EXCLUSIVE: Crooked I Speaks on Slaughterhouse Album; Says, “This Time We’re Coming for Blood”

(AllHipHop News) As the Top 10 lists of best rappers, songs and albums were released by various media sources at the end of last year, Crooked I of Slaughterhouse took offense to the group being left off of some of the lists.

While the group received the Shady Records co-sign, and toured all over the world, Crooked I spoke with AllHipHop at SXSW about how the group is “coming for blood” and still fighting for respect.

“We went to Australia, it was a beautiful country, that was my first time there, it was gorgeous dog, just the country was impressive, the energy in the crowd was just bananas. We probably gonna start on the next album in a month or two, you know what I mean, and this time we’re coming for blood man,” Crooked I explained to

“I’m speaking for Crooked I and I’m not speaking for the group, but I think that ni**as kind of light weight went to sleep on the last album. When they did the hottest MC’s list and best song of 2012 I didn’t really see Slaughterhouse on that list man. We rap our heart out man so for this next album, I’m coming out with that butcher knife,” Crooked I said.

According to Neilsen SoundScan, Slaughterhouse’s second studio album Welcome to: Our House debuted at number 1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums with 52,000 records sold.


  • JerZeBoy

    Slaughterhouse is nasty. Anyone who thinks different is NOT a fan of hiphop! Or your too simpleminded and cant understand what they are saying……

    • What are they saying? I know they’re dope lyricists but what are they about? Rap groups gotta stand for something specific. I could be missing something but the seem like they were formed on accident. They had a song together that took off in the underground circles and they just hopped on the wave. I don’t know, just dividing a song between 4 emcees around basic concepts is boring.

      • JerZeBoy

        they have songs about losing someone Rain Drops – tracks about being nuts CUCKOO – etc. im not saying they bring new concepts to the table all the time but who does???? but lyrically they do it better then 98% of people out. Slaughterhouses energy is anything but boring. Who do you listen to?

      • JerZeBoy

        They formed becasue Budden wanted the hottest spitters(in his opinion) to form a group after the song together, and I think he picked a nasty bunch. I like their 1st album better then the 2nd though – IMO

      • LoudMouth

        LiveWell – Formed by “accident”…??? LoL, they formed because all 4 were on the brink of stardom, and all had industry beef that caused their downfall… Crook had Death Row and never amounted to nothing, Budden had “Pump it Up” and amounted to nothing, Ortiz signed with Dre and amounted to nothing, and Royce beefed with Em and amounted to nothing… So the question “What are they about” is simple….they are all about over coming odds and adversity… Look a LiL deeper homie… ; )

      • I can dig that somewhat. I don’t know if it’s an issue of looking deeper since any rapper could use “overcoming odds” as their mission statement. Shit, even Drake said he started from the bottom. I guess I’m just measuring them against powerful groups that brought a defined movement with them, like Tribe, Outkast, Wu, The Roots, NWA, Bran Nubian, P.E., etc. They certainly have the lyrical talent to get with any of those groups but no where near the substance. I don’t see Slaughterhouse creating any disciples any time soon.

      • Q.

        True. Skill-wise, they decimate everybody on the radio. Content-wise, they hover around “5” on a 1-10 scale. They can do better. #styleversussubstance

  • Trauma562

    I like slaughterhouse. But they have to come hard. Those pop radio singles and weird beats won’t cut it. To be taken seriously we need all bars no games. They can do it. What else do they have to lose? They went the radio route last album and barely sold anything

  • 2012Industry1

    Just up the production and make it as good if not better than the first one!

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  • N. D.

    I See Dead People and Sucka MCs Feat. Freeway should really put you on to what House Gang is about.


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    dudes are all sick, straight spitters. hope they do better with the next album, that sophmore jinx is a bitch!

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