Future’s Baby Moms Wants More Child Support

(AllHipHop News) Future’s baby mom is looking to get a bigger check from the hit maker, claiming he misrepresented his income.

Jessica Smith, the child’s mother, feels like the rap artist lied to a judge about how much money he makes. He charged that he made about $16, 516 per month and presently pays $1,662, according to TMZ.

Apparently, Future made a TV appearance alleging that he carries $25,000 on him always, prompting Smith to feel he was deceiving her.

She filed a new motion to get her support increased. According to TMZ, she feels he makes more than $50,000 per month.

Future’s son with Smith is 10 years old.

  • TY

    LoL Dumb niggaz boy i tell ya


    Tell on ya self not only thirsty baby moms, IRS, wolves endless list
    Mayb I should move to alanta n get my Omar on no homo

  • Ojay Juice Henry

    so 1662 aint enough????? cmon I don’t give f@#k if this dude making diddy money what that gotta do with support???? that’s more than enough for the lil man, he working for himself not for her to ball out on.

    • Chris

      You know how these ungrateful birds get down, bruh.

      • bernhardruge55cy

        my neighbor’s mom makes $80 an hour on the laptop. She has been fired months but last month her fivewas $14156 just working on the laptop for a few hours. Read more on  Ask25.c­om

    • Herb_Bane

      Co – Sign.

    • Dee

      but thats his fault niggas need to watch what they say on camera he was slipping i just read that master p pay like under $500 a month on child support u prolly will never hear him talk about his net worth on cam

      • They are entertainers, they should be able to say whatever they want to keep up the persona. If he said he was almost broke you think she would of asked to have payments reduced?

      • Dee

        f**k they persona it comes a time when u have to use common sense thats all im saying like how many people been getting caught up on camera telling on they self thats all he did was told on hisself and she wouldnt be taking him to court if he hadnt said that on cam right?

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  • brotha_man

    …so basically she wants to ride the bench ( Andrew Bynum style)

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  • She should file for “Adult Support”, since that’s what she really wants.

    In reality though, it’s understandable, you can’t be eating $500 a plate meals & tweeting about like Raekwon while your seed is wanting for stuff.

    Not saying that’s the case with Rae…#I’mJustSayin’

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  • $18916246

    Hope he and other brothers learn to love and support their woman and raise families instead of allowing the child support trap to take them under..for 18 or so years. Sister’s stop making babies when you know that life with a child and no dad does not work out for her or the child. Children should be the result of responsible loving interaction between consenting adults and not pay back for realizing some man (boy) has treated you like a jump-off. Lastly for brother’s, stop knocking up chicks because your jealous of their ambitions in life.

    • Not every relationship is one or the other, bruh, maybe it started great, they had a child and however-many-years-later it aint work out..can’t split a child in half, they usually wind up with the mother..there was a time when women didn’t have to go to Uncle Sam to get a man to take care of his seed b/c he considered it a responsibility, not just another expense

      • $18916246

        Understood bruh…Child Support is the new jail a byproduct of divide and conquer. Too many of us invest aimlessly in the behavior that allows child support to dictate the remaining relationship we should have with our children. The current brand of child support (redefined by US president Clinton) was altered to replace welfare in the US, another system senselessly abused by the poor. My issue and my message is wake up black people, Brothers and Sisters, stop making babies your not prepared to raise. Enjoy your life, move out of your parents home and begin to enjoy your adult lives. Begin to instill this in your children, Remind them they have beautiful lives ahead of them and they will need to be accountable and responsible adults so that they may face life’s adult challenges. We should not accept being the poster children of a child support system. Children are precious human lives, not poker chips or baby dolls. They are our future our legacy. If I have no intention in marrying you I should not want to produce a child with you. You would not want a car without a steering wheel? Because without one you are going no where. Black men must lead themselves 1st with an outward display of self control. Earn your woman’s respect by adopting a life sustaining agenda. Understand no one can afford child support, so I can’t afford a child out of wedlock with a woman that I do not love and respect. When you are ready to pay for a roof over your head and once you have establish a consistent legal source of income, as a man you can then weigh your choices in life. Date a woman, respect her goals and ambitions. Enjoy and cherish her with or without children. Respect her. Set goals to continue a progressive life with or without her. Again if you have no future with her and you do not wish to marry her and take her as your wife then don’t have children with her. Brother’s paying child support and sister’s receiving child support begin to warn our youth of the pitfalls of paying and relying on a child support. Not just the fact that you are now financially challenged, but that child support infringes on the ability of man and woman to raise and sustain the love and respect of your child. Parents caution our children against the aimless behavior that contributes to single parenting. Stop being victims. Know the value of self worth. @Adopefemalemc pardon my rant bruh it’s just how I feel about the matter. I live what I speak of here.

  • Future Fucked Up If He Really Said That On Cam…..But In Reality She Shouldn’t Get Shit Considering The Fact She Didn’t Put Him On Papers Till He Was Famous…..How You Wait 10 Years Then Say You Need Support?……If It Was Really Bout The Child He Would’ve Been On Papers In 2002 Not 2012.

    • she shouldn’t have to go to Uncle Sam to get support from the father in the first place. Some of these males twisted in the mind, “she shouldn’t get sh1t” for taking care of their seed?? lol

      • No She Shouldn’t Get Shit For Not Tell That Man He Had Seed To Care For Till 10 Years Later When he Happens To Be Famous And Just Started Dating Ciara……

  • Slaughtr

    Slim dumb as shyt frontin about his cash on the tube if he did do that shyt I don’t feel sory for his ass fakea ass ballin niggaz get what they deserve I pay child support it isn’t lovely but when you have humble money the system is going to make sure you pay that every nickle of income ask Nas.The moral of the story is take a rain check on filling up a fat ass it leads to exit cash be careful kids.


    Something aint right if I pay more child support than this nigga smh

  • DollasTX

    1662 equates to almost 20,000 a year – more than what some of these niggahs commenting made last year … i bet she has a job and just wants to keep up with the jones’ – cant knock her hustle cuz who knows what he wasn’t doing for his child before that TONY MONTANA single “it aint right what she’s doing, but it aint wrong either …smh”

    • DollasTX

      “im’ma ball ’til the day i fall …. long as my bytches love me”

  • YungKizz

    man dis money hungry H** Get a Job

  • AHH stay contradictin what it claim to be about..one minute, writing arcticles dissin Rick Ross 4 the date rape line, the next callin Black mothers “Baby Moms” and talkn what female got “smashed”. Pick one side or the other & stay on it, stop actin like ya’ll give a fck about sexism against women & then catering to your ignorant male audience

  • It really shows where males’ heads are at these days when it’s all good 4 a rapper 2 make it rain in the club & go on shopping sprees, expensive dinners, but when the mother of their child asks (should she have to ask?) for support with their seed, the He-Man-Woman-Haters Club come out in numbers to call her out her name. All of you came from a woman, and if your fathers weren’t there, you most likely resented it. Yet you hate women so much that when you see a young mother tryna survive and take care of her seed, the same way many of our mothers had to, you hate on her for speaking up. Get off the bull..