Malcolm X’s Grandson Releases Statement ,Details Lengthy Police Investigation

(AllHipHop News) Back in February, reports surfaced that Malcolm X’s grandson and Muslim activist leader, Malcolm Shabazz was arrested by FBI agents.

Over a month and a half later, Shabazz releases a statement addressing the arrest and clearing up any misconceptions.

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According to the official statement, Shabazz states that he had known since the beginning of 2012 that he was “under investigation by the F.B.I.’s Counter Terrorism Task Force Unit located in Goshen, N.Y.”

While early reports claim he was arrested by FBI agents in an undisclosed location, Shabazz asserts that he was arrested by police from the City of Middletown, N.Y. Police Department.

According to Shabazz, the story goes that he was arrested by Middeltown police officers a few days following him requesting a visa to travel to Iran for The Hollywoodism International Conference.

Out of shock, Shabazz gave officers a fake name and was subsequently charged with grand larceny and false impersonation.

The grand larceny charge was dismissed and he bailed out in two week after not accepting a 90-day jail sentence for the False Impersonation charge.

This arrest was apparently the culmination of months of “a pattern of harassment from law enforcement which is usually reserved for important figures,” according to Shabazz in the statement.

That pattern included, but was not limited to being stopped arrested for disorderly conduct, an arrest for jay walking and inordinate bail amounts.

At one point in late October of 2012, after entering a car with his mother and friends, two police cars converged on their cars and drew guns on the vehicle. Shabazz was being stopped due to warrants out for his arrest, however the statement alleges that an officer by the name of “R. Ribeiro” stated this was Shabazz’s “lucky day” as he actually did not have warrants out for his arrest.

Shabazz was also highly critical of the Lifetime Network’s movie Betty & Coretta which detailed the relationship of the widows of Martin Luther King and Shabazz’s grandfather, Malcolm X:

“This film aside from being poorly acted, and shallow in depth also threatened to inflame old controversies, and open unhealed wounds and to remind the public of sad outcomes without ever identifying B.O.S.S.I., the C.I.A., F.B.I. and other forces that set the climate for my grandfather’s assassination, and made my family a long-suffering casualty of COINTELPRO, and other anti-Black repression programs.”


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    • Guest

      this piece of sh#t been a terrorist since he was born, – terrorizing his own family – and his mother’s gutless move of handing him to Malcom X’s wife – which he burned her alive in her house.

      • Dayum!

        You sound like that Negropean Gary Noble with that BoolShuckZ!

        How is his mom gutless for getting help from her mother?


        Take away the threat of being punched in the mouth & muddachuckaz become the biggest c*cksuckaz on the web!

        I don’t know enough to comment, so I won’t, but obviously the government has been on this family’s top for generations!

      • Guest

        EDOG – its gutless because the boy was a terrorist, her mother was old, and it was HER problem – and for you – I’ll prove I’m the same in person – attempt to touch me and your nightmare will be reality – no weapons – we can even meet and I’ll chush your stupid head – no fake talk.- your disrespectful lifestyle will catch you sooner than it already will..

      • I’m not a failure & don’t believe in attempts, if I go to touch you, I will…& not like your priest does.

        I don’t want any beef with you, trust me & will do everything to avoid it!

        Last thing I need is another tough guy pointing me out from the witness stand talking about I knocked you & your teeth out for no reason.

        Take that E Thugging ‘chet elsewhere.

      • Brick Soulja

        He has no right to even call himself the grandson of Malcolm X after murdering his on grandmother.

      • Guest

        Brandi – Absolutly – should go by his own name.

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  • brotha man

    U acting like he meant to kill his grandma yeah he messed up when he was
    Young he trying to keep the message going but ppl
    Like u on his head reason black ppl stay losing

    • Guest

      brotha man – he meant to be an a-hole because as we said – he was an ongoing family terrorist – he meant to set the house on fire with her in it – and we all ain’t losin’ – maybe that’s all that’s around you – expand your world to see more.

      • brotha man

        What makes him a terrorist ?. he meant to kill his grandma where’s your evidence

      • Guest

        brotha man – a terrorist to his family – re-read my comments – I said a terrorist to his family – which is a royal family to us.

      • Guest

        We also said – he meant to set the house on fire with his grandma in it. – which he did

  • UptownPrince

    While we’re at it, I want to know his opinion on LiL Wayne being compared to his Grand father???? (In my sarcastic voice).

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