Soulja Boy Critcized For Posting “Cough Syrup” Pics

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Soulja Boy has become the target of intense scrutiny for posting images of himself eating with chicken wings, weed and Cough Syrup as his beverage of choice.

The medicine, revered for the drug codeine, was the star of the picture posted on Instagram.

The images have since been removed from the site.

Much of the criticism stems from the rumors that Lil Wayne was hospitalized for an overdose of codeine. Soulja Boy’s alleged affinity for codeine has been rumored for a lengthy period, but the timing has cause even his fans to express discontent with him.

Blogger Miss Jia said, “Soulja Boy might as well reserve a room at Cedars Sinai.”




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56 Responses to “Soulja Boy Critcized For Posting “Cough Syrup” Pics”

  1. Choppa

    This shyt is starting to become heavy in the suburbs.. So wit that being said, be ready for laws to change and they start to give niggas “crack time” for the lean

  2. chippc

    Man being sick and actually trying to buy this stuff at the pharmacy, damn near have to sign over your first born.

    • Negro Peligro

      There you go. Weed is one thing. Prescription drugs have a tag on it that you can trace back. So they just have to raid his spot on the fact he posted them and he mess up the whole thang. First thing you do is never sell it in the same container.

      • OaklandOxymoron

        I’m not sure how things work in ATL, or wherever he is, but the weed wouldn’t be much of an issue if he was in california because he has a cannabis card, from what hes said. If you don’t think that cough syrup can’t be traced simply because they’ve changed containers you’re uninformed. I hear you tho…

  3. Jerrick Moore

    he is going to end up like pimp c if he keeps his up nowonder why his music sucks any way chech out my man primo on youtube esg hotest coming out of buffalo better that this bullshit swagg

  4. Thought Dog

    The real debate here is which one of those drugs will kill you first? The marijuana which is illegal by Federal law or the Prometh w/Codiene which is legal and safe by Federal law?

  5. $18916246

    DUMB N*GGAS…..When will the n*gga class just die off…..holding up and disgracing the legacy of black people around the planet. How could we survive crack and other means of chemical warfare launched against us…just to regress into another era of senseless drug abuse. Karma N*GGAS what you promote will comeback to you. Laugh now, cry later.

  6. hoeyuno

    Soulja parties hard. With his 5 mins up and probably about 20 years old dude is gonna be broke in no time.. we will see how big that crew is when the boy goes broke.

  7. Matt Swan

    He should be criticized for thinking he believing has a career in hip hop. He makes ish that doesn’t sell, so lets put some retarded ass pics online for shock value. Face it boy, your 15 min of fame has LONG been up and isn’t anything YOU or baby going to do to breathe any life into it. Your career has faltlined and at the rate you’re going, your life will too

  8. Harrison Boateng

    Why does he ride Wayne dick so hard man. It’s 2013 u think this nigga would grow up and have some sense by now

  9. brotha_man

    Police: thanks for doing my job, even put it evidence bags for me
    Soulja: no thang, sir
    Police: well hell, here are the cuffs, just put’em on yourself. ill be waiting down in the car.
    Soulja: should i bring down the weed?
    Police: if you would be so kind. if you need more evidence bags let me know.

  10. Moro*

    molllyyy on that lean. mooollly on that lean. bitch i do my thang man i love that joint he’s actually onbeat there souljaboy has his moments

  11. Mike Swiff


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