Hip-Hop Rumors: Chingy Turns Himself Jewish?

I can’t be mad at Ching-A-Ling! How many people are we talking about after 10 years? Chingy has apparently changed his ways! He’s found God and he’s also trying to spread some negativity. He’s got some song called “King Judah” and he’s doing some explaining about being an original Black Hebrew Israelite. Believe it or not, he’s dropping knowledge on this video.

What do you think?

Here is “King Judah”

Well, Chingy has come a long way from those very FALSE tranny rumors. I bet that helped him get back to God. Dude was being crucified at one point and the chick man was totally lying.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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    Yeah, i’ll Pass my nigga

  • Here we go with this bullsh!t….Rappers are so lost, when their careers are popping they are the biggest thugs, then their careers die then they end up doing all kinds of crazy sh!t…..Is Chingy still sexing them drag queens? LMAO

    • EL_BARK

      How is it bull shet. Cause the man took his time to question what he been taught or sought to find something that he identify with.???

      • All he needs a another hot record and he will be back talking smack again…Rappers are wishy washy.

    • DJ7

      Sit your lost flaming ass down over —————-> nope keep going————>_/ Get the knowledge, do the knowledge then go teach the knowledge, it’s 2013 & cats like you are still stuck on ignorant (lack of knowledge)….too much FREE info floating around to still be a mumbling bumbling fool!! POW

      • Yeah and Hip-Hop is you’re leader.

      • DollasTX

        lmao aw shyt … lmao (yo i really mean that shyt lmao)
        this shyt right here ————> nope keep going …
        i aint even get to read the whole posts – this niggah crazy lmao ….

      • DollasTX

        yo this niggah crazy lmao – ohhhhh shyttt

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      u ma’am are so gay!

  • Dwayne Nvo

    who gives a shit

    • Guest

      AH HA HA HAAA! – man, I didn’t know chingy was hooked up with a tranny – so that’s what happened to his career ha haaa!

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    I’m not playing that video.


    illcoon he not jewish. Would it kill you to just to be a little inform before you post a story that you prolly took from an another site.
    Jewish people aka known as white zionist jews are completely differernt then the original black hebrews isrealites……. The word or term jew belongs to the fake white jews that stole the legacy & the orginal hebrew isrealites title as “God choosen people”
    Chingy is not jewish. He is an isrealite & your headline while i think was made in error on purpose is very misleading. Pick up a book and read in between stealing stories why font ya?

    • take your meds man

      • EL_BARK

        All you a white jew, so your offended. Now if you adress me in a manner which is superior then your first approach. I will tell you all about your fake hertiage that your people stole…. Many years ago. Hitler knew the truth about your kind years ago and this is the real reason he try to exterminate you. I know your history very well, from when you guys had lice and was chase up into mountains….. If you think white people were god chosen people you need

      • Q.

        You’re hitting their tender spots, akh. LOL

      • EL_BARK

        Lmao its “grinds their gears” (peter from family guy voice.)
        Any time their lies get exposed. my comment was @ the coon.
        And the two jews boys the only one that got offended. Lol
        Good thing i dont have to be politically correct like chingy.
        So i said what he wanted too. Lol

      • EL_BARK

        The only thing that bought out the jew magia on me was the fact illcoon put jewish in the title on purpose, knowing it would get noticed on social media throught the disquss comment system. But yet in his piece of shet article, he called chingy a “black isrealite”. So if you refered to him as such & he refer to himself as a hebrew isrealite. Why put he turn JEWISH in your headline. Their is a big differernce & illcoon know that. But he knew this headline would get more buzz.
        So of course the two butt hurt people saw the headline & got mad….
        Alex i can tell by his name is a polish jew, and the other dude well i his pic is by far more funnier then any insult i could throw at him. But he jewish ad well. Lol

      • Q.

        LOL No doubt. I peeped that too. Type the word “Jewish” anywhere and you “bring ’em out, bring ’em out” (Jigga voice). That was a sly play for cheap hits. Illseed ain’t dumb…I see he does that “ignorant on purpose” sh!t.

