Rick Ross

Rick Ross Was Armed During Shooting

(AllHipHop News)“I’m not a star/somebody lied I got a pistol in the car.”

Rick Ross may have lied about not being a correctional officer but after recent reports, his gun-wielding rep just gained some validity. According to a Fort Lauderdale Police Department report obtained by The Smoking Gun, Ross was carrying a 9mm handgun in his waistband at the time of the January 28th murder attempt on his life.

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An investigator stated that the Maybach Music Group boss informed police that he was in possession of a Smith & Wesson semi-automatic gun. Ross was prepared for battle as the police report details that gun contained 12 live rounds.

This could conjure up some legal trouble for Ross due to the fact that his handgun permit was expired at the time of the shooting.

While Ross nor his passenger at the time, girlfriend Shateria Moragne-El was able to reveal much about the shooters, a few eye witnesses have helped get an idea of the sequence of events that transpired.

According to two witnesses, a BMW pulled up next to Ross’ 2011 Rolls Royce at the intersection of SE 15th Avenue/East Las Olas Blvd and opened fire on the famed rapper.

The legal trouble continues as “Freeway” Rick Ross is bringing his lawsuit against the Mastermind MC to appeals court.

On Wednesday (March 20th) a judge rejected “Freeway” Rick Ross’ claims against Warner Bros over promoting and essentially selling Rick Ross.

A main reason for the rejection was due to California’s rights of publicity statutes, which state that claims need to be made within two years of the first publication.

Rick Ross has been a signed artist since 2005 and “Freeway” Rick Ross could only press charges after he was released in prison in 2009, four years after Rick Ross’ signing.

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  • I ordered a Salad from Burger King/ somebody lied/ it was a Whopper Meal with 15 sides!

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      u gay papi!

  • I thought he had a chopper in the car…uhh.

    • He still wouldn’t have used it!

      • Bumpy Johnson

        to his defense its hard cocking and shooting a choppa out of a window while driving and getting shot at.

      • So why have it in the car, instead of the 12 shot S&W? Wait, he did have the 12 shot S&W. LOL~N

        You & I both know this fake dude wouldn’t bust a grape in a food fight or throw rice at a wedding.

        “Pretty ninjaz running with gats, they rather get shot in the back, Ninjaz ain’t ready for revolution!”…Dead Prez (Revolution )

      • Bumpy Johnson

        lol ..i always wonder why niggas talkin bout they got the choppa…whats that gonna do if your not outside of your car..AKs IMO are offense guns not defense(unless burglary). ..but then again whats a 12shot Smitty gone do? …when niggas got the drop on you its you and your vest (no one ever buys these anymore)…ur body going to be in shock with a couple in ya by the time your hand has proper grip on w.e u got……….Gangsta shit is just weak, get your money and get out of it kids.

      • Michael Thompson II

        Exactly. That’s what I been trying to tell people.

      • Ninjaz will buy Jordans instead of a vest…like a trip to the ER cost less. SMDH

      • Bumpy Johnson

        lol u ever pay…shit nigga if i have any signs of any infection im at the ER wrong name wrong SS and wrong address..i havent needed a doctor for years.

      • Of course, hit ’em with the “I’m having trouble breathing” & go to the front of the line, etc.

        I meant cheaper, as far as a hole in the chest!

      • ll3acdafukup

        Edogz its not even that.. them GDs aint ot be played with that nicca froze up cause aas real as he thinks he is them gangbanging niccas is alot realer..

      • I agree, he’s softer than a newborn’s poop!

      • obamanator

        “Ross was carrying a 9mm handgun in his waistband” It may have been easier using a chopper!

      • infinit221

        The clip in my nine holds 15…so how do you know he didn’t use it? Police haven’t released those specific details.

      • The S&W 69 series (6946)holds 12 ( See Frank White’s 9 in King of Ny’s last scene ), while yours 59 series ( IE : 5906 ) holds 15.

        Newer M&P’s & Sigma’s hold 17.

        If he did squeeze off, his ‘chet would be empty. Think about it, you & wifey in the whip, so fools open up on you with the Kack-a-Lacka, do you dump 3 or 5, or dump until you can’t dump anymore?

      • infinit221

        Good points…but I’m thinking 3 or 4 shots sound about right considering he was driving a big body at high speed. They had a damn assault rifle so he must of figured he wasn’t going to win that battle

      • He couldn’t have figured he was gonna out run it!

