Waka Flocka

Waka Flocka Says He’ll Never Work With Gucci Mane Again

(AllHipHop News) Earlier this month the beef between Waka Flocka and fellow Brick Squad 1017 member Gucci Mane went public when Gucci sent out a tweet stating that Waka was dropped from the label.

While Gucci’s management later claimed that his twitter account was hacked, Waka told RapFix Live that the business relationship between the two is still over for good.

“I don’t wanna do no music with him. I don’t want no business with him. Nothing,” says Waka. “I don’t feel nothing he say out his mouth. It ain’t real.”

Waka clarifies even though he is ready to move on from business ties with Gucci, the ownership situation at Brick Squad is more complicated than Gucci having the power to just drop him from the label.

“I own a percentage of Brick Squad 1017, and I own 100% of Brick Squad Monopoly. So you can’t kick the boss out,” says Wacka.

The riff between Waka and Gucci hit the Internet on March 15th when the following tweet from Gucci’s certified account was posted:


Waka does not agree with Gucci’s claim of him being disloyal or his team’s claim that the tweet was fake.

“I’m the loyalist person you could ever see. I took on a man’s beef, risked my life, hung out the window, risked my freedom.” says Waka. “It can’t be nothing but jealously or something because there is nothing I did disloyal.”

“That Twitter wasn’t hacked because we had a conversation before that. Real aggressive words like, ‘Ni**a let’s get up, let’s do this.’ ”

The potentially permanent split with Waka is just one of the life changing issues playing out for Gucci Mane right now.

The “Wasted” rapper turned himself into police yesterday for allegedly assaulting a soldier at a nightclub in Atlanta. He is currently still behind bars after being denied bond.

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Waka also alluded to Gucci’s latest legal troubles when further explaining why the business side of their relationship is done.

“I greet fans. He punches fans. It’s a difference.”

Despite the current conflict between the two rappers, Waka did offer support for Gucci as he is set to face two counts of felony assault.

“I don’t wish jail or death on nobody. That’s foul,” Waka added.

You can watch Waka Flocka’s interview on RapFix Live below.

  • MuthaFuka Jones

    Loyalty………….that shts for dogs to be loyal to their masters; not human interaction. You “took on another man’s beefs”?? “Put yourself on the line for another man”? Eff that fam. That “hood/street loyalty” ain’t about nothing.

    • The Undisputed Leader

      It do mean sumthin’ when you runnin’ wit a nigga and you don’t have no reason to be against yo nigga at that point and time when the situations occur

      • MuthaFuka Jones

        I wouldn’t know anything about that. I don’t deal with ni**gas………..

      • The Undisputed Leader

        Neither do I anymore but when you got ’em, you gotta be down for ’em

      • Celz

        You can be a real nicca without bein an ignorant nicca..

      • The Undisputed Leader

        I ain’t say nothin’ about bein’ ignorant. All I said was, you gotta have your nigga’z back in certain situations just because that’s yo potna, same way with family.

      • Celz

        I feel you that’s my point.. You can hold ya peoples down without goin to jail for dum shyt..

        Gucci defendin himself against Jeezy’s people and dude gettin burned in the process is real nicca shyt…

        Gucci hittin a fan with a bottle and really the way he lives his life is ignorant nicca shyt..

      • The Undisputed Leader

        Definitely. The street keeps embracin’ that nigga Gucci for any and everything, that’s why I think he be doin’ dumb shit, they just keep feedin’ his ego.

  • southside4lyfe

    the only thing that’s kinda foul is how you taking this interview while a nigga in jail. you could have waited to address that shit when that nigga got out the bing. Waka trying to get his status up while gucci in jail but maybe gucci needed this.

    • Q AKA LIL B@M@

      bruh wat are u talking bout, waka status is up more den gucci right now

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  • johnblacksad

    “But huh… a thug changes, and love changes
    and best friends become strangers, word up!”

    • True that!

      What verse was from the scriptures?

