Hip-Hop Rumors: Guess Who May Be Running Def Jam Next?

You know that dude in the middle?

The name is Steve Rifkind. He’s one of the greats, y’all. He brought us Loud Records and all the groups with it, ranging from Mobb Deep to Akon to Asher Roth to Big Pun to Wu Tang and then some. I mean, classics…and more classics. Shoot, Killarmy!

Well, Def Jams president, Joie IE (Joie Manda) has quit and gone over to Interscope. Guess who I am hearing is on deck to replace him? You guessed it! Steve Rifkind! From what I recall, Riffy has been working on quite a few act at SRC, his new venture. But, I’m hearing he may be lulled over to Def Jam. He really is a pioneer in the game in many ways. You have to google that on your own.

Anyway…that’s the rumor.

Do you think that’s a good idea? Rifkind as president?

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • gomer_1

    anyones better than


    • Midas3155

      Jay caught alot of backlash because of L.A. Reid. L.A. was only intersted in promoting artist that were already established n most of all that catered to R&B music ( NEYO, Rihanna). All the rappers that were complaing about jay, never had a chance to begin with. Then u got method man,Joe Buddens, LL Cool J talking as if their rap careers were that relevant. Now im not taking anything from them but, honestly whens the last time meth, buddens or LL went plat???? sometime back in early 2000’s if not the late 90’s.

      • Record Pusher

        When is the last time ANY rapper went platinum??? The closest one this year is Kendrick Lamar.. (thats a good thing) Ross barley made it to gold.

      • Ronlg1

        Ross barely making Gold is his norm. He has GREAT tracks, but the lyrics are trash!!! Not worth buying the whole album full of the same shit on every song. I agree with what DMX said about him “yeah, you got a Maybach and you like lobster, we get it…but what else can you talk about?” And I know what people will say “DMX ain’t selling no records” or “DMX ain’t relevant” or “That crackhead can’t talk”….but none of those things negate the truth.

      • Matt Swan

        If anyone were to say a bad word about X, just remember this; that ninja can STILL pack a show to the fullest, and gives 150% of himself at every show. And 14 years on X still has a voice in hip hop. 10 years from now, no one’s going to remember Ricky Fawse at all. In REAL hip hop we remember years on, so the old school lives on (LL, UTFO, RUN DMC), the new school lives Busta, Em, X), and the BS that is played now is forgotten (anything YMCMB, and any other crappy “rapper” you can think of). There will be those that make it through from this era, (hopefully Kendrik for one), but Jeezy, Gucci, and others unable to broaden their rap portfolios will be on the side of the road lookin in. Trap music can only go so far. New blood, is needed, or maybe some ol boom bap with a new voice on the beat.

      • Super_Hero

        exactly. The same five artist are platinum but we are brainwashed to believe guys like Rick Ross, 2 Chains and French is platinum.

      • Dee

        Ross has never went platinum not one album

      • DJ7

        They all could’ve been still relevant if the message in music didn’t change…which by the way is a direct result of the talking heads!!

      • Super_Hero

        The message didn’t change. Raekwon was talking about being rich before these new rappers. They rapped about Wu-wear before Diddy came out with his line. Biggie made people believe he was rich. Snoop was banging on wax. The message is still the same, money, drugs and hoes. They way they said it changed. it went from being clever to being simple for the ladies in the clubs.

      • DMV703

        did you just equate quality of music with sales numbers? FOH KILL YOURSELF.

      • Midas3155

        @ DMV, No. Its clear that your dislexic. I clearly said “I’m not taking anything away from those artist” but it kills me how once jay became prez everyone wanted to blame their low sales on him, as if they were moving mad units to begin with. thats y i said there music careers werent that relevent, doesnt mean that their lyrics arent dope, its just that their music is doing number like how they were in the past.

      • Super_Hero

        They became irrelevant because Jay-Z best promotion was Jay-Z. The music game is about brainwash. You can brainwash a person to like certain artist like you can brainwash a person to thinking certain people are irrelevant. Budden never should had been in that discussion because he never went plat or had a fan base until he came out with Joe Budden TV showing Tahiry ass.

      • Midas3155

        Well the only reason i included buddens is because he was on of the artist that was complaining.

