Rick Ross

Rick Ross “We don’t condone rape and I’m not with that”

(AllHipHop News) Rick Ross has attempted to quell controversy and clarify his position on a recent rap lyric he recited that seems to advocate rape.

The new interview was conducted with Q93.3 in New Orleans and the rapper had nothing but praise for women. He also charged that the lyrics, originating from a Rocko song, may be misunderstood.

Ross explained:

“There are certain things you can’t Tweet and certain things you want people to hear and I want to make sure this is clear..woman is the most precious gift known to man. You understand. There was a misunderstanding with a lyric or a misinterpretation. The term rape wasn’t used. I would never use the term rape in my records. Hip-Hop don’t condone that, the streets don’t condone that. Nobody condones that. I just want to reach out to all the queens on my timeline, the beautiful ladies that were reaching out to me…we don’t condone rape and I’m not with that.”

The explanation comes on the heels of efforts by Change.org, an activist network, to get the rapper to apologize for the lyrics from “You Don’t Even Know.” Ross raps, “Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it / I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it.”

The full interview is below.

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  • Eli Pinilla

    You don’t have to use the word to describe the action. And if they queens and shit, then why would u wanna drug the chick up in the first place?!?!?!? Just shut the f*ck up!!!

    • Eli Pinilla

      “If I ever go broke, I’mma take yo money
      Have my nigga snatch yo bitch and rape yo honey”- meek mill

      Nore feat meek mill- scared money

      How about rozay explain his artist use of the term

      • Brian Andrew Smith


      • infinit221

        I see you listening…that track goes hard don’t it homie? Anyway rappers been reckless on records, and Ross being in his position did everything short of apologize

      • linda518

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      • “Throw a gat to your face, forcibly take your chipz & race, pop you in the back & take your legs, then leave you in disgrace!”

        I never used the term robbery, I don’t condone that, the lyrics were misunderstood!

        This fool is finished! I didn’t even have to listen to the interview to know it’s bool’chet!

      • hoeyuno

        “This fool is finished”…. promise??

      • I wish I could!


      • infinit221

        Now you already know if William was going to be finished it would have happened by now. All the bullshit aside he still going hard. He’s his own worst enemy though…that I think we agree

      • Yeah, I think it’s a plot by the industry to push his garbage. If he had positive, but controversial lyrics, like shooting a racist cop to stop his illegal actions, the execs would have pulled the plug on the song.

        Case in point : Wise Intelligent of PRT had a song exactly like that, and it was pulled, and Wise noted that he had 14 other songs on the album about killing Ni99az that passed the censorship.

        Obviously, they pay attention to the music they put out, meaning they are putting his trash out with a specific agenda.

        Drug / thug rap is fine….rape rap isn’t?

        There are 5 stages of consciousness:
        5)Subliminal conscious

        Subliminal is the seeds planted without you knowing, yet you see the results later, as they develop.

      • infinit221

        Brotha I always have to do my homework when i post on one of your comments

      • Hahahaaa, that’s my job here, provoking thought about issues that affect us.

        >>Side Note: That was the reason Wise retired from rap…until his contract expired. Many artist don’t even own their own name, as if they learned nothing from Prince when he had to change his to :
        “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.”

        Most thought he was crazy, but Prince is actually the deepest brother to ever wear high heels & a perm!

    • Matt Swan

      You are absoloutely right, and if women were “queens” like he claims them to be, he could get them without the fame, money, or rufies. Problem is, he can’t, so he makes up another “song” where he brags about spending money to get women, and calls them ho’s “this is the life to be specific”, and now Off Ricky is claiming that his lines were misunderstood or taken out of contex. If he had no desire for this to happen then he wouldn’t put them on there. He knew what he was doing and it blew up in his face. And the “streets don’t condone this”? They don’t but it’s not like you’d know you fake fat bastard….where is your BBQ sauce? I want my baby back baby back baby back….ribs!

    • infinit221

      Really? You know how many “queens” smoke and pop pills? Shiiit when I was a single dude every other third female I would talk to was into some type of drug use. Stop trying to crucify the man for something very real

      • Product of Da Reagan Era

        Queens is a overstatement, all these bitches got a history. Its all about who they choose to have that history with.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Do u call pill poppin, weed smokin, coke sniffin chicks queens?!??! I dont. There are def females that can be called queens who are about that woman life. Aint no club hoppin, dick hoppin female a queen in my eyes and would never call them that.