      • JohnnyQuesst

        Whoa. Interesting shit

      • Alex Rudkovsky

        lol what about your kind? the difference between me and you is that you can say all these things and point figures and argue that everything was stolen from you the how you say “chosen” people. but the reality of things is that I will eating my eggs Benedict starring at the NYC skyline and you will be on 42nd street dropping “knowledge”

      • EL_BARK

        What make u think i preach on corners, lol & nyc skyline ??? Is that suppose to make me jealous???? Lol what makes you think you have more money or net worth then me. Smh….

        Oh wait your jewish. Lol and i see u just like the other two gumps couldnt debate anything i said. So you try a divert tatics by bringing up your nyc skyline. Um anybody can see the nyc skyline, not a great accomplishment. Enjoy your eggs. Lol i stop eating meat, so i could care less about your eggs & benedicts. Smh

      • YaheardSyndicate

        yall got too much time on your hands. Yall on here getting heated over Chingy.

      • EL_BARK


      • you gonna need some if you follow illseed advice and jump in a circle full of black hebrew isrealites and start calling them jews …. LOL !!

    • Alex Rudkovsky

      El Bark why you hating? you know there is no such thing as a black isrealite.

      • EL_BARK

        Kill yourself fool. There no such thing as a white jew.
        You stand corrected. & i guess offended by my comments.
        If you cant argrue facts on this topic. Please refrain from adressing me again.

      • DJ7

        Speak on it EL….anytime WE speak truth, cats come out the woodworks/caves tryna defend the lie… sh*t don’t move me b/c I got KOS since ’89 & been banging on the beast ever since….WAKE UP brothas & sistas,

      • Celz

        I’m not jumpin in the argument but DNA evidence has proved that their are Hebrews in Ethiopia. Many people believe that’s were the Ark of the Covenant is…

      • Doc Franchise

        The Falashas in Ethiopia…funny thing they are persecuted and discriminated just like blacks in America except its by blacks in Ethiopia.

      • Celz

        Why is that funny or surprising? You new to world history or somthin..

      • Doc Franchise

        must not be from America. its a saying….funny thing is…..most people don’t know the information or somehow think that its a racial issue but its much bigger than race….youre taking it to literal

      • Celz

        What the hell are you talkin about nicca? It’s not a saying in this country.. You just compared blacks in America being discriminated to blacks in Ethiopia doing the discriminating.. What cultural or social ties do blacks in America have with Ethiopians? That’s like comparing an Afghani to a Japanese person because they are both from Asia..

        Your comment was ass backwards stop trying to save it.. smh

      • Doc Franchise

        No I didn’t I compared Black Israelites struggle in different countries and its a universal one because they/we aren’t persecuted because were black its because we are truly GOD’s people. Fool! Get some knowledge. Comprehension bro!!! Not a saying in this country? this is a American website….The worse part is I agreed with you and took it a step further and you cant even understand that. The Falashas is the proper name of the Hebrews in Ethiopia. Don’t even know the difference between someone substantiating your point vs disputing it because you were lacking in knowledge.

      • Freezamon

        Hebrew language & Religion started in ethiopia (Which is black). Africa is known as the Dark continent where ethiopia is. Jews are parasitic by nature they roamed the continent for centuries like animals destroying and stealing everything. Who owns everything in the US…exactly by manipulation and stealing…google Zionist Agenda & The Jew Conspiracy.

    • Seems like you know or at least really trust what you’re talking about. I don’t know rather to Like your response or talk shit too you because you say, ill “coon” (like a racist would say) …you definitely sound more informed than illseed though! I hope I’m not giving a Shout Out to a KKK!

      • EL_BARK

        Naw i not no kkk. Illcoon earn that nick name because he was cooning himself for a mintue through some of the shet he posted. Shet illcoon even refer to himself as one in his rumor, i guess it was a form of sarcasm. Lol

      • You must’ve dranked a couple beers since yo’ last post because yo’ spelling is all fucked up now homie. Lol, salute!