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    thats the same picture you used when you were calling out the rapist rapper

    • LoverOfHipHop

      So maybe it was somebody at def jam if its even true. Hmmm

  • Eli Pinilla

    He was also smashin Sanaa Lathan!!!!! This man is greatness lol

  • Guess who the lamest editor for Allhiphop? Illseed

  • bigdoe6

    I say either Steve Rifkind or Irv Gotti. Someone needs to get that place back in order. Too much fuckery going on over there.

    • Tony G.


    • sibilladart53hy

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    • Apollo Showtime

      I couldn’t agree more. A lot of people associate Irv with Ja Rule and Murder Inc. but Irv has been creating superstar artists since way before Ja, hell JAY-Z is one of the people he helped. Steve Rifkind and Irv know the business of breaking artists and promoting them correctly. That would be a dope idea, I just hope Steve doesn’t ditch SRC because he’s doing good over there and its his brainchild…Irv ain’t really doin’ shit, holla at him!

      • Dee

        when did he help jay?

  • who cares the only rapper worth a damn is action bronson, that boy better then anyone doing anything right now

    • RealMusicFag

      But he’s fat tho.

      • Big Crimes

        like a fox!

      • Super_Hero

        So was Biggie and Pun.

      • and hes short and has red hair with a huge red beard, but the dude is killing the rap game right now!!!

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  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    They keep reshuffling the same mofos. New blood is needed.

  • Much better than Jay z, thumbs up for this shit! Bring back classic

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  • PL

    Talentless is the new talent.

    • RealMusicFag

      Str8ness is the new gay

  • da jews run rap

    • RealMusicFag

      Jews are sexy.

    • Dwayne Nvo

      unfortunately it’s true

  • $23862384

    who ever runs def jam make ya first act as president to drop trinidad james

    • RealMusicFag

      Whatever will happen to the dark skin, light skin, asian and white women? Wont someone pleeeease think of the dark skin, light skin, asian and white women?!

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  • linda518

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    • Matt Swan

      How about this; until you learn simple english and get a GED, you then can accept that your ass is a broke ass spammer, and that….your…..friend (Mante Tao’s dead girlfriend/living boyfriend), is making money on someone else’s laptop. While doing this they have managed to CLEAR their DEBT’S on THEIR section 8, and bought a YUGO 911. Reading is fundamental.

  • hoeyuno

    Loud was the shit back in the day. There was always corny commercial rap but loud catered to the headz!!!! Tha alkaholiks, beatnuts,mop, wu………..


    when will black people own their own ishh…

  • Listen I like what happened at Loud Records and the acts they put out but the Rifkind clan is a cheating pack of scumbags. I said it on here before my pops worked for Tommy Boy at one point and most of that family moved over to Loud Records, if folks knew the ishh these mofo’s would call artists like Method man and M.O.P behind closed doors I don’t think anyone would’ve ever put a dime into buying a Loud Records album. We talk on these boards about slave mentality, well this mofo and his stupid azz siblings believe anyone of color is of servitude to their cause of getting richer. Fkk Steve!! Give control of Def Jam to Irv, the best era in recent history for Def Jam was all Irv’s doing. Hell i’d even take a co-presidency with Dupri so the could combine the best of the north east and the south.

  • Merk E Waters

    Please stop with the Platinum artist talk and record sales as a means to validate any artist The medium has changed, so you have to consider who sells th most on the playing field, not who went “plat.” Speaking objectively, all of Rick Ross’ albumds have debuted in the top spot, with the exception of one. Very few artists cn make that claim. Numbers don’t lie.

    And as far as calling him false, I still await the day that someone explains to me why the same people who worship Dre and others like him, give Dre the pass on his gangster persona, but not Ross. Face it people—and Dre said it on the soundtrack to “The Show”—-it’s entertainment. I am not sure why everyone is soo emotional about Ross’ gangster persona.
    To the original point, Irv may never get another shot because sooo many people are emotional about Murder Inc. and it would be borderline blasphemous for them to support that guy. As much dirt as they (the fans) have shoveled on Irv & Ja’s graves, they would be too “real” to associate with Irv or anyone affiliated. A shame, that guy makes great music.