Nelly, Sean "Diddy" Combs, & Jay Z

P. Diddy Beats Jay-Z, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent as Wealthiest Artist

(AllHipHop News) P. Diddy gives new meaning to “poppin’ bottles” since the bulk of his $580 million fortune stems from his joint venture with Diageo’s Ciroc. The premium vodka brand has amassed the former shiny suit-wearing, rapper and producer a annual 8-figure payout. With that and his other ventures he has beaten out Jay-Z, Birdman, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent on The Forbes List of the Wealthiest Artist of 2013.


Here’s a breakdown of their bank accounts:


1. P. Diddy

Estimated Net Worth: $580 million

Key Ventures: Ciroc


2. Jay-Z

Estimated Net Worth: $475 million

Key Ventures: Roc Nation label and management company, Carol’s Daughter, Barclay’s Center,

        Duracell, Budweiser and Bacardi’s D’ussé Cognac


3. Dr. Dre

Estimated Net Worth: $350 million

Key Ventures: Beats by Dr. Dre


4. Birdman

Estimated Net Worth: $150 million

Key Ventures: Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, YMCMB clothing line


5. 50 Cent

Estimated Net Worth:$125

Key Ventures: Vitamin Water


  • MrNoName2K

    Diddy still spending that ’94-’95 paper…that nigga got BANK

    • Bumpy Johnson

      word thats 1 rich niggra

  • Gotta invest in something.

  • Roc

    Damn, 50 fell off. Only 125 dollars.

    • PL

      What was your net worth last year?

      • Eny Daboss

        and you how much he pays you

      • PL

        not a dime…and I don’t pay him either…never bought a CD from any of his artist or bought a bottle of Ciroc…

        -lol @ $125

        -even tho that’s a typo…I don’t think earning $125 million in a year is “falling off”

      • Eny Daboss

        i mean it is cause that money didnt change since 2002 so yes it is ….all his ventures went down

      • Bumpy Johnson

        50 was worth the same in 02??? i dont think so bro.

      • Eny Daboss

        yes cuz that was his coca cola deal and the reebok 2

      • wickedjones


      • It’s net work, not annual earnings.

      • Roc

        More than $125 dollars. For the slow people, peep the typo in the article. *smh*

    • dominicancoke

      lol u bum i bet u havent seen 50;000 all at once n u hear talking bout a man who made 125 million dollars lol

    • $18592567


    • Tony G.

      are u stupid..or damn stupid…or fukkkin stupid…take ur pick

      • Roc

        Learn to read. You missed the joke trying to be a G-unit Warrior.


      YEAH HE IS NOT MAKING AS MUCH … But for a guy with a 10 year old career having as much as Birdman or even being on the same list is such a short period of time is a huge achievement

  • Dwayne Nvo

    send that money to africa

    • Bumpy Johnson

      theyre train of thought dont stretch that far.

      • “You got rich when you started sling dope, but you ain’t built us a supermarket, so we can spend our money with the Blacks, too busy buying gold & Cadillacs” Ice Cube – US

      • OG_Lil_Pretty_Thug


      • A very great example when rappers don’t act according to what they preach. Most money is spend for useless consumer goods. just to show for face value. We should produce our own consumer products and not consume other people’s products. The world needs a balance. Apart from some few exceptions blackman is still the least productive on earth.
        Just good at talking, bad when it comes to executing a plan. So respect to all those who made it and inspire others to not become a dumbass like most rappers show.

      • Rich people stay rich, by living like they are broke, while broke people stay broke by living like they are rich!

        We are perpetual consumers. Yeah, we talk revolution, but won’t talk toilet paper, rather the manufacturing capabilities to produce it.

        What good is freedom if you can’t wipe your @$$?

      • NEWSKULL

        Thank you!… I know why it is so hard for blackmen to produce their own consumer products… we are focused on easy, fast money… Actually that’s what is promoted the most, that’s what they want us to be focused on… From the street (drugs) to this rappers/athletes/actors… Black people it is all smoke… long term money is the best money… Producing creates Jobs, and although it takes 5-10 years to see a result, the rewards are greater…

        The other problem with blackmen is love… We don’t like each other… True Story… Just read all the hate on this page… Talking smacks about Diddy because he ripped of so many artists… Nigga Please! White folks been doing that shit 400 YEARS BEFORE HIM even RIGHT NOW but y’all don’t complain…. we don’t like the brother next to us to succeed and when he does niggas becomes leechs instead of supporters (Allen Iverson, MC Hammer,Whitney Houston,Micheal Jackson)… We can’t even work together (Jay-Z/ R.Kelly, Mayweather/50 Cent, Mariah Carey/Nicki Minaj) …

        WHAT A SHAME!… why all these black wealthy motherfuckers can’t work together to reach the goal to have a very wealthy community, a powerfull lobby a la Jews… Only complaints of a wealthy community can be heard loud and clear… And we still here thinking buying a benz or a lambo makes us special…keep on feeding the right people… What is worse it is trending worldwide blackmen all over the world are doing the same mistakes…
        Education is also another problem… not enough black engineer or food scientist out there….