      • infinit221

        If he stood still to bust off they would have killed him cause I’m sure there was more than one of them…and they had More fire power, so what’s your point? Rawse did what he had to do…

      • It’s called “Fire & Maneuver”….check out the ending to “Menace to Society” for an example of a ghetto version.

        What is your point? Only shoot back when the odds are in your favor?
        If that’s the case…no need to fire when you don’t have too.

        Yes, he did what he had to do…..took flight, but that ‘chet was hardly safe or “Gangsta” as his image con notates.

        If you on the streets & ‘chet pops off, and the only dude with a gat leaves so fast, he makes the “PEOUN” sound, he should stop fronting like he’s a gun bussa’ & accept his role as a gun Busta…as in ~

        >>Cali accent : “Mark @$$ Busta @$$ Trick!”

        He’s a fraud, ain’t nothing wrong with being scared or joining the track team…unless you fronting like you aren’t.

      • infinit221

        So he should of ended up like ol boy in Vegas off GP? Damn my brotha I believe in living and fighting another day, I wonder if y’all would feel the same when shit really pops off…

      • Nope, not saying that at all, it isn’t about “keeping it real” imagery, it’s about actual survival techniques & getting shot in the back isn’t one of them.

        Throw in his gangsta image & the average dude can see he is a fraud that B’ished up.

        Rule #1 in an ambush = Establish Fire Superiority

      • ll3acdafukup

        What is your point? Only shoot back when the odds are in your favor?
        If that’s the case…no need to fire when you don’t have too.
        LOL ina nutshell no response needed

      • When getting shot at…..the odds are never in your favor!

      • Indeed, but dig, had he even fired 1 shot, he would have spun the story to make it seem like it was the last shoot out scene in the movie Scarface.


      • ll3acdafukup

        BS nicca creep up on you and you a “seasoned warrior” meaning you been in situations like tha before you start dumping back automatically especially if the ish is in your waist … Ross HO card was pulled right then and there

      • infinit221

        Nah…Ross living so he won the night. You wasn’t there and I fire weapons, I won’t stand there with a 9 against a rifle especially when I got a shorty with me. Y’all some real ignorant niggas man

      • brotha_man

        Of they wanted to kill Ross they would have they was sending his ass a message . Die like a man or live like a coward.i don’t live that life but I promise if my life is in danger I’m dumping back. Kill or be killed what if they would have hit him he would have died with a Clean as pistol

      • infinit221

        Nah…you don’t send a message with live rounds from an auto. People could have been killed easily. Come on now….they took a shot and was sloppy, that simple.

      • brotha_man

        Not if u know the target ain’t a killa. They risk seeing if Ross was a do boy and they were right. Trufully they prob was thinking bout thAt time and got scared

      • You wouldn’t return / lay down covering fire? Your plan is to move faster than a speeding bullet like Superman?

      • Celz

        Ross’ life is a fail so explain how he ever won anything

      • Mark Olford

        but I’mma shoot back specially if i got something with me….at least make dem nuggas use caution on the next attempt….cause if it is/ was real, they coming again….

      • He crashed, and was a sitting duck, in the whip, with his chic…..you wouldn’t fire back?

      • infinit221

        They were already gone or up the street at that point, right? They didn’t stop to shoot at him

      • I don’t know…..& neither did he.

        Did you ever see “Platoon?” reminds me of when Junior was running & turned around & hit the tree!


        Obviously he didn’t survive.

      • No doubt, if nothing else, in an ambush, you have to gain fire superiority and or lay down accurate covering fire.

        IE: Dump until you can’t dump

        >>In Biggie’s voice : “he had a gat, he should’ve packed it, cocked it, extra clips in my pocket, so I can reload & explode ‘pon the @$$ hole! I fugg around & get hard core, c4 to ya’ door, no beef no more..”

      • Even more so, because he crashed after he nutted up!


      • Guest

        You empty it!!

      • *If you have extra mags.


    A nine against a ak?! I guess .
    Nigga took his shirt off n spooked they ass

    • It was in his waist band, but when he went to draw….it got caught under his belly!


        Shit he could have hid a 50 cap jeep mounted joint need all them bakery

      • …and it still would have got stuck! LOL~N


    Where was gunplay that fool need to live up to his name or torch or countless
    Others eating the co meal train.. Fuk it clap this fat fuk n get over wit. Gds want that
    $$ n no jo Capone not saving you again

    • eddieklown

      Would you let them in your Royce???


