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Activist Organization Petitions Against Rick Ross For “Rape Lyric”

(AllHipHopNews) A petition has recently launched on Change.org protesting Rick Ross’ recent “date rape” lyric on the new song, “U.O.E.N.O (You ain’t even know it).”

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The lyric, “Put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it / I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it,” has set off a firestorm of controversy resulting in open letters from activists, yet no word from the rapper. The song is actually Rocko’s featuring singer/rapper Future.

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The new Change.org petition calls for Rick Ross to publicly apologize for the lyric and for glorifying rape and violence against women. Created 6 days ago, the petition has garnered hundreds of signatures.

The timing of the lyric is hot on the heels of the date rape conviction of two teens in Stubenville, Ohio and the recent passage of The Violence Against Women Act which has added to its inflammatory nature.

Activist Rosa Clemente has also made a video responding to the Def Jam signed Ross for the lyric, which she states is “detrimental to our community.”

  • therealest1

    Ignorant imposter shit.

  • JerZeBoy

    Not for nothing but its his freedom of speech, its his music! Im not a hugh Ross fan but is this all people are listening to?

  • Dwayne Nvo

    rosa clemente is a ugly b!tch, just like officer ricky

  • Apologise for rape lyric but the murder, drug dealing, misogynist, violent, materialistic lyrics are acceptable? Either you eat the whole pie or no pie (i understand that last line may be over some ppls heads)

    • JerZeBoy

      exactly what i said! yours statement is just more detailed…lol

    • BibatheDiva

      It’s not that violence, mysogny, drug dealing, drug use, etc is acceptable either… as a culture we have slid down a sad slope… but this line is beyond reasonable. Rape is every woman’s worst fear. Women are victimized in this country at an alarming rate. And to not just mention it, but to BRAG about it, is sick. Women love hip-hop too and we deserve better than to drugged and violated in real life or on a record.

      • Dying in prison is my worst fear… My friends getting killed is my worst fear…. Not getting no chicks because i cant afford to stunt is my worst fear….. What right does another person have to dictate the rank of “worst fears”?

      • BibatheDiva

        In case it isn’t obvious, I am a woman (also the writer of this article). When you were in prison, did you fear being raped? The thought of a man forcing himself inside you while physically and mentally your mind wanted anything but? It’s amazing to me these responses that we are “too sensitive” that it’s “just a line.” I implore you, and I’m not here to convince you, but think about your mother’s, your sister’s, your daughter’s. Imagine her out one night, having fun with their friends, then waking up in a strange bed, with her panties missing, her body sore, and she is unsure why. She spends weeks hoping she hasn’t contracted a disease or gotten pregnant after the encounter. That is rape. That is the fear… the theft. Women have the right to control who they let inside of their bodies, and the taking of that control for any rationalized reason is what these activists mean by rape culture.

      • You miss the underlying point of my last line then. You condone all his other transgressions against society because he talks about rape? Where were you when he was glorifying a life which can only lead to prison or a cemetery? You cannot pick and choose battles as they suit you. You should of addressed all his transgressions and perhaps mentioned rape being a step too far.

      • BibatheDiva

        This is a news story… which is reporting on this news item. It isn’t my opinion. This is a good starting point. Maybe it will open some eyes and we will begin to have some real conversations about the lyrical responsibility of this culture, and if you have seen my work (the article on Chief Keef) for example, that’s something I’ve been advocating for a long time and always will. Peace and blessings to you!

      • have a nice day.

      • What up Biba!

        Didn’t even check the by line & see it was you.

        Anyway, kudos for smashing this fraud, but he should be smashed for other lyrics as well, I mean technically, his whole style is a private prison commercial.

        I was going to boycott him, then I realized that I couldn’t….because I never supported this fraud….I can’t even claim I’m disappointed in him.

        He thinks he’s Big Meech, Larry Hoover, Rick Ross & every one else besides Officer Roberts……my biggest fear is him leading our youth to prison.

        With all his money & fame…..a decent woman still won’t give him some act right! I’m sorry, but that ‘chet is kinda funny.
        (The rape not withstanding. )

        >>Expecting some woman to come forward & press charges for rape in 5,4,3,2….

      • Celz

        You reeeeaaaaccchhin.. Quit while you behind..

