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Hip-Hop Rumors: Fans In The Netherlands Very Upset With Meek Mill!

Uh Oh! Meek Mill is getting some pretty bad viral attention on Twitter and other social networks. Here is what I am getting from what I am seeing. Correct me if I am wrong, I don’t mind. Meek is touring and the tickets were quite pricey, but he (like others) offered a VIP package that would allow fans to meet him backstage at a show in the Netherlands. But, when they got there, they were reportedly charged an additional 100 euros to take pictures with the rap star. Now, from here, the Twitter spilled over into the world of Necole Bitchie, the famous blogger. Seems like she took up the plight of the fans and got into a twitter beef with Meek. She has also published fan letters from those that felt Rick Ross dissed them. She’s like Captain Save-A-Fan. She can save me any day. Anyway, Meek took to the internets like he is well known to do, but things kinda got out of control.

This is what Necole Bitchie posted on her site:

“Hi Necole Bitchie I am a girl from the Netherlands and I am in shock. Yesterday was Meek Mill concert in Amsterdam 22-03-2013.

And I wanna tell you something I paid 75 euros for VIP tickets.

Me and my girlfriends met Meek Mill and he asked us for 100 euros [about $130] to take a picture with him.

Then we said we don’t have money too pay, then Meek Mill said NO MONEY NO PICTURE!!!

I didn’t believe it, he was so cruel. I am no longer a fan of him and very disappointed.”


In order to help the situation, Meek seemingly offered to pay for everybody’s drinks!

Who do you believe? What do you think?

Oh yeah…What happened to Cassidy? Damn, I thought he was going start going all “Tupac” on MMG.

Cassidy RAID

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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  • therealest1

    Continuous ass clown shit from this fool.

  • Meek a fuggin sucka!

    Gonna charge $100 for a pic…deny a fan who paid for his show, then offer or front like he’s offering 100 bottles for free?

    That is some real, crab @$$, MMG, B’ish ‘chet!

    Yo! El! WTF?

    • EL_BARK

      Yo EL ?????? Man yo EL what lol
      I been said this niggah a fraud & a clown…. What you expect when a rapper got a 360 deal & the money start to slow up and his album flop.
      You know how much it cost to fill up a ghost that he will be selling soon.???
      Or keep up the image that he a multi- millionaire whe he not???
      Bill got get paid. Lol

  • These fans are dumb as shit. They act like Rick Ross and Meek Mill rap about world peace, saving children and helping old ladies across the street.

    • hoeyuno

      Who thinks that????


    Weak Skills will be done by the end of the summer, people gonna get tired of his screaming rhyme flow……..


    Meek a sukka


    Weak Skills will be done by the end of the summer, people gonna get tired of his screaming rhyme flow…….

  • Abdelmajid Ibn Allal Bouloum

    remember we did a warm up for chris brown in denmark and fans that also paid to get backstage said the were not aloud to take a pic with him unless the paid extra, i witnessed this my self and this was when he had dropped exclusive

  • I suppose if there is a market for silly people wanting to pay $100
    to take a pic why not charge?

    Dude tested the market and it failed …. lesson learned I hope.

  • Negro Peligro

    I mean what Nicole Bitchie have start twitter beefing with dude about his business. If you pay to go back stage and dusty pig pen MEEK MILLS then another hundred dollars sounds about right. Especially when you could just order VIP and get it for free at the same club this dummy went too.

    • atle fjeldstad

      He was charging the ones with the VIP tickets mayne..

    • you dumb as hell, read the post again stupid. lmao

    • Tony G.

      Reading is fundamental

    • GregSki86

      niggas be illiterate I guess, @twitter-266910229:disqus I’mma get you a hooked-on-phonics for Kwanza

  • atle fjeldstad

    I wouldn`t pay for meek at all.. Only one i`m checking for on the mmg roster is Stalley..

    • MrNoName2K

      idk man, Meek and Stalley both are tough but dont sleep too hard on Gunplay…he next outta the camp

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  • Well after being in a similar beef myself once, I am on the side of the fan, but I understand where Meek is coming from too. These party promoters will charge and do whatever they want. They were probably the ones who collected from the $100 photos. So Meek is saying the money from those photos didn’t mean nothing to him since he getting paid $100K. But if that’s so true, he could’ve still took pics with the people who weren’t willing to pay.

