Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco Takes To Twitter To Address Violence In Rap Music

(AllHipHop News) Notoriously outspoken emcee Lupe Fiasco used his Twitter account on Sunday to speak out against violent content in the media and rap music in particular.

In a series of tweets that were posted over a 20 minute span, Lupe argues that there is a definite connection between violence in music and violence in the real world.

He goes on to call out rappers who he feels uses violent imagery in their music and says they need to take responsibility for the content they produce and its effects on the public.

This latest social media lament by the Chicago native appeared to be sparked as a reaction to the ongoing violence playing out in his hometown as well as a news story about the killing of an infant in Georgia.

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This is not the first time the “Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free)” rapper has shared his belief that there is a connection between the violence in music and the violence in the streets.

Last year during an interview with 92Q in Baltimore, Lupe spoke on fellow Chicago rapper Chief Keef and his brand of rap music.

“Chief Keef scares me. Not him specifically, but just the culture that he represents,” said Lupe. “When you’re at high schools speaking to students, telling ‘em how to survive the summer and you turn on the radio and you hear that? You like, ‘Aw nah.’”

Those comments set off a twitter beef between the two rap stars (though Keef later said his account was hacked), and Lupe even contemplated leaving the rap game all together. Eventually Lupe apologized for his remarks.

Lupe concluded his twitter manifesto yesterday by retweeting over 50 reactions to his statements, and then he touched on the comparison to violence in today’s entertainment to the violence depicted in Shakespearean plays.

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  • johnblacksad

    mothafcuk lupe fiasco! i been tired of this n!gga…
    just go cry somewhere else… go make music with drake or somebody… just go… off.. disappear… be gone… ciao… arrivederci… bye… salut au revoir bon voyage!

    • MuthaFuka Jones

      Is he really crying???? Or is he just saying what needs to be said about your favorite artists?

      • johnblacksad

        ya’ll both lack the most basic intelligence so it’s kinda hard for me to even start getting into this… bunch of “hiphop made me do it” ninjas…

        Ya’ll remind me of the old white folks complainin about the violence in video games etc.. and it be the same mothafcukaz supportin the NRA…

        How about Lupe go write poems or something… you think violence has waited for hip hop music to exist?!

        smh at ya’ll still not understanding hip hop

      • MuthaFuka Jones

        You………………….you MAD son????

        You said “bunch of ‘hiphop made me do it’ ninjas”…………

        But he (Lupe) said “other forms of media”. Calm down fam.

        But please, by all means tell me what I don’t “understand” in hip hop…..

      • johnblacksad

        i’m tell you what’s mad… that “you mad” joke… that’s mad corny…
        miss me with that played out sh!t…

      • MuthaFuka Jones

        Don’t be butt-hurt bruh. It’s only a blog……………………a blog that makes you sound real sensitive.

      • johnblacksad

        your mamma’s clit is sensitive

      • MuthaFuka Jones

        Mama jokes……………….wow. You just proved that you may be grown by years of age, but have the mentality of a twelve year old. Have a good one chief.


      • johnblacksad

        still more efficient than that weak “you mad son” bullsh!t… if you ask me

      • DJ7

        Nah B, homie got a point & you tried to downplay it & he burnt your ass plain & simple (like your rebuttal) Please explain what you meant by not understanding hip hop? What’s to understand? What’s misinterpreted? Where did you get the definition from in order to come to the conclusion that others don’t? What’s your authority?Just a sample of ?’s alot of us would like for YOU to clarify since you opened up your hole!!

      • johnblacksad

        i hate mothafcukaz that act surprised… if you don’t understand that for better or for worse the violence seed in hip hop is gonna grow forever and keep implementing… it’s on you… i won’t help you

        How about Lupe assemble a team of rappers for a hiphop version of We are the world or Heal the world or something?!

        “I had a ghetto boy bop, a Jay-Z boycott
        Cause he said that he never prayed to God, he prayed to Gotti
        I’m thinkin godly, God guard me from the ungodly
        But by my 30th watchin of “Streets is Watchin”
        I was back to givin props again and that was botherin
        By this uncomfortable as a untouchable touchin you
        The theme songs that niggas hustle to seem wrong
        but these songs was comin true
        And it was all becoming cool”

        Same bipolar mothafucka Lupe that i’m quoting! N!gga never knew what he wanted from day one!

