Chris Brown and Rihanna

Hip-Hop Rumors: FINALLY: Rihanna And Chris Brown Are OVER!

Please be true.

Please be true.

Please be true.

Please be true.

Please be true.

Not that I wanted it over, but I am so glad that Chris Brown has finally proclaimed that he and Rihanna are a WRIZZY! A WRAP! FINITO! CB did an interview with Big Boy of Power 106 in LA and when asked he and RiRi were still an item, he said “uh no..thats the short answer.” I guess after that, it was dropped. Good for them. It takes a strong person to just walk away. Gotta thank them. I was so sick of writing about them – all this off and on, rumor triangle crap. Thanks, CB and RiRi! Love you! Have a good trip!

Apparently, some saying they are still together. Please, be lying to me.

They are saying the following:

Chris Brown continues his media rehabilitation tour this week, this morning (March 29) appearing on L.A.’s Power 106 to talk Rihanna, Frank Ocean and the new album. During the interview, the radio station tweeted that Breezy was asked if he’s still with Rihanna, and that he responded, “Uh, no. That’s the short answer.” And once that tweet hit, the clouds split open and angels chanted from on high and everyone lived happily ever after.

But yeah, that’s bunk, kiddos. They’re still together. Sorry to ruin your weekend. It was a deft use of social media buzz by Power 106, but in the interview we watched, it was pretty clear they’re still together. Brown talked about flying out to see RiRi on tour and smiled coyly when asked about taking Twitpics with her. Not to mention Brown spoke to Ryan Seacrest earlier this week about how he and RiRi “try to keep it fun” and avoid stuffy, date-y things like candlelit dinners. If anything, the answer was just another vague tactic in their whole game of being conspicuously inconspicuous and dangling their rekindled relationship in front of the media.

Here is the damn video:

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Matt Swan

    Ummm and who the hell cares? She might’ve smoked all his ish up and he’s just mad. This isn’t even worthy of news.

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  • Nene

    Chris Brown looks sick. He don’t need Rihanna she is not healthy for him. They are not healthy for each other. Back to karrueche it is. Chris seem like he was more grounded when he was with Karrueche. I think Chris and RiRi just wanted to see how fans would react to them being back together.

    • Cecelia

      Sweetheart the way he humiliated that girl…… Please. He looks better than he did 6 months ago ill tell you that. Why would Chris and Rihanna risk their careers just to get a reaction out of people? You people kill me sometimes common sense isn’t common anymore

      • JohnnyQuesst

        Why would a government produce mass murders and blame it on someone else? Why would she even get back with him after “the way he humiliated that girl”? There are two sides to a story, what the media paints, and what really goes on. You don’t know Chris and Rihanna’s agenda. Neither one of them has really lost an ounce of fans since that altercation so I’m pretty sure their fans are loyal and will remain supporting them no matter what they do.

  • Shatisha Andrea

    She would get him to write her some more songs… lol probably why she wanted him back.

    • Jared

      I doubt CB write his own shit…

  • fabbidavisjr

    “It’s a thin line between love and hate.”

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  • Either way, a good look for them both with the free press.

  • LiveurlifeThisyear

    CHRIS, I hope U have those disputed community service hours cleared up because its almost time 4 U 2 go back 2 court. MAKE LIARS out of UR HATERZ!!!

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  • XLRG

    ..I hope its over said and done with. You guys post more RnB news / gossip than any other hip hop site.. this shyt should be in the alternative section anyway..

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  • Delonte West

    for real…this story is like a million years old…blah

  • Dwayne Nvo

    she is mine now

  • i think court is near if califonia law for his mother can escape that but !

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    damn illseed, then that means yall need to start looking for something else to write about…capable of that?

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  • I am tired of this dude…Dam everyday we have to hear about what Chris Brown is doing.