      • Lia

        Exactly! Just because there are are other bad lyrics out there does not mean we have to accept EVERYTHING! Some things are more damaging than others. The same way he has the freedom to “artistically” express himself, is the same way people signing the petition have freedom of speech to speak out against it. It is a line in a song, but it represents so much more of what is wrong with society today.

      • Eminem has a song where in at least 20 of the bars he talks about raping a woman. Actual stalk and violent rape. I have never in my existence seen this addressed. I do not condone or support the line which Rick Ross uttered but my main point is that if you are going to judge him on a woman’s worst fear does that mean that the fears of men which he has spewed for the past 6 years are irrelevant to us?

      • they used to protest eminem all the time

      • Celz

        You sound like a smart dude.. You know damn well Eminem’s song was in a completely different context.. Stop excusin this bs.. And since when does two wrongs make a right? Eminem’s fantasy rape rap is wrong and Ross’ realistic bragging rape rap is 10 times worse..

      • I disagree, it’s not beyond reasonable if the other garbage isn’t as well.

        The downward slide will continue….as usual.

        The only thing I find troubling…is how the women stand up against the BS more than the men.

      • ChilltownTV

        But this is a very valid point!

    • BOO BOE

      Real spit! every angle of the square and degrees in the circle

    • ChilltownTV

      Very true.

    • I don’t care about any other lyric, right now. New. Low.

    • Wassup Fred

      And thats just it… My point of view exactly.. Its ridiculous… Now they want to make a stand.. i mean, i commend them for it.. but no point in trying to stop bullets… U must take the gun down.

  • people are so easily offended

  • digimusiclabelz

    This is hilarious. So Rick Ross has to drug a chic to get the
    “panties….” It is what it is, but the one thing that needs to be
    acknowledged is the fact that these types of lines are said all the
    time. If that is how the man feels then that’s how he feels. Never
    apologize for how you feel. Women should say.. “Thank You for the Heads
    up. Now I know NOT to let yo dumb a%$ get my Champagne nor will I leave
    my glass with you.”

    • churchboy2

      I’m glad the entire world doesn’t live by your “trust-your-feelings-they-are-never-wrong” mentality.
      Hitler lived by his feelings too – but since her never apologized for his feelings we all know where you stand.

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    Stop putting all that on these rappers how many times does it have to be said they just rap about what is really going on in the world. This is reality that is nothing new. Ross and keef aren’t the first and surely will not be the last. Thats her fault molly in her champagne and she aint even know it. Instead of trying to crucify ross, women should be spreading the knowledge on not letting this type thing happen to them. I see why everyone’s in an uproar but come on this is nothing new, how many rappers say ignorant things unconsciously………

    • Eric Sun

      YOU ARE A MORON. Drugging should NEVER happen, rape should NEVER HAPPEN and neither should be glorified by someone who kids look up to who might just inspire the NEXT generation to do it more. Rape is going on in the world BECAUSE of attitudes like yours and Ross’s. Women DO spread the knowledge, but people who want to rape will get sneakier with their drugging. It is not a natural condition of society for women to worry about rapists. They aren’t supposed to exist, and definitely should not have fans who they can brag about their accomplishments to.

      Being drugged and molested is not anyone’s will, drugging someone then molesting them is a sick pervert’s will (and Ross is the sick pervert in this case). Condemn rape, don’t encourage it, and don’t blame victims. If you just wanted to go out to a party to have a nice time, and I drugged you then beat the shit out of you, I CREATE the fear in others of being drugged and beaten and I am 100% at fault and you are not at fault at all. You didn’t worry about it happening and you were right to not worry. Just like women are right to not worry about being drugged and raped when they go out on the town at night.

      Seriously, take a long good look at yourself bro. Ross using this as another rap-brag is disgusting, because it implies you are supposed to admire him for being a sex offender. If he was being for real, and this was your sister or mother, would you defend him?

      • You should try to read Sunn’s comments with a clear head. You calling him names does not make a person of logic gravitate to you any faster. Secondly, there is a slither of truth in his comment (I am speaking empirically). As kids we would slip drugs into each others drinks on occasion. Hell, spiking the punch bowl is synonymous with teenage years. I even remember Jay-z with a line “Get em to do E….”. The same person who will slip a drug into a womans drink is the same person who would do it before and after Ross said it, Otherwise we would all of been selling dope straight off our iphones.

