Hip-Hop Rumors: Beyonce Gets Her Wig Pushed Back?

I haven’t had reason to say somebody got their wig pushed back in a minute. But, the word out there on the streets is that Beyonce has gotten her wig pushed all the way back to the FALL. Now, you know B has everybody talking and has the women losing their minds calling her King Bey. But, on the low, the songs she has released, including the controversial “Bow Down” have not done well. Insiders say, they have flopped, and they were supposed to be major hits. Now, apparently there was another song called “I Been Down,” but I never heard that one. The album was supposed to come out in April, but now rumor has it, it may not come until the fall. People are saying that they will keep leaking songs to see if one catches fire. We all have to bow down at one point or another, I guess. I suspect it will drop before the fall, but I think that this tour is the main focus and, once its out of the way, they will pull it together. Jay famously said, “I will not lose” and I am sure that transfers to his wife. This “set back” only means that B will get in “comeback with a vengeance mode” and life hell for her haters.

It could be worse. Her wig could have fallen out like Jennifer Lopez.

Damn, I’m the worst.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Eli Pinilla

    Nas famously said

    I. F*ck with your soul like ether
    Will. Teach u the king u know u
    Not. Godson across the belly
    Lose. Ill prove u lost already

    • acapwn

      Which came after Jay-Z said: “I will not lose”.

      • Eli Pinilla

        How he slide that in the chorus though!?!?! Nas is a genius

      • brotha_man

        one of the greatest diss songs of all times

      • Bumpy Johnson

        nas my fav alive artist n i never actually knew he did that..holly crap.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Nas has the best pen game ever

  • $28825362

    Fake a$$ Illseed

  • foh

    F**k Beyonce, I’ll smoke a cigar in celebration if her wig really gets pushed back. She no queen she a beyotch ya heard?!

    • Guest

      too many helmet wigs now-a-days

  • King_Lonnie19

    This is not a single and the song is not even on Itunes. So how can it flop?

    • Chris

      She put it out. By default, it’s a single.

      • BeyHive

        No, dumbass. How can a SNIPPET be a single?

      • Chris

        Did you even read the article? Beyonce’s camp will continue to leak songs until one catches on. That’s the whole concept behind dropping singles or potential singles; release material until the general public catches on. What part of that can YOU not understand, dumbass?

      • BeyHive

        Your level of stupidity is hilarious. lmao. You clearly have no knowledge of how this works. When an artist wants to push a single to catch on they send it to radio officially or iTunes. Bow Down / I Been On was never serviced officially to radio or put on sale. Why? Because it’s clear that it’s not the lead single… They are not even full songs, it’s 2 separate songs served as a snippet… Now why would a SNIPPET shoot up the charts? LOL. And this story originated from MediaFAKEout, that alone should tell you that it’s BULLSHIT.

      • Chris

        You Beyonce cronies get so emotional when it comes to your beloved. You all are like a pack of rabid dogs. Sht is disgusting. Bottom line, her camp put that sht out there. Nggas ain’t feelin’ it. Now it’s back to the drawing board. It’s not the end of the world. She’s got plenty of hits, and she’ll put out plenty more. Until then, get off her dick and have some respect for yourself, bruh.

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  • Guest

    Umm… why do you know what a “fall” is? **side eye** lol

  • Teano

    What an idiot!
    Bow Down isn’t even a single! How can you measure it’s success if it isn’t even available for purchase?

    Beyonce is going on tour in two weeks. If she intended on releasing an album, she would have started promotion WEEKS before. Bey never went on tour for 4. Thats’ what the Mrs carter Show is.

    She’ll release her album after the tour!!!

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  • Who ever wrote this article doesn’t know what they are talking about. Bey released bow down / I been on. It is half of each song. I dont think she would release 1/2 of a song and expect it to be a hit??? Obviously it is teaser. . . To get peoples attention and hint at what the album might be like. Idiot.

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  • Delonte West

    I grabbed Lebron James’ mama booty today…

  • odash

    You tour to support an album to help recoup the monies you owe the label. Basically the stars aligned after the a three year hiatus that she does the SuperBowl,start a tour drop an album and make money. But people (I don’t like her) been dissing her since the SB, this single doesn’t help( If the press calls it a single regardless of itunes it is).

  • atle fjeldstad

    Isn`t getting your wig pushed back, getting shot in the head?

  • seriously?

    this article is wrong i been down and bow down are one song….this site always trying to keep black people down get off that jim crow nonsense…….that bow down song did exactly what it was supposed to do stir up some attention….niggas always rootin for someone to fail

  • Personally I thought these snippets sucked… BUT “Grown Woman” sounds kick ass! And we know that’s not going to be a single, but will be present on the album 😀 Anyway, I still think the album will be out before the tour.