        It’s the essence of the art… how do you use words, put them together to make it sound like you are the hardest mothafcuka that ever lived?… who gives a fcuk that’s it’s true or not?!

        “I’m cold, i can fall asleep lying next to a dead man” -Facemob… how do you even think of sayin some sh!t like that?!

        Hip hop is i rap better than you and my dj deejays better than your dj… what the fcuk do you expect the next mothafcuka to come on the stage and say?! Of course he gonna say something like i rap better than you, my dj deejays better than you, and on top of that, i fcuked your girl… so on and so forth… where do you expect the sh!t to be in 2013… and breaking news : it’s not about to stop… ninjaz are gonna twist their minds to create harder lyrics than any you ever heard… …i’m not talkin about how anybody (you, lupe, his momma) feels about it… ya’ll might not like it but it is what it is…

        diversity is needed… from Talib Kweli to Lil Boosie to Andre 3000 to Max B… ninjas really doin 75 for murkin n!ggaz… like somebody said, we can’t just have a bunch of hip hop john lennons runnin the show…

        but thanks for your intervention… i’m not even gonna return the question and ask who gave you authority to distribute good and bad points… i don’t give a fcuk

      • Drew Emmerson

        I think you should probably get your facts right before YOU are trying to stress other people. Check Lupe’s history. Only you whack motherfuckers who don’t know shit accept this kinda of “idealism flip-flopping until I get on” type of shit. Lupe used to claim he was a gangster and run around w/ gun-clapping rhymes all the time. Check Armpits from Da Pak – or Knockin’ At The Door – I’m sure you have no idea because you’re just one of the guys w/ big ego and modest vocabulary who like to bully people – he – like you – is a hypocrite – that’s why I have issue w/ him – and guys like you, who feel that there is only one side to represent. Sorry bro – the world isn’t kittens/rainbows where Lupe changing his mood w/ what’s pop and takes a pass. Trying to be the Bono of HipHop – gtfoh – both of you.

  • Dwayne Nvo

    I really appreciate this man

  • Drew Emmerson

    Who care what Lupe says … no one… this dude the biggest fem-bitch in music – stop giving him shine

    • DJ7

      go off yourself kid….you commented so you obviously feel a type a way….if you can’t add on, sit there in silence, no one is in need a clown right now!

      • Drew Emmerson

        So – in your world – people are only allowed positive opinions ? Sure glad I don’t live in whatever society you’re part of.

      • DJ7

        you missed the whole point slim!!
        I’m I Over Your Head…..KRS ONE

  • Lupe ” You scare me!”
    Keef ” Nigga I will smack the shit outta you! ”
    Lupe ” I’m sorry”

  • Reblogged this on The Music Nerdvocate and commented:
    Looks like our friend Mr. Fiasco is at it once again on Twitter. At this point, I really think that Lupe should consider being a professor or a teacher of some sort. I mean, he can still be an emcee of course, but it probably would be good for the community and the city of Chicago if he looked to teach younger generations at some level. Seriously. I know I have my reservations about Lupe, and that won’t change. But his latest round of Twitter rants actually seem to have some kind of merit to them, because violence in music is a very real thing that needs to be addressed. I’m hoping that something can come of this latest explosion by Lupe.

  • 7yoyo7

    Why are yall arguing over what lupe said? It doesnt take to be a fan of his music to notice that he speaks the truth. So called “Real” niggas should stand behind what they talk about.

    Here is a famous interview from 1994 of 2 REAL gangsta rappers :
    – Female interviewer : “Can you truly say that your music promotes positive outlooks among its listeners?”
    – *Silence*
    -*Niggas LAUGHING*
    – Nigga 1 : What the fcuk is wrong with your……?
    – Nigga 2 : The next question! Please! WTF….

    • DJ7

      These nigs don’t want change, they think this is the way it should be or at least for now….I salute Lupe for having the courage to go against the grain & challenge these intellectual dummies, do I expect a response……Nope!!

  • johnblacksad

    “they say my ghetto instrumental, is detrimental to kids,
    as if they can’t see, the misery, in which they live”

    • This how you know these people commenting don’t know real rap.

