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Hip-Hip Rumors: Kanye West and Iggy Azalea? Wha!?

People are still wondering if Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are breaking up. While they ponder this, new rumors have sprouted up. The latest is that perhaps Yeezy has moved on from one pretty light-skinned chick to another one. The latest – Iggy Azalea, the Aussie down with T.I. The crazy thing is Iggy is the one doing the talking according to The Guardian.

She said:

“I was at [Kanye’s] house last week and he was playing me his ‘scriptures’, as he calls his spoken-word interludes, and there was one about McDonald’s: ‘Those fries/ Those fries/ I have them in my eyes/ That smooth apple pie…”

What the hell?

Hold up. Forget the possibility that Iggy and Kanye have a thing. What is up with those interludes?

LOL! Ye wild for that. Hoping that the rumor is a rumor! I’m sure we are being punked.

Maybe Not.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Krista

    I love Iggy!!!

  • So when Eve & Halle Berry date outside their ethnic group, they’re w/ “white boys” but when Kanye dates white girls, they’re “pretty light-skinned chicks.” riiiigggghhhtt…

    • DJ7

      Nah, they still cave women….and we all know it!!

    • Q.

      “pretty light-skinned chick” …Translation: honorary n!ggas. SMH

    • Chris


  • I’d lick dat bitch toes!

    • MrNoName2K

      lol hell naw

    • Romia Blue


    • brotha_man

      you would lick the toes of the devil.smh

      • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

        if she is the devil…….you don’t want to know what I would lick on the devil.

  • MrNoName2K

    Australia is where its at…

  • Dointer

    This guy can make amazing beats. But God Damn he picks the dumbest bitches.

    • “B’shes I like ’em brainless, guns I like ’em stainless steel, a muddachuckin’ fortune like the wheel!” …BIG The What Feat Meth

      • Michael Thompson II

        My shit. “Spit on your grave then I grab my Charles Dickens, bitch.” Method man

      • MadVillain

        “not a gentle, man, ima Method Man” good to see sum real heads in here acknowledging this CLASSIC

      • I actually named my ‘chet Charles Dickens….and no disrespect, but out of respect, I call him “Chuck D” for short!

  • Romia Blue

    Ye’s not going to marry Kim…that’s #1
    Two…Ye’s telling the truth. They fries do have you reaching in the bag before you get it in the car good.
    #3…who cares? I mean, really…really?

    • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

      I bet yo fat king bowser looking azz be eating them fries like everyday too.

      • Boomie Rogers

        Lmfao!!! Funniest shit ever

      • Boomie Rogers

        Bitch do look like koopa

      • PL

        LOL Dayum! Yo had to go there on her? I thought she looked like Jarobi from A Tribe Called Quest…

      • MadVillain

        lmao King Bowser?! man that takes me back

      • Romia Blue

        how the phuck you an AVATAR bully? THIS nigga…that’s the only job your generic shadow box havin azz could find?

    • brotha_man

      he aint gotta marry her…mama K gonna make sures that there howse negro pays a mighty fine sum for that there chil’

      • Not really, technically, Kim K’s hubby is on the hook for child support, by law, since they are married.

        IE: If you have a baby to a chic & you aren’t married,legally, you have no rights until paternity is established, and the reverse holds true if you are married.

        Ye’ better duck them subpoenas of K Fed her.

      • brotha_man

        If that’s true Humphrey’s better hire the best tracker money can buy I would not be on the hook for ye’s seed.

  • Oknas

    “leave yo ass for a white girllll”

    • Matt Swan

      You just know you’re wrong for that lmfao


    Iggy badder than kim

  • DollasTX

    i thought “… he thought he needed a NIA LONG”

    • brotha_man

      once h realized she was a black successful woman, he got scared..intimidated. she is too strong for kanye. them brothas with white girls with them cuz they can control’em. sistas dont play *looking at ice t*

      • I was with this Italian chick for 5yrs, she was an ex mob wife, anyway, she’d asked where I was & I said “Don’t ask me about my business”…anyway, we were living together & I met this cool sister, moved in with her for like 2 weeks & Italiano never knew it!


        We broke up when my pit attacked her cat on sight, long story short, I went back home & well, you know, sisters don’t play that ‘chet.

        When I was with my baby moms, it was like having a P.O., every time I came in the house, it was “Where were you at? Who were you with? Let me smell your 4-9-3-11?

        I ‘chet you not!

      • DollasTX

        black women do require “THE STRENGTH” to be able to deal with them lol

        but if a man is seasoned, always means what he says and says what he means … he can keep that alter-ego or “the aggressive side of a black woman” at bay – most of them carry baggage of insecurity from relationship to relationship because they never really had or took the opportunity to heal before moving on … so the next or new niggah is going to have to work thru a resolve of the other man’s “shortcomings” on top of w/e issues he has with her as well … end of the day “its worth the fight”

  • timwest1000

    LMAO White girls tell everything. Tell us what else is on the album before it comes out. True to her roots, no idea how to really act.