      • PL

        Death Certificate! Greatest hip hop album of all time IMO…so many classic quotes from that album…Ice Cube was Negrodamus…

      • REAL SPILL!

      • Bumpy Johnson

        damn thats real talk….i remember my homeboi back in the day. he never spend his money on shit but jordans, rims, and golds…n he was callin me tellin me how he cant go to school coz they charge too much n he already messed up on financial aid… forget the community , niggas dont even know how to spend money on their self……explaining all the niggas with S classes, caddys and old schools on 8000$ rims outside of their mama’s busted ass house.

      • You can’t spend dirty money on durable goods. IE: House, etc.

        Peep how none of the wealthiest artist made their money from music?

        If Donald Trump or Oprah dropped a rap…they would be the wealthiest rapper!

    • Choppa

      U send some of your money to Africa.. Focus on u

      • Bumpy Johnson

        i do. 😀

  • Eny Daboss

    diddy that nigga

  • Mike9130

    Good lawd that’s a lot of money!

  • brotha_man

    everyday diddy wakes up, he thanks god that artist dont read contracts.

    • ^^This

    • PL

      Diddy is the Rap Dracula…

      • sibilladart53hy

        my neighbor’s sister-in-law makes $71 hourly on the computer. She has been without work for 8 months but last month her pay check was $16341 just working on the computer for a few hours. Read more on  Ask25.c­om



  • The wealthiest rappers don’t make the most money selling music?

  • tony greg

    Diddy and Jay are Both up There Because Of Biggie!!!!!!

    • bryon

      i usually dont make comments but wtf biggie got to do with jay? “im from the streets where people argue all day about who’s the best MC biggie jay-z or nas” or am i just confused?

      • tony greg

        I just posted a fact not opinion.

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  • dominicancoke

    umm diddy’s an artist? i thought he was a shady ceo who robbed artist

  • TD King

    for the life they living they are soo poor but comparing to us they are Rich

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  • DTD

    whats happening now is amazing

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  • andone

    a few legit comments in here(i upped yall)… anyways ima go ahead and take this opportunity to point out that boy 50 is TOP 5… f^(k the haters!!!

  • Orignal Clova

    what about Master P i thought he had 350 million?

    • Tony G.

      P may have made that kinda money at some point..but he hasn’t been relevant nt and really making bank like that in yrs..doubt he’s broke but he’ll never be on this list again.

  • kurtkobane

    if 50 listed will smith should b on here!!!

    • Tony G.

      Why..what has Will Smith done in the past yr to make more than that…

  • The Undisputed Leader

    I never let these figures amaze me. Another man’s bank account means nothing to me.

  • Cookie Fox

    I Aint The Mad Rapper, But I Sent Diddy My Music And I Was Talkin To His Staff And Everythang, They Said I Would Get A Response In A Months Time….A Month Went By…..Im Offended Because I Will Murder Any Person So-Called Rappin Right Now…And You Dont See Me????? lol….(Tupac Laugh)

  • linda518

    upto I looked at the paycheck that said $7448, I accept …that…my brothers friend actualie receiving money part time on there computar.. there neighbour started doing this for under a year and resantly cleared the depts on there cottage and bought a great new Jaguar XJ. go to, jump15.comCHECK IT OUT

  • King Cold

    lmao at folks not seeing the inaccuracies of this article. They named very few investments on here from these moguls for example….for 50 cent they only listed vitamin water. Not how much hes made off selling over 30 million copies, 200 million to finance movies, clothes, boxing company,SMS Audio, G-Unit records, films, the percentage of SK Energy…etc. All amassed to 100 Mil plus???? ok keep believing these clowns

  • DAVEonly

    4. Birdman
    Estimated Net Worth: $150 million
    Key Ventures: Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj

    i cant be the only one that laughed at that…

  • jay

    50 is worth 260. this ish is wrong

  • Ironically Puffy Diddy is the worst rapper on this list

  • JL

    Don’t believe these stats at all dre has beats by dre the whole world nearly has a pair of them

  • diggdoug

    i don’t care about the doe !!!!!! doe don’t write . you pay niggas to write for you . this is hip hop . there are 5 elements in hip hop . when did one of them get changed to money ?

  • diggdoug

    where i’m from , you get shot for watch a man’s pockets , GET YO HANDS OUT MY POCKET

  • Mike Swiff

    Puff is not the Wealthiest Artist you meant Businessman none of that money came from him being an artist…he made that money off of Ciroc not Hip Hop!

    • Ptah

      I guess you weren’t around the year after Biggie died…

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  • joseph Allen

    I am looking for a investor to help finance the opening of a black owned supermarket here in the Detroit area, any of you rich rappers if isn’t too much a bother maybe you could pass a few hundred thousand to help get this project off the ground

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