  • johnblacksad

    “fcuk the police comin straight from the underground”

  • johnblacksad

    “I seen bullets come up out the lamas and go into melons,
    leave n!ggas skullies leakin like Aunt Jemima…”

  • johnblacksad

    “Here is something you can’t understand,
    How i could just kill a man”

  • johnblacksad

    “Never had a dime, my life of crime,
    had to be when i was nine, moms drunk off wine…”

    and mothafcukaz act surprise there’s violence out there

  • johnblacksad

    “We smoke weed in the living room because we cook crack in the kitchen”

  • Carlos

    surprised this didnt end up in the rumor section, saying he dissing 50 cent with that line “art imitating life”, which 50 was quoted saying this week.

    • Eli Pinilla

      Thats exactly what hes reponding too..the people in this site and most just cant put 2 and 2 together….50 called him loopy lol

    • andone

      same thing i was thinkin… but i seriously doubt lupe has a prob wit fifs content or the person he is…. im guessing he referring to ppl like rozay, waka, french ect.

  • johnblacksad

    (Children) in the hood seem to die at a young age
    Wakes and funerals’ll make it feel like a Sunday
    All they talk about, is money and gunplay
    Only light they gettin is the one from the sun rays
    (Children) no light bulb bright idea
    Shame when “kill that n!gga” is the right idea
    Like a n!gga loses his life, every night out here
    Kinda hot, but they talk about ice out here
    (Children) – is all some ill sh!t
    12 to 19 all ready to kill sh!t
    All of ’em is numb, don’t none of ’em feel sh!t
    It’s just like a war zone, that’s on some real sh!t
    (Children) Homey, this is O.G. talk
    Blow O.G. kush, for O.G. cough
    In the low-key V, shakin police off
    Don’t engage wit’cha enemy, you know he soft – whattup?
    (Children) is all missing the roof over ’em
    Lil’ niggaz is hard, they don’t know how to school ’em
    They know how a sucka or a herb or a fool look
    Know how a crack pack dope or the tool look
    (Children) Yeah, the sh!t is real out here
    Swear blood is like oil how it spill out here
    If you ain’t from out here then don’t chill out here
    The 9 mill’, might pop your grill out here, yeah

  • Eli Pinilla

    Lupe’s always a give or take for me…..hes extremly talented, and I like what he stands for. But he goes about it in the wrong way sometimes. Hes tryin to be like the john lennon of hiphop. But I dnt see action. Its funny cuz hes responding to a 50 cent interview with the breakfast club. But he chooses to always go on these rants that dont amount to much. All this sounds good, but now what? I mean, 50 damn sho makes ignant music, but hes also doing things for kids and families in africa. Lupe likes to point out problems but never comes up with solutions. Stop complainin lupe, and come back with some solutions. Then we can take you a bit more serious…no hate, think lupe is great, but do somethin homie, being on the oriely factor and radio twitter rants dont change things.

    • DJ7

      Maybe just maybe, the 1 who will do something will get inspired by Lupe… Most leaders just have the idea, it’s up to the soldiers to implement those ideas. I know that doesn’t help much b.u.t. at least give the brotha props for initially standing up & saying something!

      • Eli Pinilla

        Leaders lead by example. If all he does is rant, then those that follow will do the same. Look, im not tryin to take anything away from him, im asking for more. Live up to more than your rap potential if u feel that strongly about it. Say shit in your music more powerful than a twitter rant. Again, great talent, but 50 does more in actually helping people than lupe.

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  • The issue with rap music, in my opinion which you all can take with a grain of salt, is that music serves as the lyrical broadcast of what is ALREADY happening in the streets. So the issue is not about the music, but more so that executives have become white collar pimps and pushers. Pimping the artists and then pushing drugs to them to keep them unaware that they are being controlled. These drugs consist of substances, money, fame, artificial street cred that artists get high off of. Rap has become the only industry where violence is actually the key to success. The more violent you are (or appear to be), somehow that makes your lyrics “real”. So the issue is not the content, because if that’s the case ppl wouldn’t buy it. It’s a formula that executives in higher places have figured out as they have successfully transformed rap from a free enterprise to a pyramid scheme.