  • brotha_man

    negroes gon’ learn one day cant shack up with a white chick……that’s alright with me doe,I love dark skinned chicks so I got plenty to chose from. went to Vegas last summer and I swear brothas was flocking to them Europeans like no tomorrow. I saw a dope sista alone had her home girls wit her had the best dam time ever. dranking, spades str8 chilling. felt right at home. brotha I went wit, found a white chick, she locked her self in the bathroom and was crying, throwing shit around, talking bout she aint took her meds….fugg that shit. no white chicks for me. I need a crown royal dranker. me and the sista still holding it down, I go to her city, she comes to mine. st. Louis to minneapolis

    • What’s wrong with white women? You still on that bullshh? C’mon son..A good woman is a good woman regardless of her skin color.

      • brotha_man

        true i just prefer sistas. the connection feels alittle more real truefully. i guess i got tired of the “my father and mother hates the fact that i date a black routine”, but its cool. when u get to the crib its akward as hell. its not bull shit its just what i prefer. i guess i had my bad luck with white girls, especially since one lied after we broke up and almost got me lock the fugg up. dont like white girls, to each its own. been fuggin wit sistas ever since and never looked backed.

      • I hear you cuz but let me ask you this how much drama have you had with sistas? I’m sure if you get around then you’ve had plenty. Drama queen isn’t based on complexion its a mentality. Any man or woman who won’t date another race because of what others think about it isn’t on your level and shouldn’t be someone you should be messing with anyway. Deal with them after 25 much more ready for something new. Their priorities aren’t in order.I got lucky I found mine and she’s held me down through the hardest moments of my life. Do we get the looks and stares? Yeah. Still doesn’t change us and those who stare in all likelihood are miserable.

    • Pedro Matos Jr.

      I don’t discriminate I like 31 flavas like Baskin Robbins!LOL but I didn’t know Iggy’s skinny ass had back like dat doe.

      • brotha_man

        id smash.lol but thats it. wouldnt cuff it

  • The chick isn’t some dumb bird she’s actually smart as shh despite assumptions, she’s hustling and making her own, and she’s got a hot body. I see a win,win,win regardless of what her skin complexion is. Iggy can get it.

    • brotha_man

      i take it your girl is white cuz u getting awfully sensitive about this topic. just saying,

      • My wife is white yes, Irish white and guess what from day one her parents treated me well and fair. My children will be half white…i’m used to the bullshh when it comes to all that cuz. I’m just honestly tired of reading folks talking about they only date such and such because it’s natural. Nothing personal, I see your point and all in the above post I just replied to.

      • brotha_man

        I agree! you like who u like. the reason i dont like pale skin is because we just dont mesh. i think their kinda awkward. if you found you a down chick and you happy, then who cares.
        My girl is from Haiti love her to death, and like urs been there when i had nothing. i know one thing, and its just a guess from previous relationships, ur girl wont fight a sista. my girl will step to any chick that gets outta line. my ex pale skin…..hell naw, especially if she had to check a sista.

        *takes sip of coffee*
        let me spit some game before i sign off. if a chick crazy, she crazy. but the reason “Most” chicks are crazy is probably because a brotha pipe game is right. they dont want know body else to have the pipe so this whole black chicks are drama…thats a myth, the pipe….lay the pipe right the chicks go crazy, no matter what.

        i just think white girls have weird personalities. have you ever heard one song along to a rap song…its weird. IMO

      • brotha_man

        no disrespect tho. being with a black chick is not a “natural” thing with me. I just think that black chicks are more beautiful. its just what im attracted to is all.

  • atlantahiphopshop

    She went over Kanyes house w/nas after a show, period. The rest is hype. This chalky chick has no talent and all the Stans are trying to defend another wigger in the game. Kreayshawn pt 2. And that ass look suspect. I say fix-a-flat. Needs some fake tits to go w/that. Chick is fake with that crazy accent sounding like a southern ratch chick. Fail. Video exploiting the trailer park? LMAO

    • timwest1000

      Kurt Lazarus.

  • toreal

    I want to screw Iggy in her ass.

    • Swaggout

      I shall do it for the team!

      • toreal

        Hell yeah!!

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    Any other pics of her from the back? I wanna say the above pic is authentic, but it looks like it gets a bit pixelated from below her waist…still smashable tho

  • Swaggout

    I’m going to have sex with Iggy. Remember I told you that!

  • Herb_Bane

    When i GOOGLE “Iggy Azalea” it comes up as a chick wit blonde hair.. is that the same broad? cuz if it is i would suggest googlin her before u say u’d smash.. lol

  • Herb_Bane

    Shorty look like she sticky to the touch.. lol

  • PL

    Give me a black goddess sister
    I can’t resist her
    No stringy haired, blonde hair, blue eyed, pale skinned buttermilk complexion…
    Grafted, recessive, depressive, ironing board backside straight up and straight down.
    No frills, no thrills..
    Miss six o’clock, subject to have the itch, mutanoid, Caucasoid, white cave bitch…

  • Peace

    id dig in that booty

  • “..And I’ll do anything for a blonde dyke” -‘Ye


    iggy got azz

  • Tony G.

    Ok..so why is this a rumor of them messing with each other..she said she was in the studio with him…stop reaching..damn

  • Sobana

    If true, I’m not surprised by this. Kanye likes projects aka girls he can mold into what he wants. Iggy seems like she would play along + she looks a little like Amber Rose in the face, except with hair