      • EL_BARK


      • DollasTX

        he dont know it aint the beers … its that gawt dayum phone

      • DollasTX


    • youngplaya

      Drop some book names for a playa and I’ll check them out.

      • EL_BARK

        Go to the website “whywewereshunned” .com
        That site has two inexpensive book, that explains the history of the isrealites, and how the title was stolen by the current days white jews.
        It explains how we ended up in america also.
        The book are the same name as the site.
        Why we were shunned by hezekiah Israel. This book is self published so i dont think you can get it in border or amazon. Nor would they allowed it. Lol

      • Celz

        On some unrelated historical shyt check out “They Came Before Columbus”. It talks about how Africans traveled to the Americas long before Europeans.

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      I’m sorry but how are we supposed to take anything that you say seriously when you have more typos and grammatical errors than illseed.

      • EL_BARK

        Lol like i told the other saltine. If you cant dispute anything i said with facts. Which is clear you cant. Cause your blue eye devil ancestor are nothing but murders, rapist & theives. Dont adress me on this issue. Also how am i suppose to take you seriously. ???? Just look at yourself. Bad thing was i thought your avi picture was fake…. Shame on me.. How my grammar in this post??

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        Spelling? Not bad. Grammar and use of punctuation? Still lacking. Full understanding of the world besides your narrow minded racist view of the world? Lacking. BTW, i wasn’t trying to or going to dispute anything that you said, I was simply commenting on the fact that you have this holier than thou attitude is quite comical considering you have horrible grammar. You may believe that you are the master sensei of all things racial but that does not make it so.

      • EL_BARK

        I on a phone first of all, & i dont get paid to type on here. Therefore i could care less about my grammar or punctuation. I had english 12 years in high school, follow by 2 years of it in college. I think if i wanted to, i have the ability to use spell check, which you are more then likely using, Kudos !! Mate. By the way i have spell check on my phone, but i have it turned off…….

        Now i ask you, where did i ever say i was holier then thou? And if i was trying to act that way, why would my grammar have anything to do with it…???

        Also what make you think i am a racist???? I said nothing racist. You took my comment and assume i was. Telling the turth is not being racist….. The problem with your kind is the denial of how wicked your ancestors were, & still are today. This is truth. I didnt generalize, i didnt say all, but truth is truth. You want to turn this into a debate over my use of the english language, which is irrevlent to the topic.
        Just like the other butt hurt people above, couldnt debate anything i said cause they are intellectually inferior to me. So rather stick to the topic, i was told i needs meds. Lol

        Ok if my comment seem rascist, i ask you a simple question…
        Can you please explain to me how the present day jews, can claim to be direct descendants of the “orginal hebrew isrealites” that were enslaved in egypt???? Simple question………

      • First off, I was never turning this into a debate about grammar. What was meant to be a joke, mostly poking fun at illseed who has horrible spelling and grammar, and the people on here that constantly question his credibility because of that.

        As I said in my previous post I wasn’t trying to dispute what you had to say. I agree with some of your opinions. I just disagree with the way you have chosen to go about promoting”the truth”. Lumping all white people into the same category, and assuming that all white people subscribe to the same singular idea that has been presented through the white washing and eurocentric history that most are taught in school. Because I am white I automatically will follow the obvious inaccuracies and brainwashing that we were taught in school? Of course not. That is why i said your world view was racist. I didn’t call you racist. I said your view was racist.

        Furthermore, was I the one who told you to go on your meds? Nope. Did I attack you personally? Not intentionally (just a uninterrupted joke). Did I bring race into the equation? Nope.

        As I said, i do agree with some of the opinions that you have but I feel that you have a very black or white view of the world, and no I do not mean race. Its either all or nothing, and lacking any room for subjectivity. Though history is objective, our ability to know history is purely based in the subjective realm, because there are things that we do not know, because we were not there. We can attempt to get as close as possible to the actual truth but we will never know what the actual truth is.

        I am not arguing with you on this point because I never planned on arguing with you. All I was doing was making a joke, and clearly you couldn’t take it.