  • Greg Cureton

    Once again Lupe make a valid and truthful statement and people criticize him because they don’t want to hear it. Obviously our rap isn’t the sole reason that our communities are in the shape they are in. But to deny that rap/hip hop has had no effect is naive. Something as little as the color of the shirt you wear can have an effect on you and the people you come into contact with, so how the hell is violent aggressive music not going to influence you in some way? And don’t give me that excuse “they are just reporting what goes on in the hood”. That is the same nonsense that I have been hearing for 15 years now. They are not reporting what goes on in the hood, they are glorifying it. True: rap didn’t break up the black family, rap didn’t bring drugs in the hood, and rap isn’t the cause for our failing school system. However,rap makes it cool to pop as many chicks as possible, rap makes it cool to sell drugs, and rap makes cool to be a dumbass negro. Rap isn’t the root cause for our problems, but it helps to perpetuate it.

    • johnblacksad

      “and you hoes say I’m glorifying crack
      My momma lights off, the whole house pitch black, b!tch!”
      J-Dawg (Hard)

      • Greg Cureton

        “…hip-hop culture has become tainted by the very excesses and amorality it was born in rage against.” Dr. Cornel West (Harder and Smarter)

  • Great place to spread the word, on twitter, about 150 characters or less….You mean to tell me that you have a microphone, and tons of other platforms to spread the word, and twitter is the best place to go about it? Yeah okay.

    • DJ7

      He does it @ his shows as well Ms…..if it’s an outlet to reach the masses, why you got a problem with it?

    • Dior, may I ask you where do a lot of kids / peeps

      following rappers spend their time nowadays?

      No disrespect to you, but you may not know this,

      Lupe chose the right medium to convey his message and

      I’m sure that his target would have read the message

      as that’s were a lot of them hang out.

      Moreover you can’t tell me that you have never heard

      him convey positive messages on other mass media platforms.

      Never criticize someone for doing their best to convey a positive

      message the best way they can. Twitter has a retweet facility

      that allows a message to be spread —- Think about it.

  • Mike Swiff


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  • BibatheDiva

    Kids are being influenced by this music… this culture and it’s time that we are honest about that.

    • johnblacksad

      True that… the music influences people… true that… hip hop even managed to make it seem cool to pop mollys and sip lean… a bunch off teenagers are getting into these sh!ts when for the older generation it was almost forbidden by the code to do anything else than weed… true that.

      But keepin it honest still… do you expect every rapper to switch up the content of their lyrics and write poems about flowers, peace and love and whatnot?

      Lupe needs to stay in his positive lane and let Yukmouth, Spice1, Alley Boy etc… in their lanes as well…

      Should every rapper be rapping about the same things he raps about? i don’t understand the point of complainin like a b!tch about it… he should focus on his battle and make songs to try the change the situation if he can and stop being this poor righteous mothafucka that gets on my nerves

      • BibatheDiva

        I think that the argument that “we are just reporting the streets” is no longer valid… Wayne ain’t been in “the streets” in a LONG time. Rap is no longer reporting the streets, it’s influencing the streets, and we owe it to our young ones to do better and help them be better. There will always be variety in hip-hop but we need to clean some of this stuff up… The drug culture is out of control and violence is out of control… We have some responsibility.

  • EQ

    violent people will do violent things can take away violent music(gangsta music) and replace it with the most positive type of music but your still gonna have violent people..poverty amps violence,not music..

  • Taihair Djehuty

    He’s made a valid argument on a topic that has been argued to the death and people will continue to go back and forth on. In my own opinion, the violence was bad before in the 70’s and (in places like L.A.) things were worse in the 80’s than it is now. So it goes beyond the music.

  • BoldSpice

    Ni99as was violent before rap music and ni99as gonna still be violent after rap music. This cat don’t have enough of or the right type of fans to make a difference anyway.

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  • Fatal HP

    You guys fail to realize, those were shots were aimed at 50Cent for his recent interview some lady whom I don’t know her name. 50Cent said that very same quote Lupe wrote in his twitter “Art imitating life”.

    • Fatal HP

      I respect Lupe… We need to look out for people like him. Unfortunately, he is a target and they will try and silence him.

  • Tron

    He should give all his money away to his community then… Because Poverty & lack of education is what breeds this violence… Lets not act like it’s anything else. & Black ppl are the most violent of all, towards their own kind. & No Im not blk, nor racist. Deal w/ it.

  • speedy37

    That arab bitch making this nigga lupe loose his mind,niggaz getting shot all day in chicago i guess hip hop making them do it.

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