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Hip-Hop’s First Female Emcee Gets Honored At Cornell University With Afrika Bambaataa

(AllHipHop News) When Nicki Minaj was just likely just getting out of her diapers, Hip-Hop’s first female MC was spitting bars with the best rappers of the day.

Current day Hip-Hop fans may not be aware of the name, but MC Sha Rock is a step closer to getting the acclaim she deserves as Cornell University hosts an exhibit that will chart rap music in the 70’s.

The “Now Scream: The Hip-Hop Collection Exhibition” will run from April 4-7 at Cornell in Ithaca, New York. Screening films will also be included in the exhibit and highlight vintage footage of The Original Funky Four MC’s, a group that included the first female rapper.

“I am humbled and honored that the Cornell University Hip Hop Collection, will showcase the first vintage film footage that was documented and dated in 1977 by a young man’s task to complete a high school project,” Sha Rock told in a statement. The footage chronicles her as the first female MC.

This weekend also marks Africa Bambaataa’s return to Ithaca as visiting scholar. Other guests include The GZA of Wu Tang Clan, DJ Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Caz, JDL of the legendary Cold Crush Brothers, and DJ Breakbeat Lou

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Check out “It’s The Joint” by The Funky Four + One from Sugarhill Records.

  • Eli Pinilla

    Now SHE is a legend. Read somewhere that they got played out a lot of money by sugarhill records. Could be wrong though……oh, and shout out to the whole group, I got my first million points in tony hawk underground listenin to them lol

    • Bumpy Johnson

      lolol “its a shame , niggas in the rap game” loved that paparazzi song, everytime it play i recall doing them flips, hand stands n shit.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Best use of licensed music in a video game ever lol

      • Bumpy Johnson

        i dono man , grand theft auto and NBA street vol 1 right behind.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Gta def got some shit lol and nba street is a classic. Tony hawk just hax the best variety. They won me over when I hear oodles of o’s from del la soul on that shit….but im about to check out the new bioshock game. Shit lookin clean.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        i believed the 90s golden hip hop was part of my era until i realised i just played NBA street too much…that TROY on that was haarrd!

  • Q.

    Roxanne Shante, Lyte, Latifah, Sista Souljah, Lauryn, Bahamadia, Rah Digga, Shawnna, Left Eye, Jean Grae = My Female MC Top 10 All-Time

    • toreal

      Mia X and Boss went hard.

      • So did Isis from X Clan!

      • toreal


    • KC The American Pimp

      Foxy held it down too with the “dope lyrics”

      • hoeyuno

        That’s cause jay wrote all her shit.

      • Slaughtr

        not true

      • hoeyuno

        Jay wrote a ton of shit for her and when she was trying to make a come back a few years ago she was mad that jay wouldn’t help her write new material.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      good list…da brat wasnt all that bad neither “fundafied”

      • hoeyuno

        Da brats cool. she ghostwrited for Jd, bowwow and other so so def mofos.

    • John Q. Public

      Apani B-fly, CMG, SPecial 1…

      • Q.

        Apani is dope too…

    • $18592567

      No Lil Kim, Foxy, Remy, Nicki, Trina, Mia X or Rage on ya list. C’mon man…

      • Q.

        Gotta have some substance to make my top 10…but shoutout to Kim for the Quiet Storm remix verse!

      • $18592567

        Foxy and Kim gotta be top ten…

      • Q.

        “Gotta have some substance to make MY top 10”

      • Tarik Asim

        Trina? Like Seriousy?! You probably are though! LOL

    • Yeah I Gotta CO-SIGN You On Your LIST, But Don’t Forget To Add (QUEEN LATIFAH, RAGE, BOSS, DA BRAT, CONSCIOUS DAUGHTERS, MS.JADE, EVE & REMY MA) To That Cause They All Could SPIT Something VICIOUS TOO!!!

      • Q.

        Can only fit ten on my TOP 10!… Latifah’s on there though.

  • Guest

    “I’m a rap ace, not king or queen. So treacherous, I do impossible things!”

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  • Cookie Fox

    The First Will Always Be The Queen, Then Comes The Princess.

  • Fat shouts to Kieth Kieth, Funky Four, brother of Special K ( Treacherous 3 ) & T La Rock! > (Itz Yourz) University Ave projects, Bx, NY!

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  • Jay

    she might’ve been the first female in her neighborhood…but not in the Bronx as a whole…look up “Love Rapping the Message”…it was recorded before 1980…BX NY

  • Birgitta Johnson

    Uuuuhmm, real talk. Nicki Minaj wasn’t even born when Sha Rock was paving the way. She goes back to the 1970s and even her 1981 appearance with Funky Four + 1 on Saturday Night Live (the first rap group on SNL) went down before Nicki was born. And while we’re at it, Sha Rock can actually free style. lol

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  • Floyd Campbell

    what about k-love from the b boys crew,that inspector gadget theme?

    • $18592567

      Shorty was dope…

  • greeneyedbandit

    Queen Latifah, Mc Lyte, Salt n Pepa

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  • lemons

    You spelled Cornell wrong.

  • acapwn

    That’s a real good look! Nice to see someone get the props that they deserve.

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  • Bella Elizabeth

    U mean, AFRIKA Bambaataa..

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  • Eric Collapsar

    Now this is some news that should be more prominent. So her some love.