      • EL_BARK

        Lol history is black & white. I can prove it easy…..
        Um what color were the people that build the pyrmaids.????
        Simple question & it has only one answer.

        Another example. Who was the first president!!
        That history correct?

        Are any one of those answer subjective no? Why because history which was recorded tell us that washignton was the first president….

        History tell us that the egyptians build the pyrmaids.
        Certain topic in history cant be debated, especially
        When one can use common sense….

        Your joke which i didnt take personal at all was a attempt to discredit what i was saying. It had an undertone of sarcarsm.
        Ie who going to listen to you, your a wino in front of a liqour store.

        You attempted to discredit my post / facts not my opinion cause everything i said can be proven. So therefore its not subjective,

        Also i noticed you failed to answer the simple question i ask you, lol
        And just to make you happy, i went & correct most of my spelling error in my last post.

      • *slow clap*

        I failed to answer the simple question you asked because as i have stated a few times, i agree with you on some of your opinions, yes the original jewish people in egypt were african. ok. what does that matter?

        Also, youre going to call someone a wino in front of a liquor store when you are trying to preach “the truth” on a hip hop websites comment section. Seriously? Seriously? you are the wino in this situation.

        Furthermore, you have commented on my “avi” yet i post my real name and have a real picture, yet you hide behind an alias and the standard disqus pic that is given by AHH.

        Im sorry but youre a single minded fool.

        Good luck in life.

      • EL_BARK

        Lol that was metaphor, @ that was an example of how your sippose joke was really being sarcastic. Also i not trying to preach anything, all my post were related to the thread…. & i already stated i wasnt on here to preach, my initial comment was directed at illcoon, on him trying to use the term jewish in the headline, on outpose to gets hits. Before two fools got upset, well i ‘ll make it 3. Including you.
        2nd my name is real is EL, bark is short for barksdale with i was gorce to shorten when illcoon & chuck attempted to ban me from the site.

        Also me & you come from two totally differernt in of the spectrum. Therefore i a guy like you could never understand why a person like me, wouldnt have my real picture up, not my MO, and i
        Know my gov name, i dont walk around in real life wearing a name tag,
        With my government name on it. Dont feel the need to do it on the net.
        The fact that you feel that having your real name & pic
        Up, make you feel macho or is a display of your bravado ego,
        Or figure you have E-credibility in the world of cyber space, speaks volumes of you….. I gues you a stand up guy in cuberspace huh?
        Lol. You can feel that way, little guy.
        I earned my stripes the old fashinoned way, in real world.
        Good luck in life , lol naw i dont need that.
        I make my own luck.

    • Freezamon

      True absolutely True..who runs hip hop, music in general and media outlets..them Jews are the real demons

  • Real spill from Chingy!

    If he’s waking up, you know others are as well.

    • Q.

      Hopefully it’s not a ruse. But if Chingy is really woke…then the rest of these coons ARE IN TROUBLE.

      • Yeah, they should kill they self as I type!

        SMDH@ Chingy waking up & them still being sleep!

    • DollasTX

      its ARPANET lol
      kleinrock phucked up when he brainstormed about the internet … useta be you wanted to hide something from “most” black men you could put it in a book (so they claimed) … now the worlds greatest archive can keystroked in 30 seconds

      • Celz

        that’s why they tryin to poison us (and everyone else) with our own music..

        When I die bury me in the Gucci sto…

      • That would actually make a great $E$ topic!


  • Tre C

    That tranny ruined him but I always wondered why he didn’t sue “it” for slander.

    • Lion King

      Whats the point of suing somebody for something that they ain’t even got it?

      • Tre C

        not about the money to me, it’s the principle. Not that he was the most talented, but he had a little avenue and that rumor completely killed it.

  • therealest1

    I guess he needs an image makeover since he was caught out there messing with a transsexual!

    Since he has remade his image into a black Hebrew Israelite, shouldn’t cover up or X out that awful Daddy’s Angel and turn it into Hebe’s Angel?