      • Eric Sun

        Sure, it happens, and IS talking about “real life,” but Ross is not warning women against it, he’s congratulating himself for having done it, to his fans. See, hip-hop devolved when it went from talking about the struggle of slingin and gangbangers to making that into a cool image suburban kids could buy into. This is no different. Except, susceptible people (i.e. idiots, kids) are more likely to imitate/justify something whose legality is in a grey area like smoking weed or committing date rape than something whose illegality is clear, like selling crack or killing. You see a new sex act in a porn, and you’re more likely to try that with your significant other than a new torture method you witnessed in Saw VI.

        Also, date rape extends beyond the inner city, low-income background most rappers (not officer Rozay though) live in and talk about. It is prevalent everywhere, including in the communities of suburban rap consumers, and even on college campuses, so it is FAR more likely to happen than most heinous acts hip-hop glorifies.

        Jay’s “Get em to do E…” is not close to “she ain’t even know” so it’s a false equivalency. One involves consent from the woman. Spiking the punch bowl is in a way forcing people to get intoxicated, and could be argued as wrong if an unknowing consumer is Muslim or allergic to alcohol, but at least it’s under the assumption that men AND women would be having fun and getting drunk together. Furthermore, Spiking a punch bowl is not done for the sole purpose of helping guys have sex with a woman against her will when she is unconscious and not knowing. Nobody would think it was just kids having fun if that were its purpose. But Ricky explicitly says that he forced sex onto this woman he’s referring to. Date rape is already written off so much in our culture as not really being rape (ex. the Steubenville defenders), and gets covered up a lot more than it gets reported. Ross is certainly not helping young people understand the severity of such a situation by joking about it and glorifying it. Something like date rape (where it’s so difficult to prove and get caught for) has a higher risk of propagation than murder or drug dealing.

        Lastly, we still shame cannibals, child murderers, and pedophiles, even though the cultural shame is unlikely to stop them. That one Biggie line on Ready to Die, “Hope they know my nigga gutter fuckin’ kidnap kids/Fuck ’em in the ass, throw ’em over the bridge” (THIS is equivalent to Rozay’s rhymes) is dissed even by his mom (watch Biggie & Tupac), not because critics hope to stem future child rape-murder cases, but because they want to mitigate the onslaught of a culture their kids grow up in that is ANY more desensitized to the disgusting crime than it already is.

        If Ross is not chided for his words surely a lot of other musicians will begin espousing similar ideas. The difference between a kid growing up under a national media that jokes about drugging someone and raping them and growing up under a national media that eviscerates any semblance of such an action is the difference between him finding out his friend date raped and just going “you nasty man,” and him becoming appalled enough at the news to report his friend to the authorities immediately. If I had a daughter I’d certainly want her to live in a society where that kid would do the latter.

      • Eric Sun

        The difference between Andre’s references to Atlanta’s crack game on “Sixteen” and Yung Joc’s references to that same crack game on “Coffee Shop” is that Dre is documenting a horrible reality and Joc is celebrating that same horrible reality in the pursuit of personal profit.

      • Thank you for this post

      • BOO BOE

        THANK YOU, IT’s Hard for us to think logical and critical because of emotions, and hardly ever can one look at all angles of a square and degrees in the circle

    • Eric Sun

      The NAACP: “…comments that blame victims for the actions of their attackers contribute to and perpetuate a culture of acquiescence to rape”

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  • Aaron Davis

    Im sorry to all the woman out there but his apology wouldnt mean shit becuz it wouldnt be geniune anyway. When u have to force someone to apologize then they arent truly sorry for it. As bad as his lyric was, he’s got a 1st amendment right just like everyone else. If he wants to rap about shooting babies,raping women, or worshipping the devil (all of which are beyond terrible by the way) so be it. If u dnt like his lyrics, stop buying his music & going to his concerts & tours. Women make up a large majority of these rappers concerts & buy their music yet almost every mainstream rapper has degraded women rather it be in the music videos or in this case, the lyrics. So forget Rick Ross, when are female rap fans gonna start protesting hip-hop in general? Because being a 90’s baby, I cnt remember a time when they werent degraded in hip-hop.

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    We need this, point blank period.

  • WSHHTrotsky#RevolutionSquad

    Rick Ross says ignorant shit all the time. Just ignore him, he’s trolling the entire Hip-Hop industry.

  • Celz

    If you defend Ross you’se a B*tch @ss nicca.. Hope you don’t go to jail with those rapin women is cool attitudes.. You’ll get to experience if it’s cool or not first hand..