        Shit a car behind in the caddy at least

    • therealjjohnson

      house arrest.

    • ll3acdafukup

      nothing Jojo can do now if this beef is real then falls under GD politics


        True but jo jo always tried to keep the peAce n some listen or rather respect
        His point of view. That’s who he ran to last time shit got real. N word is that’s whgot buck Boy Ty his chain back. All I’m saying is no jo jo looks out
        Whether for profit or what not.
        I agree with you . But ppl need to realize war is never good on the bottom line

      • ll3acdafukup

        so true dont make money it don’t make sense but the young G’s usually shoot then think honestly fatboy willpay up and have this squashed.


        I see what your saying. Dead men don’t pay key is too make life unbearable… Apply more pressure but all in all fat chops gonna hide
        Behind the law …
        I don’t even hear him say he fuk wit zo pound no more . He uses n pancakes on niggas n fools figured it out .Any fool missed hitting 450 Need they hood pass n gun taken

  • StackzScrilla

    This story is getting more and more corny as we speak. If he had the ratchet on em, why didn’t he let loose? Talking all that Jazz on wax but when them hot ones was coming your way, you mobbed out and crashed the whip. “WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE” Jay-Z

    • infinit221

      It didn’t say he didn’t fire…just that there were 12 live rounds. A full clip holds 15

      • Depends…some hold more, some hold less.

      • Celz

        Stop defending this filth

      • DJ7

        Son was goin @ me when the story 1st broke & I had major doubts….he better be on the payroll the way he’s riding for this fraud!!

  • artman696

    I thought all police carried a standard issue service piece???

    • Brick Soulja

      If you was getting shot at by some cowards, you probably would have froze up and not even been able to drive.

      • andone

        How do you know they were cowards… and how do you know wat @art wellz would have done???

      • brotha_man

        Rick Ross raps like he would shot Somebody for eating the last chicken wing. But can’t shoot when getting shot at ”
        Stand your ground “

      • Celz

        You sound like a groupie..

      • DJ7

        Why carry then?….your post seem to reveal your inner thought process in that type of situation, don’t try to project your weakness onto everybody, some of us ARE about that action!!

      • Guest

        Nah i would of mashed the gas and ducked.

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  • TheBigCheeFa

    people claiming that free way ricky ross has something to do with it

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  • Officer Ricky Radio For Backup

  • BillyBobJohn


  • Guest

    R&R VS BMW>>> BMW:1 <<>. GANGSTA:1
    Story continues…. lol

  • RBG4Life

    why do brothas take pics with their fingers to their heads? Is that some unconscious programming to remind us to “off” ourselves? Looking at things we do from a different perspective sometimes sheds an interesting light on where we are mentally. IJS..

  • Fat ass nigga need to stop talkin all that gun shit if he ain’t about dat life. Nigga was scared to shoot like Lebron in the 2011 finals (Lebron a beast now though)

    • infinit221

      So what you goin to say when you find out he let out a couple shots? Y’all won’t be happy till the man is dead right? Suckas

      • DJ7

        Get a grip son…..tell your idol to stop promoting a lifestyle that he himself doesn’t live to our babies & we will get off his neck for it, until then, be prepared to defend this fraud every time there’s a post about him!!

      • infinit221

        Ha! Rawse ain’t rapping about nothing different than most other MCs, the only difference is he’s on top right now. Instead, why don’t Y’all get off his nuts and stop reading every article concerning him if you don’t care for him. I’m a fan of his music, so I got a reason to weigh in.

  • southside4lyfe

    funny how people always making speculations on events that go on in other people life’s. yall niggaz probably would have did the same thing he did run cause if you wouldn’t you would just be ……….today famous rapper rick ross died today from a fatal shooting were he stood their and tried to shoot back instead of RUNNING

    • ll3acdafukup

      just cause u would drop to your knees nicca dont mean everybody else will

    • DJ7

      You’re in a big body….ever heard of cover? This man was formally trained on several handguns @ the academy, I’m sure he knows how to handle one so firing back wouldn’t have been a stretch….It just shows who the fake ones are & by the sounds of your post……….

  • rio909

    hahahh this that bull right here… this happen how long ago?? now he got a gun..i dont believe it … u can tell this made up..now all of a sudden when they said there was no gun ..he has a gun?? FAKE FAKE FAKE …HAHHA

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