  • Matt Swan

    I guess when you finally realize your carrer is over or you’re going to be deported, you become Jewish. SMDH……needs to come out with Holiday Inn pt2

  • NINJA koz Maccabee

    we blacks latinos native americans are da lost tribe of israel da white edomites are da enemies and da other heathen nations God Jesus is not da true names of da mosthigh and son itz hebrew all other religions are false hebrew is not a religion itz a way of life read da basic instuctions before leaving earth b.i.b.l.e. dont take da chip or u gonna burn with dem nukes chingy do it big bro real jews blacks

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  • I see El and Dior going in on these boards..just out of curiosity tho drop that knowledge. I’m interested in reading it and seeing where your point of view originates from. Not all that familiar with the roots of judaism at all.

    • EL_BARK

      Gamer its not hard to figure out. Start from everything they taught u in school. And reverse it. Lol its call history cause its his-story.
      Esp anything that was taught to the slaves in america by the white slaves owners.
      Which trickle down to us… That where i would start. My point wasnt to be up here preaching, but just like most things white has a history of stealing simce the begining of time. The title of “god chosen people” is one of them.
      This is what white jews believed they are. They believe they are the descendants of moses and the people that were rescue from egypt, im the middle of africa.
      During the story of the exdous. Which by looking at them u can tell is BS, even ray charles could look at the white jews & laugh, after hearing that.

      • I hear you fam, when I am one of lacking knowledge on a subject I usually inquire. No better way to educate oneself than to get it from someone who has a knowledge of something particular. One thing I will say tho is that there is a glaring difference between the Hasidic Jews and the Orthodox Jews and the Saphardic Jews. If memory does serve me correct it is only one of those groups that considers themselves white jews, not sure on which in particular as self designated gods people. Yet it’s no different than Mormons I guess.Religious extremism is just one of those mystifying things that some folks latch on to in order to justify elitism or favorablity or even extreme acts of violence/cruelty. It was good kicking it with you fam, i’ll pick some things up to read up on tho.

  • Mark Olford

    Interesting….I’ve only just come across this movement from a friend from HS who’s been preaching on FB…he’s been ridiculed by some do to their traditional Christianity beliefs, but I always keep an open mind on this subject because traditional Christianity enslaved us for about three centuries on this soil. Anything that was fed to us by white folks to me should always be questioned. Side point: I actually live abroad and met a guy from Iraq who’s same age 39, anyways he explained to me that before the war started in 2003, in 2001, the US began to dispatch missionaries to Iraq to “soften” the population….in essence, we didn’t need sept 11 to attack Iraq, we were going in anyways….just something to think about and how our government uses Christianity…as the saying goes, “the black folks do all the praying and the white folks do all the reaping”….

    I’m out

  • PL

    Whoa! He mentions Agenda 21 in this! Google that y’all…

  • Choppa


    • Guest

      Choppa -OK? – rappin’ as a playa’ – then bein’ busted with’a transsexual – should be a career killa. – I fully support that – you don’t?

  • waits for shine up coming video blog talkin about now everybody wanna be jewish since Po came out lol 😉

    • backpacker215

      jewish are frauds who copy the culture and faith of actual Israelites

  • dareal504

    No grown man should ever call another grown man Ching-A-Ling!… O_o

    • lol for real that shit sounded off ‘yo wuts poppin its ya boy ching-a-ling..’ you a grown ass man

  • Illsperm says “Cray Cray” LOL People that comment can make a better article than this.

  • mike malarkey

    “he’s also trying to spread some negativity”

    “Chingy Turns Himself Jewish?”

    umm wtf????


  • sakiru oresanwo

    “He’s found God and he’s also trying to spread some negativity”, is this writer stupid?

  • Mike Swiff

    Oh a black gay Jew…LOL Now thats real special!

    • Mike Swiff


  • DollasTX

    “BARK” on that clown if he’s not “right and exact”

  • DollasTX

    man thats the comment of the year right there … this niggah said
    ——–> nope keep going ——->

  • DollasTX

    yall niggahs crazy llamf

  • trlvman357

    Do you know “King Judah” would have probably cut your fuckin head off for wearing dat bullshit!