    • BOO BOE

      nobody is saying this is cool i would hope not, if they are going to start a March uproar, petition or whatever.. for this, than all these lyrics need be put on trial..
      Take what WAyne said about Emmit Till absolutely agreed he shouldn’t said it and I’m a real black pride mofo feel me, I understand the real struggle!! but if that is what it take to start a campaign then there’s a double standard THIS IS OK TO SAY BUT DONT SAY THIS!! THE POINT DOMINICAN DEE HAS MADE VERY CLEAR UP TOP

  • Typical fuckin’ sensititve organizations always want an apology 4 so called “offensive” lyrics. How about worry about bigger problems in the world than prohibiting an artist’s freedom of expression next time. #SensitiveASSPEOPLETHESEDAYS BTW, not a fan of Rick Ross, but i find this article pointless 2 begin with.

    • Eric Sun

      “The NAACP understands that comments that blame victims for the actions of their attackers contribute to and perpetuate a culture of acquiescence to rape”

      • k, i don’t c where u goin with this? explain.

      • Eric Sun

        It IS a big problem. Ideology dictates action dictates the collective masses. Just because there’s murder doesn’t mean we should lean back on rape. You can read the last paragraph of my long-ass post from earlier for the explanation you’re after. And it is his freedom of expression. But if these are his values, I feel the need to exercise MY freedom of expression to tell him I find his views immoral. Y’know, there’s music explicitly made for Skinheads, and I’m sure if you raised objections to that music being played to susceptible young white children you’d be called overly sensitive by somebody too.

        Also, if you think about it, when it comes to dealing and killing no rapper has ever boasted un-ironically about enjoying these things, they always frame it as being done out of necessity and self-preservation. Now as objectionable as that may still be, it never endorses sociopathy or malice for the pure thrill. What idiot sells crack because he just ENJOYS adding to the decay of his neighborhood?

        But Ross is essentially saying he ENJOYS raping women, and the joke is not that he’s playing a sick character you should despise (i.e. Slim Shady/ Odd Future) but the joke is that he got away with using an unconscious woman as a sex toy, and he is proud of himself. He is including this within his boasts about things he has the power to do: buy shit, smoke good weed, and RAPE, portraying that as some sort of ideal trifecta. If this becomes the norm in our entertainment (which is not impossible, given how trend-based rap is), it perpetuates a culture of being cavalier to rape, and also helps date rapists feel less guilty about what is inarguably a vile crime.

  • Him

    Freedom of speech? Yes, accountability? Yes again. Is it wrong yes, additionally this being forced down the ear of the consumer is not accurate. If you don’t like that then don’t listen. Some people in the world don’t like walking around and seeing people of the same sex holding hands and kissing and shit either, especially when they are with their children, but as with anything else as a parent it is up to me to keep crap out of my home and try to keep my children on balance with real life whether I think it’s right or not. Lyric was outta line in my opinion and so is homosexuality being equated to race, so much so to the point that if I don’t agree with it then I’m called a made up word that by etemology does not make sense. A homophob? But what the hell ever Ross do you. Dope pushin, killin niggas, fuckin peoples wives and all that shit is wrong too. Who are we to say what’s wrong-er? And on a different note. Nothing he says is real anyway so in a sense he’s acting just like people act a rape in movies. Stop taking shit so fuckin serious all the time. Hell no I don’t condone it and I also don’t condone not picking over shit to have a problem with on one hand them other stupid shit getting a pass because it’s 2013. Now carry on! Bitches

  • BillyBobJohn

    William also says his the biggest gangster outta Miami and made millions of dollars selling cocaine lol just ignore what he says and nod your head to the beat

  • boardtalk empire


  • BibatheDiva

    I really appreciate this dialogue… it’s above the nature of smart a** comments and some really intelligent and valid points are being made. That’s where change begins.

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  • Robert Hensley

    What happened to our rappers acting as street reporters and letting us know whats goin on in the streets cause before this i never heard no one talking about the molly rape culture in Miami .. this is not just a thing guys r doin there are girls that pop ppl mollys n get what they want… i am not sayin rape or molly droppin is right but why shoot the messanger… i say TY Ross for bringing this topic up cause as a parent i can tell my lil girls to keep their drinks and what they drink safe…… TY Ross………….