      • thaGOD83

        its off the it was written album….the second song on the album, b4 street dreamz….texas boyz fucks with nas…not gucci lol…

      • johnblacksad

        then i know fa sho you also fcuks with “You wet who i want wetted, i wet who you want wetted, ant n!gga can get it”

      • Eli Pinilla

        Nas- the message

    • bigdoe6

      Realist shit ever.

  • MadVillain

    “I greet fans. He punches fans. It’s a difference.” – hahahaaa

  • MrNoName2K

    If Suge and Snoop can squash years of bullshit, so can these two…Niggas got they own money, own teams and own hype…they’ll be alright

  • O well, no need to announce it to the world…..It’s bad work ethic to publicize a bad business move with all parties involved.

  • StackzScrilla

    Waka is a disloyal bishhhh @ss nigga… You either Ride wit your OG or get rolled on. Aint no one checking for Waka anymore anyways…. His last mixtape prolly had about 57k worth of downloads which shows he in a slump! This nigga boxed in and can’t make moves with out Guwap… Fuk iz you sayin’???

    • acb87

      since when was gucci the OG? last i check waka mom is the OG of that ish , gucci a worker who got a big head an betrayed waka and his fam 1st by leaving so icey. gucci forgot waka and his mom own 2/3 of 1017 . jeezy was right gucci mentally ill

      • StackzScrilla

        Kill yo self QUICK! I assume you a Jeezy dick rider with that comment you made… Might as well cuff them balls while you at it… I smell Pu$$y… is that you ACB87? or did you not graduate Elementary School and got your alphabet backwards???

    • Celz

      If you look up to either of them you’re a dumb nicca… These niccas got bread. The whole point of a thug mentality is to get enough to get out of the slums, not get enough to stunt on niccas who’s still in the slums.. An niccas wonder why they keep goin to jail..

      • StackzScrilla

        True Story my G. I don’t look up to either one of these ARTISTS. TF i look like looking up to a ARTIST? WHERE DEY DO DAT AT??? My point was, Waka was a rusty shirt rockin’, no bread but dread havin’ BG lookin’ up to Gucci. If you haven’t checked out youtube footage from them doing freestyles in zone 6 back in the day, do that! I’m far from a street nigga but i am knowledgeable and when you dis your OG that’s grounds to get mashed on.

      • Celz

        I feel you on that

      • Bumpy Johnson

        not really..u can have ur cake n still kick it in the hood coz the hood u love…depends where u from…if u from a weak snakey hood ud want to leave quick…but if the ghetto got love for u .. u always gone go back n give back…..fkk it i lost my point my son out here trippin.

      • Celz

        I never said leave and don’t turn back.. How bout coming back to the hood wit knowledge and oppurtunities like how niccas did in the past. Not just kickin it doin unnecessary illegal shyt like “the man is still holdin you down”. Niccas get some crumbs and be so excited to show niccas they ballin that they trick it off. Spend it on cars, clothes, liquor or women who spend it on cars, clothes, and liquor. In the end these niccas make a few bucks and then give it all back to white people tryin to floss…

        If got a lick that gives you a 1% chance of gettin caught up twice a week you’ll keep going to jail every 2 years and never get no where in life no matter how big your hustle is..

        Most of that didn’t even apply to you but that whole mentality is fucced…

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  • Mike Swiff

    “You wanna be where you can see,
    our troubles are all the same
    You wanna be where everybody knows
    Your name.
    You wanna go where people know,
    people are all the same,
    You wanna go where everybody knows
    your name.”
    Now smoke a fcukin blunt to dat bitches! lol

    • Mike Swiff

      Im noticing a lot of you posters biting my style its cool Im thee original nigga! niggaz!

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  • This beef is like 2 gorillas fighting in the bush. Regular humans don’t understand but we are entertained.

  • Fukk that shit waka that’s fake we never heardgucci say shit about u that was a bad chess move

  • Austin Martinez

    Waka took on a man’s beef 0_o

  • Lamarr Lewis

    waka fucka fake wack ass nigga killed rap