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Dr. Dre Re-Confirms Eminem Is Working On New Album; Says Em Inspires Him

Royce Da 5′ 9″ already told AllHipHop the news, but Dr. Dre has reaffirmed that Eminem is wrapping up a new album.

The acclaimed Compton producer conducted an interview with radio show host Big Boy, making the reveal

“Em is finishing up his project. And for me, man, I’ve just gotten inspired again to go back into the studio, so I’m just really having fun with life and having fun with being creative and trying new and different things with myself, just trying to stay active,” Dr. Dre said. “As you know, it’s been almost 30 years for me in music. It’s a little bit difficult to keep getting inspired to get back in there but you know, music is my first love and I’m going to continue to do that as long as I can.”

In a previous interview with AllHipHop.com, Royce Da 5′ 9″ of Slaughter House and Em’s good friend revealed the reclusive rapper is about to sneak attack the music industry.

Royce told AllHipHop.com, “Know that he’s not quiet for nothing. If he’s quiet…worry. Marshall is like that f***ing huge spider on the floor and you wanna act like you not scared of it. And you’re really not that scared of it as long as it’s in your plain view but if you look away and it disappears oh you petrified, that’s Marshall. That’s Marshall and the petrified people are the rappers because you know he’s not going to come back with nothing but something that’s going to make you second guess what you’re doing.

The video interview with Big Boy is below.

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  • Guest

    Whatever, sometimes artists act as if they are gods gift to music that they can just return when they want too……It really depends on which direction Hip-Hop is in, and at the moment, people like Dre, and Jay-Z look and sounds like someones grandfather…..Thank God they have millions, and other businesses…….These older rapper/moguls need to start reinvesting in younger talents…It’s time to inspire the new generation because they have no clue what real Hip-Hop is, and you can’t blame them because no one wants to teach, it’s just every rapper for himself.

    • That’s because this generation of Hip Hop sucks everyone sounds the same that’s the only reason Older rappers from the golden age of Hip Hop are getting a pass.
      The same thing happened in Rock n Roll, Paul Mccartney from The Beatles is still selling out arenas so expect Jay-Z to rap till he’s 60.

      • Athar Husain

        Also I think that because Hip Hop is still relatively new to the game. 10 years ago, you would way that if you’re 40, get off the stage. I don’t think that anymore, I think we’re going to see a lot of older rappers on stage. As long as they can sell records, then why not.

    • Dr Dre and Jay-Z’s core audience is around their age. If you push the old guys out the industry then you force the older hip hop crowd to listen to young music or lose interest.

    • Dee

      new generation rapping about things they dont have spitting in hiphop fans face with they what i call the what i got what u dont got rap thats all they about stunnin on they own people

    • reg joe

      You sound retarded! Hip Hop is an ever changing entity. It has many faces and holds different truths to many folks. Some folks dont care for Flo Rida, some dont care for Dre. What they dont realize is that its these are just different faces of Hip Hop. Older rappers need to continue and you should support them just like White folks do with their bands and idols. I dont see you asking the the Rolling Stones, or Bruce Springsteen to reinvest in younger groups. Why the double standard? Age, Race nor gender, determine what the masses rock with. BTW, there is no such thing as “Real Hip-Hop.” on what is real to you.

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  • PL

    -What can a 40-year old, recovered drug-addicted, white dude rap about? He already did the crazy, mom-hating, rehab from drugs, I -wanna-kill-my-baby-momma, and occasional motivational BS..what’s next?

    -It’s real hard to define what real hip hop is because everybody has their own opinion of what’s real right now…

    -Not even trippin’ off Dre…ain’t gettin’ my hopes up for an album from him…I still got both of the Chronics and the L’Integrale joint..so I’m good…

    • theres many things to write about, like writing about many things, or writing about writing about many things, or write about writing about writing many things.. see its endless.

    • Josh Sykes

      Stop with all that hating. If you not down with that real hip-hop that em gives, then go listen to flo rida with yo wack ass

      • PL

        Do you realize how dumb you sound?
        Just my thoughts…not hating at all….LOL.. It’s always the stans that always gotta come to Em’s defense…

        Never listened to Flo rida…is that hip-hop?

      • You already know not to wait for Detox!


      • Josh Sykes

        Yup. I am a stan. Born and raised in detroit too. Been listening to shady since the day he came out with infinite. And you know your wack ass probably listen to Flo Rida

      • PL

        You didn’t have to say that…we already know…

      • Barry Okonoboh

        How was PL’s comment a form of hating? Having a different opinion about a popular person or thing does not make someone a hater.

