Rihanna and Chris Brown

Hip-Hop Rumors: Who Stole Rihanna From Chris Brown?

I’m about sick of these two and their ongoing BS love affair. The rumors are than Rihanna has been swooped by comedian Dane Cook. Peep the report from the National Enquirer.

RIHANNA has found a way to get back at her two-timing bad-boy beau CHRIS BROWN — by hooking up with comedian DANE COOK!
The gorgeous “We Found Love” singer and the quirky comic have been pals for years, but their friendship has heated up in recent months because Rihanna wants to show Chris that she’s still a hot commodity, say sources.

Rihanna met Dane after attending one of his shows at L.A.’s Laugh Factory, and they hit it off so well that RiRi now tries to catch his act whenever she’s in town, the sources add.

“They hang out in Dane’s dressing room and sometimes he goes back to her Pacific Palisades home to party,” revealed an insider. “They flirt like crazy, and Dane regularly sends Rihanna flowers and gushy e-mails.

“Rihanna’s friends all think they’re carrying on a romance, but she’s very secretive about it. She wants to keep everyone guessing, especially Chris.”

Rihanna, 25, and Chris, 23, began dating in early 2008 but split a year later after he savagely beat her during an argument in his car. Chris was charged with felony assault. Rihanna then stunned fans in August when she admitted during an interview that Chris is “the love of her life.” By the end of 2012, the pair had reunited, but at the time Chris was still involved with aspiring fashion designer Karrueche Tran.

“Rihanna was hurt by Chris constantly cheating on her after they reconnected,” the insider continued. “he kept running back to Karrueche and also picking up groupies in nightclubs.”

Meanwhile, Dane “makes her laugh and always leaves her feeling upbeat and good about herself.”

Chris suspects there may be something going on between Rihanna and Dane, 41, and the two have gotten into “horrible screaming matches” about it. But Rihanna’s loving every minute of it, says the source.

“The only thing she likes more than male attention is drama. She loves having Dane and Chris chasing after her at the same time.”

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Brian Andrew Smith

    why does anyone give a fcuk about this slore? her music sucks, and she looks like a bird. I wouldn’t fcuk her with a hobos dick.

    • tha OG

      i know i would go in raw on that rihanna P#;-/y she fine as hell!!!!!!

      • juice

        she ite

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        i hope you know a good clinic near by

      • i feel you but you taking it too far lol tmz & these days illseed is lurking if riri was sending dudes to the clinic we’d know by now lol

      • Weedras

        dudes be acting like they got video evidence of the chick with all the dudes she’s linked with… mind you we’re in a ‘rumors’ section and dudes carrying on like they have hard evidence on the chick when they only know what they hear… she could carry herself better … but dudes always acting as if all famous women had to do sexual favors and shit for fame… shit just seems so sexist…

  • Know Allhiphop is getting stories from the National Enquirer!!!!! Hip-Hop is really dead!!!!

  • foh

    Who gives a f**k?! Ill bitch aint hip hop just like herpes lips rihannah and acdc ass chris brown AINT HIP HOP.

  • Oknas

    who cares like really…

  • Guest

    ‘who stole rihanna from chris brown?’ answeer- everyone with a dick and money

    • Nene


  • We all know she a trick/ho *Shrugs*

  • brotha_man

    Irrelevant ish.

  • PliggaNease

    i hope they both burn in hell…………we probably still hear about them smh il seed come on B

  • $18916246

    “Savagely Beat”?….They had a fight and Chris was convicted of felonious battery. The n*gga media man……WOW…or maybe not.

  • Negro Peligro


  • TheBoxcarHobo

    So you just gonna take all of your “rumors” from Enquirer? You getting paid for this doodoo?

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  • Cheri Bey

    If you people stop talking about her you would die, just the way Hip Hop would be dead if it was not for her. But hey continue to bite the hand that feed you.

  • Abdelmajid Ibn Allal Bouloum

    thats why she a whore

  • Kelse

    Wow, You people are truly disgusting. Your comments are just pure evil. The Devil’s spawn. No wonder there is so much evil going on in the world. You don’t have to like the girl, but the wicked comments are way way over the top and comes from the evil within yourselves because you are truly the Devil’s children. Sheeesh, you racist white people are Savages!! Damn, take you stinking azzes to church or pray or something to cleanse your whole rotten systems out.

  • binary_star

    Well it makes sense considering he got famous for stealing other guy’s jokes.

  • Rih betta be careful. She don’t want a flashback of 2009.

  • JerZeBoy

    Why are you reporting what the National Enquirer reports????? its the most bs

  • Numbuh Four

    Yo ill…if you don’t give a f*ck about some sh*t then don’t post it. Shouldn’t the content of this section be a reflection of what you find newsworthy or shall I say “rumor worthy”? Don’t say you’re sick of them and then copy and paste an entire article on them.

  • VentKing11

    them island chicas is crazy man…look out! They so fine tho, a bruh deals with it lolol

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  • Yes sir

    Rihanna’s a whore that is nothing new. Ri Ri lets everyone know this every chance she gets.

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  • TheBigCheeFa

    who give a damn about rihanna

  • brotha_man

    So sleeping around proves ur a hot commodity…shame our sistas don’t know their own worth

    • ^^This

      Cooch does age like wine & get better with time…it ages like bread & the more people sip it…the worse it taste!

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    Dane leaves her feeling “upbeat”…while Chris left her the other way around.
    Sorry, I saw the word upbeat and just had to…couldn’t help myself (oops again!)

    • Nene

      Wow lol. you sick.

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