and misguided black man who had not been taught to use his power for good rather than evil.

    Let’s be clear: Wayne could only be the evolved version of Malcolm X if he were to turn his life and his message around. Right now, he’s still Malcolm Little. Let’s not get it twisted here people.

    • Thank You For Your Article Sir, The People Who Have Reading Comprehension Skills Understood Your Piece With Ease, No Need To Defend Yourself Against People Who Could Not Even Read The Title Correctly.

    • Future Patrick

      Sun, what you need to understand is that no matter if you are speaking
      about Malcolm Little, Malcolm X, Brother Malcolm, El-Hajj Malik El
      Shabazz, Lil Wayne, Lil Tunchie, or Weezy F. Baby IN NO SHAPE FORM OR
      FASHION are any of these individuals comparable at any stage in life.
      Anybody that read the Autobiography of Malcolm X can tell you that. Hell anybody that saw the Hollywood movie can tell you that. I sincerely wish that I can file a malpractice lawsuit against you and revoke your doctor’s license. (figure of speech). But hey you are protected by the First Amendment so you can write as you choose.

  • xp thestreetstar

    we shouldnt be shittin on lil wayne for these comparisons because he didnt say it, we should be gettin on whatever ignorant idiot said this dumb shit.

  • The Editorial In Question Is Titled: “What Lil’ Wayne And Malcolm LITTLE Have In Common”…..I’m Still Looking For The Malcolm X Comparisons Ya’ll Talkin About Tho…..

  • 2012Industry1

    Well done Yohance!

  • $18916246


  • Michael Callan

    Thank you 4 the truth 4 once RARE

  • PEC Records

    This is a non-issue bro.

  • Sho Tunez

    With All Due Respect???? This phrse is not needed!!

  • Abdelmajid Ibn Allal Bouloum


  • Guest

    What the hell…this is pretty much like saying the sky is not pink but blue. What a waste of space…is there a shortage of topics that lead to this non-issue article? Come on man lol

  • silviomaiasilva


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