      • Athar Husain

        The thing is, It was a form of hating. “What can a 40-year old, recovered drug-addicted, white dude rap about?” Not only was that a form of hating, it was racist as well. I can’t recall any “black” rapper that can make a big of a hit as Lose yourself and Stan. Songs that actually mean something. Also, no other rapper can match the switch of his flow. Now the thing is, i’m not a stan. I just give respect where respect is due. Jay Z is the only rapper I know of that can do a triple entendre as well as 3 classic albums. Immortal Technique is hands down the best underground rapper there is etc…

      • Eminem did a Triple entendre on Wont Back Down he actually did it better than jay z

      • PL

        you probably didn’t even know what a triple entendre was until you heard the line by Jay-Z…yes Jay-Z! …and if you think Em is fuckin’ wit Hov go play Russian Roulette…with a shotgun…

    • Mark Olford

      That fool can do a hole album on most of these wackass Gen y rappers…not too many of them can rap….they just got swwwwaaaaaggggg….yyyyeeeeaaaahhhh…..GTFOH

    • Dee

      well every time he drops around 600,000 people always seems to want to hear this 40 year old man rap

      • yes, in the first week.

      • PL

        More than half the people in the world today are sheeple…

    • Lou Velazquez

      you sound stupid right now em is definite top 5 rappers of all time and you is haten right now these young new rappers have nothing to rap about no substance in there music

    • GetIt100

      That is just negative talk right there. Em has reinvented himself better than anyone in the business. You will be impressed by every album he puts out just like you always have been. No worries

      • PL

        Respect your opinion but to REINVENT means to “To make over completely” I don’t think Em’s done that…On the real I’ve listened to all his albums, I’m not denying his talent…but it’s all routine…I’ll play ’em for about a week and then never again…

        -can’t even bump his shit in the ride…

    • Richard Savage

      Must be a Wayne fan lmao

      • PL

        I’d rather be in a phone booth full of razor blades with Magic Johnson than listen to anything by Lil Wayne or Flo rida..90% of the hip hop or rap music thats out right now is disposable…

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  • WillVetterGoodin

    Can’t wait! Em is a legend, lyrically, hardly anyone can step to him.

    • Josh Sykes


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    dre quit lying #detox its almost 2014 now shit aint coming till 2020

    • anemia716

      almost 2014? uh, it’s March. we’re only 3 months into 2013. 1/4 of the way hahaha.

      • BOO BOE

        smart ass thanks.

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  • you know em will mock that gangnam style song some how some way lol…maybe make fun of taylor swift… one direction and justin peebers… and mily cyrus…

    • BrotherMan21

      yea and he’s 40 years old mocking people…

      • Athar Husain

        well he just turned 40, we don’t know what’s going to happen next. He didn’t mock anyone on Recovery.

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    Em always bringin’ the freshness to with his rhymes and flow, can’t wait for the next one!
    And Dre…well, it’s good to hear he’s inspired but he knows that he ain’t gonna be droppin anything, so he can fall back. it’s been a whle now and ain’t nobody expecting anything no more…we waited tooooooo long

  • Guest

    this is a good look for hiphop..between good kid maad city, Em, jayz, styles p joint and some wutang shit..feels good right about now

    but we need that beast eminem though. i dont wanna hear no we made you, my band bullshit from eminem. gimme that agressive shit.

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  • Richard Savage

    lyrically and flow ability there is no one alive that can touch Eminem. NOBODY!!!!

  • Richard Savage

    We do not need a Detox album. Dre has nothing left to prove. He’s a legend. Plus he got head phones. Just kick back Dre and produce your artists and do what you do. I gave up on Detox in 2005

    • Romeo Stone

      true he got nothin ta prove but you know he gonna come back one day like batman

  • Hypestyles

    uh, so is Detox coming out or not? lol.

    • Romeo Stone

      funny yeah its on the way

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  • BoldSpice

    Don’t bother.

  • Vinsanity

    Cool more songs about his wife or daughter or pills (sarcasm) when he spits real shit like Loose Yourself its dope but thats once in awhile. He usually raps about whack shit for dumb white kids, who cares. Not all white kids are dumb.(not a diss)

    • Romeo Stone

      yeah your right about this but he is so much in his own lane that he could if he wanted. So far nothing has been wack he is still a genius if he is hard at work something is gonna be phenominal


    Like this news, sick, Eminem’s going to wipe the floor with his competition


    • Romeo Stone

      Thats a good ass question bro! Its gotta be that rock stays the same and rap always changes and rap is always dissin each other and not supporting each other. Rockers are always making money on tours also and have a fan base willing to pay for their products. Also media are very supportive of them. But I believe the bottom line has gotta be once they are broke they cant make it back cause they dont want to or cant make music that appeals to the younger audience.

  • The!3earded1ne