    I covered an event hosted by Boris Kodjoe once. The party promoters were charging $10 to take a photo with him. Attendees felt it was very tacky. I reported it on my website and got an almost immediate call from someone claiming to be Kodjoes manager asking me to take the article down because Kodjoe was “distraught” over the whole thing.


    100k a night? damn…way overpayed if that’s even true. i bet even if it is, i wonder how much of that he gets to keep to himself? the nerve to tell fans with “VIP” tickets they need to pay +$100 for a pic? now that aint right…

    • Powblenmg

      Yo, I live in the Netherlands and I know where his concert was. Nigga ain’t gettin over 10/15000, maybe less FOH. Lying ass niggas. I don’t like Meek Mill, but my friends went to the ‘concert’ and they told me the 100 euro story.

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  • EzE

    i always find it amazing how a rapper can get 100k to scream over their own song in a packed nightclub with terrible speakers and never went platinum

    • EL_BARK

      Surely you dont believe he gets an 100k a show do you???
      In the venues he doing at that???? Smh

      • johnblacksad

        the “venues” (a.k.a. nightclubs) he be performin at prolly make 50k max that night… meek’d be lucky to leave with half of that

      • hoeyuno

        When g unit was at there peak fif said he would get 100k for a show. He would throw yayo, banks, who kid and whoever else performed that night 10 each from that. But they were huge at that time and they were performing at stadiums and selling 20000 tickets. In this day and age theres no way meek would be walking outta a club that fit 2000 ppl with 100k… maybe his bawse but not this fool.

      • BernardPerez

        Lmfao no way he leaving wit half.. 10k to perform he provides his own transportation

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  • i forgot what country it was china or korea some foreign country but i remember Michael Jackson went over there and charged folks $3000 just to shake his hand lol no performance or nothing …. just a handshake …. like meek said dont knock the huslte its what they been doing … (not saying meek couldnt look out for his fans tho i mean damn 100k a night and couldnt let $100 slide for the fans ?? lol )

  • yesterday somebody posted a link regarding meek’s concert in paris. and same thing happened. 100 € for a picture and this ninja only did a 40 minutes concerts and they say 20 minutes were his songs and the rest was ross’ or 2 chain’s songs. he deserves his album to be straight downloaded for free!

  • GregSki86

    Damn Meek if that’s true, I guess that sophmore album gonna be illegally downloaded 500k times in the first week lmao. Not a good idea to shit on ya fans in other parts of the world, specially knowing that ya American fans have a short attention span and the Cassidy beef just added to the L’s MMG been takin for a minute

  • TheBigCheeFa

    damn why you charging your fans over a hundred dollars to take a pic with you?that aint right Meek.these people spending their hard earned money on you bruh and they dont have to come see you

  • Tony G.

    Another clown that’s not just making the money but letting the money make him..he needs to get it why he can becuz he wont be relevant long.

  • Harriet__Tubman

    That nigga aint making 100k a night LOL nice try. ANYWAYS , he’s a still a sucka, his songs suck, and he’s “down” with the WACKEST FAKEST COP in hip hop. This nigga is Rick Ross’s deputy, he’ll be out-shined by real lyrical rappers soon. Trust.

  • Harriet__Tubman

    You gonna charge $100 for an autograph too sucka???? Americans have a short attention span, especially when all you do is scream over weak ass beats. You’ll be owing your label money REAL soon.

  • rmac138

    you gonna pay 100 dollaz to for a picture with sum1 u dont know, wtf is wrong with yall, hahahahahahaha, playdddd

  • MrNoName2K

    $100 for a pic lol, gottdamn Meek kinda feelin himself just a lil too damn much

  • firehawk17

    meek mill and rick ross need to be boycotted… wale is a talented dude.. he need to get with another team cause MMG isn’t getting good PR at all.. MEEK mill act like he so above people he needs to be smacked open hand

  • The Wolf

    Cass is dead.


    He definitely doesn’t make $100K in the U.S./show, but I could see him make a bit extra in Europe, where they normally over pay North American artists for very little work. That’s really the whole appeal of performing in Europe (a lot of money to be made). Of course he’s gonna lie since no one has access to his personal info. #fail