      • Peach

        Have you actually seen the lyrics this is about? It’s not about taking home a woman who CHOSE to use drugs (although that’s questionable too, choosing to get messed up isn’t the same as choosing to sleep with you… and honestly if she’s too messed up to say yes or no she’s too messed up to be anything but a warm blow up doll, might as well just use your damn hand and stay out of trouble). He’s rhyming about SLIPPING drugs into a woman’s drink without her knowledge and taking advantage of her. A man who does that deserves to be crucified.

      • infinit221

        I listened to the track again after reading your comment and honestly its open for interpretation. That lyric didn’t make the song any better and he probably regrets it…but most people that know about molly says its not even a date rape drug

      • Peach

        “Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it,” – clearly slipping her a drug without her knowledge. “I took her home and I enjoyed that. She ain’t even know it.” – clearly having sex with her while she’s so messed up she’s incapable of giving or withholding consent and won’t even remember what happened. What exactly is open to interpretation? As for molly being a date rape drug, no it’s not in the sense that people do take it for fun and not just use it for that reason. But if you give it to someone who isn’t expecting it, has no tolerance for it and has also been drinking, it can definitely be used as one.

      • infinit221

        In the context of the song she was aware enough to go home with him, right? Too fucked up to remember the rest, right? He shouldn’t have said it, but its word play. Its what rappers do

      • Peach

        Sorry but I still disagree. I know plenty of people who have drunk too much, wake up the next morning at home but don’t remember how they got there. Those people were in no condition to consent to sex, just because they managed to make it home doesn’t change that. Anyway, again, she didn’t CHOOSE to be “too fucked up to remember” – he DRUGGED her without her knowledge. I can’t believe you think this is even close to OK.

      • infinit221

        I don’t condone rape, but as a rap lyric I’ve heard worst. Wasn’t it BIG that said “f*** your kid in the @$$ and throw them over the bridge” in what’s beef? I guess I’m guilty for liking trash, so lock me up

    • Tony G.


    • Bumpy Johnson

      the motherfccer wanted attention. i seriously have no respect for rick ross but can i critisize him for saying what he said?no!….why would i get mad at him when i have no problem with tupac saying

      “in my criminal mind nobody violents the don,
      ill write your name in a piece of paper and your family is gone”

      “my fo fo make sure your kids dont grow”

      so now raping females is worse than killing them and their kids.

      i dont condon raping but evrybody knows they wana pop pills with a grl or get super wasted to get in their panties quick…yall dont front. evrybody has.

  • DesignatedH8R

    Doesn’t clarify anything.

  • think im making raps,
    making money,
    think its funny

  • RealistTalk

    He had to say that cos its hard enuff for him to get p*ssy as it is, he
    dont wanna lose the few bits of p*ssy (dumb enough to let him in) that
    he has left. f di*k floss

  • bigdoe6

    Enough with this guy already. Your website is looking horrible with his face all over it. Post something about real Hip-Hop. This is a Hip-Hop site right?

    • Tony G.

      that’s what the title says but I question it everyday

    • hoeyuno

      It use to be the cnn of hip hop but now its more the national inquirer.

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  • VentKing11

    You don’t condone it, but you brag about doing it in a song…am I in the twilight zone or something?

    • RAP Music

      when stupid rappers get taken serious, stupidity will strike.

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  • BillyBobJohn

    I don’t believe anything this clown says

  • Harrison Boateng

    This niggas explanations never make sense , just like how he was explain the CO thing. u condone drug sales , killing , but god forbid rape lol

    • Tony G.


  • Tony G.

    everytime these jerks say something stupid..they wanna explain it as a misinterpretation..the words are pretty clear..just say u made a bad judgement and keep it moving..stop thinking that cuz most of ur fans like ur dumbed down lyrics that the whole world is dumb..

  • Tony G.

    The line was corny…the explanation is dumb…and the attention he gets over being an azzhole is even worse smh

  • JusNathaniel

    why isit when eminem or meek mill promote rape knowone has anything to say about it

  • Reblogged this on The Music Nerdvocate and commented:
    Here’s what seems to be the latest in the Rick Ross/rape culture scandal that’s rocking the industry and it’s surrounding parts.

  • DJ7

    -I didn’t mash my feet on his couch, I got more class than that…….moments later………yeah I mashed me feet on his couch cause I knew he could buy another 1, cocaine’s a helluva drug-Rick James


    -Interviewer:Trick Daddy says you were a prison guard @ 1 time, is there any truth to that?

    Ross looks stunned as if he got caught in the cookie jar….AGAIN

    -Ross: Nah, that’s not true but it’s disappointing that he said that, he said that? That’s crazy that’s not true but you know dog a sucka for that, he mad I came outta nowhere & took over the streets…….blah blah blah

    Fast forward thru the infamous 50/Ross debacle and wait for it……you guessed it…………this agent does the Rick James!! Too funny

    Why y’all keep puttin stock in anything this agent has to say is mind boggling, dude is semi entertaining (according to today’s standards) but that’s where it stops…nothing deep about Ross & what he says….ol’ on the surface ass nig. Stop lying B

  • Jose Luis Gottcha

    He’s a jackass (obama voice

  • “If you have a daughter older than 15,I’m a rape her” -DMX Are they banning him too?

  • Romia Blue

    so did the interviewer ever directly ask him what he meant by the lyric
    and more importantly, did he ever interpret/answer what it meant?

    • harlemsown21


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  • BibatheDiva

    We don’t believe you, you need more people…

  • Guest

    This dude is back tracking and lying. Just like he lied about being a r correctional officer. His name, history, & words are all made up… Rick Fugazi!

  • illwill

    This dude is back tracking and lying. Just like he lied about being a
    correctional officer. His name, history, & words are all made up…
    Rick Fugazi!

  • BottomLine

    He already lied about his own past so if U believe this one….. U da DUMMY!!!!

  • Q.

    Be not confused. The only attention that these rap coons deserve should be in the spirit of defaming their wickedness. Other than that, there’s an unseen army of emcees out here who decimate these n!ggaz whole catalogues in ONE verse. It’s not an issue of quality or talent keeping the best from getting due shine…it’s ONLY about industry marketing (money).


    Which do you prefer?

  • Stealstandin

    It’s a damn song!! He is an entertainer, how could this even be taking seriously!

  • You people don’t get Rick Ross’s genius, He said it himself ”We don’t condone rape” Meaning him and his ghostwriters are just trying he’s trying to put a humorous light on rape in order to alleviate the awkwardness of getting drugged and rape. Rick Ross is the last socially conscious rapper.

  • Ronny Dæili

    Why do we see shit about Ross in 2013. The snitch is over..

  • I love Rick Ross’s music and respect him as a business man but enough is enough I rode with him when it came out he was a c.o. and denied it, I even rode with him when the real Rick Ross wanted sue over stealing his image but come on man now he’s talking about putting molly in a woman’s champagne and how he took it home and enjoyed that and she didn’t even know it but if she didnt know it that means she couldn’t possibly willingly consent so that particular context of his content supports rape culture and instead of apologising he goes on to say in his defense he didnt use the term rape he dont support that fuck outta here if he would of apologised I would of respected that but to try and play ppl for dumb and not acknowledge your wrong doing says alot about your character. I feel bad for Ross’s fans cause they have it the worse trying to defend this guy as for me I aint riding no more im doing like trey off boyz n the hood im getting out the car.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Ross needs to “condone” himself to a diet…..

  • Ross is too famous to spit a bar like that should’ve known better

  • Dubz

    This is where I have a problem with some of you hip hop fans and the
    media that talks about hip hop…as stated by some other members, there
    have been plenty of rappers that mention rape in there songs and they
    were not taken serious or just decided it was “part of the act” but all
    of a sudden its a problem when Rick Ross says it and we are suppose to
    treat the lyric like it is something he will actually do? When rappers
    talk about gunning people down in the streets its no big deal…its only
    music…but this line is suppose to mean he will actually rape women or
    that he condones it? This is where the term “dumbing down America”
    comes into play…No people, they are not feeding you what music to like
    and listen too, they are feeding you whats is right and what is wrong
    based off their point of view….not your own. Hip Hop is the only genre
    where you have a fanbase that attacks its own artist…Stop being sheep
    people…stop feeding the agenda.